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DIY Knit Knotted Pillow Tutorial from inspiration & realisation. I’ve posted several tutorials but Donatella has 6 additional tutorials listed at the link for knot pillows. She used a knitting machine for this pillow but her tips on how to make this pillow are useful even if you are using fabric etc… 

DIY or Buy: To buy go here.

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DIY Cords, Tubes & Pearls Bracelets Tutorials from inspiration & realisation. Donatella has just posted a simplified version of her pearls and tubes bracelet.

Roundup of Recycled Plastic Bottle Gifts Tutorials from inspiration & realisation here. Donatella has lots of categories to choose from: 

  • Jewely
  • Jewely Components (check out the twisted jewelry wire)
  • Home Decor
  • Holiday Decorations
  • Useful Things (love the yarn organizer)

Also see: Recycled Water Bottle Boot Shapers Tutorial from …Love Maegan here, andPlastic Bottle Guitar here.

DIY Copper Necklace Tutorials. inspiration & realisation Leif knockoff necklace tutorial (one person blog) Brit & Co copper necklace tutorial ($6 million+ funded blog with numerous employees - making money off of other blogs. Please find me an original idea on this blog and message me if you do!).

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I don’t like the concept of fangirling. I think when you like an artist or a band enough to copy their trends and watch their videos and attend their concerts, it’s past fangirling. It’s respect. It’s inspiration. The feeling when you realise you’re breathing the same air as them, when you put on a new plaid shirt, or when you damage your wallpaper sticking posters up. When you pre-order an EP, or the feeling of listening to new songs. I hate it, I hate it when people say ‘You’re just a fangirl. You only like them because they’re hot” because no. You grow to like them as people once their music fills your longing ears, and once you’ve heard what you’ve been looking for, your taste, your style in music, you can’t go back, and you don’t want to. You meet people through things like this, and I refuse to take any other suggestion, because music saves lives. Now that. If fucking fantastic.
—  Probably what everyone’s thinking.

DIY Tee Shirt Yarn Sweater Tutorial and Pattern from inspiration & realisation. Top Left Photo: Richard Nicoll Resort 2015 here, Top Right Photo and Bottom Photos: DIYs by inspiration & realisation. 

Not only does this post contain a free pattern with lots of tips for knitting this sweater made from 7 tee shirts for yarn, but it contains links to Donatella’s other tutorials to help make this sweater for less:

  • How to make tee shirt yarn (one of the best DIYs on tee shirt yarn)
  • DIY 24"/60 cm circular knitting needles size US 19/15 mm
  • DIY 8"/20cm double pointed needles size US 19/15mm

For a fun DIY Extreme Knitting Roundup go here.

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DIY Skull Knitting Pattern from inspiration & realisation. Left Photo from Donatella’s FB page here. This pattern can be used for machine (punch card) or hand knitting. Donatella posted this yesterday to remember Alexander McQueen.

For more skull DIYs including an Alexander McQueen Skull Stencil go here:

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Huge Generator Roundup from Inspiration & realisation. Generators are so easy and fun to use and this is a good roundup in the following categories:

  • Printables
  • Crochet
  • Digitial
  • Cross Stitch *I love this one and it can be used for other thinks like pixel painting.
  • Stencil
  • Sewing
  • Machine Knitting
  • Knitting

I’ve posted some of these on my blog, but here are some more:

  • Minion Generator for Kids here.
  • Game of Thrones Personaized Family Arms Generator here.
  • My favorite meme generator here.
  • Free Ecard Generator from someecards here.
  • Embossed label generator here.
  • Word Search Gift Wrapping Paper Tutorial from minieco here
  • 3 GIF Makers - I prefer makeagif - here.
  • Retro Science Fiction Cover Generator here.
  • *FAVORITE - Custom Gift Box, Card Box or Gift Card PDF Generator from ideogram here
  • Graphics made from tags and images here. I’ve done dogs, zombies, etc… using this one.
  • Go to  to generate church signs, concert tickets, records and more. Love this site.