Dream on - Part 1

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Summary: Dean x Reader - The reader gets cursed by a witch and can’t fall asleep. She tries to hide it from the Winchesters, but they find out.

Triggers: Insomnia

Word Count: 3190

Y/N = Your name  Y/H/C = Your hair colour

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You cursed under your breath as you searched the messy back room. As always during a hunt the two brothers gave you the easy jobs. Well, easy was probably the wrong word, since you couldn’t locate the witch’s spell books anywhere. They gave you the low risk jobs, was probably more like it. Sam & Dean were at the front of the cabin, fighting the witch as you searched for her stash. You could hear her annoyed screams as you searched, tearing things down from bookshelves and ransacking the cupboards.

“Missed me again!” You heard Dean’s deep voice taunt from the other room, distracting the witch by keeping her focus on him. But you had no time to listen in as they taunted the witch, the books were your mission, and even if you hated being left doing the low-risk stuff, you were going to do it right.

“Jackpot,” you muttered as you finally found some old tomes underneath a loose floorboard and covered them in gasoline to speed up the burning process and let the boys finish the job. But the witch seemed to have noticed something was wrong as the door to the back room slammed open and a young woman in her twenties stormed in, the boys taunting and fighting apparently not being enough to keep her occupied.

Looking down at the ground in front of you she saw her soaked spell books and her head whipped back up enraged eyes focusing on the lighter in your hand.

“Don’t you dare! I will kill you if you destroy them! Don’t underestimate my power!” She screamed, seemingly ready to jump at you. You lit the zippo on your jeans with a smirk before dropping the exposed flame down on the books in front of you.

“I wouldn’t dream of it,” You said, tone light and cheery as the first flames licked the spine of one of the old spell books. An enraged scream escaped the ruby lips of the young witch. Before you had any chance to react a flash of light sent you hurdling into the wall behind you. Pain stung at the back of your head, but before you could even get back up to retaliate, two deafeningly loud gunshots signalled the arrival of the Winchester brothers. Sighing you stood up, dusting of your jeans and glared at them.

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