insomnia effects


There is more than one type of insomnia! If you are experiencing one or more types of the following more nights than not, Insomnia effects you.

Insomnia- having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep

Middle insomnia- waking up in the middle of the night (around 1-3am) and having trouble falling back asleep

Terminal insomnia- waking up too early (1-3 hours before alarm is set to go off) and having trouble falling back asleep

Initial insomnia- difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night

Hypersomnia- sleeping more than 10 hours a night

American Ways - Sirius Black x Reader

Request : @claireisreallynotonfire  hello my dear!!! could you do a sirius x reader where the reader is a transfer from ilvermorny in like the 6th year and immediately hits it off with the marauders. and sirius is infatuated with her, always calling her pet names, flirting, hugging, and touching and stuff. and reader just thinks it’s a joke but one day sirius gets mad bc she’s not taking him seriously ( lol pun ) and they end up together bc i really need some fluff with a teaspoon of angst. thanks love
Warnings: My English? Language (always lol). Late night, crappy writing.  The image isn’t mine. Credits to its original owner. Also, I am so sorry for making you wait this long but the new semester has already taken a toll on me. 
Word Count: 1848
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It was one thing being the new student but it was completely another thing being the center of attention. It felt weird and… you kind of felt like you were an exhibit when people would stare or point at you. Yeah, okay, maybe you were the ‘American girl’ and yes, you had an accent and blah blah, but you hoped that after a day or two, they would leave you alone. You were being bombarded with questions about Ilvermorny, about your country, about the male population and so on. Well, that happened until four boys had walked on you and literally grabbed your arms and dragged you all the way to the Gryffindor common room. You were about to protest when you realized that they were doing you a favor. You had grown tired of answering the same questions and being looked at… strangely. So, you never really complained. When they finally let go, you just smiled and greeted them.
“Hello, boys. Thanks for the rescue” you simply said. They didn’t expect that-far from it, actually.
That’s when you became a ‘gang’ as you named it. They were punks and jerks but they were amazing people and really funny. You had no idea why you hit it off so fast but it felt natural. James was the love-struck one, with his hazel eyes and his messy black hair. Lily-pad, Lily-flower and so on, the poor girl must suffer from those awful nicknames. Remus was the ‘dad’; he was a bit more mature and poised but you could see the mischief in his soft caramel eyes. Peter was the little guy, blushing and being quieter than the others, but he was a Marauder after all. And then, it was Sirius. That guy didn’t know how to talk to a girl without flirting with her. His gray eyes would roam the girl’s body, he would be touchy as fuck when he wanted something, he would use cheesy pickup lines and he would always find a reason to pull off his shirt. He had a nice body, yes, you weren’t blind… you could see it. But it was ridiculous how many times he pulled that damn shirt off. In the brief week, you knew them, it must have been ten times already-and the week wasn’t over yet.  

It was official. Sirius Black was the biggest flirt you had ever known. The guy would flirt with you without hesitation, he would call you names, be touchy even clingy. And today was no exception.
You were able to stroll around the castle without getting lost like the first weeks. After all, it was almost Christmas. You had to admit that Hogwarts was breathtaking covered in snow. Everything seemed so magical, so serene and so otherworldly. Ilvermorny might held your mind- your friends were there, your ex-boyfriend, your beloved teachers- but Hogwarts stole your heart. You had made more friends than you could believe. Lily was a Muggle-born, as they called them, but she was the brightest witch of her age and uncommonly kind. That last trait seemed to vanish every time James was around, though. She had admitted that she liked him a lot but she could never agree on a date if he was going to ask her three or more times a day. It was infuriating. You had helped James a lot and for that he was grateful. You had told him to leave her be for a while. It was tough for him and you couldn’t help but chuckle every time he opened his mouth only to close it again and walk away. Lily thought it was strange but she missed his crazy ways-and that’s when you played cupid and informed James. And they had the most romantic date ever. Not thanks to him but thanks to you and strangely enough, Sirius. He could be romantic when he wanted to. But that was a very rare sight to witness.
Remus was probably the one you were closest with. He was so kind and sweet but he could be cocky and sarcastic that he could out throne Sirius himself. You had put two and two together relatively easy but you didn’t care. If anything, you wanted to help him in any way you could but you were going to let him tell you, whenever he felt like he could trust you enough to do so. You were in the Great Hall, eating breakfast-well, you were drinking a cappuccino(Dumbledore’s courtesy)- with Remus while you were waiting for the other three troublemakers to appear. It was a cold, breezy morning, but it felt so refreshing you didn’t mind wearing two jumpers. It was just a day before the full moon and he was worn out already but he had his nose stuck in a book, nevertheless. You placed a chocolate bar in front of him and he caught the action as he looked worriedly at you.
“Eat. You’ll feel better, Moony” you said, emphasizing his nickname. He was smart and he got it immediately. A relaxed smile was plastered onto his lips as he understood that you weren’t going to go anywhere.
“Hello, beautiful” a silky voice greeted you. You didn’t really want to admit it but you were smitten. You truly liked him. You liked his steely gray eyes, his aristocratic features, his tousled dark, long locks, his toned torso and his delicate hands. But most importantly, you liked the real him. Not the flirtatious, cocky jerk but the one you had the pleasure of meeting one very cold and lonely night. You couldn’t sleep and you were sitting by the common room’s fireplace. That night you had seen the real Sirius. The one behind the façade and the masks. The one who suffered the effects of insomnia because of his past, the one who was always too scared that he would lose his friends. That Sirius spoke to your heart. And you found yourself falling… hard.
“Hello, handsome” you greeted back with a playful smile. That was just his thing. He would flirt with you but you never thought he meant it. Like, how could he? You had accepted the fact that you didn’t really stand a chance with him. He was out of your league. He could have any girl he wanted and of course, you weren’t one of them. He just played with you-not in a bad way, but still. It was just a game. You couldn’t resist, though. You had to play as well.
He sat next to you, his hand resting on your knee and his mouth forming a devilish smirk. He kept his eyes fixed on you until you felt uncomfortable.
“You’re staring” you commented, hoping that he will stop playing the damn game.
“I’m gazing” he retorted nonchalantly, as he drew patterns with his fingers on your thigh. He had to stop.
“It’s creepy” you tried to sound stern but you failed miserably. You smiled and shrugged it off as he whispered under his breath, something you couldn’t possibly believe you had heard correctly.
“It’s romantic”. Yeah, you had probably heard wrong.

You continued ignoring him and his flirty ways for a couple of hours. You had to give it to him. He had upped his game. Today, he was extra touchy, extra flirty, extra huggy, extra clingy, extra…
You tried to make it to your next class in time, he had to carry your books. You tried to eat lunch, he had to pile up your plate. You had forgotten your quill, he had to give you his. Somebody tried to flirt with you, he had to smack your bum- that was the final hit.
You were alone in the common room, as it was already after midnight, trying to study. James had fallen asleep holding Lily, Peter was all cuddly with Mary and Remus… well, Remus was actually studying. But you didn’t miss the side looks he was giving you.  
When that guy had come up and told you that you looked very beautiful in that jumper, all hell had broken loose. Sirius marked you- yes, he did- as his when you weren’t and you didn’t even have a chance. Once the guy left and you were among friends, you snapped at him and scowled him, waking up the sleepy heads.
“How thick can you get?” you questioned angrily but from the looks of it, he was a bit angrier. He stood up abruptly, while the rest of your friends were trying to pretend that they didn’t exist.
“How thick can I get? How dense can you be?” he spat at you, his silver eyes twinkling with madness and… desperation?
“You know what? Screw it! I don’t want to play your little games anymore, I am so done. I don’t like that you are making a fool out of me every time you are all flirty when you don’t mean it in the first place” you practically screamed at him. His cheeks were red with anger and his pupils dilatated.
“You are crazy! You are insane if you think I just flirt with you so I can play. You are delusional if you believe that I am not absolutely infatuated with you and your American ways. You are just stupid if you think that I am playing. I am so fucking in love with you and it scares the shit out of me because I have never- EVER- fallen in love before and I have no idea how to deal with all those damn butterflies- YES, you gave me butterflies, and my stomach flips every time I see you and I-”
You grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close, crashing your lips to his with force. He finally shut it. His hands were wrapped around your waist immediately as he deepened the kiss, biting your bottom lip hard, demanding permission to explore your mouth. Exactly before a moan could escape your mouth, people were fake coughing to make you realize that you weren’t alone. You pulled apart but he didn’t let go.
“So, you like my American ways?” you asked softly as you made eye contact with him. He smiled brightly yet seductively and he kissed your cheek.
“I do. You know what else I like? Your sweet American ass” he said loud enough for everyone to hear, as his hands slipped down to your bum.  James laughed but Lily called him a perv. You just blushed but you couldn’t really believe that you had kissed him and that he had never played with you. He was being honest and he was showing you all the affection in the world. You had to make it up to him.
“Maybe we can continue in my dorm?” he suggested, wiggling his eyebrows cheekily, making you chuckle at his childish action, when three, big, fat, loud no’s were heard. You turned and witnessed three frightened faces looking at you with utter terror.
You found yourself laughing along with Sirius and Lily.
Yes, Hogwarts had stolen your heart for sure. And you couldn’t love it more

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Based on those posts about Therapy Humans that float around. IDEK guys this is not my genre.

Star Crossed World

A persistent beeping fills Klaus’ tiny berth, bouncing around the metal walls. Echoing, growing louder, snapping Klaus out of the first stretch of decent sleep he’s managed to get in weeks.

The words that spill from his lips, unintelligible and thick with exhaustion, are not appropriate for company.

Luckily, Klaus has none.

He scrubs a hand over his face, absently wonders when the last time he shaved was. Grooming rather fell to the wayside when you’re only company was a disembodied voice.

The A.I. had come with the ship, an unfailingly cheerful presence that had introduced itself as Josh. Klaus had grown up with various AI’s – his mother preferred them to human servants who tended to be noisy and have an excessive amount of opinions – but they’d always been carefully programmed and unable to speak unless spoken to. Speaking to them was strongly discouraged because, as his parent’s had insisted, it wasn’t as if they were equals.

Josh was far more verbose than any of the AI’s Klaus was accustomed to. He exhibited curiosity about Klaus and where he’d come from. Had even managed to execute some tact, and move on to more general subjects, once his inquiries about Klaus’ well known family had been met with terse replies.

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Hc for Yukio and Ryuji helping their s/o who suffer from insomnia ?


Originally posted by yaoisex

  • Would  probably tell them to ‘just try sleep’
  • Would try support them but wouldn’t really know how too
  • He will monitor what you’ve been drinking and if that could effect your insomnia further
  • Urge you to talk to your doctor about some solutions to help you
  • Would try his own remedies he creates with herbs and such from Shiemi’s store 
  • Would rub your back to try relax you


Originally posted by elliejoys

  • He would try be as supportive as possible
  • He would even attempt to stay awake with you as long as needed
  • Ends up falling asleep though, but you don't mind
  • He feels sheepish and apologies for it when he wakes up
  • Bon would make you hot chocolate before bed to try help you sleep
  • Konekomaru probably made it (but Bon helped a little, he fetched your favourite cup and poured in a ratchet, what a good boy!!)
  • He would hold you close and cuddle you all night long
About Kanato

I don’t know if this idea has been entertained anywhere out there, but I’ve had a headcanon about Kanato floating around in my mind for some time now: Kanato suffers from hindered growth (physical, emotional, and otherwise) due to consistent malnutrition when he was younger.

We know Kanato suffered very heavily under the neglect of Cordelia. He was so desperate to gain her attention that he’d self-harm, through overstraining his vocal cords, directly with objects, etc. This idea kind of plays off of this desperation; what if, intentionally or the opposite, Kanato starved himself to the point of malnutrition?

I’m aware that this is all pretty convenient and Kanato’s stature is mostly to fulfill the lolita spot, but humor me. Common side effects of malnutrition in children are less-than-potential height and impaired social, emotional, and cognitive abilities upon adulthood, as well as lesser side effects like insomnia. Not to mention starved cells insatiably crave carbohydrates to convert into energy to fuel the failing system (which I believe would hit Kanato like a truck since vampire aging occurs in a suspended state.) 

Then of course if this is true, it begs another question: what if Kanato never, for one reason or another, suffered from malnutrition? There’s no guarantees on anything, but the foremost answer is that he isn’t a petite crybaby insomniac. He might be similar in build to Laito, since neither are athletic like Ayato, but all three would likely be the same height. He’d likely still be very needy and certainly as distrustful as his brothers are as a result of Cordelia’s work, but I think the physical difference in the concept is entertaining.

A buff and brutish manly man, haha

Of course I think it’s best for everone that Kanato is as small as he is. A hamster-sized yandere is still much too large, in my opinion.

Feel free to drop some thoughts!

Title: Tidal Waves 

 Summary: Stan and Ford sail to the Pacific to take Dipper and Mabel on a little summer trip. It can be an interesting, spending a few months on rough waters.

 Chapter: 1/?

Words: 1,061

 (AO3) (

 A/N: I long for some Pines family fluff. This story is something I’ve been planning for a while and I hope it does well! Here’s the first chapter.. 

 Stan isn’t what one would call an early riser. 

But as the ocean’s waters shift and contort restlessly, and the gulls chant their dismay toward the furious breeze, he groans.

 Unfortunately for him, Ford has developed a habit of awakening at ungodly hours for the past week, dragging the whole world with him in the process, and this fine morning is no different. 

 It’s an added insult to injury. Stan jolts awake as the other end of the mattress dips, and releases a disturbing squeeekk, followed by the sound of Ford’s heavy footsteps, and eventually, some clanks and clatters several feet away. 

 "Do you mind?“ Stan mumbles, "Some people are are trying to sleep here.”

 "Sorry, I’m trying t-“

 "Scare the dolphins away!?" 

 "I didn’t mean to wake you up, I just like to get up early and get stuff going.” Ford exclaims. 

 "Obviously. I don’t know how you function without sleep. It’s too early for this.“

 Stan burrows himself in the comforter and attempts to block out any disturbances.

 "Are you gonna research the effects of insomnia?” He mumbles. 

“No,” Ford replies,“ I’m actually trying to see how much more food and other essentials we can stock here.”

 "You think we’re running out?“ 

 "Not yet, but we will with two more people staying with…” Ford pauses rapidly, “it’s not important. I was just curious. We may need a little extra just to be safe.”

 An awkward silence ensues.

 Stan is beginning to wonder if Ford’s lack of sleep has taken an actual toll.

“Come back to bed and relax poindexter, you’re delirious.”

 "I am not,“ Ford grumbles, ” you just go back to bed while I uh-research. Anyway, we should be heading toward Panama. We’ll stop there to get a few things.“

He disappears to the deck, leaving Stan a tad bewildered, but none the less, exhausted. 


 “You’re saying we can sail with you guys?” Dipper asks.

“For three whole months!?” Mabel cheers. 

The teens sound absolutely dumbfounded, and Ford feels jittery just talking to the twins about this.

 "Yes, as long as your parents agree,“ He responds quietly, worried the twins’ voices may be caught by Stan, and muffles one end of the payphone with his palm,” if they allow it, you two will be able to see Stan and I this summer.“

 Just in time, Stan’s incessant footsteps draw close.

 "Remember, this is a surprise for Stan. He doesn’t know about my plan. I’m sure your parents won’t mind, but until we know for sure, don’t say a word to him.” Ford whispers.

 "We won’t, we promise!“ Mabel exclaims. 

 "Alright, I’ll put Stan on." 

 Stan takes the payphone from Ford’s grasp and looks a bit concerned. 

 "Is this Soos? I hope he didn’t set the Shack on fire again.”

 "It’s the kids, I called them.“ 

 "Oh,” Stan stammers,“h-hey kiddos, it’s me. How are you two goobers doing?”

 "Grunkle Stan! We heard you guys were in Panama City. Is it pretty?“ Mabel responds.

 "Eh, it’s mostly just a port area, but it’s okay. The people are pretty nice, though Ford is a bit rusty on his spanish.”

 "Grunkle Stan, how long are you guys staying there?“ Dipper butts into the conversation. 

 "Only for a few hours. Ford is turning into a doomsday prepper, since he stopped to get us extra food. I mean, it’s the ocean we’re sailing on, we could survive on fish and crabs but no, he’s all paranoid I guess.”

 Stan can hear the twins giggle on the end of the line, though he doesn’t think too much into it. 

 "Anyway, are you kids doing well?" 

 "Yeah! Waddles one a pig contest at the county fair, and Dipper got straight A’s throughout the eighth grade, so he gets to go to honors classes this next year." Mabel says. 

 There is a unique pride in her voice that sends warmth through Stan’s body.

 "And our parents are doing well. They always say how great of a job you did getting us to be more outgoing.” Dipper exclaims. 

 The old man feels as if he’s going to collapse from sheer happiness right on the spot, but Ford places a hand on his shoulder and soothes him. 

 "That’s uh-that’s great! You kids sound like you’re doing great. Mr. Genius and I gotta get goin’, so you guys take care alright?“ 

 The teens say their goodbyes and Stan hangs up gently, his shoulders hunched, and his own sense of pride intense. It’s one of the best feelings in the universe, but as he turns to face his brother,something else brews within. He can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but it’s not pleasant. 


"Stan, you need to eat.” Ford insists. 

 His face boasts impatience, but it’s in the form of concern rather than annoyance. 

 "I will, I’m just..thinking.“ Stan sighs. 

 A seagull caws deviously overhead. It circles over his plate of rice and swoops down, attempting to steal any amount it can get. 

 "I guess the birds and I are eating alone tonight. What’s bothering you?” Ford says.

 "When…it’s stupid, don’t worry.“ 

 "Ignoring a problem never helped anyone.”

The men send each other a sharp glance. Stan caves in and groans.

 "When I talked to the kids earlier, I just felt so happy to hear them and hear how excited they were about things. It felt nice, but I guess-,“ He pauses, and sighs deeply, "I guess I just really miss them." 

 Ford sees the hurt on his brother’s face and longs to tell him that the twins are coming. He wants to get into a spiel about the adventures they’ll all have, but he can’t. Instead, he grabs Stan in a warm embrace and tries to reassure him. 

 "You will see them again, I promise." 

 "But when will that happen?" 

 ”…Soon.“ Ford is careful not to let more than an oblivious hint drop. He pats Stan’s shoulder, "Come on, let’s go inside. It’s too warm out on deck.”

They head inside the Stan O’ War to wind down and catch some rest. 

Let’s see, shall we?

Akatsuki S/O has insomnia

-Deidara: Join the club. Deidara doesn’t have insomnia but he’s a night owl. He’s always up doing something at night while choosing to sleep during the day. So he’ll probably spend most nights with his S/O

Sasori: He can’t sleep knowing that his S/O can’t sleep. It bothers him so both of them are going to be up :(

-Itachi: He searches for some top notch medication for his S/O. He understands the negative effect that insomnia has on the body and he puts forward a lot of effort to help his love in this difficult time.

-Kisame: He decides to stay up with his S/O every time they can’t sleep. He always ends up falling asleep however. It gives his S/O a peaceful feeling seeing Kisa resting, so I suppose things are a little better

-Konan: Spends money on various herbal remedies and camomile teas as well. She probably lights incense as well.

-Pain: He’s not mean, but it doesn’t concern him and he truly has no solution to the problem. He cares about his S/O but he doesn’t show it sometimes. Therefore, they’ll have many restless nights while Pain is sleeping peacefully. In the morning he apologizes because the guilt always gets to him.

-Tobi: Does various wild activities with his S/O to drain the energy out of them in hopes that they’ll fall asleep. He’s pretty smart

-Zetsu: Believe it or not, but his lighter side will sing light tones and even rock his S/O like a baby to help them get some rest. He worries and he cares

-Madara: “Why can’t you sleep woman? It’s simple, just close your eyes. Close them right now I say. Shut your dammed eyes woman. Noooooo d-dont cry. I’m not angry, I promise you. Here… I’ll pamper you until you can sleep once more.”

-Kakuzu: He’s actually an insomniac as well. The S/O and him get to suffer together. It’s not all bad news if you’re with the one you love, right?

-Hidan: Well I’m not nsfw blog, but certain strenuous activities can lead to being tired… And you can guess which physically activity he’d be into during the night *ahem*

Florence + The Machine Writing Meme

Send me a number and a fandom, character and/or pairing and I will write a drabble inspired by the respective song!

  1. Dog Days Are Over
  2. Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
  3. I’m Not Calling You A Liar
  4. Howl
  5. Kiss With A Fist
  6. Girl With One Eye
  7. Drumming Song
  8. Between Two Lungs
  9. Cosmic Love
  10. My Boy Builds Coffins
  11. Hurricane Drunk
  12. Blinding
  13. You’ve Got The Love
  14. Heavy In Your Arms
  15. Bird Song
  16. Falling
  17. Hardest of Hearts
  18. Are You Hurting The One You Love
  19. Only If For A Night
  20. Shake It Out
  21. What The Water Gave Me
  22. Never Let Me Go
  23. Breaking Down
  24. Lover To Lover
  25. No Light, No Light
  26. Seven Devils
  27. Heartlines
  28. Spectrum
  29. All This And Heaven Too
  30. Leave My Body
  31. Remain Nameless
  32. Strangeness And Charm
  33. Bedroom Hymns
  34. Landscape
  35. What Kind Of Man
  36. St Jude

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Hi, how are you today?

Hi there anon, and thank you for checking in, that’s so sweet? :D

This message really made me super happy for some reason, it’s. Idk. It’s nice to know that you’d take the time to ask me how I’m doing? Thank you. I’m… actually pretty good? My meds are working, and the new ones I have for the insomnia are sort of effective too, so I’m… still exhausted, but less so? It’s getting better. I’m feeling sort of restless with pent-up energy, I might be able to be very creative again soon :D

(also @annoyed-basically stayed over last night and helped me go through my wardrobe and get rid of old stuff, it was a cleansing experience lmao and she’s a joy to be around, so ^^ It was Good.)

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It's classist and ableist to assume I have the means to get to a doctor to be evaulated. My self diagosis is valid, and nobody gives two shits about autism so get over it!

Classist and ableist? Why, bless your little o’l heart, child, because it’s NOT classist, because if my grandparents were able to get me to a mental health doctor who recommended us to another despite them working overtime at their jobs (car mechanic at a failing business and deli manager) they STILL managed! 


Shitstains like you have HARMED peoples’ chances at being properly diagnosed and getting help! How?

You fuckers not only use STEREOTYPES as the weak backbone of your defense (”But I get super sad sometimes so I MUST have depression!”) but you use your “condition” as an excuse to act like a bitch and be a rotten, miserable waste of a human being, just because you can! 

Acting like fuckfaces is what gives mental conditions their NEGATIVE connections! People don’t take anyone who actually has them seriously anymore because they think it’s just an attention seeking hook or are severely misinformed. You think it’s funny that you can just use your “Well I got ____” whenever you feel like it, and then spring back to acting normal when it suits you? 

Oh, you wonder why nobody gives two shit about autism and AS? 


Because of you fucking shit eaters, autism is now a fucking insult that people use all the time! Anyone says “That’s so gay” they get jumped and in one case I can remember on Quotev, doxxed.  However “That’s so autistic” nobody bats a fucking eye. You made the condition a laughingstock! Because it sounds soooooo wonderful to have, you want it for yourself, but then you don’t give a shit for anyone who actually has it nor do you give a shit about the many downsides of having it. For fuck’s sake morons want a CURE for it for no other reason than because you gave it such an awful fucking name! There is no discussion for cures of other mental disorders like Downs, which has a more negative impact on people than autism does, but nope, people don’t want to cure that but they’re sure as fucking bent on curing autism, even though the pills they made for it are fucking dangerous and frightening!

The pills the doctor wanted to try had VERY scary side effects:




-Muscle spasms



I don’t know about you but hallucinations are fucking TERRIFYING. I already see a lot of shit out of my peripheral vision that makes me uneasy, and I doubt that seeing a fucking leprechaun dancing on the table is normal in any way. 

You only have ONE disorder, a diagnosis that anyone can make!

You have ASS. (Attention Seeking Syndrome) 

It’s not like John Cheese has something life-threatening. Just something that can lead to diabetes, stroke, and heart failure.

5 Awful Side Effects of Insomnia No One Talks About

#4. “It Could Be Worse. At Least It’s Not Life-Threatening.”

Is it likely to kill you? No. Thankfully, the fatal form of the disorder (fatal familiar insomnia) is so rare, you have a better chance of Christina Hendricks flashing you multiple times in one day than having it. The real problem comes from the effects of insomnia. Fatigue and even the medication used to treat it can cause auto accidents. It’s closely related to sleep apnea, which in basic terms is your body saying “Fuck breathing!”

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  • Law suffers from chronic insomnia as a side effect of PTSD.  He rarely ever gets more than three hours of sleep at night.  Every time that he thinks that he’s about to fall asleep the same dream plays.  His parents dead, the hospital where his sister was burned to the ground, his friends, and the child he locked away for over a decade.  The child that lost all hope in humanity.  But on the days that he gets a reasonable amount of sleep, Corazon appears in his dreams.  The person that was able to save him from himself.
  • Law tattooed his jolly roger on himself because he’s afraid that one day he’ll forget what Corazon’s smile looked like.  Sometimes it gets blurry in his dreams.
  • Despite growing up in the North Blue, he doesn’t like winter islands.  He tolerates them.  There are too many memories attached to a particular one.
  • Everyone in the Heart Crew is a fan of sandwiches.
  • Law just wants to take a nap on Bepo’s stomach.