insomniac delirium


Aside from his duties as the face of Fizzco, an enraged Balloon-thing and an advocate for public intoxication of an uncontrollable substance known as Overcharge, Fizzie’s also an antenna ball in Psyonix’s Rocket League, the game with a premise that’s just as outlandish as all of Sunset Overdrive. 

Soccer/futbol, overcharge-powered cars and an ill-mannered antenna ball sounds like the perfect formula for #badass! 

  • vanquishedValiant: you are now turtley enough for the turtle club
  • techloveArtist: XD
  • techloveArtist: hehehehe
  • vanquishedValiant: but only as an entry member
  • vanquishedValiant: you have to do more turtley things to move up the ranks
  • vanquishedValiant: you can't just expect to waltz in like you own the place
  • vanquishedValiant: nah you need to snap with the big shells if you want to make it in this town
  • vanquishedValiant: just watch out for those bad influences or you might end up in a soup