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Since all the dining halls are closed today I walked to Subway (it’s like a mile away) but while I was there it started raining and I didn’t want to walk all the way back to my dorm room in the rain so I went next door to Insomnia Cookies and asked for a delivery for cookies but with me too and that’s the story of how I got a ride home and a dozen cookies for only 11$

Insomnia Cookies: Three Words

Summary: Y/N tries to visit Bucky after one of his really bad nightmares. The visit doesn’t go exactly as planned.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, teenage reader, Steve Rogers

Warnings: Major angst, mentions of abuse, panic attack (sorry!!)

Word count: 2462

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As spring transformed into summer, Bucky and Y/N fell into a familiar routine. He looked forward to seeing her texts every day, and he enjoyed their ice cream encounters even more.

He learned Y/N loved to read, and her favorite books were science fiction. She talked about opening a bookstore after she graduated college, and she wanted to double major in English and Business Management. She hated scary movies, but really wanted to ride roller coasters. She was deathly afraid of thunderstorms and spiders. She had a soft spot for cheesy Christmas movies from the Hallmark Channel, and she loved long car rides because she could listen to more music. After learning she wanted to play the guitar, Poe and Finn bought her an acoustic and signed her up for lessons. Slowly but surely, she was beginning to thrive.

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New College Baking Show

Host: Contestants, today you must present a dessert using only the resources available in your kitchen. 

*an hour later*

Contestant 1: I put together a peanut butter mug cake with a nutella cream cheese frosting, topped with a light dusting of pretzel crumbs. 

Contestant 2: I ordered insomnia cookies, they should be here in 30-45 minutes. 

Contestant 3: Here’s a shot of vodka. 

Insomnia Cookies: Best Birthday Ever

Summary: Poe, Finn and Bucky plan a special surprise during Y/N’s 17th birthday party.

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Reader, Poe/Finn Dameron

Warnings: none, major fluff alert though

Word count: 1852

A/N: So sorry this took so long!! This was a really important chapter for me, and I wanted to make sure I got it right. We’re starting to wrap everything up now, so there will only be a few more parts. As always, thanks for reading!!

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“Here comes the cake!” Finn announced to the room. Tony dimmed the lights and Poe walked in carrying an ice cream cake decorated with seventeen blue candles. The words “Happy 17th Birthday Y/N” were drawn in a loopy cursive, and icing hedgehogs dotted the space around them.

Y/N blushed and grinned shyly as everyone started singing. Poe and Finn had taken Y/N and her friends from school out to the movies earlier in the day, and now they were celebrating as a family. It was a patchwork family for sure, but to her, it was perfect.

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The Mystery Cookie

Cas entered his office reluctantly and hung up his trenchcoat. It had been a long night. His insomnia had once again taken full control of his night; he’d slept for maybe two hours total. And now he had to spend an entire day at his desk, trying not to fall asleep.

Turning towards his desk, he noticed something out of place. Sitting next to his keyboard was a cookie. A gooey-looking, delicious chocolate chip cookie. Cas looked around the room, as if he could see who placed this mysterious cookie on his desk. Shrugging, he sat on his hard uncomfortable desk chair and picked up the cookie.
A wonderful aroma immediately assaulted his senses. It smelled like home. He inhaled deeply, smiling slightly as he relaxed. He took a bite of the cookie and let out a moan of pleasure. It was delicious; a perfect blend of crunchy and chewy, still slightly warm, with gooey melted chocolate coating his mouth. It was amazing.

After finishing the cookie, Castiel felt a lot more relaxed, and was hoping to be more productive for the day. He sent a silent thanks to whoever left the cookie on his desk that morning.

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literally-just-ellie  asked:

WAIT HANG ON YOU POSTED AN INSOMNIA COOKIES THING ARE YOU IN SYRACUSE NY? I grew up there and now I live far away and Insomnia Cookies was literally the love of my life.

i thought that i might be outing my location when i made that post but apparently there are Insomnia Cookies places all over the eastern United States?

god bless america