“Shh, it’s alright,” the villain said. “You’re doing beautifully and I’m so proud of you. But that’s enough now. It was cruel of them to make you fight me - you could never have won. It’s not your fault.”

Grant your mind some peace and remind yourself of how far you have come. There was a time when you knew nothing, you were capable of nothing and you didn’t even know you were in existence. They like to keep you small, in this world, they like to try and stuff you into a box where you are only as big as their four walls allow. You can be what you want, and you can do just about anything. Letting people keep you down will only hinder you, not them. Allow yourself freedom.

Things I’m Still Learning by Amy Kennedy


Dialogue Prompts

1) “It’s an art form!” “No, it’s murder!” 

2) “I’m not leaving.” “Maybe not, but I’ve still lost you.”

3) “Come on! You’ve been yelling at me for the past week and now I’m finally ready to listen and you aren’t talking?”

4) “Why didn’t you answer your phone? I was scared to death that I lost you too.”

5) “Listen to me, you don’t trust them. No matter what they do, no matter what they make you believe. They’re lies, they’re all lies. Do not trust then!” “Mommy, what’s going on?” “Just believe me sweetie, don’t trust them. I’ll come back for you!”

6) “It’s only a joke, calm down.”

7) “I’m gonna make a better life for us.”

8) “I don’t want to.” “You don’t have a choice, love.”

9) “Slipping back into old habits I see.”

10) “Just close your eyes and listen. These are all the things I could never tell you.”

11) “Things have changed.” “You think I don’t know that?”

12) “Please, stay. If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for me.”

13) “You’re everything to me.”

14) “The chase begins now.”

15) “The sun will shine again.”

16) “It ends here, I’m done with your petty little games. No more.”

17) “Try and stop me, I dare you.”

18) “I just wanted to fly, I’m sorry.”

19) “You call me child like I’m still innocent but god knows you stolen that from me.”

20) “Do you ever feel just … dead?”