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Bucky was scared to sleep around you, therefore became an insominac. "But what if when i sleep i have another nightmare? What if i hurt you?" He says as he plays with his thumbs. You smirk and straddle his hips, "what if i told you i love you James." Your hips grinding down against his, "what if i said you make me incredibly happy" he moaned from under you as you kissed and nipped at his neck. You squeal as he rolls over, grinding his hard cock into you " what if i love you too"

Oh yessssssss I’m too tired to say more I’m sorry but I love it

Moaning Monday™

I was under a lot of stress - I’d just had a new baby and I was only 23 years old - so I had a lot on my plate. I didn’t think things [Dookie] would be that huge. And that was a real shock. I went one year from not even being in a tax bracket to the the next being in the very highest tax bracket. All the time we had our credibility questioned - we were fighting to prove we weren’t this Disney punk band, that we were coming from someplace real.
—  Billie Joe Armstrong on the stress surrounding Insominac - Kerrang interview, October 2001

I’M COMING BACK FOR YOU EDC! See you guys there!