what tumblr has taught me about the signs
  • Aires: people think they're bland and boring but is like secretly running everything.
  • Taurus: Really timid and doesn't talk back. Is pushed around but could be a huge hero in another life.
  • Gemini: The one with the hacker skills and knows how to blow up his friends computers without even being there
  • Cancer: Insomniatic raging dude who always thinks they're in charge but really aren't.
  • Leo: Freaking adorable in every way, and can totally hold themselves when they need to.
  • Virgo: Fashionista of the bunch. Seriously worried about others and is essentially the mother hen of the group
  • Libra: Swaggy, tends to have cool shades. Is kinda obsessed with justice and the law.
  • Scorpio: Mother fucking badass over here. Isn't afraid to manipulate you or kill you, though.
  • Sagittarius: Is really awkward but protects the ones he loves. Also, the body builder of the group.
  • Capricorn: Chill stoner dude but if you piss him the fuck off you're dead. Literally.
  • Aquarius: Needy little whiner. Tends to want everyone to have some sort of relationship with him. Also: Believes in magic.
  • Pisces: The sweetheart. Literal princess and is the cutest one out there. Love swimming and underwater shit.
I’m sleeping on the other side of bed
hoping it might make me forget
the wrapped-up-in-you nights
and my best dreams coming to life.
When no nightmare could ever compare
to waking up without you there.
—  another-broken-hello
  • Flattery
  • Aly & AJ
  • Insomniatic

I will admit, if you admit it
It’s harder than we both thought
It’s easier to fall apart
Look where we are
I can forgive it, I can’t forget it
You left me here with all these scars
and you can’t deny the hardest part
I’m not in your arms

We’re more hurt than we appear
The world will never know
We both have tasted tears, my dear
You’re denying what I say
Don’t act like it’s okay
Cuz it’s not okay

Buck-Tick in Manga, 002, The Raving Warrior: Suima-kun

1993~1996, By Nakagawa Katsumi

This manga is quite famous among BT fans, but it’s kinda difficult to find it online. I found it in Mangareborm but when I tried to register, it told me something went wrong. Very unfortuantely, Japanese online manga sites removed the postscripts and side comments.

If you know somewhere else to find it, especailly vol.4, please tell me.

First, there is an introduction I copied from Mangareborn:

Welcome to planet Goo, home of the Suima Clan, tall beings that need 23 hours of sleep a day or they become weak.

Unfortunately, Goo’s ruler, Prince Brillian, has been overcome with a mysterious insomniatic illness! The sexually robust and dazzlingly handsome General Ketsukarl must collect 1000 people’s worth of ‘Sleepy Sleep’ energy to return the prince to his normal sleeping patterns!

Join General Ketsukarl on his frantic, crazy search in this hilariously sexy(?) comedy!

So what’s special about it?

The answer is, Sakurai-san is a recurring charater, as (almost) himself.

In chapter 1, the aliens came to earth, found two members of a band called “Tick-Tack”, voaclist Tarou (Sakurai) and main composer Ichirou (Imai) recording at 2am

“I get this stuff foisted off on me because you’re late with your songs, Ichirou.”
“My bad.”

Acchan nearly got kissed by an alien

Tick-Tack’s album release was delayed because Tarou fell asleep during the recording under the magic of the alien. You can see posters of “Sanft Ballet” (Soft Ballet) and “W-AGE” (M-AGE).

Soon, Sakurai, Imai and Hoshino(?) appeared again, they were on the way from one bar to another as usual.

(This is the official(perhaps) Chinese version published in Taiwan and Hongkong, but the translator wasn’t very conscientious because s/he couldn’t even figure out what an “Acchan” was, and made mistakes like writting “YELLOW MONKEY” as “YEELLW。MONKEY”)

Postscript of vol.1, Darker Than Darkness Acchan

Nakagawa-san later told us “Nanri-chan” was an indie rock singer and Sakurai cosplayer.

Then, in vol.2, Acchan appeared again, he gave the aliens some CDs, aliens took him to the 60s Tokyo.

Then, he appeared in the postcript of vol.2

Then in vol.3, Acchan with short hair…

And there’s a character named “S. Fujioka”, Nakagawa-san admitted that she took the name from Fujioka, Gunma, where BT was born.

She also said things like she got a front row seat ticket at BT’s Budoukan concert, begged readers to send her videos of Acchan’s TV appearance. There are other bands’ names in those books as well.

Another picture:

its 5am and i’m forcing myself ot go to sleep bu t just kno that the next hour at least i’m gonna be thinking abt that mag boy without posting it and saving you at least 10 more insomniatic declarations of lov 4 him bc i can vaguely realize how embarrassing that is in this half conscious state and also it’d be v repetitive gnight folks