insomniac owl

~ ~ Virgos are like owls…. They are watchful, observant and beautiful background dwellings. But they are a vital source and a clear missing imprint. Virgos are nocturnal, insomniac night owls who prefer solitude and fly under the winged messenger, Mercury. Virgos possess the zodiac’s most acute senses, a natural crystallized vision into the world, not so much eye sight, but solidified perception. It’s like they share the binocular vision and binaural hearing of owls

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taegi 11 💓

#11 When you didn’t need me

Yoongi leaned his belly against the edge of the counter and arched his feet to get the most out of his tip-toed stance. His fingers strained almost an inch away from a glass in the cupboard above him. Taehyung chuckled under his breath from the doorway, though careful not to let his hyung hear him (it was too early in the morning to get growled at and maybe lightly beaten). Yoongi’s fingertips brushed against the glass, but the movement only scooted it farther away. He sighed and swore and reached some more.

Taehyung finally took pity on him. He quietly approached, pulling it down and setting it on the counter without a word. He was careful to keep his face impassive and nonchalant. He grabbed a glass for himself, too, to show that he hadn’t gone out of his way to help. Yoongi still only grunted his thanks. Taehyung hid his smile and went on with his morning.

A few nights later, a similar scene greeted Taehyung, this time with the living room bookshelf. Taehyung himself had hidden the video game controller on the highest shelf to annoy Jimin. The kid was getting too competitive and needed a timeout, but he was technically older than Taehyung, so he had to be handled with kid gloves and trickery. But apparently, Yoongi was taking a rare break and wanted to play.

He was perched precariously on the couch, one foot on the cushion and his knee propped on the arm, stretching the meter distance to try to reach the top shelf. Taehyung was legitimately concerned about his safety, so he casually plucked it off its height as he walked by.

“Sorry, hyung,” he said, handing it to him. “Jimin was being a brat.”

“I could have gotten it,” Yoongi said (and if Taehyung didn’t know for an absolute fact that one Min Yoongi did not pout, he might have described his tone as…childishly petulant).

“I’m sure you could have, hyung” Taehyung replied mildly. “But I want to play, too, and the other one is hidden under the couch. Can you grab it while I put in the disc?”

Yoongi frowned deeply but did as he was asked. And then promptly beat the pants off Taehyung in every round of the game he chose. Taehyung began to regret helping him, but at least he knew his Jimin solution would work here, too. As long as Yoongi didn’t break his neck trying to climb the bookshelf again. (Taehyung was pretty sure the managers wouldn’t blame that one on him, but he’d feel bad all the same.)

A week went by with Yoongi cooped up in the production room or corralled into a van with the rest of them. So the next time Taehyung saw him struggling was in the dance studio. Something had gone wrong with the stereo that played their practice mix, so they’d taken a break while Yoongi tried to fix it (with his magic MacGyver hands and some spare duct tape, probably). Taehyung came back from the bathroom early to see his hyung bouncing on balls of his feet as he tried to nab a spare cord off the shelving unit in the corner.

Yoongi must have thought he was still alone, because he allowed himself a plaintive whine in the midst of his swearing. (Taehyung was willing to concede, though never aloud, that it was possible Min Yoongi had pouted one time in his 23 years of life. But never would he have entertained the notion that Min Yoongi could whine. His whole world was rocked by this information.) He hid his giggles behind his hand and had just determined to watch the older boy struggle (in the hopes of sleuthing out more secrets of his intractable hyung), when Yoongi pulled the rolling desk chair toward him.

Taehyung leapt forward and snatched both the cord and the chair away from Yoongi. He knew he was treading dangerous waters here, so he simply handed over the cord and plopped in the chair with a slight raise of his eyebrow. The snarl he received was menacing enough for him to wonder if he shouldn’t have let the man break his neck rather than help him.

Fortunately for Taehyung, the others burst through the door less than a second later, wondering if the sound system had been fixed yet. Yoongi grumped at the rest of them, instead, telling them to be patient and let him work. Taehyung breathed a sigh of relief.

At the end of practice, Namjoon asked for Yoongi’s help on his newest track, but Yoongi turned him down. “I’ve got an errand to run,” Yoongi said and no amount of questions earned anyone any further answer.

By the time Yoongi returned to the dorm that night, nearly everyone was in bed. Taehyung (night owl and insomniac extraordinaire that he was) sat at the kitchen table stirring his bedtime tea and wondering about the secrets of the universe. He looked up in time to see Yoongi place something square-ish on the tile floor with a definitive thump.

Yoongi glared at him fiercely. Taehyung blinked back in confusion. Without breaking eye contact, Yoongi stepped on top of the item, opened the highest cupboard, grabbed a glass with ease, and returned to the floor. Taehyung bit his lip hard to keep from laughing into the most determined (and somehow squishiest) face he’d ever seen his hyung wear. He opted for a somber nod of approval before glancing down at the step stool at Yoongi’s feet.

The white plastic had been marred by broad strokes of permanent marker proclaiming Property of Min Yoongi. And in smaller print Hands off, Park Jimin.

Yoongi raised his eyebrows in challenge, but Taehyung just lifted his hands in a subtle gesture of surrender. Yoongi harrumphed softly, as if he had been expecting a fight. Then he wrinkled his nose, collapsed the stepstool, and fit it in the crevice between the fridge and the counter. (Taehyung could have sworn he heard Yoongi mutter the words development and supposed to be taller and possibly even unfair.)

Yoongi stomped off to his bedroom, but Taehyung just grinned and formulated a plan. The next morning (or closer to noon because Yoongi never woke up before eleven if he could help it), Taehyung received his reward for his efforts.

“Kim Taehyung, I swear to god if I find out it was you who put my favorite snapback on the top of the kitchen cupboards, I swear I will bludgeon you to death with my new step stool, DO NOT TEST ME.”

So I started my ER rotation this month...

And let me just tell ya…I have never been more exhausted in my life. As a insomniac/night owl, this getting up at 3:45 am and getting off at 5 pm is killing my soul. 

Every morning I wake up to my alarm clock all like 

And for most of the 12 hours that I’m there I feel all like

And then I shuffle aimlessly into the house at night to log the 4000 patients I’ve seen all like

But despite the chronic eyes-on-fire-please-let-me-sleep sensation…I LOVE IT. Seriously - the variety of problems you get to see and treat and the adrenaline of being in an environment geared to save a life in imminent danger by problem solving and teamwork is really amazing.

Introducing the Phandom Study Buddy!

*If you are interested in translating this post into a language not listed, please let us know!*

Please check here to see if there’s a translation in your language!

Are you you enrolled in education classes and need extra help with your studies? Are you planning on going back to school and need an extra push from time to time? Do you find it difficult to finish homework or actually get down to work? Have you ever wanted to learn another language?


We at phandomstudybuddy want to make learning enjoyable again! We understand how stressful and intimidating school and seeking extra help can be and so we are launching a completely free tool for you to use that is 100% online.

This blog will be made for students and run by students or recent graduates. The aim is to be as universal as possible, including everyone from around the world. No matter what language you speak or course you need, we’ll have it! If we don’t, we’ll find out how to get it!

It’s not just for the Phandom either, anyone who could use some help with their studies is very welcome!

What we will provide

The blog breaks down into three sections: tutoring, study groups, and language exchange.


There will be rolling applications for both tutors and tutees. You will be matched with someone based on your country, language, age/grade level and area of study. Tutors and tutees, once paired together, will decide on their own how often they want to meet and what will work best for them. If at any point in time the relationship feels like it won’t work out, you may contact us to be paired again.

Study Groups

You can request a study group by filling out a study group request form. A group of approximately 5-10 people (exact number depending on amount of requests), will be grouped to come together to study and work together for as long as they need. Study groups will not have a tutor. It will be entirely run by students and is designed for those who work better in groups than alone.

Language Exchange

If you’ve ever tried to learn a language, you’ll know that the best way to learn is to speak it. You will be paired with someone who speaks the language you want to learn and they in turn will learn your language from you. This feature is not yet available, but we will make an announcement once it is.


The blog has three levels of leadership as well. This system is in place to ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone has a voice. Besides tutors and tutees there are Tutor Captains, General Tutors (GTs) and Admins.

Jobs of leadership are subject to change as the blog progresses. Remember, we are a brand new blog so there may be some rough spots. 

Tutor Captains

Captains are ultimately like your embassy. There will be one captain for every country, more if there is a larger amount of people from one country.  All tutors and tutees will be divided by country to ensure someone is in place who understands the system and can answer questions. Captains are who you go to when you feel representation for your country or region is missing. They will also aid in placing tutors as needed. Think of this position as a Supervisor. If you wish to apply for this position, visit our blog and look below for more details. 

General Tutors (GTs)

General Tutors will be tutors who are on the blog itself. They are all over the age of 18 and either in University or graduates. They will answer very general study questions and post information on various topics. They will keep the general population informed so even if you don’t need our resources, you can still improve your knowledge by following us. Think of this position as a Store Manager. If you wish to apply for this position, visit our blog and look below for more detail. 


Admins oversee everything on the blog and make sure it runs smoothly. They track applications and pair tutors and students. They make study groups and do check ins with GTs, Captains and their tutors, and tutees. Think of this position as Corporate. These positions are currently filled. 

For more in-depth information, please visit our blog. Read below the cut to meet the admins of the blog and learn of important upcoming dates and how you can get involved.

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