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“imagine debuting.”

park minhyuk turns his head and raises a brow. he looks at moon bin, staring up at the ceiling of their training room with arms folded behind his head. “what?”

“debuting,” bin repeats. “imagine debuting.”

“we’ll get there,” minhyuk says. “we won’t stay here as trainees forever.”

“i know. i know we’ll debut, but think about it! imagine us on stage, all the lights and cameras and our own music blasting through the speakers, and we’re wearing those little headpiece thingies like cool idols do,” bin says, sweeping a hand across the air like he’s imagining it in front of him now. “and there’ll be a huge screen behind us with the name of the band we’ll be in, and our logo, and there’ll be so many fans, cheering and screaming and shouting, and not just here but all over the world. we’ll go on tours and tickets would be sold out in less than five minutes, and we get to see the world and go places we’ve only ever dreamed of visiting.”

bin props himself up on an elbow and looks at him, a little out of breath, eyes bright and twinkling. “wouldn’t that be great?”

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Show up. Commit. Get active. Start one thing instead of only thinking about starting 20, but ending up being too busy thinking rather than doing. Don’t feel guilty for “letting down” all of your other passions if you pick one and commit to it fully. Be proud that you’re decisive. You’re naturally always going to miss out on a lot of things in life, but it will only be painful and feel like you’re missing out if, while trying not to make the wrong decision, you end up not picking anything at all. Share your light. Commit. Get active. You and the world deserve your light being shared.

When you look at the stars make sure you realise how infinite this universe is and what a miracle it is that the human race is on this world. If you realise this, then know what a miracle it is that you are here: breathing, living your life, meeting new people, interacting with people, changing people’s lives, loving… You are so so special and make sure you realise this, because there is one of you in this whole world and there is one human who can be you perfectly and that is you. So be you, stay you, be around people who don’t contain you, but let you be who you are and who encourage you to be the best you, you can be. Because when you are truly you, what a clash of perfection it will be.
—  Jasmijn Bergsma 
It takes courage to exist. So you, reading this right now, thank you for existing. No matter what anyone says, you are so strong and I’m proud of you.
—  ~Me to each and every one of you individually 💕

Thought I had last night - what if narumitsu was less ‘Oh no, gay thoughts!’ and more…. any reason why one of them might be going ‘but I can’t feel like that about him’ is entirely due more to things other than the Gay Panic Trope (which I see as unnecessary in Ace Attorney)?

So, for instance, 'but I can’t be falling in love with Edgeworth, he’s just - he’s Edgeworth. He’s just there.’

As in… they’re so used to the idea of the other person in that particular place in their life that the idea of there being romantic feelings just plain does not occur to them.

They might be perfectly a hundred percent at ease with their sexuality (or lack of sexuality) and still be like ‘him? why am I having these feelings about him? why?’.


no one asked for it but alas! here it is! my attempt at turning the 100 guys into gals and gals into guys! i apologise for barely changing their names, believe me, i tried.

p.s. i just started using this blog and it’s really empty atm, so if anyone has any art requests, holler @ me