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I’m a believer, got a fever running through my bones

- Empty Gold by Halsey

“The first time Stiles saw Derek Hale, his cigarette burnt right to the filter.”

(I have another idea brewing for this AU, inspired by Halsey’s Drive, but right now it’s just a matter of finding the time to draw.  So, road tripping punk Sterek coming eventually…)  Punk Derek

All we do is sit in silence, waiting for a sign

- Drive by Halsey

They’ve just left Vegas when Stiles decides he wants to see the Grand Canyon. (“What?  I’ll it’ll be fun, white-water rafting, mule rides up and down the slopes, all that touristy shit.”)  Derek doesn’t much care for the “touristy shit”, and he’s already seen the Grand Canyon when he was a kid, but Stiles hasn’t, so he agrees.

They drive east, the old tapes Stiles bought from a pawn shop in Vegas, blasting through the powerful speakers on the ‘75 Camaro.  Stiles hums along, and Derek finds his fingers tapping along to the 80’s power ballads Stiles is so in love with.  

The wind skims through Stiles’ short blue coif.  (They had the mutilation Derek committed fixed a few hundred miles back.)  It doesn’t stick up so much anymore, but sometimes when Stiles falls asleep against the window, it flattens on one side, making him all the more adorable in the morning; bleary-eyed and grumpy.

When they reach, Derek consults a map, remembering a route his mom showed him, allowing him to take the car down to the canyon bottom.  A calm tributary of the Colorado river flows only a few feet away.  It’s a relatively well known camping area going by the many tire tracks and the ghosts of campfires past.  

It’s only when they’re unpacking the car does Derek realize they should have purchased a tent.  And unless they manage to locate a motel in the middle of nowhere, they’re sleeping under the stars.  The Camaro is simply too small to fit the both of them comfortably.

Stiles shrugs and says it’s warm enough anyway.

But then the sun falls over the horizon, the milky way flooding the sky with her billions of stars.  With the sun goes the warmth.  

Derek insisted Stiles take his leather jacket after he started complaining about the chill, nose turning blue, finger numb.  Derek has sweaters, and he heats like a furnace, he’ll be fine in the cold. Stiles though…  

They’re sleeping beside each other on a warm flannel blanket, the only one they have. It was either put in underneath them, or sleep on sharp rocks, Derek went with the earlier.  Stiles lies on his side, turned away from Derek, shivering. His shoulders shake, and teeth chatter hard enough for Derek to hear it.

“Stiles,”  Derek touches his best friend,  "come closer.“  Stiles whines miserably and shifts until the line of his body presses all along Derek’s side, but his body still shakes, cold and stiff.  Finally, Derek sighs and grabs Stiles by the arm, rolling him right onto Derek’s chest.  He lands with an oof, and a wide eyed stare, face only an inch from Derek’s.

Derek smiles, and wraps his arms tight around Stiles’ cold body, until he sighs, expression going lax as the heat from Derek’s body seeps into his bones.

“Mmm.”  Stiles sleepily mumbles, eyes blinking shut, resting his head fully on Derek’s chest, lips smacking as fingers tangle in the fabric of the dark green sweater Derek wears.

Derek smiles, lifting his hand to rest on the edge of Stiles’ jaw.  Slowly, his shaking ceases as Derek warms him, the stars blinking down upon them.

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