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I want to wash my mouth out
to get rid of all the hurtful things I said,
all the ugly words
that have escaped my lips.
I wish I could let water
wash away all the pain I’ve caused,
all the hopes I have shattered,
and start all over again.
—  // wash my mouth out
Inkborne - Chapter 2 - harrylee94 - Bendy and the Ink Machine [Archive of Our Own]
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Here it is! The second chapter! Sorry it’s so late (in the day), but I’ve been out celebrating my sister’s 21st, and we went to London for the day (fun times - my dad and I found the Belstaff shop and he may have worn a particular coat (there may also be photos of this, which could be shared on my main page if there is enough interest)).

I had so much fun writing this chapter, and the idea I placed in there…I hope you guys like it!

@the-vampire-inside-me​ is entirely to blame for this, and also @squigglydigglydoo as well now! Thank you both for your amazing art; they’re always just so inspiring!

Summary: Henry, once citizen and artist of the great city of Yharnam, has spent many years travelling the world as a Hunter for reasons that few know, and even fewer speak of. But then, one day, he receives a letter from a friend from long ago, and he returns to the city he once knew, but has been twisted to something beyond his recognition.

Yharnam had indeed changed in his absence.

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I'm fine. It doesn't really bother me in particular.

I can tell! But rather than "just fine”, I like it more when you're smiling. Because you'll only do that if you're happy. You're the star of this generation now, so I know that you'll be able to bring smiles to everyone.