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~Feeling Insightful Pt. 3~ The Conflict between Akari and Kazu

Although Kazu is a very happy-go-lucky idiot who doesn’t have any awareness of girls or the deep meaning to things that he says, he is still the most mysterious character out of the four main protagonists. We know very little about Kazu’s family situation except that it has to do with his brother, and I think in the later chapters we will start to gain insight on Kazu and his relationship with his brother and why he acted the way he did in rejecting Akari even though he clearly likes her. 

In my opinion, I think Kazu’s rejection of Akari is deeper and more complicated than just not wanting to fall in love with the same girl as his friend. I think Kazu started to fall in love with Akari even before the marathon, but because he is a naive idiot, he didn’t realize it until he got too close into Akari’s personal space and gets really flustered since he has never been this close to a girl before and has never crushed on anyone. In Chapter 8, Akari runs off for the entire day, which angers Rio greatly and Akari starts to cry. My guess is that Kazu might have had a similar situation in the past where he ran off for a day without telling anyone and wants to know why Akari did that in the first place so he says he will listen to what she has to say. Hearing Akari’s family situation probably reminded him of his own family situation and he felt very empathetic towards her, which is why he took Akari to his favorite place in the first place, and allowed Akari to see a glimpse of his life and philosophy. 

In the chapter where Kazu’s brother comes back home for the first time in a while,  you can clearly see that although Kazu and his brother still talk like family to each other, their relationship is strained and tense. Kazu and his brother were probably very close with each other and Kazu was very dependent on him until he dropped the bomb and decided to leave university and move out, which greatly upsets him even now. 

Once Kazu became friends with Rio (and conveniently they also live in the same building), Kazu was reminded of his once good relationship with his older brother that he enjoyed so much and starts to see Rio as his own brother, which is why he goes over to Rio’s house a lot to take naps, eat food, and watch movies together. Seeing Akari and Rio’s kiss in the rain and finally realizing that he has feelings for Akari, he immediately rejects and tries to get rid of his feelings, because he was afraid if he tried to push his feelings on Akari, he would lose Rio like he lost his brother. Thus, he started avoiding Akari like a plague, but gets worried and upset when she disappears for no reason or is getting into a fight with one of her pursuers. However, Akari is persistent and keeps coming back to pursue and confess to him, which greatly flusters and confuses Kazu’s emotions and actions that he rejects her.  Yet, he feels extremely unsettled when Akari tells him to forget about it and implies she had already moved on, because he himself was not over his own conflicts regarding his feelings, and probably was not over his soured relationship with his brother, so he blanks out completely and impulsively kisses her. 

I’m very interested to see how Kazu will act in the next chapter, especially with Akari’s ex-boyfriend coming to the cultural festival. Will Kazu try to avoid Akari even though he will get jealous of his closeness to her? Will he do something impulsive again and kiss her, yet immediately rejecting her afterwards? If her ex-boyfriend starts coming onto her again, will Kazu save her and beat him up? 

I’m also curious as to how Kazu will bring up his feelings about Akari to Rio and realize that all of this was a mistake and misunderstanding. The last time Rio and Kazu met and conversed with each other was the time when Kazu accidentally fell on top of Akari and Rio misinterpreted that he was probably having sex with a random girl, so Rio might start to feel awkward talking to Kazu since he never saw him as a frivolous dude and wouldn’t be sure if he would be the right person to ask for advice about his romance problems.

What are your thoughts?

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So this might be amusing to you Veronica Mars fans:

VM has been on my list of shows to watch for a LONG time, and i would kinda pay attention to any gifs or graphics that hit my dash. 

i knew veronica/logan was a thing, and whenever i saw the images I always assumed logan was the dorky/nerdy side-kick who pines away after veronica until she finally notices him and likes him back…

I just started episode 13 of the first season and each and every episode I watch keeps banging it over my head how freaking WRONG i was!