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Oh, Hello, being the amazing human being you are, could you please tell me everything about Inspector Reid from Ripper Street? I don't mind spoilers.. Thank you. Hugs.

Posting this because a) we all should talk about ripper street and you gave me this chance, b) people might correct me, because there was a long gap between me watching s02 and s03 so i might forget things c) i might also get things wrong because of reasons (aka i sometimes get things wrong)

oookay, first things first, the tricky part is that Edmund Reid is a real, historically existing person that went on to be a fictional character, and I have no idea how rs!Reid relates to the irl!Reid.

then again, the show does the same to Abberline, and - this is my favourite - Fred Best (who was.. like.. an infamous dude who wrote a fake Ripper letter, and that’s pretty much it), so probably there’s nothing of the real Reid here.

(btw I keep meaning to make a list of historical personalities that appear in the show, because there are some gems, like Frederick “take no shit” Treves or Sebastian “adorable mustache” Ferranti, and, or course, Joseph Merrick)


just like the real Reid, he was a part of the Ripper investigation, which, obviously lead nowhere. I also know that, like the real Reid he retired to live at sea. Other than that, all my info is based on the show.

So, here’s what you need to know about Reid:

  • Reid has a daugher who was then lost in a boating accident (in the course of - then still ongoing - ripper investigation), which is.. well. fucked up. who takes a child to work when you’re a victorian policeman, ffs, Edmund?
  • that story resurfaces later, and so does the daughter, but there’s an agonizing search and all that. he’s a bit obsessed, which does at times seep into his work and surroundings.
  • …which obviously ruins his family life, to a point where in season 2 his wife doesn’t even appear, we don’t know who ruined that part of the script, but someone did. 
  • anyway, yeah, Edmund Reid has a bed in his office.
  • he likes innovation. he’s trying to stay up-to-date with things. he built this lab with electicity and equipment and shit. we are all pleased. what a lab. look at all those sharp objects. yeaaah.
  • Edmund Reid pretends he doesn’t need a permanent team and keeps trying to make them leave (by either sending them away, or annoying them to death), but he does need a team
  • his surgeon (aka “his American”) does 70% of investigation and forensics anyway, and Bennett does all the walking around and punching people till they talk, so Reid mostly is the only person whose hands are clean (which i think is his main character trait, it’s very telling). Reid is good at administrative work though, so he glues this whole structure together, otherwise it would wobble and fall.
  • Reid can mix you a very nice cocktail to cure hangovers. it might contain illegal substances tho
  • Reid is peaceful until he’s not, you really don’t want to see him lose his shit. People’s skulls were cracked. Do not piss him off. Just don’t.
  • he does push people to extremes if need be (or if that works with whatever his personal plans are) and it often gets them into trouble. he does manipulate, but it’s such a mix of threats and manipulation that people see what he’s doing, they just can’t wriggle out. they just sigh and go with the flow. Edmund Reid is a pressure.
  • he is that very formal victorian guy to likes order (i mean he organized an actual archive. i mean… check out his outfits.), but he does cheat the law occasionally, like, pretending his American is not a criminal on the run or anything (criminal who? we don’t know. done nothin’. just residing in London, minding his own American business)
  • Edmund Reid can not handle a romantic storyline, and should probably stop trying (he did stop trying)
  • what else… in season 3 he gets a head injury and retires because it’s seriously time to retire. but it has a lovely nostalgic peace-at-last effect and personally i’m glad things went that way.

(duuuuh, it’s really hard for me to pinpoint things about Reid tbh, he’s difficult to grasp and my attention for this show is directed more to other characters, but I hope this post made sense)


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