because headcanon that minho sleeps like a sloth and it’s exactly what a restless insomniac thomas needs

in paradise thomas and minho share this little cabin (minho simply stating “the leaders should stay together” and that was that)

every night they return together and minho literally tears all his clothes off and throws them somewhere on the floor before bouncing right into his bed and falling asleep almost right as his head hits the pillow

thomas always picks up his scattered clothes, folding them neatly and placing them conveniently next to minho’s bed, listening to minho’s faint snores as he does

and thomas does everything he can to avoid sleeping honestly

because thomas can’t drift off as well as minho does

because thomas is all lanky and limbs and flopping all over the place and sometimes he wakes up with the blankets on the floor from kicking so hard in his nightmares and it’s freezing cold and he looks over at minho who’s still resting peacefully, tucked in snugly into the covers and even drooling slightly onto his pillow

and thomas doesn’t understand how minho does it at all, not when he lies awake staring up into nothingness and knowing that if he sleeps the visions only get worse (piercing glimpses of bloodshot eyes and the deafening sound of the bullet and claws tearing greedily at flesh) until he wakes up gasping and desperate for air

and eventually it becomes so overwhelming that thomas doesn’t sleep at all

minho notices (because of course minho always notices) the way he’s always rubbing his eyes in the morning and how he disengages himself from conversation preferring to stare at his feet instead and how he laughs a little less, the gleam never reaching his golden eyes anymore and how he falls just those few steps behind minho during their nightly runs

and when minho asks about it thomas shakes it off, knowing they both have much better things to worry about anyway

until one night thomas glances over at minho as usual, fully expecting to see minho sleeping, eyes blissfully closed and mouth slightly open

instead he sees dark pupils and lips parted in confusion and thomas freezes

“you’re not sleeping,” minho says bluntly

thomas doesn’t say anything and it’s silent for a while before he finds himself breaking down under the boy’s intense, concerned gaze

“no, i can’t,” thomas finally admits, both to himself and to minho. they stare at each other and thomas knows he can’t hide anymore, not when minho looks at him like he said he was going to die and he takes a deep breath before continuing, “i still have nightmares.”

and thomas notes how funny it is that it’s all he has to say for minho to understand completely. minho doesn’t reply, just looks at him with that same gaze before taking a long, heavy sigh. “why didn’t you tell me, you shank?” he says, his tone rising, eyes narrowing and he sounds really frustrated and this is exactly what thomas wanted to avoid because sometimes minho goes over the edge caring for others

“because it’s not that big of a deal, minho, calm down-”

and thomas is interrupted by minho haphazardly tossing his covers aside (thomas absentmindedly thinks about having to clean that up later) as he gets up and practically shoves thomas to the other side of his bed before sliding in next to him

and thomas instantly notices the warmth radiating from his skin as minho throws his protective, strong arm over thomas’ body and tangles their legs together

“you really are the shuckiest shuck faced shuck in this shucking world,” minho whispers roughly against thomas’s shoulder, his warm breath sending shivers down thomas’ spine

"i’m sorry,” thomas apologizes and minho kicks his foot

“you’re an idiot, you know that? poor little idiot baby thomas,” minho mutters, “from goddamn nightmares, just like a little kid, why didn’t you tell me, you’re actually so stupid, you know i was shucking worried sick…” and he rambles and rambles and somehow it makes thomas feel better because he knows better than anybody else how minho expresses his love

and thomas feels himself calming down, his heartbeat slowing and mind racing a little less and he finds himself blurting out, “you’re warm.”

minho stops talking and snorts against thomas’ skin. “i know.”

and soon thomas feels minho’s breathing even out and he finds his eyes drooping shut as well and he thinks he might actually be drifting off when he feels minho press a gentle kiss to his skin

“you know you’re not the only one, right?” minho says softly, frustration put aside. “i still have nightmares too. but you can’t shut me out again like that, you shuck face. we need you.”

“okay,” thomas agrees easily, already half-asleep and the i need you is unspoken but he thinks they both understand as minho presses another line of kisses down his skin and thomas curls impossibly closer into the boy’s touch

there’s so, so much more thomas needs to say to minho but he thinks he can save it til the morning because he didn’t realize how exhausted he was until he fell apart in minho’s arms and for once, he feels this urge to let sleep overcome his restless body

and it’s the best night’s sleep he’s had in a long time

(minho still sleeps like a shucking rock honestly but thomas doesn’t mind anymore, doesn’t feel as much envy because minho is exactly what he needs, what keeps him grounded during both night and day

because minho is steady breathing and calming heartbeats he falls asleep to and sturdiness to fall under and comfort and warmth to wrap himself up in

and the nightmares never truly end, but thomas thinks he’ll be okay when he snuggles closer into minho’s bare chest and minho unconsciously grips his body tighter and thomas has never felt so safe and secure in his life and - it’s enough)