The idea of Horrific Thoughts started in 2011, from day one a good friend Jesus I. Carrillo, also known as Inzoe/Insoe, supported and encouraged me. Unfortunately he tragically passed away in 2012 leaving good art and good ideas behind. Here at Horrific Thoughts we decided to pay homage to Zoe by placing his infamous ghost on the right sleeve, representing him as the right hand man of Horrific Thoughts. You left us too soon but you will never be forgotten. Forever in our hearts.


(I was inso-m-niac BY THE WAY)

Berthold and Reiner are both League of Legends players. HARDCORE.

Annie doesn’t understand. She rather lie down with her laptop in bed and just watch Netflix.


And Reiner’s just laughing his ass off.

Annie gets curious. What is so fun. Why are they shouting in the other room. Why is Bertholdt so loud when he plays League but he’s so quiet most of the time.

So she asks them to add her to a Skype call so they can screen share (They take turns sharing their screens so she can watch) so she can lie in bed and “join” their game.

Annie ends up joining them for real and kicks ass from her room.

YES. I agree with this. Hardcore. I’ve never really gotten into League or any of those kinds of games, so I can’t get more specific of the shenanigans that would go down, but Reiner would totally pull Leroy Jenkins-sque moves and piss everyone off (yeah I know that’s WOW-related, but you know he would). 

And Bertl is such a serious player, he’ll never curse anyone out in game, because he’s still painfully polite, but he’ll totally mute his headset and just scream about everyone’s general ineptitude. Reiner likes to poke the bear with a stick by being like “Wow Bertl it’s only a game, don’t have a cow bro.” Which usually earns him an empty water bottle to the head.

Charmsandpandas drew something awhile back of Bert and Reiner in an MMORPG guild and that was actually the first thing I thought of when I read this.

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Eeeeee Eden is a beautiful cinnamon roll. She’s absolutely gorgeous and so, so sweet. I’m a shit and forget things and drop things so quickly… but she’s always up for stuff when I come talk to her. 

And my Doctor LOVES Inso. No matter what verse we’re talking about, it’s guaranteed to be hot and angsty and amazing. insomniacannotsleep is another bab I’ll follow until I die.

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*whispers* Inso says come get it~

J wants, but the only problem is that I’m at work and strictly on mobile. And I can’t stand mobile tumblr….

If you have telegram, Skype, or kik, I’d be happy to do something there! Otherwise, J will have to impatiently wait until the next time I’m actually online XD

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Love your blog so much. I can relate to everything you post and it has helped me inso many ways, you can't even imagine! So thank you for being there, I owe you <3

Thanks hun! These messages really touch me and I love it when people say these things! 

And btw, you don’t owe me anything, i do this because i love it. It’s even more worthwhile knowing I help others.