14.07.2020 — out and about today✨ don’t forget your face mask!

🎧 - buzzcut season by lorde

nothing to worry.

nothing but peace.

nothing to focus on

except for what puts my soul at peace.

building a treehouse

where nothing but a parrot lives

to repeat

the good things i keep saying to myself.

i have a heart

that sees me as brokenly happy

and forgives and forgives.

nothing to be sorry.

nothing but peace.

nothing to apologize for

except for the times my sorrow needs release.

people aren’t hospitals

they are simply homes where we stay

for a little while

then say goodbye

with a thank you smile.

nothing to be lonely.

nothing but peace.

nothing to feel lost when

you are your life’s special masterpiece.

-Juansen Dizon, Serendipity

me, going to bed at 1am: okay so we can fit the plot twist into chapter fourteen and introduce the love interest a couple chapters before that, and their first line is also going to be the last line of the book but in different context as mirroring, and we’re going to switch perspectives halfway through

me, opening my laptop in the morning: what is a Word

dialogue prompts

1. “I don’t think you would understand.” 

2. “Why would you run toward the mysterious dark figure!” they said, taking off behind their friend. 

3. He looked away, “this is for the best.” 

4. “Your mother had good reason to hide this from you.” 

“Good reason! Like what? Letting me get myself killed when I turned eighteen?” 

5. “That could have gone wrong in so many ways.” 

“Yes, but it didn’t.” 

6. “I’m not here to win this war, I’m here to end it.” 

7. “Look at me! Look me in the eye and say that!” 

8. “Be very quiet,” she whispered, glancing over his shoulder. “It’s right behind you.” 

9. “Are you sure about this? You don’t have to come with me.” 

10. “Please don’t leave me here.” 

To give your life so another person can live is the ultimate proof of love. Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Jesus did that for you— He died in your place! In so doing, He not only proved His love for you, but He also forgave you of your sins and has given you eternal life.

If today you feel unloved or unappreciated or your world’s falling apart, just gaze upon the One that loves you more than life, so much so that everything else around you fades in comparison to His love. His love is deeper than the deepest ocean.