we all know that episode of Spongebob with Weenie Hut Jr’s is pretty great but the best part of the episode gets overlooked a lot and it is the part where Spongebob flees the soda bar and the robot clerk calls out in a completely deadpan robot voice “YOU. CAN’T. HIDE. WHAT’S. INSIIIIIDE”

So me and a friend were talking and I asked if Eminem ever called himself the Candyman. From there it went to him “The Candyman Can” on repeat in his head in a heavenly voice.

Then we got to “Who can drop a sick beat, sprinkle it with sizzle?  Go through verse faster than the Snoop Dogg can, fo rizzle, the Candyman, the candyman can.”

From there it became that Marshall always wanted to star as Willy Wonka in a Broadway production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but was never able to because of his rap career.

The verses “WHOOO is that maaaan IIIIII seeee, raaapping straight back at meee. When my reflection shoooow the candymaaaaaan insiiiiide" were said

and eventually it all ended with him putting on the play finally, and with his work being done, he drifts off into eternal sleep whispering “The Candyman can, the Candyman did.”

I think it’s one of the best conversations I’ve ever had.


Omg I just realized I have the same haircut but that’s not who I am insiiiiide! 🎶#comedy #xtina #mulan #singing parts