insomnia is what i do


Quise salirme un poco de mi estilo normal de semi chibi xd y como no tenia sueño salio esta sombra bien chingona ;^)


Well I had a little insomnia and did not know what to do with my life so start drawing … end with a …. sombrea bien chingona! 

ahahah ……I’m sleepy, I can die now.

[ english is not my native language, sorry!! ]


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Imagine : Being Hope Mikaelson’s Twin and Kol blames the Family for constantly ignoring you ( part 4)

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part 3 :

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Unkown Point of View.

 I would have smiled as I saw her in the pool but this wasn’t the time too. “Shit” she was faced down onto the pool. I jump into the water. I was used to the cold temperatures being on the swimming team. I grab the girl’s hand and pull out the water and place her on her back. She looked 10 years old. “Shit,” I could feel my hunger grow as she lays unconscious before me, but now is not the time to feed. 

I move close to her mouth and nose to see if she was breathing.  I didn’t feel any air hit my face so she wasn’t, I check her pulse next which I am thankful that is was there but it was very faint. I begin to do CPR. * I am so glad I remember Jax’s lessons* I thought as I continue to do CPR. I was about to do 26 of my 30 compressions when she finally spits out the water.*Yes *.

I place her on her side so all the water can leave her body. “Come on kid let’s get you somewhere safe,” I said as she sits up once all the water leaves her body. Her entire body and clothes were wet. “Who are you?” she whispers sitting up straight. ”Look that question is not important right now, what is important is getting you out those clothes before you get something,” I said in Italian picking her up bridal style, I could tell she wanted to fight but simply didn’t have the energy too.  “Si prega di calmarsi bambino (Please calm down child, in Italian. I don’t speak the language by the way),” I said to her she lays her head onto my shoulder. I pick up both of our stuff and walk out of the pool area and in the locker room. I  gently place her on a bench and open my locker. *damn she smells really good but I can’t eat her she is just a kid.* {Do it not one will ever know it was you }

“Quindi qual'è il tuo nome,” I say pulling out as a t-shirt and a pair of sweat pants. “My name is Y/n,”. *Y/n that’s a really pretty name * “So are you going to tell me your name?” she queries as I continue to search for things for her. “No I won’t but to protect you,” I said pulling out the towel, chocolate bar, chips, and soda from my locker. “Here dry off then eat up after we will talk about your hurt leg. I am in the pool area if you need me just yell” I said in English, walking to the pool area.

“Oh Y/n put your wet clothes in my locker I will deal with them later,” I said looking at the girl now. The shirt was a bit big on her but the pants fit per perfectly. “Credo che dovrete portare voi da quando la gamba è male” (I guess iIl will have to carry you since your leg is bad )I said. “No you won’t I have crutches there by the pool,” she said. I quickly got them.

´´So do you have anywhere to go?” I said

She starts to crack her knuckles and taps her good foot.*she’s nervous kinda like I was*  I thought as she takes deep breaths. I smell that her soul wavelength was out of control high. * Okay time to stop her* I thought matching my waves with her and place my hand on her shoulder. Slowly I lower our wavelength till she was calm enough to stay that way on her own.

“I know your hurt and scared, but it’s best to stay calm if your soul wavelength gets too high it won’t help you,” I said sitting on the bench in front of her. Her hair was still wet from the water, while her face was a bit pale she was getting her color back. She looks 11 years old. *what mad a fourth grader commit suicide * I thought as I grab her crutches and bag from the side of the pool.

“Well Y/n since you have nowhere to go I will take you in. Obviously, whoever was taking care of you before weren’t doing a very good Job on watching you so you can stay with me”, I smile as her eyes light up and nod happily.*she has pretty eyes* I thought. “Okay let’s go,” I said standing up and giving her crutches to her. She nods once more puts her hair in a bun and stands with her crutches. “I don’t live too far from here so we will be good. I also have other siblings but from what I can tell you’re going to fit in just fine,” I said we begin our trek home.

______________time skip to home________________________

“Okay, here we are?” I said opening the door to the apartment. (It was kinda how Marcel looked in season 2.) She gasps in amazement at the flying book in the air and says magic.

“You can see through the mist,” I whisper.* is she a mundane, monster, or half blood, or one of us * I thought as she walks through the door.

* Okay definitely not monster * I thought she steps on to the celestial bronze welcome mat and continues walking. “ Oh hey your home early,” said Carson as she and Armin walk into the room. They gasp as they see Y/n. *dammit, there going to be mad* I thought as Carson’s fist turns white.

“I will explain later but now she needs a hot shower band warm clothes,” I said sternly. Armin nods and tells Y/n to follow him, the situation while Carson stays and glares at me. She would have thrown a dagger at me if they weren’t locked away.

“What the hell,” Carson growled stomping up to me.“ Do you really think bringing someone a child in fact into our lives the situation,” she slams me into the kitchen wall.

* great she is yelling* I pinch the bridge of my nose.“I am trying to save a life she was about to commit suicide,” i say . 

“ So what a suicidal isn’t my problem she is half our are age and double work find her a shelter but she CANNOT LIVE WITH US. I WANT HER OUT BY TOMORROW THE LIFE WE HAVE IS NO LIFE HER,” she screamed then walked back to her room.* dammit Carson I know this isn’t a good life for someone her age but we can’t just leave her alone * I thought as I check on Y/n.

Her hair was still in its bun, she was now in an oversized hoodie and sweatpants. She was talking to Armin about something. Thou the door was open I still knocked gathering their attention. “ hey you Okay,” I ask as Armin gets up. “ yeah I am fine,” she said Putting her legs down from the bed.

“ I am going to make her bed and talk to Carson while you two talk,” he said then walked out the door closing it behind him. I sit down next to her.“ So want to tell me what happened” I said.“ I have insomnia, depression, and a voice in my head” I take a deep breath taking in the information but once it does I start laughing. 

*So young yet so naive to reality if only she would use that to her advantage* I thought, but since she can’t know I am shattered I will stay sane, well pretend to be sane. {Whats her blood type} said Korosenshi my little baby hatter just for my psycho.

“It’s completely fine for us it’s normal for now just go to sleep in here I will sleep where Armin set up ok,” I said she nods gets under the covers. “But what if I don’t sleep?” “Then wake me up, use your insomnia to your advantage that’s what I do,” I said cutting out the light band walked away. 

____________________^time skip to morning^ ______ ____________ ___________ 

I smiled seeing that Carson is going to allow Y/n to stay. Armin seemed to explain to her Y/n situation. {But Carson is correct having the girl with us could be a problem. She is young no experience. We should tear out her throat.} *No korosenshi she only a child plus maybe her bad side might like you * I thought packing my duffle bag. We’re leaving for the institute today but might drop of Y/n at camp. “Yo dude Carson took Y/n to the weapons store.” Said Armin walking into my room. “Based on her strength she is good with a sword and baseball.”

 “That’s good least she knows how to swing, for now, that will suffice but when we get there were going the cabins get her a house,” I said putting some ambrosia and nectar into my pockets along with my dagger. “How do know she is even one of us ?” I sigh knowing Armin won’t make this a simple conversation. “She could just be able to see the mist or a supernatural creature,” he continued crossing his arms. “Do you always have to undermine me ?” “Only when you don’t think things though. So what the plan?” I run my fingers through my hair.

“We are gonna take her to the institute today, then we take to the Elders at camp,” I said closing up the duffle bag and putting on my hoodie. “OK well, Carson says we should meet her at the church,” I nod as we leave. 

——————–Y/n point of view———————————————– 

I smiled as Carson went into the pizza place. So far we have gone to the weapons store. She bought me a katana and some knives. While she got some new arrows for her bows. We were going to meet up with Armin and Luca the church since she said she apartment isn’t safe since we called them. *how does calling someone make a place not safe, especially your home * I thought as sit down in our booth table. “So Y/n what do you know about the supernatural?” I swallow my spit as nervousness sets in.* they only want you for your family. You screw up you were supposed to die * said Voice. “ Wha–isn’t it just ya know uuumm–”. *you can’t even lie. Right just die* I swallowed my spit hearing voices words blare throughout my head.

 “Sheesh you must know a lot by your reaction,” *yeah do so tell the truth and.let them us you * “NO I DON’T,” I scream standing up in frustration. I was taking deep breaths even though there was no reason too. I felt my heart beat slowly decrease as I sat down. Carson sat back into her chair. Her silver eyes were piercing at me. My back tingles just knowing there on me.

I bite my lip, determining whether to tell her. *Maybe if I tell her she will tell me the information on what is going on and maybe shit will make sense, but of course this is all in question they–*

“If you think that you will be able to find out any information by telling me what you know it won’t help. Me finding out is strictly for your protection Y/n,” she said stoically. * Well that blows that idea right out the water I might as well tell her the truth in all of this then*

“Fine,” I said then  began to  explain  everything from  my  heritage  to  the rest  of the  supernatural, through the entire time I explained it her face was stoic it  would of scared me if I was sane, but the entire time I could hear voice  inside my head  laughing at me and I found it  kinda comforting  to me now  it wasn’t loud  but a soothing sound. I didn’t even notice I began to twirl a  knife in my hand until I stabbed it into the table. 

“Nice but untrained you’re still fighting it oh well least you have potential,” she said brushing her hair behind her ear with her hand. “So you know about werewolves to vampires. But what about banshees, chimera, Hellhounds,” 

*Wait those things don’t exist., I never read about them in my families books or heard of them with Davina* I thought.

“Exactly you only know the most common species ever, but I don’t blame you for that they are always making it harder for other kinds of supernatural and myth beings”.

“What how do –what fo”. *how is this possible there*

“Look don’t even bother trying to figure it out, but know that there are a lot more than vampires, witches, and werewolves in New Orleans. “She said calmly as the waitress take our order, I wasn’t even listening to Carter as she spoke to the woman.  

*how, never mind that just know that there is, just think of it as more werewolves for now or –* said voice trying to make it understandable.

“Stop trying to wrap your head around it won’t help to try to do it all at once just relax, for now, I want to offer you something do you want to live a human life and start again, or do want to live with us ?”

I look at the table pondering whether or not this is the choice I want to live like a human, pretend like I don’t the supernatural doesn’t exist or continue to be a part of it with the possibility of dying, but if I choose human and  my ex-family find out I am alive I will be forever screwed and voice will never let me live it down.

“Look you don’t have to choose now but once were are done eating you need to tell me a decision,” she said just as the waitress came with our food. 



I groan as the light blinds me from the open curtains. *If only I could get drunk * I thought sitting up on the couch. “AAhh Brother I see you managed to finally sleep after tearing apart your bedroom,”. Ignoring Klaus’s remarks, I head to the bathroom and quickly freshen up. 

No one has seemed to find Y/n at all I went to the police department so they are searching as well. Along with Marcellus goons and surprisingly the witches agreed to help without Davina or Freya asking them, they seemed to like Y/n due to her being the outcast of the family. * Well she can be an outcast of the family if she is dead*

* I was supposed to protect her and I didn’t just like Henrik * I thought as I turn on the faucet and splashing water on my face. My face welcomes the cold feeling of the water on me. I quickly dry my face and head out the door to see Niklaus standing I’m the middle of the room like a Roman or Greek statue as if he was a god. I walking out the door to see Hayley walking into the room with puffy cheeks and bloodshot eyes. From the way she was breathing she had a stuffy nose. Ignoring her I grab my phone from my pocket and dial Marcel’s number but get no answer after the ring tone. Elijah was too busy trying to distract himself with Hope. It sickened me knowing I could have prevented her death if I was there. Saw the signs just a bit earlier. Listened a bit better to her. *so much for super hearing I couldn’t eve hear Y/n’s cries for help. A child under the age of 11 commits suicide. It not like us who didn’t want to die, she chose it, she wanted out of our lives and us out of her’s. To be free of us in the best way possible not just a dagger or runaway where we can find or see her but somewhere none of us want to go … Death. Always and Forever my ass. * I grab a blood bag from the kitchen and continue to Search for Y/n.


I take a deep breath upon landing on the rooftop of the building. Y/n would come here sometimes to relax and calm down after a fight with Hope or come with Jason to relax. It was a little spot kinda like a lounge place had a fridge, bar for food, and a few couches and blankets. There was only one person in the area, I walk over to her and smile. Her back was turned away from me. “Hello,”  I say right behind her. She turns around and smiles.“hi,” she says. “ Has anyone been here in the past few days,”.

“Not as of late since the rain storm Saturday night but Y/n Mikealson and her friends came by on Thursday for snacks and games.” She said.
I sigh great no one knows where she is. “Your Kol Mikealson. Umm  Hope’s and Y/n’s uncle right?”

“Yes I am and Y/n  has gone missing. Do you know where she is?” I ask



Today I made this great body scrub that calms and promotes a restful night’s sleep and helps with insomnia, I even put it in my book of Shadows (what do you think)?

I got the idea from @fuckyeahpaganism. However, I changed it up to suit my current needs.

I used lavander essential oil, basil essential oil,verbena essential oil and Neroli essential oil for restful sleep and put about 5 drops each and as much lavander (plant)as you want


1. X1 Cup coconut oil
2. X2 Cups sugar
3. 10 drops essential oil
4. X3 bags chai tea which has rooibos with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom
5. Mix well (use your hands)

I also did a spell with white candles lit as I mixed, I whispered the following over my mixture until it was completely mixed :

Go negativity,
Go allfear,
Go all problems,
Go all tears.
Let it be done that it harm none.
By earth,wind,fire and sea
As I say so mote it be.

Hope this helps anyone who has experienced a stressful day and needs time to connect body,soul and mind.

Blessed be )○(

I’m just … . tired. I’m tired of sleep schedules and sleep trackers and having people judge me and trying to explain myself every 15 seconds as to WHY I have this and this and that. I’m tired of people calling my blue light filters stupid and I’m tired of being told I just need to drink milk and get off the computer. I’m tired of constantly saying I’m tired and trying to explain that yes, I did go to bed at 10 PM, but no, I didn’t get to sleep until 4 AM. I’m tired of being dismissed because people assume I’m always on my phone in bed and hurr durr technology bad fire scary thomas edison was a witch and these young people are ruining America. (I wouldn’t even sleep with my phone within 5 feet of me if I didn’t need a sleep tracker). I’m also tired of running out of my emergency sleep meds whenever I need them. I am just … tired

Very quick spell for a good night of sleep

My depression kicked my ass the other day after a very intense tarot reading I did for another person. As always, depression has left me with low spoons, so there isn’t a lot of spare energy for spells. Not being able to sleep because of insomnia/paranoia/nightmares makes it worse. So here’s what I do:

-Look for a chamomile tea bag.

-Charge it in the most newbie way possible: rub your hands together, feeling the energy growing between them, visualising light-blue energy (use whatever colour is calming for you). 

-Grab the tea bag, and hold it in your hands as you visualise the light blue light energy going into the tea bag, focusing in your intent of having a relaxing night of sleep.

-Put the tea bag under the pillow.

-Repeat each night you want to make use of the spell.

It works wonders for me. I wake up way less during the night. Sometimes I even go the full night sleeping without waking up.

Late nights

“Alice!” You could hear Shawn’s voice,but you thought it was a dream. “Alice,wake up babe!” Sadly, it wasn’t.
“I will say it only once, why the fuck are you waking me up in the middle of the night?” You said grumpy and your voice was lower because your face was buried on the pillow.
“I need to show you something!” Shawn’s voice was excited, and when you open your eyes, you could see that glow.
“Babe-” you mumble but take a deep breath. “What is it?” You sit on bed looking at his eyes, there was the glow.
“Okay, remember that song I was stuck on for a week? That I was mad about?” He speaks moving his hands non stop, that was one of the signs that he was happy, when he uses his hands to speak.
“Yes hun, I do remember. You were driving me crazy because of that!”
“Well, your days of suffering have come to an end. I just finished it! I’ll grab the guitar, wait a second!!” He leaves the room and you can hear his heavy steps on the floor, making his way to the music room and heading back to your room. He sits back on bed, and the song starts. Gosh how did you love that! The way he gives himself for music, how music runs in his veins, music flows out of him, everyone could see that. Music wasn’t only something he loved, music was a part of him, an organ that belonged to his body.
“What do you think hun? Is it good?” He asks, looking at you.
You lean down and kiss his cheeks, causing him to smile at your attitude.
“It’s perfect babe, probably one of my favorites from the new album.” He was biting his lower lip.
“Thank you!” He kisses your lips and puts the guitar down, next to the bed.
“That’s all? Can I go back to sleep now?” He gives you those puppy eyes. “Shawn?”
“You woke me up at 2:40 am.”
“Because I wanted to show my amazing girlfriend the song that I just finished.”
“So now I can go back to sleep right?” You give him your cute smile.
“No no-”
“I’m kinda having an insomnia.”
“Yeah, so what are we gonna do?”
“We, I don’t know - I will sleep! I’ve to go to work in the morning.”
“Alice? Babe, you know I love you right?”
“What do you want Shawn?”
“You just look hot in these underwear.” You laughed, you are wearing a black, normal panties and huge shirt you stole from Shawn at your first night together, the shirt had some holes in it, that shows you how old it is.
“You’re unbelievable Shawn.”

Thank you so much @slytheri-ny for giving me the courage to post this and get back on writing!

Hey guys

Just wanna apologize for not responding to some of you peeps. Nothing terrible or anything happened, I’m just incredibly drained. Like the idea of talking is just like?? Exhausting to me? I mean I’ll be fine enough eventually to respond but like there’s many people I have to respond to and they’re all long messages as well and I’m just to tired to respond. I mean, I’m sure some of you have noticed but I’ve been like dead on Tumblr these past couple of days and that’s just because I feel guilty for being active and not replying

So please, I just need a little space. I have nothing against you guys or anything, just having some off days basically

raisin1983  asked:

Sorry to hear Severus isn't feeling well! I have insomnia, so I understand. Not many people comprehend how losing sleep can affect your health. Feel better, Professor!

Pictured: Severus relaxes with a cup of tea in the family reading room // Artwork: Better late than never - Snape by Leona-Norten

[ in response to this entry ]

Dear raisin1983,

His illness had little to do with insomnia. I didn’t express what in particular was ailing my husband at the time as I know he generally detests that. 

But thank you for your well wishes! They’re always appreciated.



No matter what I do, several of the ‘Curi’ littles always want to sleep. They are upset and tired and just want to lay down and go to sleep.

We went to an amusement park last week and halfway through, the group of littles came around and eventually fronted. The conflict of opinions was hard to sort through, but a big feeling was wanting to just go home because they were tired. When that couldn’t happen, they broke down crying in the middle of the park, and had to be lead to a bench and held by my mom. I was just there enough to b aware of what was happening, but where I would normally feel mortified (not to mention being incapable of crying in public,) they weren’t embarrassed at all. They weren’t aware of the many people around us, like little kids aren’t.

Anyway, I’m wondering if the littles who are always tired were formed at least partially because of how badly I suffered from chronic insomnia as a little kid. Like, when I’ve recounted some of what I recall about that time, I’ve been told it sounds traumatic af.

'If you don’t get enough rest, it’ll catch up with you!’ I don’t think this is what they meant by that, kids.

anonymous asked:

Ah, ok how would the rfa react to an insomniac mc?

((I used to have insomnia. Also, these are all helpful tips to reduce or get rid of insomnia…especially the last one))


  • He gets a call from MC at two in the morning
  • He, of course, is playing LOLOL so he picks up
  • “MC, what are you doing awake?”
  • “I have insomnia, I can’t sleep…who is this again?”
  • “Um, Yoosung. MC, when was the last time you got a full night sleep?”
  • “Uhhhhhhhh, probably the last time you went to bed at a recent time”
  • “That long? Hm…Wanna come over?”
  • “Yoosung, you realize it’s two in the morning, right?”
  • “Oh, right. Hang on MC”
  • Somehow or another, he gets to MC’s place 
  • He totally called Seven and got him to drive him to MC’s apartment (this isn’t Rika’s apartment)
  • He gets MC some milk and gets her to change into PJs 
  • He has MC get into bed, and insists that he’ll stay with her until she fell asleep, or morning came.
  • Yoosung begins to absentmindedly run his hand through MC’s hair and begins to sing a lullaby that his mother used to sing when he couldn’t sleep.
  • MC began to close her eyes to listen better
  • Pretty soon he hears quiet breathing, and finds that MC is fast asleep.
  • He realizes that he has nowhere to go (seven wasn’t picking up his phone), so he sheepishly climbs into bed with MC
  • MC’s pretty happy to have gotten to sleep, and wakes up to a cute blonde cuddling with her in his sleep


  •  Zen gets up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water, to find that MC isn’t in bed
  • He walks out to see MC reading a book
  • “MC, what are you doing up?”
  • “I could ask you the same thing Zen.”
  • “Well, I woke up because I was thirsty.”
  • “I just never went to sleep”
  • Zen thought for a minute before he decided that he and MC were going to go for a run. Right that minute
  • “Zen, you realize that it’s three in the morning, right?”
  • “Well, exercise always helps me sleep, and I’m not letting you run by yourself at 3 in the morning. So let’s go MC”
  • So somehow, MC and Zen are jogging together at 3 in the morning
  • MC becomes so exhausted that Zen has to give her a piggyback ride
  • He hears a little snore, and finds that MC had fallen asleep on his back.
  • He gave a small laugh, then got MC into bed and snuggled under the covers with her


  •  MC told Jaehee that she had really bad insomnia
  • Jaehee then does major research as to how to kick insomnia
  • “Jaehee, you don’t need to go that far”
  • “Nonsense MC, your health is important.”
  • There is no convincing Jaehee when she has her mind set on something
  • She then suggests taking melatonin, which she conveniently has
  • MC takes one and goes to lie on the bed not believing that it will work
  • She gets out her cellphone, only to have Jaehee take it away from her
  • MC tries to get it back, but Jaehee tells her to go lie down again
  • MC does so reluctantly
  • An hour later, MC is knocked out
  • Jaehee joins her about an hour later


  •  He finds out that MC can’t sleep, and that she had insomnia when he kept her in his house
  • He gets every doctor to give advice or get her something to help her sleep
  • One of them suggests Benadryl to sleep
  • So naturally, he gets some and gives it to MC
  • “Jumin, what the hell is that pink stuff”
  • “Just drink it. It will put you to sleep.”
  • MC drank it, and made a face, sticking her tongue out
  • “Jumin, water!”
  • Jumin literally sprinted to get MC a glass of water
  • Not knowing what else to do, he put Elizabeth in MC’s arms and told MC to cuddle with Elizabeth until she fell asleep
  • Elizabeth did not like this plan and squirmed out of MC’s arms
  • Jumin ended up cuddling with MC until the Benadryl knocked her out


  •  “Seven, I have insomnia”
  • “lol same”
  • This is not helpful. Both of them have incurable insomnia
  • Eventually they go to bed…but not to sleep
  • Seven gets there first and chucks a pillow at MC
  • Pillow Fight!
  • Yes, MC won, because seven was laughing so hard he couldn’t aim to save his life
  • Eventually, Saeran comes in, and throws two pillows so hard, it knocks out MC and Seven
  • Note to self: Don’t wake Saeran up…ever. 0.0
Salted Caramel

I was having some serious insomnia. So, what did I do? I wrote an angst fic.

Warning: Angst

It was silent. Eerily so. You glanced out of the sheer curtain-covered window. The clouds were thick and formless, eclipsing the moon and stars. The night was quiet and dark. You curled up in your pool of blankets. You were left to your thoughts. It scared you.

            Today had been a wreck. You had tried your damn hardest to be okay, but nothing was working. Not even your trusted variety shows were working.  It had been so long since you had felt this way. As a result, the anxiety rumbling in the pit of your stomach had caught you off guard.

            In retrospect, you should have seen it coming. The past couple of days had brought you so much trouble when you tried to get out of bed. Today was just the climax. All day you had been fighting the urge to just break down in tears. You never cried. Ever. So you immediately knew that something was amiss.

            When the anxiety had you struggling to breathe, you had to rip your headphones out and kneeled face down into your bed. Who had told you that music would help?! It took everything you had to try to calm down. You could feel you heart still struggling to slow as you unfolded yourself.

            You thought of your mom who just couldn’t understand. She would ask why you couldn’t just snap out of it and unintentionally drive you deeper into despair. You thought of your best friend. As much as you loved her, she had been so judgmental lately. You were terrified of what she would think. You thought of your older sister who was busy enjoying her life in New York City. Your dad didn’t even cross your mind. He would have made it worse. And then it hit you like a brick to the head. Who did you have?

            You wrapped your arms around your knees as you lay under your sheets in fetal position. You looked back at the window. The night looked darker than ever.

            You didn’t sleep well. All night you had been plagued by your thoughts. However, you remained in bed for most of the day, unable to find the motivation to face anything. By the time you had gathered yourself enough to get some water, it was already early afternoon. Realizing the destructive cycle you setting yourself up for, you decided that you needed to get out of the house. Your empty apartment was just a breeding ground for negativity.

            You washed up and put your face on. You brushed your hair and clipped in a bow. You chose stylish but comfortable clothes. You finished the look with heeled boots and a thick scarf. Just because you felt broken didn’t mean that you couldn’t try to be cute. You pulled your purse over your shoulder and headed out the door.

            You stepped into the crisp autumn air with a clack. You made your way to the coffee shop three blocks away from your place. It was your usual spot. The ambiance was cozy, with its dark wood interior and ivory accents. The dim lighting only added to the laidback vibe. You frequented the store so often, that you had befriended the elderly owner. A cup of their house-roasted blend wouldn’t be able to fix you, but the warmth could help ease your soul a bit. The familiar atmosphere should also soothe the demons running free in your mind, even if it was just temporarily.

            The little discolored bell attached to the door rang as you entered the shop. The scent of freshly ground coffee beans wafted over you and the gentle heat of the shop’s air enveloped you. You glanced behind the counter, surprised to not see the aged owner steaming milk for lattes. Instead, a young handsome face greeted you. The man was tall and had hair that was some cross between auburn and chestnut. He had styled it off of his face in a textured side part, exposing his thick matching eyebrows. His wide eyes squinted bit when he smiled to welcome you. Dear lord, the boy had the cutest dimples you had ever seen.

            He was pouring a cup of coffee into a cardboard to-go cup as you approached the counter slowly. You were in awe of how broad his shoulders were and how well his cream knit sweater clung to him beneath his apron. As you admired his hands, the owner of the store came up behind the man. The gray-headed man noticed you standing awkwardly between the door and the counter and gave you a small smile.

            “_______.” He called to you as the pretty boy handed the customer in front of you their coffee. You cleared the rest of the way to the counter and leaned a little on the glass case of pastries. “Is your deadline soon?” The owner asked, knowing your habits all too well. You managed to upturn the corners of your lips. “Not yet. I just needed a pick-me-up.” You answered, hoping that he would brush off your stiff expression as tiredness.

            He nodded in understanding. “Are you staying?” He inquired, motioning at the notebook that peeked out of your purse. “Yes.” You replied, hoping that the conversation would end soon. You were running on empty and your ability to socialize was quickly waning.

            “I have just the thing for you.” He said. You responded with a nod, fully trusting the owner, and made for your nook. You had long ago designated the two-seater table in the back corner as yours. Not that you had much competition for it. It was blatantly separated from the other tables that sat behind the store-front window. As a result, it had to be illuminated by electric tea candles. But you didn’t mind one bit.

            You normally shied away from crowds and you only needed enough light to see the words you were writing. Today, your spot was even better. It isolated you from having to have any social interaction. You were already drained from trying to smile and converse with the owner.

            You had just finished laying out your notebook and pens when a wide white ceramic cup sitting on a matching saucer was placed on the table. It was filled to the brim with whipped cream and an intricate fleur de lis of caramel decorated it. “I will be your server today. My name is Hongbin.” The beautiful man from earlier introduced himself when you looked up. He towered over you when you were standing but now you were sure you were a smurf.

            When you made no move to speak, he questioned, “And your name is?” Slightly embarrassed, you softly gave him your name. He leaned down a bit and said, “That’s a pretty name.” The dimpled smile accompanying the statement only reinforced his sincerity. You felt yourself genuinely smile back. Upon realizing this, you shyly returned your gaze back to your steaming cup. The whipped cream had already begun to melt, threatening to overflow.

            Your smile quickly faded and you heard Hongbin turn to leave. “Wait!” You stopped him. He swiftly turned back, concern written on his face. “This is a caramel macchiato.” You say in a tone laced with panic. Hongbin furrowed his eyebrows a little in confusion. Recognizing how silly you sounded, you hastily added, “I don’t really like sweet things.”

            He gave you a cheeky smirk that had only one dimple showing itself. “Don’t worry. I made that based on my impression of you. Just taste it.” Your eyes fell back to the cup and when you looked up again, Hongbin’s back was already a few feet away from you.

            You returned your attention to back to your cup. You had expected the owner to make your drink. You grabbed the handle and lifted it. Some of the hot liquid sloshed over the side. You brought the cup up to your lips and gently blew. The whipped cream shifted a bit with your breath, exposing the mix of espresso and milk underneath. You took a tentative sip.

            You were taken aback by the flavor and the way it warmed your throat and body. The taste was mildly bitter and deep, with a hint of sweetness. The finishing touch was the fact that the caramel was salted. How did he know?

            Your eyebrows knit together as you watched Hongbin once again behind the counter. He suddenly made eye contact with you. He was expressionless as his eyes bore into yours. In that moment, you were sure he could see right through you.

            The taste was perfect. With that one sip, you thoughts had been silenced and the anxiety in your belly had been calmed. As if he knew, his eyes never strayed from yours.