(by DeShaun A. Craddock)

On Friday, I spent some time with Jamie, who you may know better as insightfullensthe insightfullens (inside joke).

We had a great day, and it was a lot of fun meeting one of the many people I admire here on tumblr. I look forward to the next time!

This picture is a bit of a collaborative effort. Her camera, my shutter press. Taken with her Fuji X100.

I turned over to glance at the clock, it’s 3:56 am. I sat there for a few moments pondering over whether or not to get out my warm of bed, after all it is December in New England. Maybe I could catch a sunrise, brew some tea or read the newspaper. Oh wait! Its too early for it to be delivered yet. So, I decided I would just lie there cuddled in my warm blankets to simply listen and observe the world around me. 

The sounds were subtle. It was kind of eery at first, but I stayed with it continuing to explore. Moments later it came to me that this was a vibration. The universes powerful energy vibration traveling freely through my body. It was then that I realized why I truly love this hour. During the day I can’t feel this vibration. I am always moving mindlessly from task to task trying to accomplish a hundred things. Hence, the vibration passes right over me rather than through me. 

Perhaps, this is my bodies way of slowing me down, pulling me in and grounding me, allowing me to feel alive. Today, I as I enter the world I can walk confidently knowing that this vibration will be passed onto everyone I come into contact with. I will no longer question my body rising at such weird hours rather, I will embrace it as I know now it is her way of healing me. 

Namaste      ~ Jamie


I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my favorite photographers on tumblr yesterday.

A lovely day filled with many laughs. I even let him hold my fuji and posed for a pic too! As you can see he captured the spirit of me. I must say I love seeing myself laugh. Thanks DeShaun. I look forward to many more get togethers.

~jamie,  your favorite scattered person ;)

My mind works in very mysterious ways and I have often questioned why. Through all my recent self images and reflections I have grown as both a woman and an artist. I finally understand the simple concept that I am not like you or anyone else. I am unique. I am her and truth be told I really like her! 

As beautiful as the colors were in the sunrise I posted this morning it wasn’t how I visualized it. My mind’s eye captured something completely different. 



I must say I am speechless. I have often looked at “radar” and dreamt about how it would feel to be featured there, can we say AWESOME!! Several of you have left me wonderful notes and I can’t thank you enough. I will get back to all of you at some point. Just be patient. 

As for all my new followers I welcome you. I hope that you will enjoy the view as much as I do. I have made some wonderful friends here on tumblr and I am grateful to all of you who have followed with me since the beginning.