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01-03-16 ∴ “Identity is an assemblage of constellations.” -Anna Deavere Smith

Specialities Of The Archangels.

Michael: Protection, courage, confidence and safety; life-purpose guidance, fixing mechanical and electronic items.

Raphael: Healing of people and animals; guiding healers in their education and practice; guidance and protection for travellers; connecting you with your soul mate.

Gabriel: Delivering important and clear messages; helping who are messengers, teachers, writers, actors, and artists; assisting with all aspects of parenting, including conception, adoption and birth.

Uriel: Intellectual understanding; conversations; ideas, insights and epiphanies, school and test taking, writing and speaking.

Chamuel; Universal and personal peace; finding whatever you are seeking.

Ariel: Connecting with nature, animals and nature spirits (for example fairies); manifesting your earthly material needs; guidance for a career or avocation in environmentalism or animal welfare.

Metatron: Sacred geometry and esoteric healing work; working with the universal energies; including time management and “time warping” helping highly sensitive people (especially the youths who are often referred to as Indigos or Crystals.

Sandalphon: Receiving and delivering prayers between God and humans; guidance and support for musicians.

Azrael: Healing the bereaved; helping souls cross over; assisting grief counsellors.

Jophiel: Beautifying and uplifting your thoughts and feelings, clearing clutter out of your life.

Haniel: Awakening and trustin your spiritual gifts of intuition and clairvoycance, releasing the old; support and healing for womans physical and emotional health issues.

Raziel: Understanding the secrets of the universe, remembering and healing from past lives; understanding esoteric wisdom, such as dream interpretation.

Raguel: Healing arguments or misunderstandings; bringing harmony to situation; attracting wonderful new friends.

Jermiel; Developing and understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance; conducting a life review so you can make adjustments with respect to how you wish to live.

Zadkiel: Helping students remember facts and figures for tests; healing painful memories; remembering your Divine spiritual origin and missions; choosing forgiveness.

 Halo Colors Of The Archangels.

Michael: Royal Purple, royal blue, royal gold

Raphael: Emerald Green

Gabriel: Copper

Uriel: Yellow

Chamuel: Pale Green

Ariel: Pale Pink

Metatron: Violet and Green

Sandalphon: Turquoise

Azrael: Creamy White

Jophiel: Dark Pink

Haniel: Pale Blue (moonlight)

Raziel: Rainbow Colors

Raguel: Pale Blue

Jeremiel: Dark Purple

Zadkiel: Deep Indigo Blue

Doreen Virtue, Archangels 101

They do not teach you this in school. They do not show you the beauty of existing, they do not show you the wonder of the Earth, they do not show you the unity that human beings are. They show you who is better, who is worse. They show you what they need to show you in order for their system to survive. They do not show you love.
—  Unknown
1. Others can only give you words and things; only you can give yourself feelings.
2. The only time a friend should make you cry, is because you’re so overwhelmed with how greatly they appreciate you.
3. Not every friendship with a boy is going to turn out romantic. It’s okay to have platonic relationships.
4. You are growing and changing every second. You are not the same person you were five minutes ago. Embrace the growth and change the world.
5. Some girls like girls. Some boys like boys. Some girls like everyone. Some boys like everyone. But who they like doesn’t affect you.
6. It’s okay to eliminate toxic things and toxic people. Your health is too important to hold onto things that don’t help you improve.
7. Never, never leave a friend for a stupid boy who won’t remember your name in three months.
8. Just because you hate them, doesn’t mean that everyone else will too.
9. Don’t get mad at someone for not understanding how you feel, when you don’t tell them how you feel.
10. You can’t control what people will say to you, but you can control how you react to them.
11. You are not your struggles. You are not your emotional break downs. You are not your past.
12. Always keep your head up high. No matter how bad your hair looks. No matter if you’re wearing dirty sweatpants. Hold your head up as if you are the hottest person in town. Because you are.
13. Don’t be realistic. Be passionate. Be outrageous. Be unpredictable. Be beautiful. Be unapologetic. Be courageous. Be unafraid. Be excitable. Be yourself. Just please be anything but realistic.
14. Please, please don’t put your everything into another human being because it will not be good for either of you.
15. Never be ashamed of past decisions and past relationships and past experiences, because what makes you upset now, once made you happy.
16. You are so much more than just pretty. You were not made to be pretty, anyhow. You were made to decorate the earth with your soul and scream your own name at the top of your lungs until there is no way that they can forget about you. So, don’t let anyone simplify you to just pretty.
—  16 Things I Learned by Age 16
Funny girl

When I was little, I always wished I was a “funny girl”. There was something so intriguing to me about someone who could get the whole room focused on them with one remark- the whole room laughing.
Isn’t it the most beautiful thing, when someone laughs? Every once in a while when you hear that hearty full sound of true laughter, and it’s amazing you know?
I figured out pretty quick that I wasn’t a funny girl, a voluntarily sporty girl, and after a trial period in middle school, a girly girl. I guess, that was when I found myself pretty confused. Who was I? When people think of me, what comes into their minds?
I have often heard that I am “insightful”. Merriam Webster dictionary defines insight as “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person or thing.”

Thats when I realized that I am the very most alive in my own mind. I sometimes feel that nobody else gets it, but me. I am a dreamer. I am hopelessly in love with the world and all of its contents, and I am okay with that. I am optimistic, to a fault.
A fault that my dad thought would get me killed one day.
When I was thirteen, my two best friends said that if there was one word to describe me, it would be oblivious.

I cried. How could they call me stupid? Blind to what is going on? I can’t believe they would think about me. Then I thought about that.

The capability to get lost in one’s own mind.
To ignore the hate, the filth, the heartbreak of the world, and get lost inside the beauty of your own imagination.
To refuse to see the world in black and white- to see it instead in technicolor. I spend hours reading books, writing songs, swinging on a swingset, and allowing life to carry on without me.

And i’m okay with that.
no, i’m not a funny girl.
I’m oblivious.
And that’s just fine by me.

Honorable Mention Anime of 2015

10. Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru 

9. Gatchaman Crowds Insight

8. Gakusen Toshi Asterisk

7. Noragami Aragoto

6. High School Star Musical

5. Subete ga F ni Naru

4. Arslan Senki

3. Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

2. Shokugeki no Souma

1. Junjou Romantica

i’m on the high school reunion episode now and idk about y’all but i am READY for this piping hot insight into high school era macdennis

anonymous asked:

what inspired you to want to become a librarian? ive got an elementary degree but ive recently discovered i kinda sorta really want to be a school librarian.ive always loved reading, read alouds are my favorite thing to do in a school setting (doing diff voices, using expression, discussing story elements, themes, etc. seeing their faces light up watching them read or discover new books). as an aside, public libraries are the best. theyre so full of resources to help people.

It sounds like you might really love to be a children’s librarian! I’ll say before I dive into my career history that I have never had much to do with children’s librarians except to cover the desk on their lunch breaks when I still worked at the public library, so I can offer almost no insight about becoming a school librarian. For the past 4 years, I’ve worked exclusively in government libraries.

My whole path to this career was kind of an accident anyways. A happy one, but an accident all the same. Way back when I was a tiny college freshman, I got a work-study at the library and then ended up working there for the next four years. At the time, I had no intention of continuing to work in a library after I graduated. I was an Internal Relations major and I wanted to either enter the Peace Corps or the foreign service. A few things happened to sour me on the Peace Corps very late in my assignment process and I ended up declining my post after a very unproductive relationship with my recruiter (blah blah, another story for another time). Long story short, I found myself fresh out of college and very suddenly without a plan in a new city that I had never planned on staying in. I got a job at a public library as a stop-gap and then after a few months, I stopped looking for a long time because I loved the work so much. Eventually I landed a job at a state library and for the last 4 years, I’ve worked with government documents. I’m now actually working as an archivist for the state!

I feel like this answer is a very rambly way of me saying that although I am in the field and I got my start in public libraries, I’m now pretty far removed from what you think of when you think “librarian” in the traditional sense. I work in a quirky state archives that consists of original state records in various states of neglect and disrepair. It is not nearly as lively as the public library, hence my recent reminiscing about funny phone calls from the public library. My phone never rings anymore and when it does, it’s almost always the IT guy. 

some self-indulgence

Today, well technically yesterday, I officially graduated from my MFA program in creative writing at Columbia University and I can’t believe it’s officially over and that I spent two years just learning and growing as an artist and a writer in particular and once the craziness of commencement calmed down I wanted to share it with my tumblr family because for the bonkai shippers who love my fanfiction and the stelena shippers who like to read my insights and the steroline shippers who favourite my vids, being able to study at this program helped with my ability to tell/pinpoint/critique story :) Also y’all get to know how I look like now.


Insight into my brain, but more commonly known as how I take notes 📝📝📝

Generally for each subject I have the same note taking, using different colours. Usually l highlight cases in pink, ratio in yellow, titles in green, and important phrases in organge.

It makes so so much easier when it comes to typing up notes, and revision!
Why you should always buy the men’s version of almost anything - The Washington Post

Ravi Dhar, director of the Center for Customer Insights at the Yale School of Management, said how we perceive “women’s” products could help explain why gender markups persist in the marketplace.

“Many men’s products are not seen as men’s products,” he said. “They might just be seen as products in the category.”

Which makes the “pink” version a specialty product, he said. “His” and “hers” items likely stemmed from a retailer’s embrace of gender stereotypes, but our appetites for personally tailored goods could have kept the distinction alive.

Art School Exercise #1
Perfecting Perspective

Perspective is a major part of art, so it’s always a good idea to practice. Get a ruler or straight edge and draw cubes galore. Use one-point; two-point; or three-point perspective. Try to draw centered circles in the middle of the cubes too!!

Play with the varying angles and sizes.

Note: posting my art school exercises so you guys can get insight on what art school can offer, and maybe improve yourself if you can’t afford it.