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It is I, Hyper.

It is you, also Hyper.

Wait… What?

My thoughts, feelings, and inspiration for my LuNa love.

First of all… I was already a shipping fangirl when I started watching OP…

 To be honest I think I first got interest when Coby and Luffy splashed Nami as they were trying to get away. I was then even more attentive towards the two when they ran into each other again. As the episodes went on, I kept seeing how great they were together. When she caught him and told him good job after defeating Kuro (or whatever the douche’s name was) on Usopp’s island. How unwavering his decision was to go after her when she stole the Merry. He already planning to save her, even though she pushed them away, then refusing to leave until she asked for help.

(Lets not forget when Mr.3 used a Luffy as bait and got her with no trouble)

   How concerned he was when she got sick. He tried and tried and tried again to get her to smile, to feel better. The list goes on.

You can see it progress as the series goes on.

    Their relationship is genuine, and full of trust and loyalty. All of these things make them so beautiful when they’re together. They compliment each other so well, it isn’t even a question, whether they should be together or not.

    I don’t even want to push them and argue that they need to hook up, like, yesterday. No, they are perfect just the way they are.

People who can’t see that, need to re-watch and/or reread One Piece, with open eyes.

Look at the evidence, look at the color pages… heck, look at the merchandise.

Just look at how she looks at him!

Theres not just one, but two Nami figurines, where she is wearing Luffy’s clothes!


♥ ♥ Fairy Tail Week Day 2- Lads ♥ ♥

And apparently also Day 5- Ultimate Team OF HANDSOME MEHN

♥"It’s raining…

♥"Someone call a surgeon, because we’re not sure if you can handle this many heart throbs!“

♥"Let’s all make some magic tonight ♥”

♥"Welcome to Fiore High School Host Club. What’s your type?“ ♥