ToG/ACOTAR Next Gen Master List: Contains Spoilers

   ACOTAR Next Generation

Dacia Archeron Vanserra

TitlesHigh Lady of the Spring Court
Parents: Tamlin + Ianthe
Adopted by: Elain + Lucien
Adopted Siblings: Ash, Adara, Fia, Aella
Mate: unannounced
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Orientation: Gay
Description: Breast length golden blond hair, green eyes, tanned skin, curvy, 5′10
Distinguishing marks: stretch marks on thighs and breasts, tattoo on side of hand: Blood isn’t family
Abilites: Shapeshifting, shifting others, healing, winnowing, strength
Hogwarts House (because why not): Hufflepuff

Ash Archeron Vanserra

Titles: Heir to the Autumn Court
Parents: Lucien + Elain
Siblings: Adara, Fia, Aella, Dacia (adopted)
Children: Dakota (unborn)
Mate: Unannounced
Age: 19 (currently)
sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Species: high fae
Description: Red long hair, bright green eyes, freckles everywhere, 6′4, broad shouldered, tanned skin
Distinguishing Marks: none
Abilities: Fire manipulation, advanced healing, unable to be scarred (heals wounds too fast to scar), stops hearts, heal nightmares/ptsd memories 
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor

Adara Archeron Vanserra

Titles: Dacia’s second in Command, Lady of the Spring Court, Lady of the Autumn Court
Parents: Lucien + Elain
Siblings: Ash, Fia, Aella, Dacia (adopted)
Mate: unannounced
Age: 9 (currently)
Sex: Female
Orientation: straight
Description: Brown eyes, red hair to middle back, freckles everywhere, 5′8, curvy, tanned skin
Distinguishing marks: spine tattoo of flowers fading into water
Species: High Fae
Abilities: healing, winnowing, fire 
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

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I feel like I used to think that I would never get fandom-related tattoos. But I’m suddenly appreciating the trope. Like, I want “No mourners, no funerals” in script on my underarm. The TRC triangle and “The trees speak latin” with a oaktree motif on my back. “Live because you don’t know how to die” on the inside of my wrist. I want a Phoenix and the Gryfindor insigna. “What is a legacy besides planting seeds in a garden you don’t get to see?” Or “Rise Up.” Freaking Steinbeck’s “Now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” Throw some Eragon on there, what do I care. I’ll even get a Thunderclan symbol, I don’t give two shits. I want to be a walking catalogue of my time in these fandoms and this literature, I don’t care how corny people think it is.

azthedragon  asked:

Not sure if you have answered this yet, but... how do you feel about the "official 10 years later design" for Danny, Sam and Tucker (there's a video on youtube, I think)? I personally love Sam and Tucker's, but I feel... really bothered with Danny's. Perhaps because it's too... superhero-ish? (the insigna on his chest has always bothered me since day 1). Am I the only one that feels this way? I always considered Danny to be a kid trying to do his best rather than a real superhero.

I actually haven’t talked about this yet!

I agree with you, for the most part. Tucker’s design seemed really easy for Butch, since he didn’t play around as much, but that’s fine because the two designs were really good. I agree with him that yeah, Tucker would likely have his own corporation, and the more advanced tech he has is really cool.

With Sam, I wasn’t too sold on the Black Widow or Laura Croft comparisons. Sam’s her own character, not just some action chick (not that either of those characters are, but it doesn’t fit her.) I did really like the second and final designs, though. I feel like the second design would work really well for casual wear. I can definitely see her going kind of hipster as she gets older, and while she’s not just an action girl, she was always the most into the ghost fighting, so the final design works, too. I also thought it was cute that she had Maddie’s goggles.

Danny…I don’t have too much of a problem with his design, if I don’t think about it too hard. Buuuuuut I also do agree with you.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the Captain America comparisons and such. Danny never was like that. I can still somewhat accept his design because that’s just his ghost form. I never considered DP a superhero show, but Danny did refer to himself as a superhero. That’s the way he saw himself. I would prefer if he was able to change that view to fit what he’d want to do more, but if it’s only in ghost form, the design alone is fine.

I’m not especially fond of the hair, though that’s more of an aesthetic thing. The suit…looks cool, and it’s not like it’s something I could never see Danny putting himself in. The weird thing is the whole “using ghosts to power his suit” thing.

What’s the purpose of that exactly? I mean, Danny’s already op af. He doesn’t really need to steal power from the ghosts he captures. That sounds kinda…messed up, if you think about it. I mean, can you imagine him using Johnny or Kitty or Poindexter like that? Seems unnecessarily cruel. What’s more, the suit needs power? For what? What’s his suit doing that he couldn’t do before? Is it for the thermos itself? The thermos didn’t need to use ghosts for power before, as far as we know. And would the thermos even be necessary anymore? He’s been doing this for awhile, and I get the feeling most ghosts would know not to mess with him by now.

All of those are mostly nitpicks, though. Design wise, I don’t think it’s that bad.

My biggest complaint is that Butch only gave him a Phantom design. That’s where I completely agree with you. He’s putting all the focus on the superhero element, which wasn’t what most of us were watching the show for. He keeps comparing it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it gives me the impression that in his mind, Danny has gone full time superhero.

I think we all know he didn’t want that.

I would’ve definitely felt better about the design if we’d gotten a human form of Danny, too. I would prefer to see him as more of a peacekeeper than a superhero, but if that’s how he wanted to see himself, I wouldn’t complain. He deserves a life of his own, though. He deserves to work for NASA and study space and all those things he wanted to do.

Danny Phantom shouldn’t be a superhero show. The characters don’t work for that because it’s not what they want, and it’s honestly so much less interesting if it’s just about beating up the weekly bad guy.

The logo I’ve never minded, though. I think it could’ve been incorporated into the plot better, but Sam designed that thing for fun when she was 14. I can see a kid going “you’re a superhero! You need a logo!” Again, Danny even calls himself one. Sure, the logo mostly exists to make Danny more marketable, but I’m fine with it.

But yeah, Butch clearly wants this to be his Captain America, and that just…isn’t Danny. Sorry, Butch, but if DP came back as just a Marvel clone, I’d be bored to death of it.



I finally managed to put my greedy hands on the Joker Game settei shiryōshū (Joker Game setting material list) which contains a lot of info (Yes, I’ll try to scan the juiciest one if I’ll manage to… for now content yourself with knowing that Sakuma is confirmed as a member of the infantry, and on his insigna of arms there was written he was in the 1st infantry, Elena and Tazaki share the same height so the height itself couldn’t tip off the SMERSH assassin, there are maps of D Agency! in the settei Amari and Emma’s dad resemble each other A LOT, Kazato might have been Akutsu’s right hand man in the original plans and he was meant to wear aguillettes on his uniform like Muto…).

It’ll be awesome if there’s someone who feels up on translating things… but I get it might be a lot of work so I’ll understand if nobody wants to.

Still, I hope someone will be so kind as to give a try at translating these pages on the Wind Agency as there’s really little known info about it.

I know people don’t really care much about Wind Agency… but I still think it might worth something to know more about it.

So… help, please?

(Oh, if you’re wondering why quality isn’t so great that is because for some reason the book decided to post these settei in a smaller version compared to the others… which is a pity if you ask me but I don’t make the rules… ;_;)

Enlisted Ranks (Grades) - Navy and Coast Guard

Sorry for the unfinished version of this post that came up earlier - my laptop glitched and posted early!  Here’s the full post.

The Navy and the Coast Guard share a lot of traditions, one of which is having ranks (or, as these two services call them, “grades”) that bear no resemblance to those of our ground-pounding or air-watching brethren.  Much like the Army, however, you can always count on the fact that lower numbers = lower ranks.  Both the Navy and the Coast Guard will confuse things by having ratings as well as ranks, but we’ll stick with ranks here.

Where rank is worn depends on what uniform someone is in.  In a Navy dress uniform, the rank is shown via a rank/rating badge on the sleeve.  In the Coast Guard, enlisted members wear their rank insigna on both sleeves or on the collar, depending on the uniform.  In coveralls (shared by both services), any type of camo (aka, the soon-to-be-defunct “digie blues”, aka NWU or newer NWU type III), it’s worn on the collar.  Same thing with the black and tans.

Navy and Coast Guard uniforms are complicated; look for a post on that later.  (Or you can check Wikipedia; it’s strangely accurate on this!). For now, let’s go back to ranks.

E-1 thru E-3: Seamen (and its many varieties) 

E-1: Seaman Recruit
This is your mark 1, mod 0 guy/gal fresh into the service.  But because the Navy and the Coast Guard like to be complicated, the rank of E-1 has several variations:

Navy and Coast Guard:
Seaman Recruit (SR)
Fireman Recruit (FR)
Airman Recruit (AR)

Navy only:
Constructionman (CR)
Hospitalman (HR)

E-2: Seaman Apprentice
The Coast Guard advances new sailors straight to SA after graduating from boot camp.   The Navy automatically advances sailors after six months.   You can also jump straight to SA with enough time in a JROTC program.   Again, you get the same variants as above, which turn into SA, FA, AA, CA, and HA.

E-3: Seaman
Advancement is automatic, provided the CO approves.  For the Coast Guard, 6 months time in grade is required.  For the Navy, a Sailor must have one year’s time in service and at least 9 month’s time as a SA.  Again, we have the same variants as above, now SN, FN, AN, CN, and HN.

All three Seaman ranks are commonly referred to as “Seaman <insert name here>”, like “Seaman Schmucketelly”.  Someone is generally not referred to as “Seaman Recurit Schmucketelly”.

E-4 through E-6: Petty Officers

After advancing from Seaman, a Sailor must take advancement exams to reach the Petty Officer ranks (there are some specialty schools that will advance someone, but that’s part of the rating conversation).  These grades are:

(E-4) Petty Officer Third Class
(E-5) Petty Officer Second Class
(E-6) Petty Officer First Class

These ranks indicate increasing responsibility.  A Second Class or First Class may serve as a Work Center Supervisor, or a Leading Petty Officer in their division.  

Basic Promotion Requirements:

E-3 to E-4:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR), or automatic upon graduation from either “A” school or a formal Striker Program.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 6 months TIR, 2 years time-in-service (TIS), or sometimes automatic upon graduation from “A” school.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 6 months time-in-rate (TIR) and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 12 months TIR, 3 years time-in-service (TIS) and passing the advancement exam.

E-4 to E-5:
Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 12 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, 7 years TIS , Completion of the Navy Leadership Training Continuum (LTC), and passing the advancement exam.

Keep in mind that although the Coast Guard’s requirements look easier, promotion quotas exist.  Only so many sailors can be promoted each cycle, so the top performers are the ones who are advanced more quickly.  

Petty Officers can be addressed as “Petty Officer Schmucketelly”, but they’re usually referred to by their rate, such as “BM2 Schmucketelly” (Boatswain’s Mate Second Class Schmucketelly) or just “BM2″.  More on that in another post.

E-7 thru E-9: Chief Petty Officers

Chiefs are the backbone of the enlisted ranks in the Navy and the Coast Guard.  They’re sometimes a law onto themselves, and serve as the enlisted leadership in any ship or unit.  In order to make Chief Petty Officer (E-7), a Sailor must pass an exam and then their record goes before a promotion board.

Coast Guard: CO’s recommendation, at least 2 years TIR and passing the advancement exam.
Navy: CO’s recommendation, 36 months TIR, and 11 years TIS. [The TIS requirement can be waived for stellar candidates; I worked with a 7 year Chief who was one of the best I ever served with.]

(E-7) Chief Petty Officer
(E-8) Senior Chief Petty Officer
(E-9) Master Chief Petty Officer

Advancement from CPO to SCPO to MCPO depends entirely on record review, completion of leadership requirements, and TIR.

E-7 to E-8
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR
Navy: 36 months TIR

E-9 to E-9
Coast Guard: 2 years TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy
Navy: 36 months TIR and completion of a Senior Enlisted Academy

Master Chief and Senior Chief Petty Officers often serve as Senior Enlisted Advisors (SEL - usually Senior Chiefs), Chief of the Boat (subs), and Command Master Chiefs.  They are the CO’s primary adviser on enlisted affairs.  Although the CMC/COB/SEL won’t set policies, they’re the “bellybutton” of the command for enlisted morale, training, and other issues.  This individual serves closely with the CO and usually has a very frank and open relationship with him/her.

The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) is the senior enlisted member of the Navy.  Same with the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard (MCPOCG).

Chief are addressed either as “Chief”, “Chief Schmucketelly”, or as “BMC” (Boatswain’s Mate Chief).

Senior Chiefs and Master Chiefs are generally just referred to as “Senior Chief” or “Master Chief”, with or without the addition of their name.

Other Enlisted Stuff:

Enlisted Sailors E-6 and below will often address one another with their last names, particularly ones that know one another well.  First names are very rarely used, particularly not on duty.  

No one will refer to a Chief as “sir” or “ma’am” - the immediate response from said Chief/Senior Chief/Master Chief will be that “I work for a living!”  

I’ve also referred to “Rates” a lot, and I do promise to work on another post for that one.  Basically, rates = specialties, and as is often said in the Navy, “Choose your rate, choose your fate”.  Once you’re rated, you’re in that rate for the rest of your career, unless you cross-rate to another one.

-LT Robin4

All additions to the Ending in today’s episode

1) Morioh’s insigna on Josuke’s chest

2) Kira in the train station

3) Reimi and Arnold on the rooftop

4) Shigechi in the school corridor

5) And Kira again in the lighthouse, and the turtle has turned into a rat

Speculation about Civil War II and Tony’s fate

So, this is how it’ll go:

For some reason, Tony will be ‘disembodied’, transferring his mind into a computer. He might be killed and has a failsafe that renders his consciousness ‘digital’, he might almost die and someone might pull a magical stunt to preserve his mind (Doom?), or something else might happen, I am not sure. However, this will lead to Tony’s new position within the Marvelverse being in the shadows or behind the scenes, mentoring Riri Williams from within the armour as some kind of A.I. (remember her remarking in one of the last issues she’s gonna need to build an AI - well, she’s gonna get something better than that).

This leads to new flesh and blood protags in both IM-series: Invincible Iron Man will be helmed by Riri as the visible superhero, with Tony behind the scenes; International will be helmed by Victor von Doom, possibly taking on another new ‘Iron’ persona, with Tony behind the scenes.

Evidence: the teaser for new Marvel Now, with Riri and Doom at the forefront, both carrying Iron Man-insigna, suggesting Tony is ‘there’, but literally only there in spirit:

The cover to the new Invincible Iron Man 1, with Tony in the background, drawn like the AI Friday in current IIM, pink and translucent:

This will truly be a ‘new status’ for Tony within the Marvelverse; essentially, he will be some kind of ‘ghost in the machine’, a motive often played with in earlier IM comics but never fully gone through with. (There’s an arc where Tony has to fight an evil AI-version of himself in the digital realm; of course, Extremis could be seen as a lead-up to something like this; also, let’s not forget about ultimate Tony being temporarily disembodied before giving himself back his physical form with the help of the Infinity Gems.)

(Alternatively, Tony is either severly wounded, with his body kept somewhere for regeneration, while he takes on this new, non-physical role; or he is being persecuted and can’t appear in public anymore, hence acting through his digital form.)

unexpected choices

a shudder tingles down through jimin’s spine as the heavy weight of someone’s burning gaze pierces through the back of his skull.

and even at this distance, through the thick fog of cloying cigar smoke clinging to the air and the passing heads obscuring his vision, jimin can see the wealth clearly rolling off of this man in waves.

everything from the perfectly tailored suit, unquestionably of foreign origins, all straight edges and crisp lines, to the proud, genteel stance in the tilt of his chin, a kind of poise only inherent to those born into money, this stranger currently boring lasers into jimin’s soul just screams riches and fortune.

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                                                 RE BAHIA

With her latest Spring/Summer 2015 Collection titled ‘Coup d'etat’, Orire Omatsola showcased amazing pieces full of life, prints and colour. These pieces, definitely, would be a staple in my closet. 

Photo Credit: Kola Oshalusi (Insigna Media)