insignia wrong

Alright folks, I drew Annie in history class today, and I inked her during dinner just now.  As you may be able to tell, she is not my favorite, considering she practically massacred Squad Levi.  But she made it into my history notes, so…

alright, honestly, she’s fun to draw, even if Rivetra missed the canon round because she meddled.

I just now noticed I gave her the wrong insignia… oops.  I’m so used to drawing the Survey Corps badge I forget Annie’s in the MP Brigade.

duppain  asked:

angsty nalu one of them dying :3

Pairing: NaLu

Rated: T

Warnings: Violence, Major Character Death

Word Count: 4659

Notes: Ahh! Thank you for the request! I hope you like it! (Also this got way longer than expected and it’s past 3am so I’m not proofreading it sorryyyyy)

Where am I?

Lucy’s eyes closed almost as soon as they opened as to avoid the dazzling light of the sun’s rays. She could feel the warmth kissing her, blissfully welcoming her to lie where she did for the rest of her life, but she knew she would have to get up eventually. Happy and Natsu would undoubtedly come looking for her.

Reluctantly, she peeked one eye open, allowing it to adjust to the radiance before both eyes widened fully. The golden plains extended endlessly, or so it appeared. A light breeze carried the warm air over the field, rustling the grass and caressing her skin. Above her, clouds drifted lazily through the expanse of blue, and, she noticed, there was one shaped like a dragon, and another shaped like Happy. 

She smiled.

Everything was so relaxing. It was one of those times in between battles, where all of the stress, heartache, and loss seemed to be but a distant memory. Lucy would go home and take a nice long bubble bath, unwinding all of her muscles and worries along with them. Then, perhaps, she would write more of her novel, or pay the guild a visit. She was always the happiest with Fairy Tail.

“I wonder where Natsu and Happy are. They’re probably at my place,” she mused aloud, wandering towards the path that had brought her to where she stood. The tranquility of her surroundings did nothing but calm her senses, though, examining it now, she could not seem to recall when she had even traveled the journey to get to the field. Her eyes widened.

She knew where Happy and Natsu were, and it was not at her apartment. 

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