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Anonymous said: As for requests I was wondering if you could maybe do Frankie/Lagoona being cute and holding hands or simple cheek kisses? Or possibly Duchess/Ashlynn with the same! Whichever you decide will be so super duper amazing!

I decided to draw Frankie/Lagoona since there isn’t a buncha fanart for them.  Here you go anon. I’ll be adding Dutchess/Ashlynn soon.

Commissions open.


How about Apple and Briar! Apple showering Briar with attention and presents and makin’ things all about her and Briar kinda being in tears because of it because she doesn’t get shown a whole lot of love that much, even from her fave -*cough*girlfriend*cough*- best friend forever after!

This is my take on the wonderful prompt! I have more sketches that I’ll post up later but Idk if ill ink them…

I’m not rewriting out this dialogue cause I cant feel my fingers.

Also kinda hurt I didn’t do more for my girl Briar’s month…sigh…I did draw a bunch but…ugh…I didn’t post any of it!!!

But here is my stuff…I hope yahll like it…


Vidia the upcoming Asian-American track and field star. 

I drew a human AU for the Disney fairies. This is Vidia she has a whole huge tragic backstory, filled with her parents not paying attention to her and some hospitalization. Then bullying (more like she bullies) but I’ll chat more about that when I actually start drawing this AU more. 

Someone requested some Vidia art and it was the perfect opportunity.