inspector popil

Lady Murasaki had once remarked, to Hannibal’s annoyance, that Popil looked like the handsome actor Louis Jourdan.

  “Good evening, Inspector.”

  “I’ll have a word with you,” Inspector Popil said, looking nothing whatsoever like Louis Jourdan.

  “Do you mind if I work while we talk?”


  “Come, then.” Hannibal rolled the gurney down the corridor, clicking louder now. A wheel bearing probably.

  Popil held open the swinging doors of the laboratory.

  As Hannibal had expected, the massive chest wounds occasioned by the Fresnes rifles had drained the body very well. It was ready for the cadaver tank. That procedure could have waited, but Hannibal was curious to see if Popil in the cadaver tank room might look even less like Louis Jourdan, and if the surroundings might affect his peachy complexion.

          – Hannibal Rising p190

Original Thomas Harris characters described in 2 words
  • Will graham : Magic psychosis
  • Molly Graham: badass mom
  • Crawford: manipulative asshole
  • Chilton: lonely MRA
  • Francis Dolarhyde: furry woobie
  • Hannibal Lecter: broken teacup
  • Reba McClane: disabled sex-addict
  • Grandma Dolarhyde: Jessica Lange
  • Clarice Starling: angry gun
  • Paul Krendler: Adam Sandler
  • Ardelia mapp: black friend
  • Jame Gumb: flaming problematic
  • Catherine: four twenty
  • Precious the dog: Harris' fav
  • Barney Matthews: cinnamon bun
  • Mason verger: Dugger Capitalism
  • Margot verger: lesbian Furiosa
  • Mischa Lecter: Hannibal cries
  • Inspector Pazzi: greedy nobody
  • Papa Starling: skeleton issues
  • Grutas: nazi cannibal
  • Uncle Robertas Lecter: continent death
  • Lady Muraskai: pedophile ninja
  • Inspector Popil: the worst

When I first read Hannibal Rising I thought that Popil was FOR SURE going to die because I disliked him and Thomas Harris ALWAYS kills people that I dislike– plus, it was important to the story that he died because he was the only one (besides Lady Murasaki) who could have “told on” Lecter for being a killer despite the lack of evidence– but nope, he lived. Therefore it is my personal headcanon that Lecter goes back and kills him eventually, because I doubt that nosey detective would have ever been able to keep his mouth shut. 

ok, please help me out here

I’ve never understood why all the shit Hannibal pulled in France, with the butcher etc, never got back to the FBI in America between the events Hannibal Rising and Red Dragon? He kept the same name, and didn’t try, as far as I know, to cover his tracks?? When Jack Crawford was investigating Hannibal, why did none of that come up?

The only thing I can think of is the detective in France, Popil, did some covering up, because of his sympathy for Hannibal - both lost their families in the war? 

please please message me about this, i haven’t got round to reading the books, so if it’s explained there, i apologise, university exams are pretty time consuming right now!