insomniac owl

i’ve been tagged by @alenkotrash some time ago and now I finally found it again in my notifications so thanks a lot <33

Coke or Pepsi: coke is basically the only thing I drink (my hips are not amused by that choice lmao)

Disney or Dreamworks: disney

Coffee or tea: coffee

Books or movies: books

Windows or Mac: windows

DC or Marvel: marvel

Xbox or PlayStation: playstation

Dragon Age or Mass Effect: 100% Mass Effect

Night owl or early riser: night owl (aka insomniac)

Cards or chess: chess because things always get a little too intense with cards

Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate

Lord of the rings elves or dragon age elves? uhh lore wise or look wise? because lore wise I’d prefer lotr elves but look wise I’d go for the (modded) dragon age elves

Cats or dogs: yes

Sweet or salty? sweet

~ ~ Virgos are like owls…. They are watchful, observant and beautiful background dwellings. But they are a vital source and a clear missing imprint. Virgos are nocturnal, insomniac night owls who prefer solitude and fly under the winged messenger, Mercury. Virgos possess the zodiac’s most acute senses, a natural crystallized vision into the world, not so much eye sight, but solidified perception. It’s like they share the binocular vision and binaural hearing of owls

i bought this picture at six little things in burleigh



DIY Geometric Paper Masks

My friend showed me these yesterday and I think they are SO COOL. So the artist is a Brit named Steve Wintercroft, who specializes in hand making objects — from surfboards to these awesome geometric paper masks. 

These masks are available in his Etsy store. You print out the template and build it yourself! So anyone, anywhere can download and make it! There’s lots of different masks to choose from. It’s super easy and they look amazing. These would be a really cool way to Halloween-up a festival/rave outfit for a Halloween show. An Insomniac owl anyone? 

I imagine that these are more comfortable to wear on you head than a toxic plastic mask anyway. Plus, you make them from recycled paper, so you’re also helping the environment!

Geometric Paper Masks: Etsy - Steve Wintercroft, $7.41, Buy it Here

So I started my ER rotation this month...

And let me just tell ya…I have never been more exhausted in my life. As a insomniac/night owl, this getting up at 3:45 am and getting off at 5 pm is killing my soul. 

Every morning I wake up to my alarm clock all like 

And for most of the 12 hours that I’m there I feel all like

And then I shuffle aimlessly into the house at night to log the 4000 patients I’ve seen all like

But despite the chronic eyes-on-fire-please-let-me-sleep sensation…I LOVE IT. Seriously - the variety of problems you get to see and treat and the adrenaline of being in an environment geared to save a life in imminent danger by problem solving and teamwork is really amazing.