I’m in love with New York. It matches my mood. I’m not overwhelmed. It is the suitable scene for my ever ever heightened life. I love the proportions, the amplitude, the brilliance, the polish, the solidity. I look up at Radio City insolently and love it. It’s all great, and Babylonian. Broadway at night. Cellophane. The newness. The vitality. True, it is only physical. But it’s inspiring. Just bring your own contents, and you create a sparkle of the highest power. I’m not moved, not speechless. I stand straight, tough and I meet the impact. I feel the glow and the dancing in everything. The radio music in the taxis, scientific magic, which can all be used lyrically. That’s my last word. Give New York to a poet. He can use it. It can be poetized. Or maybe that’s mania of mine, to poetize. I live lightly, smoothly, actively, ears or eyes wide open, alert, oiled! I feel the glow and the dancing in every thing and the tempo is like that of my blood. I’m at once beyond, over and in New York, tasting it fully.”
Anaïs Nin

Head: CATWA HEAD Catya (Bento)
Skin: Insol: Skin Mia
Hair:  #taketomiWEST - Laura & [taketomi] - Seira (@ Kinky Monthly)
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Eyes / BLACK (@ FLF)
Eyeliner: Veechi - Glitter Frosted Liner (@ N21)
Tears: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Tears / GOLD (@ FLF)
Lips: Izzie’s - Cora Sheer Lipgloss (Catwa Applier) (@ Uber)

Outfit: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Bodysuit RARE (Gacha @ Arcade)
Headwings: [The Forge] Valkyrie Ears
Choker: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Choker - Purity (Gacha @ Arcade)
Garter: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Garter - Purity (Gacha @ Arcade)
Legwraps: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Leg Wraps - Purity (Gacha @ Arcade)
Heels: Sweet Thing. Bath'kol Wrapped Heels (Gacha @ Arcade)
Wings: Blueberry - Oakley Wings - Gold RARE (Gacha)

Feathers: *N*Feather Rez LIGHT


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little johnny jhonny things: aggressive hand-holding

  • block b: *loses kyung in a crowd*
  • block b: ok, we need to use our most powerful weapon
  • block b: *screams* BBC
  • kyung: *knocks everyone in the way down&runs at the speed of light* WHERE where are they my beloved bEES i LOVE every single of you pleASE i miss you sosoomuch did you eat well how was your day??? are u happy?? i hope ur happy pls don't forget me i might cry I LOV-
  • block b: there he is