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Just a reminder, if anyone wishes to purchase rune readings; 

1 rune draw; $5

2 rune draw; $7

3 rune draw; $10

5 rune draw; $15

7 rune draw; $20

9 rune draw; $25

One rune draw is a simple yes/no with some basic insight. 

2 rune draw is similar, with more insight. 

3 rune draw is an issue, the advice of the runes, and outcome if the advice is followed. (Or, issue as it was, issue as it is, issue as it will be, the spread works both ways)

From there up, each spread offers extra insight into an issue. 

Concept: When you get enough insight with the Impurity rune, Valtr changes. He becomes a writhing mass of vermin and flesh with heavily stained Constable clothing clinging to his form like wet tissue. His arms have too many joints, and his fingers, reduced to phlegmy tendrils, seemed fused to the handle of his whirligig. His voice is warped and sounds like worms squishing together with every syllable. Something oozes from the hole in his helmet, and sometimes vermin writhe out only to fall and crawl back up what’s left of his leg to the main mass.

But despite the changes to his appearance, Valtr himself doesn’t change. He’s still the Master of the League and a fellow hunter.

He lost the ability to see vermin and the impurity of man long ago, and perhaps that’s for his own good.

Bind Rune for Insight for Difficult Decisions

Principal Rune:

Eihwaz - This rune is associated with Yggdrasil, the spine, and the yew bow.  It is a rune of great potential energy and action.  If Eihwaz were to come up in a rune casting considering a choice (such as, “Should I take this job offer?”), it often indicates, “go for it!.” Odin hung himself from Yggdrasil for nine days and nights to gain the knowledge of the runes.  This rune can help bring insight to you if you are willing to give what is necessary. 

Supporting Runes: 

Raidho - The rune of the wagon, of travel.  It is also the rune of your will manifest- as you move forward through the universe, make sure you are the rider, not the horse being ridden. When combined with kenaz, it can help you realize your true will (through kenaz) and then act accordingly (raidho).

Kenaz - The rune of controlled fire.  Like a torch illuminating the darkness, kenaz will light the hidden parts of your mind, allowing you to understand your true desires.

Wunjo -The rune of joy or perfection.  Wunjo represents striving for perfection, even though you know you shall never reach it.  During a difficult choice, one can reflect on wunjo and try to discern which option will bring about the best possible version of oneself. If you always keep this in mind and conduct yourself in such a manner, you will achieve true joy.


I finished my first set of rune stones! They’re just cheap materials (scrap mosaic glass from a craft store, $2 and a black sharpie) but I’m really happy with how they came out. I spent some time meditating on each rune and allowed it to choose the stone it wanted. It was a really interesting start to a (hopefully) long and insightful relationship with these runes. I got a feel for the energies and personalities of each. Some are demanding, some carry some powerful energy. Others are gentle and soft. I’m looking forward to future work with these babies!! 


Nails inspired by Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones.

I’m cheating a little since City of Bones is a book AND a movie, this set fits nicely into the prompts for 23/24. 

It’s time I paid a little tribute to the book that got me into YA. Whether I like this book or not now is irrelevant because it’s still the one that got me into this genre. So thank you.

Nail polish used:
Spa Ritual Solstice

Can you guys recognize any of the runes? Insight and fortitude just about killed me.


Today my order from hebeldesign has arrived and I have been fangirling and smiling for hours now. I mean, look at this awesome jewelry!
 I got myself a Insight/Foresight Rune Necklace, three Midi Rings (a Anglic Power Rune, Tessa`s Clockwork Angel and a Gift/Talent Rune) and two Family Ring Necklaces (Morgenstern, Lightwood). I have quite small fingers so I can also wear these gorgeous rings on my fingers, which is even cooler.

And guess what has also arrived today?! Three signed copies from Richelle Mead (The Golden Lily, Vampire Academy and Shadow Kiss)!

I am so happy right now and I`m just gonna continue fangirling over these awesome things!