Also, I had a lovely night Omeglestucking with this loser trying to find Mur, and we ended up running into Kristen and Ashley as well! We found Mur and his friend Jade and chatted for a couple hours once we ditched Omegle and went to skype, haha. <333

Mur, it was so lovely chatting with you hun, I miss you!!! Can’t wait to see you this winter hehe. C: and Jade, it was really nice to meet you! you’re a total sweetie. :3

Anyways, tomorrow is Phillystuck, and I can’t wait to see all of you guys again! I’m going to be Nepeta. :33 I’m gonna crash so I get at least some speeps, g'night guys!


Some Nights… i miss my friends. {{Pit Crew Addition}}

Okay, this video is basically a whole bunch of random videos complied over the summer. I’ve been watching them for a few nights now, REALLY missing on you guys, so i figured i’d make this quick video montage.. cause MONTAGE~~!! I miss you babies so much!!!! can’t wait to see you guys again<3<3<3

in order of appearance:

xsochangeable || viciousviolet || badwolfsouffles || merristuck || insomniasleuth