insomniac museum

Screenshot Time!


Ratchet at the Arcade! :D

I love how they still pay tribute to Dan Johnson. It’s so sweet that even after all these years, the Insomniac team still puts in these nods to their old friend.

I miss Vendra :(

The grainy 1970′s filter makes everything look a little Star Wars-y

The Insomniac Museum

Having completed A Crack In Time yesterday, I have since been enjoying the splendour that is The Insomniac Museum, in which you can see all kinds of concept art and abandoned ideas that never made it into the game. Long story short, I love it!

What I really hope, though, is that it makes a reappearance in the next game. Which could happen, seeing as it’s been a staple of the series since Going Commando. But let’s say it does, what form should it take?

Because even if I enjoy it, I can’t help but feel that it’s all a little ghostly. There’s so much humour to it (EVIL KITTEN!!!) but it’s just you there. Everything’s very white and sterile, so why not mix it up a little? Let’s just say that the next game has a new Insomniac Museum. Well, why not set it in Metropolis? Among the thriving skyline, heavy traffic, and lovely plants and sunshine everywhere?

So, something like this:

Begins to more closely resemble somewhere like this:

It’s bustling, alive, and, above all, FUN!

And, rather than it just being Ratchet on his own, with nothing to do, let’s have a whole tour group with the side cast! So you’ve got Clank, Talwyn, Qwark, all wandering around, commenting on the exhibits!

I just think that as it’s often a reward at the end of the game, it should be as fun and fulfilling as possible. And I always like getting to see the characters I love in more casual situations, like a lazy Saturday morning museum tour!

What do you think? Should the Insomniac Museum come back? And if so, should they do it a bit differently?