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Hey everyone, some of you might not have heard this from me but I have the pleasure of doing some work with Mr. Feingold and Dante Basco for a Kickstarter for Bangarang, a Rufio prequel!  Below is some cleaned up concept art so far:

Course, I’m working on some storyboards right now to help show our idea for the story, so expect those soon.  If you wanna help pitch in and keep up with updates with the Kickstarter:

Over here is where you can find it and more information about it!


Nav and Dry at AX16 Illustrated #3

Dry got to meet my family and the first thing they do is have her try a bunch of Filipino food until her tummy was full with an embarrassing story about me for dessert.

Fun fact, this is the first time in a while I’ve drawn my family.  Not because I don’t like talking much about them, but because everyone has the same hairstyle, so it makes it a bit boring.



Hey howdy hey.  I decided to try opening commissions.  The money here goes to helping pay housing costs and education materials such as art supplies and books.  To see more examples of my art, the tag on my main blog is “#inspector navart” and my art blog is navartprime

So as you see above, those are the things you can request from me, but to clarify, look past the readmore.

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