Rejuvenation Period (Or What Keith Calls Cuddling)

klance fanfic [keith and lance from voltron]

Summary: Lance and Keith are dating secretly, and after a hard day of training, Keith works up the courage to enter Lance’s bedroom. [wink wonk] 

Genre: smut [but jillian, that title sounds so fluffy, are you sure - ?] [yes. yes i’m sure.]

TW: internalized homophobia a wee bit

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Reasons why 13 Reasons Why is so imp.

  • Deals with a highly sensitive topic; suicide that most shows stray away from.
  • Hannah’s signs leading to her suicide are the most common but the most overlooked 
  • Deals with socio-economic issues of race, poverty, abuse, sexual assault, labelling, bullying, gender issues etc.
  • Characters are not black and white but delves into the grey area of characterisation, and except for one character, most of them deserve redemption
  • Deals with victim shaming, and issues that survivors of a traumatic event have to deal with it.
  • Most importantly, its clearly is signalling that if you’re having an issue no matter how small speak to someone, always reach out, call hotlines, talk to family, anonymous forums etc. If you’re a witness to something horrible, speak out and stop it from escalating. If someone is important to you, if you care for someone, TELL THEM. Don’t just assume that they know, show them, tell them you’re there for them.  It can change everything.



Genre: CEO! AU

Pairing: Jimin

Fandom: BTS

Request: I need a Ceo! au with jiminie. I’m not a huge fan of smut so I’d like something really cute and/or angst

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Today was absolutely nothing special what so ever. In fact today had started off so insignificantly that you woke up eating the same breakfast as the day before, got dressed at the same time, and made it all the way to work seeing the same people on the subway. You leaned your face against your hand with a sigh. You wanted to fill your head with day dreams of you accidentally getting stuck in the elevator with a hot guy or someone running up and confessing their love out of nowhere but your boss was expecting his coffee and sadly it was your job to bring it. 

“Good morning, sir.” You said, opening the door to his office.

Jimin sat at his desk looking over a folder to which you had assumed was the application of someone to fill you place when you were leaving.  You had only worked here for about a year or so and the only perk seemed to be having a hot boss. The rest of the time you found yourself bored out of your mind and unless he was willing to drop everything and bend you over his desk nothing would be worth staying here anymore.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Jimin says just like he does every morning, not even looking up at you. 

You walk over to set the cup next to him but stopped to look at the new application in his hands. 

“Find someone better than me, yet?” You said, jokingly.

He titled his head up to look at you. “I mean it’s not hard to find an assistant but I’m just trying to be cautious.”

You nod. “Yeah I understand. Well good luck with finding someone.”

As you take one step away from his desk you trip on your own two feet causing Jimin to jump up, grabbing your wrist and pulling you closer to him. You felt your own chest now being pressed against his, making his face turn a shade of pink.

“I know I should have asked this earlier but what location-” A co-worker of yours begins to ask but stops when she sees Jimin’s arms around you. 

“I-I’m sorry I should have knocked…Please excuse me..” She practically bolted out of the room. 

Jimin immediately lets go of you, flustered. “Oh great…”

“Um, thank you for catching me.” 

“I could have done a better job. Who knows what she thinks she saw.” He groaned. 

“I’ll go talk to her, okay? It’s not that hard to explain.”

“If you say so…I guess I’ll just have to leave this one in your hands. Thank you, Y/N. I’m sorry for grabbing you like that.”

You give him a smile on your way out. “It’s fine.”

When you shut the door he collapsed in his chair still blushing. He kept replaying it in his mind to only make himself more flustered. It wasn’t just because he could feel how warm you were, it had something to do with the eye contact the both of you shared. He had always thought of you as attractive but he never expected to act on it. Not that he did…or so he keeps telling himself.

As soon as you came out of the office you could feel everyone’s eyes on you. It hadn’t been more than 5 minutes and you knew the whole office had something in mind. Explaining yourself out loud in front of everyone would just make you look crazy so you just walked back to your seat. 

“It’s so cliche. The assistant sleeping with the boss.”

“Can you blame her? He’s crazy rich….”

Those were the kinds of things you kept hearing from whispers in the distance. You wondered if it was bad enough to report the rumors to Jimin. If only you could find the girl who walked into the office earlier and just explain everything this would all go away. Around lunch you slipped into his office secretly. 

“Can I speak to you?”

Jimin sits up. “…sure..What is it?”

“Uh, well i’m not sure how to say this so i’m just gonna say it.”

“Go ahead.” Jimin tensed up, thinking you were going to say the words he was thinking. That he could finally tell you how much he would think about you during the day and how much he would call you into his office just to share one or two words. 

“I think today should be my last day.”

He choked on his drink. “What? Is it because of earlier? I wasn’t trying to harass you, I was just trying to catch you-”

“Huh? Oh! No! I wasn’t talking about that. I mean it has to do with that…Um well, people are saying that we are…sleeping together? Of course, we both know we’re not but this could be trouble for you.”

He sighed, sitting back in his chair. “I don’t see the problem.”

“What?” You almost shouted. 

“Well, I practically own this place. Therefor I can date who I want regardless of it being an employee.”

You had a wave of shock plastered on your face. “But sir, we aren’t together-”

“Then how about it?”

“A-are you asking me out?”

Jimin stood up from his desk, coming around to the front. He stood directly in front of you.

“If you’re accepting it I am.”

You started to think about whether he had shown you signs of interest before this but you were still so in shock it was hard to think about anything else than what was going on now. 

“Will this effect my job?’” You questioned, cautiously.

He shook his head. “I won’t let anyone do a thing to your job. How about we go out for dinner and if it goes well then maybe we’ll make those rumors true.”

Your face was now the one turning red. 

“I’m just messing with you, Y/N.” He laughed. 

His whole face seemed to have lit up, showing you a new side of him. His smile was something out of a movie that made you want to keep seeing that. If you could be the reason for his smile that would only make it better. 

“I want to go on a date with you. To be quite honest…I have thought about it.” You admitted. 

“I guess that makes two of us then. Did you really think I kept needing help on the same thing everyday?”

Now you’re questioning yourself for not seeing it before. 

“So, it’s a date then?”

Jimin slid his hand out of his pocket and taking hold of yours. He lifted it up to his lips.

“Yeah, It’s a date.”

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Mandy, do you have any headcanons for 2009 skype calls?


Finding strength through a pixelated connection, finding words they didn’t know they had within them. New and nervous and reaching out with the only tools they had. 

Phil would have been aware of how easily connections forged this way could dissipate; he’d have been there, time and again, already. Feeling like someone knows you better than yourself and in less than half a year feeling like they don’t know you at all. He might have been warier at first; not withdrawn, but segmented within himself: allowing himself to enjoy the friendship for what it was, but scared to feel more deeply. 

Dan would have had no filter. He would have had no idea what he was doing, but been determined to do it all the same. He wanted this, he chased this. At a point in his life where he wasn’t certain about much else and everything probably felt so transitory (broken up with his girlfriend, putting uni off for a while, losing his job) he made the decision to make Phil the thing he made tangible, the thing he tried at and kept at until he had what he wanted. 

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Black Butler Chapter 127 spoilers

As much as I want to join in the salt from the leaked stuff from the new chapter, (mainly Sebastian not reacting to Agnis death) I don’t think this is bad writing at all. Sebastian is a demon and has always been a heartless asshole and having that change over the death of Agni wouldn’t be like Sebastian, or Yana at all? As I see it, it doesn’t matter if Sebastian liked Agni, Ciel just said a few chapters ago he didn’t care about them so why should Sebastian? Sebastian sees human lives as insignificant and is only in their world at all to eat Ciel’s soul so if the master he serves “doesn’t care” why should he? Of corse we all know Ciel is just being a petty child and more than likely, even if he doesn’t know it at least cares about the 2 of them a bit so treating the situation so insignificantly could just as easily be a cruel joke on Sebastian part to mess with Ciel, he’s not like he hasn’t messed with him before. I would honestly love a bit of emotion out of Sebastian but that’s just not who he is?? But I guess we’ll just have to see how it really plays out when the chapter comes out

Request: 4. “We may hate each other but if we want to get out of this alive, we have to work together" 28. “Cocky much?” 49. “There’s no safer place for me than your arms” prompts with Barry Allen please? :))


"HIM?!” You said at unison pointing at each other shamefully in disbelief, all three-Caitlin, Cisco and HR-grimacing awkwardly before sharing a knowing look an turn to the both of you.

 "Well-“ Caitlin started off nervously playing with her fingers, you interrupted her abruptly 

 "No way in HELL I’M WORKING WITH THIS DICKHEAD” you roared as Barry rolled his eyes

 "I can do this without her!“ Barry pointed out and you turned to him you arched a brow when you turned to him.

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letsdiscussrobots  asked:

Hello there! Could you write some fluffy Whirl headcanons with a human s/o please? ♥

One order of fluffy birb boyfriend coming up!

-Whirl is like that best friend that pranks you terribly and snuggles up to you at the end of the day, banged up but content after a lot of fun and devious shenanigans.

-You two love to laugh! Jokes, pranks, chaos, drama, salt, etc. You name it and you two are there, most likely making it worse by snickering at it. Bonnie and Clyde have got nothing on you two shit-disturbers.

- Secret fact: it makes him melt a little when you giggle at even his worst jokes.

-You two always go on some kind of crazy, daring adventure together; every day is the day to “carpe that diem right in its face” as he likes to say. Your ideal date is somehow ruining Ultra Mags’ life and then making a wild run for it when he invariably finds out you did it.

-He’s not terribly good at romantic gestures, so instead he tends to show off like mad, and you always go along with it, cheering him on, whooping and hollering. 

-Whirl will always keep you somewhere safe, whether it be on his person ( did I say safe? I meant “safe”) or hidden high up to catch him in action. He later brags about it and you swoon over-dramatically, to which he commences some kind of play war.

-Play wars, half of the time, end up in you getting a scratch or hurt very insignificantly, but you love to make Whirl squirm, so you pretend to fake cry in order to make him freak out and cuddle you.

-You often refer to him as THE WORST™.

-You call each other “babe” and other terrible pet name unironically.

-Secret fact: Whirl is generally regarded as rugged and without a shred of gentle circuity in his body, but you know otherwise. He has his tender moments, though he vehemently denies they even exist to any other person. Like how you kiss him on the side of this face when no one is looking, and he’ll get all flustered and uncharacteristically bashful, and mumbles incoherently while nuzzling you like the giant mess that he is.

- You like to stuff a bunch of pillows and blankets into Whirl’s cockpit and take naps there time to time. Even though he claims to be a precise murder bird ninja con-killing machine, he’ll still tip toe and be extremely cautious while you’re in there. He’ll also shush any passerby that talks above a whisper while you sleep, referring to you ask “precious cargo”.

-Secret fact: Both of you share the same favourite movie franchise: Die Hard, and you will make references to the series at any chance you get.

Weightless: a Jackson fic

Chapter 1

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity. Besides, everyone wants a good love story.”

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I'm so mad that Ymir died in a flashback, off-screen, so insignificantly... I was already thinking that lately the manga’s storytelling has gotten pretty lousy, but this takes the cake.

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Portraits of the Universe

As an astronomy student, I see plenty of images from space. It’s an odd thing when you think about it. Most of the things that exist are out there, in space and yet only a select few humans are privileged enough to see them in their full beautiful context.

Here I’ll show you some of my favorite images from space and I’ll try to explain what makes them uniquely wonderful. I hope you enjoy!


This satellite photograph of crops in Kansas exemplifies to me the symbiotic relationship we need with our mother planet. Earth is home to us and right now we couldn’t look anywhere else in the universe and find a place like this, where food springs forth from the ground.

It’s humbling and beautiful.

(Image credit: NASA)

Into the Great Beyond

This image of a NASA space shuttle transiting across the face of the Sun is cold-hard proof that not only are we insignificantly small in the face of the vastness of space, but that not even that can stop us.

We’re explorers. We’re brave. We’re capable. We rose phoenix-like from the ashes of stars and we won’t tremble at the yawning dark.

(Image credit: NASA)

The South Pole of Mars

The south pole of Mars, also known as Planum Australe, is a giant, frozen, carbon dioxide and water ice-cap. It looks somewhat like stretch marks, somewhat like a bath bomb and somewhat like a giant bunny rabbit. It is gorgeous though, no matter which way you look at it.

Because of the greenhouse gas nature of methane, some think there’s a potential in the ice caps to recreate the Martian atmosphere. Though this idea can be controversial, it’s the possibility of what could be that quickens my heart.

(Image credit: ESA)

A Fresh Martian Crater

Typically craters are used to denote age. Bodies in space collect them over time like an ever increasing number of scars. Seeing a fresh one though is a uniquely personal experience. It reveals a lot about both the impactor and the body it struck. This image is gorgeous with the ejecta spread out like some sort of postmodern art piece.

(Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona)

Sunset from Afar

Seen by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, this Martian sunset is a stark reminder that the things we find beautiful about Earth, can sometimes be found abroad, injecting our ideas of beauty with new and enlightening perspectives.

On Earth short wavelength light is scattered out the more atmosphere light travels through. This is why as the sun gets lower, it becomes more red. On Earth, our blue skies become a romantic shade of crimson at sunset.

On Mars, the skies, red from dust, become blue at sunset. This is because the atmosphere doesn’t effectively scatter lightwaves until it’s filtered through enough atmosphere (which happens when the sun’s at the horizon). 

(Image credit: NASA, JPL/Caltech/MSSS/Texas A&M Univ)

Forged in Fire

In this picture from the ALMA telescope array, we can see an entire solar system being born. When a nebula collapses into a protoplanetary disk and a star is born in the center, heat and light emerge forth, a primordial solar system.

Gradually, pieces of the disk orbiting around the baby star clump together and, like a snowball rolling down hill, gather more and more material in their orbit.

Paths around the star get cleared as the baby planets grow larger and larger. The black paths you see above are places where planets are being born. An entire solar system is emerging out of the molten storm you see above.

(Image credit: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO))

The Jewel of the Solar System

There are worlds unlike anything we could have ever imagined out there. There are beautiful giants totally unlike our home and yet they orbit close enough that we can go there and explore it and its moons, orbiting around it like a solar system within the solar system.

(Image credit: NASA / JPL / Space Science Institute)

A Water World

Around Saturn orbits a small moon named Enceladus. It’s currently shooting geysers of liquid water into space. This mysterious world is one of numerous places suspected to be hospitable for life.

It’s easy to forget that Earth may not be the only place where life could form. Enceladus is only the first step towards breaking ourselves from thinking of the search for alien life as being a terra-centric one.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute)

Cosmic Jellyfish

This image of Comet Holmes, with its tails extended out and atmosphere on full display, show exactly how alive the universe really is without us.

As comets near stars, they heat up and two tails form behind them. In their cosmic dance around the stars, they interact in quite lively ways that proove the universe is far from being a still, empty void.

(Image credit: Ivan Eder)

Stardust & Mysteries

This image, collected by the Hubble Space Telescope, collects all manner of light and depth visible to one with a mind for exploration.

Who knows what mysterious places could be hiding behind that nebula? As Carl Sagan once said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

(Image credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), A. Nota (ESA/STScI), and the Westerlund 2 Science Team)

The Cosmos

No image better represents the grandeur, age and vastness of the universe than the Hubble eXtreme Deep Field image.

Astronomers, curious as to how large the universe really was, pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at a patch of darkness between the stars. They left the telescope to stare into the pitch blackness for 23 days collecting what pitiful amount of light there might be out there.

What they got back was a field littered with character, color and life.

This picture shows the universe (literally) at 3.5% of its current age. This is what it looked like 13.2 billion years ago.

(Image credit: NASA; ESA; G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch, University of California, Santa Cruz; R. Bouwens, Leiden University; and the HUDF09 Team)

I feel so insignificantly tiny right now. It’s terrifying. Dark shadows looming over my worthless size and all I can do is try to hide from it all. I miss the old me. Where I had less anxiety and it wasn’t all that bad. I feel empty and alone inside. I want this feeling to stop completely. I need it to go away.

What the shadow functions actually do, according to what I’ve been able to gather from various sources

First off, it’s relevant to note that the ordering, number wise, has more to do with how close they are to your “ego” and just having them mirror the first 4 functions than their actual strenfght - If we’re talking only about the ones in the stack, this corresponds with strenght, but if you feature in the shadow functions that’s not necessarily the case, not just because their ordering is actually closer to “6th, 8th, 5th, 7th” but because they’re interspersed with the main ones - that’s right, often you get the idea that they’re all so insignificantly developed that they hardly make a difference, like string theory style extra dimensions,

If you’ve ever taken a cognitive functions test that measures them all individually instead of just the preferences, you might in fact already have come across this phenomenon: If their strenght were in order of numbering, you would expect that for an INTP, the 8th function (Fi) would be the lowest, but I actually had a relatively high score - other people will have almost equally high values on ‘mutually excluive’ functions like Fe and Fi. More on that later, but this alone should indicate that they’re actually somewhat important and serve some unique roles in your psyche.

5th Function -

This one is comparable to your tertiary in strenght/ tends to be in the “average use” bracket, depending on how much you’ve developed your teriary of course, but you probably hardly use it and find doing so very exhausting or counterproductive. Nonetheless, the fifth function is the one shadow function that you can consciously flip on to its full extent without needing to learn how to do so, when the situation calls for it, but it’s likely that you don’t want you:
In fact it’s called “opposing” or “negative hero” function because you might really resist having to use this one, or feeling you need to filter it out. Take, for example, and INTP for whom the 5th function is Te - INTPs are not known for organizational skills (to say the least) and like many perceivers actually feel uncomfortable with too much sheduling, but there’s more to it, because in a way it represents an alternative approach: Te is concerned with finding what seems to work on an almost completely empirical basis, Ti, at least in a high-end user, is about finding out why things work or putting them in a self-consistent framework where most factors are accounted for - ultimately even here we need room for a reasonable doubt,
The Te shadow might be the reason for this phenomenon where the diaries of some reclusive, reasonable INTP-ish researchers are found, and it’s discovered that they were well ahead of their time (Gauss is a famous example) and had the next decades’ worth of advances sitting right there, but didn’t pblish them because they weren’t fully sure off/ satisfied with their
Since “pragmatic feasibility” (or whatever your fifth function is) is already a sort of devil’s advocate in your head, it can also come out in arguments/debates, when you’re “opposing” others - Say, your criticise an INTPs model/theory/conclusion, and they will pull some facts, studies, or feasibility considerations to support their conclusions. (I’ve actually observd this in myself) Or, I read one INTJ reflecting on the Ne shadow; The person observed how when their ideas are criticised, they would defend them via “finding alternatives” - For how the person they’re arguing with could be wrong, or how to patch up/ bugfix their Ni-derived idea with minor changes.

I’m not fully sure how this would work for someone leading with a feeling function, but I have noticed a pattern that I previously just chalked up to my general poor people skills and delicacy, where an ISFP in my family (5th function: Fe) would become upset about something that went wrong/ she felt she mucked up, and I would try to move to comfort her in what might have been a clumsy-tastic way, and she would react really negatively and get out the snarky voice. Now it has dawned on me that dealing with me in addition to the initial situation probably just added extra stress and that I should probably let her finish reacting internally instead of repeating my points (”Come on, it wasn’t your fault”) -.-°

(Although it can’tthat my skill at comforting people rarely goes beyond “it’s the thought that matters” and my perceptiveness rarely exceeds picking up the obvious, ie, that a person who’s crying or saying they’re upset is probably upset. She probably has more Fe than I have even if she mostly uses it to tell a person when they should back off and let her internally process in peace)

But in all examples you can see that this is a relatively “narrow”, small scale application of the function: Your starting point is your base function’s conclusion, you don’t - and likely can’t - scale the whole field of possibilities.

At best, this can slightly ‘round out’ or complement your primary and thus become a part of yourprocess (for example: devise theory -> go test it! Or, in a job rather than private setting, recognize the need to have someone else do the testing) but you’ve got to be careful not to use it in a wholly self-serving way (ie, confirmation bias. Only cite studies that agree with your theory, only find possibilities that , only pick up that ridiculous Big sis is being ridiculous and not that she’s trying to help (though lemme state that litte sis is not guilty of this, she was more like, “I get that you mean well but take a hint” if more politely worded))

Interestingly, just like your inferior supposedly influences your choice in mates a bit can lead you to go after someone you see as having something you lack/ an idealized version of yourself, the fifth function influences your idea of “dark sexy”, the bad boy/girl rather than the dream one or a sentiment “I don’t think I could or want to be like this person but there’s some parts of them I can’t help but admire or be slightly jealous of” (at least according to Beebe theory).

6th Function -

This is perhaps the most interesting one, and therefore one I wish I had  found more information on - You find more information about the other three as they can really cause problems, aligning with the base idea of the shadow functions as “stuff you suck at that you don’t realize you suck at” (as opposed to say, your inferior, where your suckage is more unpleasant but also more noticeable to you personally.) but the sixth function is more about stuff you’re good at that you don’t know -

Depending on which source you believe (and the individual’s) this can be anywhere between nearly as strong as the secondary function, and comparable to the primary one. This is actually one of your strongest functions, a “latent hidden strenght” every type has, and actually uses every day without noticing. It’s called the “demonstrative function”, maybe because others actually notice it more easily than you do and might even value this good quality in you.

So I’m particularly interested in learning how to get more use out of this. My 6th function would be Ni and I think we can all agree that Ni is basically black magic.

About how exactly you use this, the sources vary. Some sources say that the into/processing this gathers feeds into the conclusions of your base and auxillary, but you don’t know how to flip it on independently of those. Like the fifth function (Like in the INTP example, “I need to know WHY/HOW I know so I don’t trust, or dare to make, an estimate”. Conversely, an INTj might not see the point in dissecting something in detail when they’re comfortable making the mental jump to the end result and don’t see it getting them closer to their goals) Some said that it’s things that seem “obvious” to you, that you see without being aware that actual thinking/processing has taken place, or that you use them in “inverted” negative ways as a tool for criticism (sort of like the fifth one) and part of your panic mode.

When I first read this I was clueless as to how this is present in my life but I’ve since read up on both this thing and Ni and observed my thinking and… I do frequently find myself going “I should have known this would happen because of A and B” in a self-critical way/ and avoid A and B in the future, sometimes I even distinctly recall a moment where I thought “Won’t that thing happen if I do this?” but dismissed it (maybe I should follow/trust that more often?)

Ni is also supposedly tied to symbolism, analysis of deeper meanings, predicting what will happen next in a story, finding patterns etc. This is something that at very least interests me as a fun hobby activity.  

To give another example, my mom is an ENFP, so her sixth function is Fe. If you asked her why she does things, she would reply in a way indicative of Fi-style internal processing, “I believe in XY value”, “You can’t do [wrong thing] and expect your children to grow up with [positive trait]” or “I think WZ is important”, but she’s a lot more loudly expressive than other Fi users in our family, and cultivates a warm and lively atmosphere around her.

Or for, INFJs, it’s Fi. They’ll reason in very other-oriented ways of wanting to help and do right by everyone, but when reading their many tumblr posts you do get the sense that many of them actually have deep ethical/personal convictions.

7th Function -

Called the “Point of least resitance”, “Vulnerable Function”, or “Polar Function” , this is your weakest function overall, even more pitiful than your inferior, so unused as to seem completely absent, and as such quite relevant to what makes up a person because this is the thing that everyone else in the room has or is consciously or unconsciously sensitive to, while you aren’t, and might not know the thing you lack is even a thing.

This is why it’s often called the “blind spot” beccause it’s really like not having a sense - or lacking a screen on which to broadcast certain things.

Even more so than the inferior, it’s an “all-or-nothing” thing, either completely off or berserk - on the other hand, this being off most of the time contributes to the freedom you have with your auxillary, as this function rarely ever flips it off, and having people who do not respond to one certain communication channel can, in a way,  be helpful to society as you will also be nearly immune to some of its pitfalls and have an unique perspective with which to evaluate things.

In fact the guy explaining this said that he sometimes finds it easier to type people by what is utterly absent fem when they’re hard to pin down.

You are likely to distrust things or activities related to this function and ome ppl expend a lot of energy resisting it, so understanding it and the philosophy behind it/ what it does for others can help a bit, though mostly you’ll have to use your other functions to compensate for this/ express some of the things you’d normally use this one for in a different way.

Again this is something that’s easier to see in others than yourself - My brother is an INFP and it’s easy to see how he’s “Se polar” it’s something I noticed about him long before I had a word for it, though of course from my perspective it looks different than most ppl’s.  He’s even less into material things than me and generally the most civilized,patient, reasonable guy you could find,  and I can count on a hand the times I’ve seen him display overt agression (if anythng he gets passive-agressive when truly stressed), just very little animal parts inside him.

For me, this would also be Se, which, in the simplest way, is about data intake and immediate in-the-moment reaction to things, so obsly, I’m clumsy, I miss stuff that’s directly in front of me, I’m not that big on pretty objects (MTBI has really helped me understand why some people do and look at them in a different, more neutral/open fashion), I usually do things for a reason…

But there’s more to it, the “secondary powers” include being really aware of posture - a high-end Se user is going to be someone with good and reliable instincts and reflexes and “intuition” in the colloquial, gut-feeling-y sense rather than the myers-briggs sense (not quite “mere” impulsiveness and way more reliable), they’d be more aware of what their body language is projecting, the tangible impact they’re making,  or have more deliberateness about it, force and the ability to make themselves seen,  and these are all things I don’t really have.

I might accidentally come off as irreverent, but on the other hand, someone going all alpha/gesturing isn’t going to intimiate me that much nor is status that big a temptation, so society’s going to have this reservoir of quiet people who step out of the shadows to say  “Wait a sec big guy, this does not make any sense/ is unethical!”

So when all those ppl told me to “show more assertive attitude/ body language to scare off bullies” they might as well been talking chinese to me. From what I’ve read another way this can manifest is that INXPs don’t have this poking them in the butt telling them to produce tangible results so we might spend much time building our ideas without ever doing anything with them which… is certainly a problem I’ve encountered, actually doing stuff.

So… don’t assume INXPs are pushovers.

I guess the same could be said for, say, IXTJs (7th function: Fe) who might come of as serious, humor-less an unpersonable… but might or might not actually be that way once you get to know them, they’re just not aware of how/why to broadcast it beyond perhaps a purely intellectual understanding of the concepts.

Or, EXTPs (7th function: Fi) and how some of them might come off as hilariously inappropiate/ insensitive sometimes. They might genuinely not realize/ not have intended to cross any lines and it’s possible that they have some personal principles/codes in their own way.

It is possible to learn to tap into it (say, an INXP who learns to project a bit of a presence for public speaking or to become slightly less clumsy at sports) but it’s never going to be more than a slight mitigation.

I, personally, have come to find that I can walk down a street in such a manner that ppl are slightly less likely to run into me, make myself slightly more aware of the weight and outline of my limbs, notice slightly more things in the corners of my vision field while doing so, and speak in a manner that is… not exactly assertive but more chill than clueless, and… that’s it. As long as I have complete unbroken concentration, that is.

(I have little to no interest in becoming more athletic or imposing anytime soon, but it was an interesting experience)

The last two functions also shape and influence your concept and perception of evil, both what you associate with evil and what sort of evil particularly shocks you. For example, an INFP could particlarly dislike shallowness and uncivilized barbarism. (What did Tolkien (one notable INFP) make the enemies? Hordes of bestial Orcs and people who were crazy for status.)

8th Function -

The so-called “Role Function” also potentially relevant for mistypings and the like.

This is a function you actualy have a pretty decent understanding of, comparable to your tertiary depending on how much you’ve practiced it (and as you can practice this one way more easily than the other shadow functions this can vary) but as it’s the most disconnected from your sense of “self”, you see it in a very “instrumental” perspective - At worst, as something society or the external world expects from you, and at best as something that’s sometimes useful as a tool - hence why socionic calls it the “role function” as it’s used to play a societally expected role-  

So sometimes this is something you see when you first meet the person,

In the case of 8th function Fi, (as for INTPs),  this might be a person who’s formal and polite in word choice but blunt in the actual content of what they’re saying, or, as in my case, sometimes over-the-top stiff polite with new people,  but not very polite at all, or even not seeing that much actual value in it.  (I’m somewhat polite with new people/ never know when to first-name-basis someone, but in private (or online) I pretty much say “fuck” a lot.)

Now you Fi affectionados might wonder, “But isn’t connectin to your core self the whole point of Fi? What does it even do?”

Well, I write. I do discuss ethical conepts sometimes, I’m fairly articulate at describing nuances

Kind of frustrating that I can describe in detail the complicated motivations/ mixed feelings of some fictional character or discuss varying position to an issue, but can only express my own as “XD”, “=D”, “>.<”, “.////.”, “:(” or “Rawwwr!!” thanks to my brilliant Fe - which is why I have really preferred written communication from an early age. But on the other hand, I didn’t see this as a painful limitation of my self, but just “can’t make other ppl understand my point/rationale”

Which is anotherthing about the Role Function - there’s a tedency for you to veer off into your lead function’s territory/ steer the conversation/argument there, like seeing an ethical discussion in terms of “what makes sense” and such concerns or putting feelings into analytical frameworks.

Because while the role function is halfway decent, it “describes” the same sphere as your lead function, which is very comfortable to use so you default to it.

This can also lead to scrambled signals, such as presenting something as a factual conclusion that’s really fueled by subconscious emotion, or, conversely, an INFP might present something as an ethical conlusion that really comes from a place of calculation - So this is a pitfall to watch out for.

But as it is ‘disconnected’/ unvalued/ not used for actual decision making, in some respect it might well be as ‘nigh-absent’ as the 7th function - For example, I’ve always been rubbish at describing myself for online profiles. Other people just immediately spit out a description, I often find myself having to use conscious thought when asked for my preferences -

Whereas when you ask me specific questions, I can react to them and come up with verbose replies by the power of Ne.  

Another classic example is an EXTJ using Fe - They might seem warm in the job interview or know the strategic value of cultivating a sense of cameradery in their followers, but are actually “get down to work!” sort of bosses in day-to-day life. You’ll see some of them use artificial charm or finesse here and there but underneath, be actually pretty awkward when forced in situations relating to their genuine emotions, and there’s no ‘pipeline’ between the true feelings and whatever produces their artificial projections.

I also know one INFP who was moderately good with maths & had mild interest technology, so he had some decent Ti there, but he didn’t use it as a basis for personal decisions… at all, and, after giving a semester of computer science a go, decided that a job where he’d have to do math all day would not be fulfilling to him/ decided to become a history teacher instead and use his “reasonable diplomatic big brother” skills to mentor kids and tell the curriculum in an interesting way. (ie, something that would utilize more Fi)

As a general statement, I find it interesting how each type uses each function (including the ones on the stack) in a very unique way even if they’re weak, so when you feel frustrated with your inability consider that if you don’t get discouraged, you might add something unique to the world. Your teritary and inferior might but they can be - or at least become - actually pretty good in things related to your main interests/ pursuits - Say, an INTP will never be any good at logistics or picking up what person X wore on day Y the way a highgrade Si user would, but Si is apparently what saves and catalogues all that random nerd knowledge. Another example I read is that an ESXPs Ni is quite workeable on a “short range” context, like having some gut feeling about a business desicion or how your conversation partner is going to react to the next thing you’re about to do, though it often spits out only doomsday scenarion when used “long range”/ “large scale”. Or lowgrade Fe manifesting as troll humor and a general, abstract caring about “the greater good” while still being able to make hard logical decisions… there’s times where society might need someone with a perspective like that as much as it very much needs the directly interpersonal caring and nurturing of an EXFJ.

sometimes i wonder if tanaka and noya’s first encounter was a significant event for both of them, sewn onto their memories forever. or if it was a completely ordinary one, where no matter how much they try, neither of them can remember how they met. like they just all of a sudden were best friends for life. i like both and i cant pick.

Writers let love into insignificant moments, they’re the reason you stay a plague in my mind. Writers let you live longer in their subconscious, where you’ve become my reoccurring dream. You are the crumbling of my self-esteem when your eyes open, nevermore confident than I could be under hue of saturations which seek to hide the fear I have since you’ve forgotten who I am. Do you remember the sly look across the greenery? When I tried my best to impress by covering up the brightness of my own? I felt insignificantly shadowed under the weight of your constellation because I knew it could outshine mine as I hid behind the moon. I never stood a chance against you, and I knew, and it made me sharpen my graphite into pointed edges where you’d become the muse of my words, how they could never be as beautiful. Writing down the things I could never have said as I tripped over punctuations that let the wrong words out. There is safety in the lined paper which I use to write to you, now. They are safe from the scrutiny of your imperial affliction. I am a writer. Words are my beauty. I could write you into a million little infinities, but they’ll never be more poetic than the curve of your shoulders or the speckles dotting your cheeks. They could write more than I ever could in the hopes of garnering your attention.…and maybe I’m not over it because I haven’t written you into my poetry, patched myself up in graphite and tossed you out to sea. I hope you find significantly insignificant moments to remind yourself of who you are and where you were when you stood on the banks of the ocean in which I tossed you into.
—  eightieshairstyle, i felt insignificantly shadowed

{ a stranger and an insignificantly significant experience }
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AU: Summer, Airport
Pairing: Akashi x Reader (Semi-platonic)
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Words: 1443 
A/N: Way longer than I intended lol I’m sorry but I hope you enjoy!


Fantastic. You had rushed to the airport, thinking that you were going to be late thanks to the terrible weather and your flight gets delayed instead thanks to the terrible weather. You huffed as you listened to the woman’s voice echo throughout the airport, telling all the passengers that all flights would be postponed until further notice. Meaning, you weren’t going to board the plane anytime soon. You huffed as your shoulders slumped. Just great.

This vacation was already starting off horribly.

The redheaded man next to you cursed under his breath, muttering something about being late to a meeting. Wow, the start of summer vacation and he still had work. It must suck to be a workaholic like that. “Do you know when the new flight times are going to be posted?”

“They said they’re delayed until further notice.”

“Fuck,” he spat out absentmindedly. His eyes widened slightly as he turned to you, “I apologize. I didn’t mean to use such crude language.”

“No big,” you cleared your throat, finally noticing the beautiful shade of his eyes. Wow. You didn’t know anyone who could pull off red eyes and still look hot. “Um, are you in a hurry somewhere?”

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In every particular aesthetic experience of nature the social whole is lodged. Society not only provides the schemata of perception but peremptorily determines what nature means through contrast and similarity. Experience of nature is co-constituted by the capacity of determinate negation. With the expansion of technique and, even more important, the total expansion of the exchange principle, natural beauty increasingly fulfills a contrasting function and is thus integrated into the reified world it opposes. Coined in opposition to absolutism’s wigs and formal gardens, the concept of natural beauty forfeited its power, because bourgeois emancipation under the sign of the alleged natural rights of human beings made the world experience not less but more reified than it was in the eighteenth century. The unmediated experience of nature, its critical edge blunted and subsumed to the exchange relation such as is represented in the phrase ‘tourist industry,’ became insignificantly neutral and apologetic, and nature became a nature reserve and an alibi.
—  Theodor Adorno, Aesthetic Theory