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It's me again with late night headcanons about the soft boys™ Sometimes they're both just really tired but yet they can't sleep so they make the amazing decision to go into town to get food. McCree was the one who came up with the idea and of course Hanzo thought it was stupid. Until he didn't. They go to McDonalds and then they take their food out to some open field to eat it under the night sky. They probably fall asleep in the field and then someone finds them there in the morning.

Hello soft boys™ anon, thank you for blessing us all with another sweet, soft headcanon. As a insomniac night owl myself I can see Hanzo (who i HC deals with it too but ya know much worse) probably really liking having something to do/keep his mind busy at night and that’s what really fastens the first bond between him and an equally sleep deprived cowboy. 
This, this i can totally see becoming a habit of theirs on long breaks between missions when the restlessness kicks in. 


Likeness - Bucky x Reader One-shot

A/N: I don’t know what the hell happened here. Apparently my new coping mechanism for anxiety is writing Bucky Barnes fanfiction. Anyways this story took like 18 different directions while I was writing it. I mad delete this in the light of day but for now I hope you enjoy it. 

Title: Likeness 

Summary: Reader is an empath/can remove emotions from people but can’t make them feel things. She and Bucky grow close due to them being insomniacs/night owls together. Sam and reader are best friends (glossed over) and he encourages her to come to movie night with the team. Nat knows you have a thing for Bucky and for Sebastian Stan because you’ve been watching the movie the Covenant (2006) on repeat. So she picks that movie and you have no poker face. Anyways, hope you enjoy. 

Rating: T 

Warnings: vague mentions of dark emotions (nothing too specific), gets a little heated at the end (nothing too serious), i kinda dump on the Covenant (but in all reality I am a sucker for that movie and everyone in it) 

Disclaimer: I own nothing. 

Word count: 2,465

Your ability to remove emotional energy was what got you an invitation to the Avengers initiative.

At first you kept to yourself, overwhelmed by the high emotions in the tower. Bucky was the same way when he first returned from Wakanda. The two of you often bumped into each other at odd hours of the day and night. You usually respected each other’s space, just offering a nod of acknowledgment or a mumbled hello. Over time, you began to wait for one another late at night. On good nights you would retire to your room or his and watch movies or listen to music or talk until you fell asleep.

But some nights when the nightmares flooded his sleep and you found him gripping the kitchen counter, you would sit to his left and place your hand gently on his metal arm, siphoning the anxious energy that radiated off of him. Despite the anxiety and sorrow that sometimes rolled off of him, you enjoyed being with Bucky. He grounded you, at least when he wasn’t giving your stomach butterflies.

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I’m gonna talk about Hamburramy college AU for a second.

Because they all went to (what would be) Columbia, Princeton, and Yale, respectively. Buncha ivy league nerds.

Color swatches. Because I’m thinking about this too hard.

Obviously they’d all have t-shirts and sweatshirts of their respective schools, but they would wear each others’ all the time, and often find themselves being asked in the grocery store: “Oh, did you actually go to Princeton?” “No,” Bellamy would grin proudly, “my boyfriend did, this is just his shirt.”

Alexander would get annoyed wearing Bellamy’s shirt, though because it’s like ~aesthetic~ now to own Yale and Harvard shirts and no one believes he actually went to Yale (he didn’t, but it’s the principle of the matter).

For Christmas, he buys this for Bellamy:

Because obviously Bellamy would be a health nut and actually likes kale. He’s also the Morning Person in their group and wakes up at like 5am to go on runs around the park by their apartment and when he comes back Alex is making coffee and Aaron is still buried under the covers. 

In contrast, Alex is the night owl, insomniac who sometimes stays up until Bellamy is rolling out of bed to go for his morning jog. He frowns, concerned when he sees Alex still on his laptop. 

In their group message, Bellamy is always the one to say “Good morning :)” first, and Alex is always the one to say “gnite” last.  

So the mascots of the schools: lion, tiger, and bulldog. This isn’t too important, I just like connecting lion to Alex, tiger to Aaron, and bulldog to Bellamy. 

Fun fact: apparently the Columbia lion’s name was put to a vote, one of the possible names being HAMILTON (fucking hell) but eventually Roar-ee won. Roar-ee. Good job, Columbia.

Each school is about an hour and a half from one another. (P > C, C > Y) and now I’m just imagining long distance boyfriends meeting at Columbia because it’s in the middle. (And because Alexander is the only one without a car.) 

All three of them are in law school, but Bellamy got his undergrad in theology. Aaron took a few theology classes in undergrad but switched his major in the middle of freshman year. Alex was that guy who was constantly changing his major (not ever drifting from poli-sci, but just adding on other majors like history, journalism, Caribbean studies, gender studies, etc). Eventually he graduated with a major in Political Science (economics concentration) with a few minors under his belt. 

They meet in law school (maybe at an Ivy League conference?) and get into a relationship at that point, but after hearing of Alexander’s chaotic undergrad story and Aaron’s rush to get through undergrad in 2.5 years instead of 4, Bellamy is thankful they hadn’t met before then. He imagines none of them would have had any time for a relationship let alone getting proper sleep. 

Not to say their relationship is easy now that they’re in law school. All of them are busy, and usually they can only get away for 1 weekend a month to see each other. It puts a strain on things, and Alex gets frustrated a lot in the beginning, resulting in a few scenes were he tried to self-sabotage their relationship and break things off. Aaron is swift to tell him that he’s not forced to be in the relationship, but that he knows that he wants to be in it and quitting just because it’s hard wouldn’t make anything better. 

They try to make time once a week (if not more) to have a group skype video chat together. Bellamy has one older roommate, and Aaron lives alone, but Alexander has 3 other roommates (Laurens, Herc, Laf) that are always interrupting the conversation and being loud in the background. There have been many times where Aaron exited the video chat abruptly because he lost his patience with Alex and his roommates. When Alex finally realizes Aaron is gone, he blinks at the screen where he just sees Bellamy texting and asks where he went. Bellamy raises an eyebrow “He left about five minutes ago. Got tired of waiting for us to be able to talk and you weren’t paying attention to us, anyway.” Alexander is quick to lock himself in his room when they have skype calls from then on out. 

I could go on and on, tbh….