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Symphogear XDU Side Story - Memoria Card: "Our First Karaoke" (Translation)
  • Carol: At last we have moved our location to this country. The only Autoscorer that has awoken is you.
  • Garie: What is it? Is it free time yet, Master?
  • Carol: How goes your memory collecting?
  • Garie: Mm... well, I still need more for Micha.
  • Carol: Hm, I see. So I'll have nothing to do for a while.
  • Garie: So we do have some free time, don't we? How about I go inspect the enemy's movements?
  • Carol: As much as I hate to listen to your advice, I suppose that sounds fine.
  • Garie: Alright, Master, I'll go collect more memories then.
  • -
  • Elfnein: Waah... amazing, Carol! This device is so small but it has so many functions built in!
  • Carol: Hmph, how boring. This thing is just for kids.
  • Elfnein: But weren't you the one who said that you wanted to go out for karaoke?
  • Carol: The source of the Symphogear user's power is song. This singing establishment is well suited for my research on Phonic Gain.
  • Elfnein: A song plays from the device, and people sing... it does seem close to the function of a symphogear.
  • Carol: Exactly, and it's why I brought you along... This reflective polyhedron on the roof, it has quite an elaborate structure...
  • Elfnein: It seems like it's called a "disco ball". And this amplification device... you can manipulate the sound's volume and reverberation with this knob.
  • Carol: Wait, you can manipulate it remotely from this computer terminal as well!
  • Elfnein: But how do we start playing a song...?
  • Carol: I'm sure I can figure out this trifling thing. Right, perhaps if I search from this terminal... there!
  • Elfnein: Amazing! That's just like you, Carol. Here come the song titles. Wow, the lyrics are on the monitor, and... we have to sing now! Wh-what do we do?
  • Carol: Don't panic, calm down. Alright... let's sing, Elfnein!
  • Elfnein: Okay!
  • -
  • Elfnein: Carol, what do you think those numbers are that appear after the song ends?
  • Carol: They were fluctuating while we sang... do they measure our phonic gain!?
  • Elfnein: Has the study of technology progressed this much in the modern age!?
  • Carol: That's perfect. We'll show them our power!
  • -
  • Elfnein: 86 points...! You got such a high score even in this unfamiliar environment.
  • Carol: Hmph, of course I did.
  • Elfnein: Let me go next.
  • Carol: Do you as you like.
  • Elfnein: Alright, I'll sing now!
  • -
  • Elfnein: I did it! Look, exactly 90 points!
  • Carol: Wha-! Elfnein's is higher!? How!?
  • Carol: It's my turn! Hand it over!
  • Elfnein: O-Okay.
  • -
  • Carol: Hehe, 91 points. As I thought my phonic gain is far superior.
  • Elfnein: You've gone 5 times in a row...
  • Carol: What did you say?!!
  • Elfnein: Uh, nothing! Ah Carol, it says that song is a duet! It means a song we sing together, right?
  • Carol: I can guess from my research up to now.
  • Elfnein: Since we've come this far, let's try it out.
  • Carol: I suppose that's fine... just don't drag me down, okay?
  • -
  • Garie: Ugh... I'm tired of collecting memories, honestly...
  • Garie: I've collected quite a lot. Master! Master?
  • Garie: It's rare that she's absent. What is she doing, and where? Don't tell me she's actually gone out for recon? No way.
  • Carol: Garie! Have you returned?
  • Garie: I'm back! What were you doing, master?
  • Carol: I went to a karaoke establishment for research. I've extended our time. You come too.
  • Garie: Yes, master~! Understood.
  • Carol: Good, now there's no way that my score would lower. Hurry up, Garie.
  • Garie: ...What were you really doing?

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“Son of a bitch,” Daryl growled.

Carol walked from the dining room of the cabin to the living room to find Daryl squatting in front of the fireplace, tugging and wrenching at the hearth.

“What are you doing?” she asked, folding her arms against a chill.

The cabin was drafty, and she could hear the wind rattling through the slats in the wall where the weather had worn through the insulation, but it was secure and it was dry. Not to mention, the rest of the group had already settled in the great room at the other end of the cabin.

“Damn thing’s fake,” he snapped, pointing angrily at the hearth.

Upon closer inspection, Carol could see that the fireplace was, in fact, electric. There was a flat screen at the back that likely displayed the flickering orange flames of a fire, and the wood piled in front if it was clearly plastic, with a sheen of dust over the peeling bark. She snorted into her sleeve and tugged the throw blanket off of the backrest of the couch.

“C’mon, the others are going to take all the good spots.” She nodded toward the great room.

“If we could get this thing going…There’s plenty a’wood out there to burn…We could get a good fire burning and warm this whole room up,” he gestured. “That great room ain’t got heat for shit with all them windows.”

He stood up, looking for something to help him wedge the electric components out of the hearth, but ended up going back at it with his bare hands. Carol grimaced. That was a good way to tear off all of his fingernails.

“Daryl.” She snuck up behind him and draped the throw blanket over his shoulders. “We can get warm if we hunker together in the other room. There’s no need to punish the fireplace.”

“Fake fireplace,” he grunted, dropping his hands from the offending hearth.

Carol chuckled and leaned over him where he was kneeling, bracing her hands on his shoulders and leaning her legs against his back.

“Since the others probably have all the good spots divvied up among themselves…We might just have to take whatever space is left,” she murmured. “Maybe a little corner, just big enough for the two of us…all squished together and warm…” When he kept tinkering with the fireplace, she straightened and folded her arms. “Unless you wanna just stay out here playing with your wood.”

He spun on his heels, glaring up at her, and she offered a cheeky grin. He huffed and straightened, giving the hearth a final kick for good measure.

“Useless piece of shit,” he spat at the thing.

Carol chuckled and bobbed her head toward the great room. “C’mon.”

He sighed, giving up and following beside her to the large room where, as she had predicted, the rest of the group had divided the more comfortable spots among themselves. The room was noticeably draftier than the room with the fireplace, attributable to the tall windows and glass doors that opened onto the wrap-around porch. Carol could see Sasha on watch, but the cabin was so high up that Carol couldn’t see the woods beyond the porch.

Daryl spotted a nook between the couch and the recliner, and he snatched one of the cushions from the couch, earning only a side-eye from Carl, who was making himself comfortable there. Daryl plopped down on the floor, and Carol folded herself down beside him.

It was amazing how warm one could get just cuddled up to another body in a cramped space. As she leaned back against his chest and settled, she found this to be much more preferable to a toasty warm room with a flickering fire.

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Prompt: Spiders

It was ridiculous that there were homes in Alexandria that were vacant and that had been vacant for some time. Spencer had mentioned how they’d used the homes for storage or had repurposed them for this or that, but it just seemed ridiculous.

Brand damn new homes, with rooms that still smelled like naked plaster and with no smudges or fingerprints on the stainless steel appliances…Daryl felt like a dirty rag thrown in with the good laundry just walking through the front door.

“Jesus,” he swore, eying the pristine white tile floor, blemished only by a sheen of dust.

“Yes?” the man who everybody called Jesus replied with a snicker.

Daryl rolled his eyes. “Stop that.”

“I’ll stop doing it when it stops being funny,” was the response.

Daryl exchanged a flat look with Carol, who giggled and looked away.

There were four of them poking around inside the vacant house at the moment. Enid was moving around on the second floor. Daryl wasn’t sure if she was actually helping or pantomiming, but if the first floor was any indication, there wouldn’t be much to recon in this place.

“Well, Spencer did say that they cleared this place out a few weeks before we were brought in,” Carol said with a shrug.

“It looks move-in ready,” Jesus remarked, glancing around the bare living room before his gaze landed on the crossbow slung over Daryl’s shoulder. “You can stand down.”

Carol was inspecting the kitchen, and Daryl gravitated toward her, away from where Jesus was going to investigate the basement. Carol drummed her fingers across the countertop, bunching her lips and looking at him. Daryl shifted his loose grip on the crossbow strap.


Carol tilted her head and looked toward the stainless steel fridge. “I used to know people who swore that a house this size could never accommodate their four person family…And at one point we had a dozen of us in one home…and it still felt like too much space.”

“That why I kept wakin’ up sandwiched between you and Tara?”

“Oh come on, it was hardly a ‘sandwich’…”

There was a squeak from upstairs, followed by Enid’s curse of “Jesus!”

As though summoned, Jesus popped his head out of the basement door. “Yes?”

Carol took a step toward the stairs. “Everything okay, Enid?”

There was a huff from the girl.

“Yeah…there was, uh, a spider. Caught me off guard.”

Daryl snorted, and Carol relaxed a bit. She was looking a little pensive in the kitchen now, so Daryl touched her elbow and nodded toward the study room at the back of the first floor.

“Let’s check this out.”

She bobbed her head and followed him, trailing her fingers over the smooth, untouched wall of the hallway. There were no scuff marks or dents, no marks where nails had been dug in or plaster had been chipped off. The walls were perfect, like this whole house was perfect, and it was making Daryl itch.

Aside from dust and some spotty evidence of bugs nesting in a few places, the house could have been built a week ago. With trade agreements between Alexandria and Hilltop going so well, he was wondering if the Hilltop gang would get any bright ideas about moving here, or if Alexandrians would think about moving there. Aside from the initial bad rubs, they all seemed to be cut from a similar cloth. Hell, none of them had gone nuts yet. Maybe there was only a window of opportunity to lose your mind in this world for so long. If they hadn’t gone crazy by now, then maybe they were in the clear.

Carol walked into the study first, and she was immediately lifting her arms and swinging them around, sputtering and yelping as she fought some invisible force.

Maybe ‘in the clear’ was a little pre-emptive.

“Whoa, whoa—“ Daryl sidestepped her flailing limbs, unable to stop a chuckle.

“Spider web,” Carol explained, still fighting with the tiny strands sticking to her person.

His single chuckle turned into a cluster of them as he intervened, trying to help and only managing to get some of the clingy web on his person as well. This eventually led to Enid walking to the study to find the two of them engaged in what likely looked like some form of acid-trip dancing.

“Are you two having seizures?” she asked, deadpan.

“Somehow it sounds more dignified to say yes,” Carol said.

At the same time, Daryl successfully wiped the remaining web off his arm and onto his pant leg. “If we were, you sure sounded awful concerned.”

Enid snorted. “More spider webs? It’s better than what Jesus found in the basement.”

“Which was…?”

“WHY?!” Jesus demanded from the other room.

He didn’t sound upset. He just sounded loud.

A new voice entered the conversation: Olivia. “Do you throw anything away either? Just because it doesn’t have a use right now doesn’t mean it won’t ever be useful.”

“You sound like my great grandmother,” Jesus was saying. “She grew up in the Depression, never threw anything away…”

Daryl and Carol stepped out with Enid to see what was going on and found Olivia standing in front of Jesus…who was covered in silver holiday tinsel. Behind him was Michonne.

“You find Michonne in the basement too?” Daryl snorted.

Michonne looked far too happy with herself to not be suspicious, and while Jesus started to disentangle himself from the tinsel, she lifted her hands.

“Check out what I found!”

She had two extendable arm grabbers sticking out of the long sleeves of her jacket, making it look like she had no hands and only the robot-looking arms. She made the clamps on the ends of the arms click a few times, a smile splitting her face.

“What. The Hell?” Enid asked, a grin curving her mouth.

“Wait, wait…” Michonne angled herself toward Carol, lifting one arm and delicately plucking a strand of web from her shoulder. “Got it.”

“You’re a little too good with those,” Carol chuckled.

“I found more,” Michonne waggled her eyebrows, pulling out the two that she had and handing them to Carol. “I’m gonna grab two more, then we’re going to go wreak some havoc. Enid, you in?”

Enid looked on the verge of a sarcastic remark, but a giggle won out and she followed Michonne toward the basement. “Sure!”

Carol held the two grabbers in her hands, and Daryl eyed her, folding his arms across his chests and looking unimpressed.

“My great grandma used to have those too,” Jesus remarked.

Carol used the arm to reach back and pinch Daryl’s backside. He squirmed away, surprised by how much that had actually pinched.

Jesus pointed and looked to Olivia. “Though I don’t remember her ever using them to do that.”