I GOT THEM! I absolutely love them! Thank you so much GetALifePodcast and inspchin for this wonderful prize! I am truly grateful for them and plan on buying a photo album purely dedicated to the cards. I thought I was getting a few cards and what not (Which I still was psyched for) but I got the whole deck with every single character and even some groups! This has totally made my day, week, month, year-WHATEVER! I’m just totally happy and grateful and everything!


I’ve started my workout routine 2 years ago but it didn’t give me much physical improvements (not mental either) so I’m quite surprised to see the definition has finally appeared lately, and of course, I’ve finally figured out the secret!

The picture at the left was taken before I headed to South Africa in the middle of December 2011 and the right one is as of today, 3+ months gap.

I wanted to start this from my Africa journey because the voluntary work I took part along is the main key to open my mind. I lived there with few volunteers and it was my first time and I literally just lived every day as it was my last as I never knew what would happen on the next day. It’s also one of the experience which I had to wake up 3am in the morning, working in the dark rainy morning with my head torch outdoor. With everything combined from this, it has strengthened the way I think, the way I do things as well as to appreciate everything in my life even more.

At the end of January, I went back to my home town and I met a Canadian guy (by its fate) who was very keen to work out with me and he’s the one that pushed me to work out most of the time. For me, it’s also my first time doing a 3-hour session with stretching part with him (stretching is essential) - This guy has also told me that the main thing to achieve anything is always to be dedicated. So, from that moment, I started to do my workout without looking or doing the countdown on the clock but also to try my best in everything I’m doing.

I came back to England in February 2012 with all my works (job) flooded, but this time, I’ve become very determined and insisted to not to give myself more excuses. In no matter what, I have to be dedicated and go through my every day as it was my last, because I believe, by doing this, I would most certainly be doing it right one day.

My workout was mostly 1 and a half hour from 6:20am to 7:50am in the last few months, 5-7 days a week even I got the back injury, it’s never an excuse for me any more. OK, this might be a silly part but each time I lifted, I just told myself that I’m a soldier and I can do it. Well, now I have a little definition coming out (although it’s not the best yet) but I just want to say that, the result comes only if you don’t keep thinking about it but to be dedicated, stay focused and try to do everything with your best as it was your last time doing it.

I believe @PadPoet from SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe), also a personal trainer had explored my passion and he has also helped me to customize my workout routine which I’ll apply today onwards. When I received a new workout routine in the past, I always wanted to try to escape, not to think about it and leave it until tomorrow; but this time, I realized the change in me - That’s because when I got his customized routine, I was very excited and looking forward to it.

As you know, we never know our lifespan, so do I. Would I still be here tomorrow? Or I might be gone? So with this kind of mind thinking, that’s how I’ve changed to focus, to get away from the un-necessaries and to always be forgiven.