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#JohnnyDep as Inspector Frederick Abberline in #FromHell .
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The Ice Cream Man

Someone did that brilliant edit of the ice cream packaging as ‘Uncle Ben’s Strawberry Ice’. EDIT: It was @jeromeifyouwantto who made that super fun fan art. This is inspired by that, and of course, the story of Bennet always bringing Mathilda her ice cream. 

No real warnings needed for this, other than it’s a bit silly. 

Word count: 834 

Prompt chosen: Summer heat 

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The Tourist as Frank Tupelo
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street as Sweeney Todd
Alice in Wonderland as Mad Hatter
Transcendence as Will Caster
The Lone Ranger as Tonto
Pirates of the Carribean as Captain Jack Sparrow
The Rum Diary as Paul Kemp
Secret Window as Mort Rainey
Chocolat as Roux
Edward Scissorhands as Edward Scissorhands
Dark Shadows as Barnabas Collins
Finding Neverland as Sir James Matthew Barrie
Into the Woods as Wolf
Public Enemies as John Dillinger
The Libertine as Rochester
The Man Who Cried as Cesar
Happily Ever After as L'inconnu
From Hell as Inspector Frederick Abberline
Private Resort as Jack
Arizona Dream as Axel Blackmar
The Ninth Gate as Dean Corso
Don Juan DeMarco as Don Juan DeMarco
Once Upon a Time in Mexico as Sands
Cry-Baby as Cry-Baby
Benny & Joon as Sam
Blow as George Jung
A Nightmare on Elm Street as Glen Lantz


And the Oscar should’ve gone to Johnny Depp!!!

Honestly I don’t understand that he’s never won an Oscar yet… I mean he’s one of those actors which make you forget their existence while watching their moves. In this few hours he isn’t Johnny Depp… He is Morton Rainey, Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow etc….

He deserves an Oscar more than many of the actors which actually won the last years…

Don’t you think?