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Hello again.

Humanity is falling behind. The momentum we gained with the likes of Michelangelo, Rapheal, Vinci, etc is all but dissipated. We are but shadows in a world struggling for breath.

Hope may be gone.


But low, a light yonder emerges. Shining fourth its elevating rays. Caressing hearts, minds, and souls. But who holds this light aloft.

It’s just us.

We alone, but like moths to a flame, you are coming. You reading this, you mothy little person. You can join us in our reformation, to build, to hope, to dare to dream, to sing the unsung song. We do not belong to the future, it belongs to us, like clay in our hands.

We are not the chosen, no one is. We have but chosen ourselves. And remember we are but Men.

Join us as we charge in to the unknown, and let our battle cry be heard.


For who else will?

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anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say thanks to you, John and Kaya for giving me the insperation to try new things as if I hadn't seen MAG I probably wouldn't have to part on NCS this year and made such good friends! So thank you and hope u get 10,000 subs soon 😊

You’re welcome and we’re very proud of you. Thank you for watching the show and continue being awesome in your life ^___^

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We are

We are the generation that grew up too fast. We’re bored and old minds inside healthy and young bodies. We party and laugh, but inside we feel hollow. In our twenties and with nowhere to go, looking for a spark to fill the void inside. Looking to ignite and feel alive, but we only get bored. We’ve lived everything and know everything. We’re scared of getting old, and have no purpose. Yet what is our purpose? Not kids anymore, still far from being adults. We look at younger generations and see nothing good, we look at older generations and see obstacles that need to be overcome. We want freedom to be ourselves, yet we know not who we are. Do we even recognize the person we see in the mirror every morning?

A familiar face looking back trough a strangers eyes.

We were born alone, grew up alone, are alone and will die alone. Yet for all the despair this causes, we fight and try to make meaningful connections with others. Friends, lovers… For a moment, while we laugh and party, we forget we’re alone.

Through rage and tears we feel alive, we are always moody and always waiting for someone to take it out on. A wrong look, a badly hidden sneer… Confrontation sparks us to life.

We fight each others and ourselves while trying to find our reason to be here.

We identify with everything and nothing at all. Our idols are people long dead, our opponents… ourselves. 

Music makes our blood pump through our veins, it cradles our soul to a state of calmness and happiness. Do the others get this? 

So much boredom and electric beats that come from machines and electronic voices understand us better than we understand ourselves. 

We get lost in music, films, books, drawings… we try to escape this bored and diseased reality and make one for ourselves.

But if the reality is diseased and we the cause?

Is it our fault that we’re so bored, so lifeless, so harsh, and foolish.  

Is it our fault that we have the potential?

Is it our fault we’re capable of everything?

Are they jealous? Their time has passed. It’s our turn. We might not know ourselves, but we know each other. We will change the world one bored sigh at the time.

And we’re bored of being bored we’ll rise and stand and rebel and party and laugh and live without caring whose fault it is. 

We will change the world.

They are scared.

And we will change the world.

They will fight back and call us ignorant.

We will change the world.

And when it’s our time to go, we’ll know:

We changed the world, and those we left behind will keep changing the world.

Did we break the circle or just form a new one? 

Or has it always been the same circle?