Life goals as of now

- graduate high school
- get two jobs this summer
- save up for MS3
- start at tcc taking film and auto classes (2 years)
- transfer to film school/art insititute (preferably ai or regent ~ 4 years)
- enlist in the navy and enter in as an officer (6 years from now)
- marry you 7 years from now
- be the best dad/husband i can be


Senior Insititute Pool Party ( Kevin told me that bae notices me!!!!! HE KNOWS I EXIST HAHAHAHAHAH) 

I-Tea w/ Christaniel, Vivian, Christina, Van, Diep, Khang, and Brian

Senior Grad Photoshoot (Anthony, Kevin, and Brian from MHTL took pics) 

Chilled at Ashley’s house w/ Jay, Gabriel, John, Christaniel, Diep, Khang, Dyana, Christina, Yvonne, Merryll, Josie, Kryzll

Went home & had a good convo w/ Dai-an and Brian 

Took lazy to add’s 1 AM 

I’m headed to UIFI!

So it is currently 3:38 my time and way to damn early, but that’s because I am flying to Indiana today to go the the Undergraduate InterFraternity Insititute for the week. So If i don’t post a ton that is why. And I forgot to set up a queue. I rock, but I’ll probably post from my phone when I have free time. Just figured I would update y’all.