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Nav and Dry at AX16 Illustrated #3

Dry got to meet my family and the first thing they do is have her try a bunch of Filipino food until her tummy was full with an embarrassing story about me for dessert.

Fun fact, this is the first time in a while I’ve drawn my family.  Not because I don’t like talking much about them, but because everyone has the same hairstyle, so it makes it a bit boring.



Bright BlackBrown | Rainbow | Red | Purple | Off-White | Dark White | Blue | Yellow | Green

Here, we have another color set featuring those garbed in black.  Tried doing something new other than having the character stare at you directly.

Simon looks like a Metal Slug character the way I drew him, whoops.  Probably the most detailed of the bunch.  Ace Attorney is pretty realistic compared to these other visual novels.

Hey, it’s Dandy!  He has blue skin.  I put him here for a reason.  And it’s not hats because Simon doesn’t wear a hat.

Hey howdy hey, it’s Roscoe Strapping.  I like how I did his hair.

OooooOooOoOOooo, just in time for Halloween, it’s Dark Layton.  OooooOOoooO EVIL.