We all need a little inspiration some times; even here, where the ideas flow so freely that we’re practically drowning in amazing thoughts and concepts every day! Sometimes though, my brain gets so cluttered that i feel like i’m being pulled a hundred different directions at once and i’m left in a haze with nothing concrete to hold on to. But you guys, all my friends here ~ you’re my rock <3 i can always talk to you guys and you helping guide me and encourage me even when you don’t know that you are. (^ __^) I can’t thank you all enough. I feel like i can’t possibly make enough work, make enough beautiful things, grow and change enough, or put in enough time, to thank you properly. But i try to, and i hope you guys feel it ~ even just a little! <3 <3 <3

I struggled with this one a lot… but in a good way. I really want to try to do better work. I need to pace myself more though. I’ll get there eventually! hahahaha! (^ O^) The design concept for this one was 100% inspired by this piece by @littleststarfighter <3 I’m always in love with a really clean, white aesthetic for Hux as Emperor, so i really loved her different take on it!!! <3


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zootopiafanficlover  asked:

So I have been meaning to ask this do you have an insperation to do art and when did you start

I find inspiration in all things! 

This is old–back from february, it’d have more Zootopia on it now…

But I find inspiration from TV, Movies, real life, my family, music–all sorts of things!

And I’ve been drawing since I was reaaaally young… I only got good around high school, tho’.

(gosh this isn’t even that good–I’m gonna redraw this with their new designs–)

This is circa like… 2010? Maybe 2011? I wanna say it was my senior year of HS, tho…

anonymous asked:

I miss all the hetalia art and I'm not huge on hq but your art is so warm and it's been such a big insperation that I would never unfollow you. ;> keep o. Truckin' ♡

Ahhhh im sorry for the moving fandoms thing but oh my god that’s literally the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard fjfjjdjs ;u; i don’t even know what to say, that’s such a cute compliment and ily so much you’re precious

anonymous asked:

do you happen to have any tips for someone starting off making aesthetic posts? i keep feeling like theres something off and i cant tell what. is there any basic tips? [ex: color palate, structure, choice of pictures, ect.] sorry if this is awful or dumb

i’m honestly still a beginner myself. i don’t really know what i’m doing half the time. i just kinda jumped into this head on. 

color pallets are a grate place to start. which is why i began mainly with hogwarts houses. easy color pallets. just red, blue, yellow, and green. finding something of the same nature may help you get more confortable with aesthetics. 

my main resorse for pictures and insperation are from Pintrest. if you’d like some insperation, you are welcome to take a look at mine, here is the link (X). 

i really started playing around with aesthetics on there and making board with things i found apealing. i started out putting together images for stories and characters i had, and from there i got confertable. 

after a bit of playing around you’ll find the kind of aesthetics you like to create and the ones you struggle with. i find the dark and creepy and grungey and all alternitive aesthetics to come the easiest for me. now, if you ask me for a free spirit or sunshine or bright happiness kinda aesthetic, i don’t find it comes as naturally for me. really, just find something you love, like a character, or a song, and try and find images that represent that to you. that’s how you make an aesthetic.

sorry this is so long, but i tend to ramble when talking about things i enjoy. i also apologize for any spelling mistakes in this. i type quickly and often miss some. i hope this helped you or anyone else intrested. 

So I realized that helsa week is over (or almost over) and I still haven’t contributed anything to this wonderful week. I have just been so busy with life that I haven’t had had a moments peace to make anything of my otp and I still dont. Thankfully I found this little drawing in my sketch book that will hopefully do the trick. I know it’s not much but I wanted to contribute something. So I drew this near the beginning of the year. If you can’t tell it’s elsa and hans as member of team rocket. I drew this cause my nephew has been watching pokemon a lot lately and it gave me some insperation. I also think it works out for the best, because pokemon go got so crazy this past week. I don’t know. any ways I hope you guys like it and happy helsa week!

Pumpkin fireworks in all its glory . Who says you shouldn’t try this at home is sprouts logic … Concerned highway for if he got brain damage from it , also he is able to extend his tongue since it’s a vine … And it leaves pollen where ever it goes

All I needed to get insperation was viewing some cp and undertale Art , fireworks and too short to ride

Highway - @sushinfood

ALRIGHT so the most of this is Canonical. Some are just the closest things i’ve found to what i invisioned and some are just absolutely insperational and play perfect to Sayrus.



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anonymous asked:

I'm just being honest! :) if you ever have a bad day, just rember your the insperation for some People to smile. (^v^)

thanks for the kind words anon! ^-^

“Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one” - John Lennon

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