“We’re a bunch of ideas cobbled together to look like a form. There’s a body and there’s a mind, but the body is part of the field of consciousness, just dancing for itself and it’s no different than a plant or a chair or your phone—it’s all one thing. Because we are sentient, there’s a consciousness, and we have to deal with this thing we create, like a fortress of ideas around it. So we say, ‘This is my name and this is my heritage and this is my nationality and here’s my hockey team and these are all of the things that I am.’ That’s the mistake.”

—Jim Carrey(about that NYFW rant)

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What aspects could make someone perceptive?

- Ascendant in Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer, Aquarius
- Moon / Mercury in Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius, Sagittarius
- Moon / Mercury / Jupiter / Pluto in the 1st/3rd/8th/11th house
- Mercury in aspect to the moon / Jupiter / Pluto

Yellow paint

Vincent van Gogh would eat yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him . Many thought he was mad and stupid for doing so because the paint was toxic . Of course eating the paint couldn’t have any correlation with happiness ,but when you’re at you’re worst even the most insane ideas could work ,like painting the walls of your organs yellow and it would seem reasonable to you . Its really no different than falling in love , there’s a greater risk of getting your heart broken , but people do it everyday because there’s also a greater chance that it will make things better .Everyone has their yellow paint


Exploring yoga, martial arts, meditation, consciousness and why do you do what you do? with Adrian “Smiley” Sanchez.

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I never messaged you outside of these anon asks, and I'm having too much fun with being UC to add a face to the name just yet. And when I do, I think I'll reveal myself in a grand manner, worthy of praise from Roman! Granted, I'm slow in setting things up so it will probably be a while until then. Just something to look forward to, I suppose~! Until then, would it be spoilers to ask about the religions of the world? Do people believe in a single God, multiple gods, no gods, etc.? ~UC

Haha! Alright then, mystery person indeed!! Ohhhhh this is actually really exciting for me I’m all giddy about it xD Thanks for talking to me, and I do look forward to seeing who’s under those sweet, sweet shades one day ;3

It would not be spoilers at all! Actually I’ve steered away from religion in this story. I tend to do that with most things; I just don’t write religion into my pieces usually. It complicates the plot in a way I’m not sure how to resolve at this time - if I start giving ultimate power to higher beings, then I have to figure out their morals, and whether they have morals, and whether they’re above morals, and how they think and justify their actions, and whether I want them to be minorly powerful and mostly just like petty, but almighty humans, or whether I want them to be ultimately powerful and able to do everything - at which point I feel like it’d be cheating to use them because if things get too hard the protagonist can just call on whichever one’s closest and the situation will be fine instantly. Or otherwise, things can be going fine but Brian Almighty can decide that fine is boring and plunge the world into inexorable chaos and there’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no real conflict to be had if you’ve got one character who can overrule every situation with their own will. And that’s true of anything you give ultimate power to. I don’t really use ultimate power a lot, and in this regard I don’t see gods and religions enhancing my work.

On the other hand, if I use an existing religion, then I have to find a way to accurately portray someone’s god, or the God, and, as a human being, that’s not something my lil brain can do justice. The way I think is not how God thinks (Isaiah 55:8-9) - and thank goodness for that, or we might all be in trouble - but it doesn’t make for good writing. If I can’t accurately write a character or a real person, the story comes out wrong and I don’t get the thing I meant to make, because I’ve written a reaction that’s not true-to-life. I also try to avoid using real people in writing as much as I can for this reason.

So in general, I tend to steer away from including religions into my works, so there aren’t any in Collision. But this is something I’ve thought about a lot.

Thank you, what an insightful ask!


Conscious sit downs with Joe Rogan and Aubrey Marcus.