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Milkshakes and Epiphanies

“Well this is just ridiculous! Snow thew up her hands. "Emma is not gay.” She announced far too loudly for a private conversation. “Regina is not gay!” Now everybody at Granny’s Diner was none-too- subtly staring at their table. “I think I would know if my daughter and or my stepmother were gay.”

David slunk down in his seat a little, very aware of the spectacle his wife was making.

Both Maleficent and her daughter Lily let out an almost identical chuckle. Then they looked at each other and things became instantly awkward between them.

“Snow, you don’t exactly have the world’s best gaydar.” Ruby gently reminded her friend, “And gay is really not the best term. They could identify as bisexual or-”

“Regina was married to my father! For years!” Her voice went up an octave.

“Yeah, that is um-” Tinkerbell spoke up from her place at the counter beside Dr Whale, “-not the best example.” Her face was turning red. Beside her, Whale with his bleached-blonde hair, snickered.

“But Robin?”

Kathryn pointedly looked away, suddenly extremely interested in the wallpaper.

And Daniel?“

Belle patted her on the shoulder, "She did have a bit of a reputation during her more” she cleared her throat, “daring days.”

Gold’s jaw dropped open and he stared at his wife as if she’d grown a second head. She did herself no favors by turning scarlet red.

“She was well known in certain circles.” Mulan added with an award winning poker face and no further details.

Snow had gone from white to red in the face, her jaw worked but no sounds came out.

“And Emma-” Ruby hesitated, “Well, let’s just say that she’s-”

“Engaged to Killian!” Snow all but screamed.

“And yet she stares at my sister like she’s starving and Regina is a buffet.” Zelena added her opinion to the discussion whether it was wanted or not. “Honestly, I was pretty sure they were an item when I first arrived.” She rolled her eyes, “Their gal-pal act is a little hard to swallow these days. Emma became The Dark One to save Regina. I mean, I like my sister and all; but I wouldn’t make her a sandwich, let alone sacrafice myself to pure evil and chaos.”

“I think they are a much better together than apart. They balance each other out.” Violet smiled, “Emma relaxes Regina and Regina grounds Emma. They need each other.” Henry, across from Violet, had his head down and was beating his forehead against the table.

Snow had stopped speaking, but she did have an odd look on her face. Like she had just had an epiphany.

The Diner fell silent, but for the bell jingling over the door. Emma, with Neal in her arms, and Regina, with Robyn in hers, cane in, completely oblivious to the community forum that had just occurred. They moved without speaking, pulling chairs and high chairs over to the table that say closest to both Snow and David and Henry and Violet. They worked in-sync, settling toddlers, sitting down and saying hellos.

Emma was the first to notice the now very awkward silence. “What?”

No one said a word.

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Okay, so I've seen that prompt about the child from the future going to the past to change things/see their parents before they die thing. Can I have one for Nyx please? Thank you! ~nyx15imagines


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Read Noctis, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto here!

{2,573 words}

When you meet him, unbeknownst to you, it’s the first day of the end of days.

A day that begins not unlike the rest.

“Do you have to go?” You murmur the whine against Nyx’s lips as he pulls back and sighs.

“Unfortunately, yes. Drautos wasn’t too happy with the stunt I pulled at the border.”

You trace the side of his face with your hand as your brows draw together in antipathy. “Your stunt,” you scoff, “yeah, saving Libertus’ life who’d be dead if it weren’t for you.”

Nyx leans into your touch, his eyelids fluttering closed, and growls, “And that’s where the captain and I don’t exactly see eye to eye.”

You let out a sigh and rest your forehead against his. You’re sitting up in bed, the sheets pulled around your bare form as he leans over you, Kingsglaive uniform on and ready to go.

“Babe,” he begins reluctantly, pulling back, but you clutch him tighter.

“Just one minute,” you beg, yanking him down for another heated kiss. “Just one more.”

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Oh goodness >w<
And since we’re talking about the older version of Iggy, Gladio, and Prompto, I’m assuming that it’ll be the 10 year timeskip of themselves (meaning a Blind!Ignis as well).

This is gonna be really, really long, I tell you XDD
Why? Because that’s an amazing idea right there and I over-elaborated the story perhaps, too much.

I’m sorry it took a while, though!

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Time and Love don’t go well together, it seems (Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto)

There was once a myth passed around the kingdom of Lucis. An old lore to the commoners; an urban legend to the servants of the Lucian Royal Family— especially those directly connected to the Crystal, such as the Crownsguards.

The myth has varied over the time, but essentially stated the following:

“Every hundred years, a strange phenomenon happens within the walls of the Citadel, home of the Lucian Royal Family. The Crystal— bestowed upon by the Divine Beings to humanity, casts its mystical powers to the worthiest of its protectors.

What happens to the chosen is unclear. Some had disappeared and caused unexplained anomalies, yet some returned with gifts of knowledge of the distant future.

A dangerous power the Crystal grants to the worthy outside of the Royal Family. The reason is unclear and unknown to humanity
yet known only by the Crystal itself
which shall be recognized by the compelled.”

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In the Moment (Nyx Ulric)

I’m back! Hopefully…

I have written this one over a span of two whole days and I have to say that it started out great, but then I kinda lost my sole aim for what I wanted the imagine to be on. I had a totally different sence for the Reader and Nyx, but I couldn’t find myself to write it, so I chose the complex route. It turned out to be really long and I just told myself to finish it, so that’s what I did. I want to apologize, because I believe it got really crappy and I would hate to waste your time on a crappy imagine. Anyway, I hope you guys like it and feel free to comment whatever you please! :)

Word Count: 3458

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If you really twisted my arm and made me choose an all-time favorite character, not just from FMA, but from anything, I think I would have to choose Lust.

Her development weaves beautifully with the show’s major arcs; unique, but still so connected to the most central themes of the series in spite of her limited interactions with the protagonists. Her quiet, deeply personal journey of self-discovery and internal philosophizing blows the tired trope of “What makes a human?” out of the water and breathes nuance into it. Hers is an arc of intense self-questioning usually only given to male characters, and it revolves heavily around men without ever subtracting from her own agency in the plot.

But writing is only part of the battle in a TV series, and BONES beautifully sells Lust’s shifting demeanor throughout canon through her expressions and body language alone. Pictured above is basically all of this character’s screentime. Comparatively, there isn’t a whole lot, but none of it is wasted, even though the truly head-turning segments of her arc don’t show until the series is already three-fifths over.

Episodes 1-34

Lust is effectively sold to the audience as the femme-fetale and the puppetmaster. Although there are whispers of a person who is in control of the homunculi, we are never given the impression that Lust has no control over the situation. She hides in the shadows, smirks and muses to herself from a distance, plays coy with the humans. This facade cracks only once: when Edward accuses her of being hungry for nothing but power. It is perhaps the first moment of unguarded emotion we see, and it is over as quickly as it begins, leaving use questioning, leaving us wanting more. 

But we aren’t going to get it for another 12 episodes.

Episodes 35-42

The tumult of her character’s journey. We see Lust through her own unguarded eyes and in her own environment rather than through the eyes of other characters. She’s not just showing up to stir the pot when it’s convenient, anymore. From the viewer’s perspective, she starts to remember her human life, but from an in-universe perspective, this first started happening to her two years ago. Beginning with her ruined reunion with Lujon and concluding with her first betrayal of Dante and the subsequent death of Scar, Lust is exploring. She is answering questions about herself, (Where did she come from?) only to be met with harder ones (Who is she, really?). She confronts the only remaining fragments of her past head-on, and it ends in disaster and a fall from grace with the only party she can call an ally. Played by Dante’s intentionally provoking decisions in Lior and desperate for answers and humanity, she throws away her allegiance to the other sins only to lose the spark of hope and connection to the past she has discovered for herself.

Save for Gluttony’s love and undying trust (Gluttony, whom she left behind to pursue her goals), she is now, effectively, completely alone.

Episodes 43-47

Lust breaks slowly, quietly, and with such grace that she finds meaning even in her measly death on an abandoned factory floor at the hands of a confused child. Her final weeks are like the last, no-holds-barred stand of a dwindled army. In a darkly appropriate full circle, she’s dragged from the desert back to Dante with her head hung in defeat. If there could be one added scene in the series, I would want it to be her capture between 42 and 43. There is so much potential for interaction between her and her fellow homunculi in those off screen moments, but we do get a pretty good idea of how it went down simply from body language. Pride and Sloth are quite pleased with themselves. Gluttony is terrified. 

And Lust is in a state of broken silence that never completely leaves her from this point forward.

There are genuine smiles, now, but they’re sad, weighted, and tired. She has dared to lower her walls a hair, only to have them stripped away and exploited. All she has left is a shaky alliance with the Elrics, and we know how well that goes.

Can there ever be dignity in death? It is a debatable question, but Lust comes damn close to it. She has exhausted every option, explored every feeble opportunity for hope beyond her life as an enslaved homunculus, but the cards were stacked against her from the start. She faces death with her memories of humanity and a gentle smile. It may not be a traditional blaze of glory, but it is a transcendence from all that has caused her suffering in her doomed second life. 

She’s free.

This might be cruel, (and I am literally sorry Noctis x Luna shippers) but I wish that after Luna died that Noctis, finally, shifts his feelings to Iris, and had some peace with her before sacrificing himself. We all know Iris had a huge crush on him, and it is a shame he never saw her as nothing more, but a sister.

Maybe in alternative universe, Noctis could had lived, and alongside Iris, ruled over Insomnia, as King and Queen. Iritis 4eva! <3

No Sleep” lyrics:

You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep
When I get to be together with you
It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep

[Verse 1]

A vision rolling round in my head
But I don’t really talk about it
I’m loving what you’re doing to me
And I don’t wanna do without it
Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever
But I guess I’ll have to wait until that day comes

You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep
When I get to be together with you
It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep

[Verse 2]
48 hours in love
It oughta be a weekend marathon
So you better get ready, my king
Cause I'ma be the queen of insomnia
Stay wide awake
For every moment we spend together
Cause every second you’re awake
Feels like forever

[Chorus x2]
You’re missing me, I’m missing you
Whenever we meet, we ain’t gonna get no sleep
When I get to be together with you
It’s fait accompli, we ain’t gonna get no sleep

Don’t have time to sleep but we can dream
So think outside the box, my baby
Show me how much you are missing me
I’ll read between the lines
And I sure hope it rains

We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We ain’t gonna get no sleep
We ain’t gonna get no sleep

oh sing sweet [nightingale]

(I only sleep when the birds sing)

my mind runs like the Boston Marathon;
I have sniper synapses –
there’s a bomber in my midst;
& a rockstar on the cover of my dreams but
I’m too exhausted to remember unless
I’ve had enough hydration to hold me –

[let her sleep
for when she wakes
she will move mountains

even Florence couldn’t save me now–
I’ve picked apart Notes On Nursing &
lately I’ve been the lady with the lamp
making my rounds; discovering ways to
compensate for my sub par serotonin

if you want to do me a favor–
if you want to save my life–
don’t let me fall asleep;
don’t let me stay awake–

I don’t move mountains,
I build them –
I stack my expectations to elevations
requiring altered temperatures & times,
but avalanches of anxiety give way each night

I try to fade into the fallout
triage & tape together bits
of my pulverized pieces left over
after preventable implosions;
pause & strain to listen for
any signs of peace –

my heart aches, and a drowsy numbness pains
(I only sleep when the birds sing)

insomnia is anything but idle