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I rewatched Winter Soldier last night (because literally what else am I supposed to do the night before I see Civil War)

And it was still great. Obviously. But you know what the best scene is?

None of the awesome action scenes. None of the Stucky fanfic fuel. None of the scenes with Falcon (somehow? Falcon’s so freaking awesome, I can’t believe I just said that he’s not the best part of a thing he’s in).


The best scene is this one:

Remember this? Basically, Cap just told everyone over the intercom about Hydra infiltrating Shield, and how, if you’re not Hydra, trust no one, and fight back if you can. 

In the speech, Cap acknowledges that “If I stand alone” (that is, if no one wants to step up, because, fun fact, guns are really scary), then so be it.

And then Hydra’s resident Mr. McMuscle Man Brock Rumlow up there walks up to this lowly Launch Technician (Cameron Klein is his name, played by Aaron Himelstein) and orders him to launch Project Insight (aka Hydra’s evil plans).

Five minutes ago, Cameron had one job, and it was to press a few keys and launch this thing. Sure, he’d heard about Cap becoming a fugitive, and that was weird (and sounded kinda sketchy), but hey, he works for the good guys, right?

But now the game has changed. Launching this thing is a bad idea. 

Cameron pauses as Rumlow demands him to start it up. And Cameron refuses.

Rumlow pulls out a gun and points it straight at Cameron’s head. And Cameron panics; heck, he’s practically holding back tears already. But he still says no. “Captain’s orders,” he explains.

You know why this is the best scene in the movie? Because Cameron reminds me of someone. Someone that people watching the movie are already pretty familiar with.

Cameron is the guy who may not have the muscle or the skills to be a soldier or a spy, but he wanted to help make the world a better place, so he did what he could. He got a job at Shield, he followed the orders of people he thought he could trust, and when he realized the truth, he stood his ground and did the right thing. He hasn’t gone through any training, he has no powers or skills or suits of armor. He didn’t even know Sharon Carter was armed and would be able to get him out of harm’s way. He thought he was about to die. But he wasn’t going to stand by and let evil triumph.

And that’s despite the fact that Cap had EXPLICITLY given him permission to do so. That’s what he meant by “If I stand alone.” Cap was saying that if there’s a gun pointed to your head, it’s not cowardly to give up. That’s okay. It doesn’t make you a bad person. If a grenade gets tossed your way, you’re allowed to run away.

But Cameron chose to jump on top of the grenade instead.

I’ve heard people say “Steve Rogers is a hero with or without the serum,” and other people say that’s kind of a cheesy thing to say, but if you want proof of that statement, Cameron is it. In a 90-second or so scene, this movie perfectly emulated what it means to be a hero even if you have a desk job. Even if you don’t look like you take steroids. Even if nothing eventful has ever happened to you until one moment when everything in your life changes, YOU CAN STILL BE A HERO.

I don’t care if that sounds cheesy or hokey. This scene is incredible. Cameron Klein is incredible - so incredible, in fact, that he got a cameo in Age of Ultron on Fury’s Helicarrier.

Yeah, someone (I’m guessing Sharon) was so freaking impressed at his bravery that they recommended him to serve on Fury’s staff (and, after Winter Soldier, the amount of people Fury trusted could probably be counted on one hand). And he’s in charge of the evacuation - which was LITERALLY THE REASON Fury shows up at all. Not military backup, not surveillance. Evacuation of civilians. And Fury gave Cameron that responsibility.

Because that  guy up there may be the face of a nerd, or a gofer, or a desk clerk.

But it’s also the face of a person who won’t back down. Even when his world is being turned upside down, even when his life is on the line, this is the face of a man who will always do the right thing.

This is the face of a hero.

Now, Marvel’s Damage Control is an upcoming TV show about the normal folks. The ones without powers who always seem to be in the background but may have a lot more depth than they let on.

And I’m gonna try not to be too upset if I don’t see this guy’s name in the cast list, but man I’m hoping I do, because Cameron Klein is a hero.

That Goddamn Stealth Suit

Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Steve takes out his frustrations on you after the events on the Lemurian Star…In Fury’s office…still wearing the Stealth Suit…

A/N: I have no excuse. 

(also will someone please teach me how to title things? i’m sick of my shitty titles)

Warnings: It’s just smut. PWP.  no plot. filth.unprotected sex, stealth suit porn..language..captain kink..sorta

Words: 1875

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If you were honest, it was all your fault.  You had made a comment to Steve just before he’d left for the mission on the Lemurian Star about the stealth suit.  Something about the deep blue of it and how it sat just right across his broad shoulders.  He’d laughed it off at the time, but you’d seen the look in his eye.  And to be fair, you were the one that suggested a way to relieve some stress and get back at Fury at the same time.  Which is how you wound up here, pinned against the inside of Fury’s office door, legs wrapped around Steve’s trim waist and hands in his perfect hair.  

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But Nick Fury.

The thing is, even though the film arcs toward openness and transparency (which is amazing in itself) Fury is portrayed as intelligent, thoughtful, righteous, and very correct in his beliefs too—-

Steve and Nick Fury have a tense relationship: they argue, Steve gets angry with him, is critical of his style of leadership: they bump heads over Steve’s belief in openness and trust, and Nick’s reliance on compartmentalization and pragmatism.

 True, he is shown to be wrong about his support for preemptive technology and weaponization (in CATWS and in Avengers) but he’s justified in his reasoning for his beliefs; ESPECIALLY his reluctance to place trust in any one person.  

Both he and Steve are right: Natasha having a seperate mission made Steve’s job difficult, but trusting the big picture to any one person is dangerous; and Fury’s pragmatism ends up saving the day when he reveals he had a backup plan all along.  (scanning his bad eye)

Fury’s monologue to a thoughtful Steve in the elevator is a really great moment: it sums up his ethos (a bag filled with money and a gun) and gives background for his beliefs and his outlook.  

People have talked about the racial profiling-esque moment with Nick and the cops, but I thought the subtle mention that Nick Fury’s grandfather was a bellhop who lived in a rough neighborhood and had to get rough back was a really great touch that spoke to his perspective as a black man in America.

We know that Fury is a “grey” character: someone who withholds information, lies, and keeps secrets, but what I think is SO AMAZING is that one little scene where, even after knocking heads with Fury the entire movie, and being totally at odds with him- after storming out in anger after denouncing the insight project: Steve still rejects the idea that Fury would be evil or secretly aligned with evildoers.

It’s when he’s talking to Redford, who’s trying to plant the seed of doubt in his mind about Fury.
I think the line is something like “If you knew Nick Fury, you wouldn’t say that.”

Steve has no idea which way is up at this point in the movie: he’s confused, unsure of his allies and his enemies; Nick himself said not to trust ANYONE, and jfc he just found out his neighbor was an undercover agent.

But Steve BELIEVES IN NICK FURY.  He believes in this man whom he trusts enough to argue with and defy candidly.
 This man may make decisions Steve abhors, but ultimately, he knows where Nick stands.  

BTS: Teasing their girlfriend while she’s on the phone

Warnings: SMUTTY AF

It was requested by an anon :)

Kim Seokjin:

“A-ah,” you pressed your lips together, the small noise surprising your friend on the other line, prompting her to ask if you were okay. 

“M-hm,” you mumbled, teeth biting down on your lips, trying to keep in your sounds as she continued to speak over the phone.

But Jin wasn’t helping, his fingers continuing to trace circles around your clit, rubbing as agonizingly slow as he could, making you squirm in your seat. 

“Don’t let her hear, baby,” he whispered into your free ear, voice deep and raspy and you nodded in response, trembling under his touch. Then all too suddenly he inserted two fingers, causing you to moan and you instantly covered your mouth with your hand, embarrassed, and he chuckled, only moving his fingers faster. 

“My God Y/n,” your friend giggled when she realized what was happening. “Call me when you’re done.”

Min Yoongi:

“Yes boss,” you breathed in reply, hips rocking as Yoongi nibbled at your inner thighs, kissing all too close to your wet core. 

“What’s going on, Y/n?” he asked through the phone. “You sound sick.”

“N-no, I’m fine,” you answered, arching your back when Yoongi’s lips began placing soft kisses over your core, tongue occasionally sticking out to have a taste. 

“If you say so,” your boss replied, and when he hung up, you tossed you phone aside tangling your fingers in Yoongi’s silky hair, raising your hips to feel more pressure, begging him for more.

“Mmm baby,” Yoongi chuckled, “Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want.”

Jung Hoseok:

You tried to bite back your moans as Hoseok’s grip on your hips grew stronger, guiding you over his thigh. 

“Nothing’s wrong,” you replied to the voice on the line, but another moan escaped your mouth when his hands ran up your skirt, grabbing your ass-cheeks and rubbing you harder against him, his lips, sucking at your neck and jawline. “I-I have to go,” you hurriedly ended your call, hanging up before the other party had a chance to respond.

“Couldn’t wait now could we?” Hoseok whispered against your tingling skin, stinging your ass a soft pink with his hand. 

Kim Namjoon:

“Answer it, babygirl,” Namjoon licked his lips as he leaned up from the kiss that was interrupted by your phone call. You knew what he was thinking, and you weren’t on board, at least not fully. “Now, or else you’re not cumming tonight,” he rocked against you, your jeans in the way of fully feeling pleasure, and you did as he ordered. 

“Hello?” you shakily asked, burning bright red when you heard your boss speak through the line. 

“Sorry for calling so suddenly, Y/n, but are you free right now to give insight on a few project ideas with so-and-so? Over the phone is fine.”

Namjoon smirked and mouthed the words you hoped he wouldn’t. 

Do it.

Your cheeks flushed and eyes widened, stuttering a “sure” to your boss, feeling embarrassed, sinful, dirty, yet all the more aroused. 

“Great!” he cheered over the phone. “I’ll put you on speaker,” and you clasped your mouth with your hands as Namjoon thrusts against you once more, trying your best not to make any inappropriate noises as your boyfriend pleased you during the call. 

Park Jimin:

You were talking on the phone, sitting between Jimin’s legs when you felt his hands wander up your shirt. Throwing a glare his way, you continued to talk with your coworker, noticing his growing bulge against you. 

He nipped at your exposed shoulder, fingers grazing up and down your skin, one hand making its way up your body and the other towards your growing heat as you tried to ignore him, not really trying all that hard. 

“I just want to make you feel good…” he whispered, hand slipping under your shorts, fingers grazing over your core. “Pretty please?” he asked, firmly pressing against you as his other hand fondled your breasts.

At this point, your breaths had quickened, teeth sinking into your lips holding back sounds of pleasure. 

“I’m sorry,” you gasped over the phone, skin buzzing with need, body wanting more and more as Jimin continued to tease you. “I’ll call you later.”

Kim Taehyung: 

“What are you doing?” the voice on the other line asked when they heard something inaudible on their side. 

“Nothing!” you replied a little too loudly as Taehyung pushed up your pencil skirt, licking his lips at the sight of you almost undone underneath him. 

“W-wait,” you tried stopping him when he hooked your panties to one side, revealing your wetness, but you friend asked you if everything was alright, causing Taehyung to chuckle.

“Yes, it’s fine, I just…” a loud whimper left your lips as he rubbed his fingers over your sensitive core, making your friend all the more confused at your incoherence. “I have to go.” you abruptly ended the call, unwilling to wait any longer. 

Jeon Jungkook:

“Don’t mind me, baby,” Jungkook whispered into your ear as his hand slid between your legs, pushing your skimpy thong to one side. 

“What was that honey?” Your mom asked over the phone, and you replied with a quick ‘nothing’, biting back a whine as he rubbed his fingers up and down your wetness, lips nibbling at your ear, hard-on pressed against your ass. 

“You’re so wet.” he smirked, inserting a two fingers into your dripping core and you clamped your mouth shut, clenching around him, causing him to curse. 

“Everything okay?” she asked, and you nodded, mumbling a yes in reply. 

“I’m sorry mom,” you managed to breathe, “I need to go. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

A/N: I hope you guys liked it :) 

anonymous asked:

Is there a way (from reading a chart) to determine what someone's ideal mate may be like or how they would like them to be?

Aha sweet heart there’s sooo many intervals that go into that. I feel like as complex of humans as we are it’s so intricate knowing what it is that people desire or want a lot of the time some of the people we do fall for or desire are something entirely reminiscent of the shadow side of ourselves that we don’t even resonate with.

But astrology wise?

Your moon sign alone is the type of lover you crave on an emotional level. It’s the lover and or people you may cling too out of being reminded of the feeling of home and instinctual pleasure they bring. This is your raw and more heart felt needs and desires and you may prefer a lover with this qualities in the long term.

Moon signs aspects: go a little deeper on the little small nuances they’d prefer from their lover and qualities they might be naturally drawn to and accustomed too because they express these same emotional values.

House the moon is falling in-this shows the unconsciously desired mate. This is the mate you unknowingly cling or attach to. For example a moon in Aries wants a masculine and or direct and honest partner but if it falls in the 10th house they also find them selves unknowingly drawn and in need of more cautious and aloof/mature partners who may be dynamic and intense but have a level of reliability and a protective and ambitious aspect about them.

Venus sign alone: what brings out the romance in you-how you are in romance and also how you go about expressing your desires. The sign it’s in really explains your style and desires when an intimate relationship and the relationships you may crave.

Aspects further light up how you act in love and some nuances of how your behavioral patterns are aligned with the venus sign itself.

House that venus is in: says a lot. Like a WHOLE lot about what someone wants out of a lover. This is because venus is more of a receptive and u and I planet which means it’s not so much so focused on the “what I want” aspect than it is on the “how I’d like for us to be” the House venus is in projects venus need for the u and I in a more “what I desire and where I desire it” sort of energy. So for houses here’s what I’ll say they’ll give you a lot of insight into what they crave affection and relationship wise. A Venus in Scorpio in the 6th would crave intensity but also more than anything wants stability and consistency-someone serious about the relationship in a palpable way.

Mars: misconception. This is how we go about initiating and or expressing a desire for sex-as well as in a minor way how and what arouses us.

Aspects give future insight on how sex is expressed and how it goes about

The house it falls in goes into the way a person may crave to be sexually desired and what they desire sexually from a partner. A mars in Virgo in the 5th May be shy and nervous when it comes to it but will crave a partner who covers them with affection and makes their desires for them known. And despite their nervous energy sex with them might be intense if mars is square Pluto and so on.

8th house is about intimacy after the relationship has been defined or trust/time has passed and they take you seriously. The sign on someone’s 8th house can show what they desire for true intimacy and on a deep passionate level the type of partner they crave to bare it all too.

Aspects to this show deeper into the sex style after this point.

House placement of the ruler here gives further insight into the projection of this energy and the requirements of earning this trust and what might be a given test before they open up to you in this way.

A sag 8th house with Jupiter in the 11th will probably have to feel like you have their back and are easy to talk to in a supportive and loving way first before they show you that side of themselves. They have to know you want them but more importantly they want to feel at ease and In a way like you’re they’re friend and they’re lover.

5th house and 2nd house deal more with physical desires. So the sign on the cusp is exactly what is sounds like, someone who exudes those qualities we tend to find sexually and sensually alluring. Libra 5th house cups might find the buttocks on someone fascinating. Someone with manners and who is kind and lets them speak and treats them gently might be erotic sexually to them while someone with these qualities might turn on someone with libra on the 2nd in a physical and sensual way.

The houses the house ruler falls in for these two houses is so important because this is the 2nd layer and shows what they desire to take you “seriously” this can change a lot and if someone 2nd house or 5th house ruler touches a lot of your planets they find you deeply physically and sensually arousing in a big way.

Common aspects used constantly in the “desired mate” conversation.

In truth the house they fall in is a lot more important than the sign they fall in mainly because the sign is layer one and the house is layer two and talks more about what they may seek out in a lover rather than what turns them on individually. A sag in psyche wants to be incontrol when in love but if it falls in the 7th house they desire a compassionate and understating partner who doesn’t mind compromises.

Juno is long term love and it’s important to see what house it falls in as this will be what makes people seek out their lover. It’s the qualities we need them to have rather than want them to have. Someone with Juno in the 4th but in libra wants a charming and good looking lover but needs a lover with emotional backing and one who is tender and soft above all else and will often forgo a cutie pie if said cutie doesn’t understand them emotionally-this is soooo important to understand his difference.

Amor and Eros are gratification and adoration so the sign and house relationship here are mainly for knowing what someone craves to be truly adored and loved. The house it falls in can tell you what they crave from a lover in terms of this adoration.

Lilith and Pluto the true sex planets and sexual compatibility.
Where Pluto and Lilith fall and their houses is what someone might seek in a partner on a deeper more “I’m scared but I’m drawn to you” type of way. Something intense and unconscious. Where these planets fall can say a lot.

Someone with Pluto in the 7th crave a deep and intimate sexual union and may look for someone who is gorgeous physically as well as someone who is charming and a tad mysterious someone who isn’t overbearing but someone who has a perceptive and warm nature about them. (They’ll still be Plutonian but a more libra meets Scorpio taint)

While someone with Pluto in the 9th or Lilith in the 9th want someone who’s passionate and mischievous and a bit daring. Someone with a free yet dark edge about them.(they’ll have a sagittarian meets Scorpio flare)

Jupiter and it’s house-what mate inspires you and what qualities you look for in someone you want to admire

Neptune-what qualities you look for in someone to let your guard down with and be deeply sensitive with. Someone with the qualities of the house your Neptune falls in will be extremely magnetic and irresistible to you.

Saturn-someone you can build with and see a future with. The house your Saturn falls in will give you insight of what qualities you need this person to have.

Saturn in the 11th-someone whoes realistic yet honest and a bit of a loner. Someone who has a way of separating themselves from a crowd and being naturally confident and self assured. Someone who’s strong alone with out others. May be who you want to see a future with.

While Saturn in the 12th would crave a elusive and deeply sensitive partner. Someone who is mysterious yet complex and deep. Someone who sees through your facade and someone who isn’t afraid to express themselves to you.

Lastly 12th house/4th house cusp and rulers give insight into the qualities unconsciously sought after In others and the houses of the house ruler give insight into the types of qualities you crave expressed in a partner.

This is all I can think of for now!!! I would say sun and mercury but I would think the more feminine and generational planets play a deeper role in that unless mercury or sun are your dominate planets.

One Last Mission

Hi guys!!! I put up a post about this story asking if you wanted it and the general answer was a big yes. But for those who didn’t see the post here we go.

***Summary: You’re a ‘retired’ Level 12 SHIELD agent who has been laying low ever since the Project Insight disaster. Now, a couple years later Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton show up at your doorstep asking a favour; they need your help on one last mission. You agree to help them out on the condition that they left you alone afterwards. It was fine until it all fell apart…***

Woo! So that’s the summary and this is the first part!

It was a quiet Thursday night for you as you sipped on a glass of wine with a new book.  Of course, nothing could ever go as planned as a shrill ring filled the air as your personal phone rang on the table. Silently getting up, you took the knife strapped under the table and held it behind you before answering it. 

“It’s Black Widow speaking.”

“Bloody hell, what are you doing?!” Immediately your eyes searched your apartment as you hissed to the phone. 

“You gave me your number in case of emergencies.” Natasha Romanoff, also known as Black Widow, replied as her partner said something with didn’t quite come through clearly. 

“I swear to god if it isn’t an-”

“We need your help, L/N. And you know we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t an emergency.” Clint Barton, whose code name was Hawkeye, cut you off as he officially joined the conversation. 

“Don’t cut me off again, Barton.” Levelling the phone with a glare as if it was Clint, you walked back to your wine and downed it because you knew that if they really had come around to calling you, it was going to be a big deal. Subtly, you twirled the knife in your hand and slotted it into into one of the belt loops on your jeans. 

“I’m not doing anything for you. I’m laying low now because my enemies make the majority of yours look like kindergarten children.”

“It’s about Budapest.” Natasha’s words stopped you in your track of denial. 

“I’m sorry, what? I saved your asses there and now your telling me that you messed it up even further?” You could already feel the impending headache begin to ebb its way into your brain. 

“Something like that.“ 

You groaned and rolled your eyes. "You’re useless. Give me the eight. Now.”
As they explained everything to you about the mission you simply sat back down and soaked it all in. 

“That’s nice but I’m still not sure why you need me. You’re taking your boyband there and I don’t see where I fit in.” You were leaning on the back on your sofa, watching your phone as the two ex-agents talked.

You could hear rustling from the other end of the line before Natasha spoke. “Y/N, look, aside from us nobody else knows what went down in Budapest.” That’s not true. “And you were a Level 12 SHIELD TASA certified agent who was and still is a myth to most people. We were Level 6 and look at what we do. I think that says it all, don’t you?”

You knew that she had a point; if they were coming to you it had to be big, and from their explanation you knew they were worried about what could pan out from this. 

“When do you need me?” You asked and ran a hand through your hair. 

“We need you yesterday; the team didn’t want to get anyone else involved but we insisted we knew someone trustworthy enough to bring on to the case. Didn’t specify any details so what you say is all they know about you.” Clint’s voice gave away a lopsided smirk and that brought a small smile to your face. 

“Give me twenty and I’ll be on my way.”

In those minutes, you had your bag packed; weapons packed in a separate bag; your old uniform on and all of your typical arsenal attached in various places; your neighbour to look after the place; any confidential paperwork hidden away in a safe; and finally your ‘missions phone’ reactivated.
You walked down out of your apartment building into an inconspicuous car which you had purchased after fleeing DC after the ‘Potomac Disaster’, as the intelligence community had taken to calling it. 

It was an easy drive to the airport where all you had to do was flash your badge you were let through, no questions asked and both of your bags were allowed with you as carry on luggage. Four hours later, you were driving up to the Avengers Compound in Upstate New York in a rented car and parking in the underground car park at the back of the building. Getting to the Avengers was worryingly easy, granted that you avoided reception in the lobby.

You walked up the stairs, as the elevator was bound to have Stark’s AI system and cameras in which would alert him to your presence and therefore ruin your entrance. As you ascended, you recognised the two people’s voices who called you and stopped at that floor which was penultimate to the top. You slid through the door silently and no one noticed you, much to your pleasure and you moved into the shadows of the natural evening light that fells in beams into the room. Looking around the room, it had one glass wall overlooking the grounds and a open space plan, allowing easy access to every part of the floor and leaving it vulnerable to aerial attack despite the glass likely being tinted. 

You just quite happily stood in your corner watching the exchange until soon your moment came.

“If you trust this person I suppose they can’t be that bad.” Steve Rogers reckoned to Clint and Natasha as the sat in a vague gathering with the other members of the team.

“They’re better than ‘not bad’, Rogers.” Natasha was smooth in defending you.

“We know nothing about this person yet you expect us to trust them?” Wanda Maximoff’s European accent cut in.

“I have faith that whomever they bring in will not betray us as Miss Romanoff’s and Mr Barton’s trust is very hard earned.” Vision placated the people in the room considerably.

Scott Lang decided to add to the discussion. “Wanda had a point. We know nothing about this person.”

You rolled your eyes and pushed on the wall you were leaning on. “You know for a fact that I exist; that’s more than more people even dream.” 

The room turned silent as everybody stood up in some type of defensive pose apart from Clint and Natasha.

“FRIDAY why didn’t you inform me of a new visitor?”

The AI replied formally. “Forgive me sir, but I was unaware of the person’s presence. It seems my scans were unable to detect a new life form.” 

“Remind me to update you.” Tony said drily whilst tapping at a device in his hands. “How long have you been there?” 

“Fifteen minutes and counting.” 

You looked at every person individually only to notice that there was another in the shadows, yet they were on the other side of the room. Noticing that you had seen them, they took a step forward and you felt the wind get knocked out of your chest. It had been a while since you had seen the man in front of you and it had not been an easy meeting.

“Soldat.” It was one word and everybody looked ready to strike and both Natasha and Clint stood up, looking between you and the man.

“You haven’t changed at all.” His voice. Oh how you missed his voice.

“I could say the same about you. When was it last?”


“I suppose Tokyo doesn’t really count.”

“No. It doesn’t.” A small quirk of his lips appeared as he truly took in your appearance and the bags behind you.

“Buck? Who is this?” Steve looked between the two of you, lingering longer on you.

James saw you nod. “This is Shadow; she’s the best in the game alongside The Winter Soldier. We’ve met on numerous occasions, sometimes with conflicting interests, sometimes with common interests.” 

“Do you trust her?” 

James didn’t reply for a moment and you metaphorically held your breath. “I do as much as you can at our level.”

“I’m sorry but that is not much to go on.” Bruce Banner looked at everyone briefly as he looked out on the grounds.

“That may be so, Doctor, but I guarantee I am the best suited to help you out on this.” 

“And why is that?” Tony flopped back down on to the couch.

“The original Avengers such as yourself all had a ranking of Level Six, correct? Well, apart from Captain Rogers who was Level Seven.” You made eye contact with said people. “I was Level Twelve TASA certified. There are only three people who have made it that far. Two are in this room and the other is dead.” 

“What is ‘TASA certified’? I have not heard of it.” Peter Parker, the youngest by far in the room, asked you nervously.

“Are you even allowed to be in here? You look like you’re two.”

“No I’m not! I’m a teenager.”

You rolled your eyes and looked at James. “Whatever. Just nobody feed that fucking thing after midnight.” 

Peter looked like a deer caught in the headlights and tried to stutter a reply.

“Relax kid; I don’t bite. Unless you’re into that kind of thing?” You trailed off suggestively and smirked at the stuttering mess the teen was. “TASA is a badge that can only be earned at Level Ten intelligence or higher. It’s an acronym that stands for Tracker, Assassin, Spy, Agent.”

“So you’re a female version of Frosty?” Sam Wilson clarified, from where his arms were crossed over his chest.

“To a degree.” You acknowledged.

“Which means if you turn on us there’s no hope.” Scott looked torn between amusement and annoyance.

“I won’t turn on you. I’m here by choice, not obligation.”

“That’s reassuring.” Somebody muttered and you rolled your eyes.

“Fine. Maybe this will help reassure you.” You moved over to the breakfast bar of the kitchen and cleared the space so that they could see. “Look and pay attention.”- You pulled off the first item -“Twenty seven inch Katana. Two matching throwing knives. Twelve piece knife set. Glock 19. Two smoke bombs. Single grenade. Zip ties. Handcuffs. Grippy fingerless gloves. Milkor mgl rounds. Glock 17. Blade embedded shoes. Spare ammunition. Lock-picks. Electrocution rings. Tactical belt. Facial armour. Bullet proof bodice.” 

Having taken all of that off, you almost felt naked in an odd kind of way, all the people in the room staring at you.

“That’s a lot of kit.” Sam said from his position next to Steve.

This time Natasha answered for you. “The higher you get the more kit you might need.” 

“Anyways, Natasha. Clint.” You finally greeted the people who asked you to come.

“Nice to see you.” Clint replied and Natasha smiled in agreement.

You felt a probing in your head and made eye contact with the responsible party. “If you want to know something, Wanda, just ask instead of stealing the information.”

“We know nothing about you other than that your code name is Shadow and that you are skilled like Bucky. What’s your real name?”

“My real name?” You smirked lightly. “My real name is Y/N L/N, but please, call me Y/N.”




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Steve and the Sokovia Accords

I keep seeing a lot of posts about how Steve was in the wrong in CACW because while Tony had a plan, Steve didn’t offer any alternative to it, he was just like NOPE. The thing is though, something that immediately struck me when I watched the movie was the timing of everything. Ross and Tony bring Steve and the others the Accords THREE DAYS before they are to be signed. Those Accords were not drafted, approved and supported by 117 countries in a week. This was 100% intentional. This is also very, very common in American politics. When politicians want to pass a bill they don’t want people to look at closely, they schedule votes at weird times or when a large # of people are away from the Hill (Capital Hill). So you get these 11th hour bills that are hundreds of pages long that no one has had a chance to read, ask questions about, or negotiate on about changes. These bills are stuffed with completely unrelated stuff that gets passed as well because the whole thing has to be signed off on/approved. It’s called “pork barreling.” Those are the questions Steve tries to bring up to the group. When he’s like ‘what happens when…?’ And Tony brushes aside his concerns like ‘oh, I’m sure we’ll get to make changes later when everything dies down.’ But Steve is like what are we agreeing to NOW though? And practically as soon as they are given the “generous” 3 day warning, Peggy dies. Steve flies off to London and everything goes to hell. What time is there to propose or discuss an alternative plan??

The timing was 100% intentional to make sure the Avengers would be subject to the Accords as written–no matter what was lurking on the bottom of page 440 in fine print. Steve is 100% right to be suspicious. This is one of the dirty tricks of American politics that Steve would be totally aware of. And sure, maybe there’s a chance that everything was above board, reasonable, and so on, but you would NEVER sign a thing like that w/o actually checking/reading it. that would be foolish. I mean, did we forget that Project Insight was authorized and approved by The World Council? I guarantee you that Steve hasn’t. I absolutely believe that Steve would have been willing to talk everything out, negotiate, listen to everyone’s pov, and really consider everything carefully…but there’s no time given to do that. It’s all last minute, non-negotiable, and shady. Steve is a master tactician, natural leader, and a reasonable, thoughtful person who is a Big Picture thinker. It’s weird that people just assume he rejects the Accords because he’s being childish or something. That’s not Steve Rogers at all. 

Part of Your World

Summary: Y/N is a Hydra agent wishing for nothing more than to get out of the world she’s always known.

AN: i’m just a hoe for anything disney tbh and this is lowkey little mermaid inspired lol

Peter Parker x Hydra!Reader

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My fist connected with my sparring partner’s gut. He folded over in pain. I swiftly kicked his shins, knocking him down on the mat. Taking advantage of my partner’s pained state, I straddled his waist and placed an arm on his neck to hold him down. My other arm raised above me, fist ready to deliver what would be a fatal blow.

“Finish him, Y/N.” My mother’s cold voice commanded me.

I hesitated. Even though this was just practice, I couldn’t bring myself to hurt someone. My partner took my hesitation as an opening to flip us over and pin me to the ground. I wriggled underneath his hold and tried to kick him off me but failed.

“Stop.” My mother said. The man got off me and I pushed myself off the floor. “I don’t appreciate weakness, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry.” I wiped the sweat off my brow.

“You need to learn to let go of whatever’s holding you back. Hydra is almost ready to rise from the ashes and it needs us, needs you, to be prepared.”

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Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite fics and their brilliant authors. Enjoy! - Adi xx

Mirror For The Sun
by @imhereforbvcky
Series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

(Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

I’ll Be Good
by @imhereforbvcky
Series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op.

Falling Up
by @howlingbarnes
Series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Drama seems to lurk around every corner of your life. When a mistake with your boss…and another with your best friend, sends your life into a frenzy, Professor Bucky Barnes is the only one with a leveled head that you can turn to. Beware, though, he’s got a secret or two of his own.

Truth and Tequila
by @girl-next-door-writes
2-Part Series; Steve Rogers x Reader

A very drunk evening leads to some interesting revelations.

The Morning After The Night Before
by @girl-next-door-writes
Part 2 to Truth and Tequila

The fall out of your friends discovering that Tequila is your kyptonite.

A Masterpiece Immortalized
by @bootypoppinbarnes
Oneshot; Bucky Barnes x Reader

You wouldn’t exactly classify yourself as a photographer, but Bucky Barnes was definitely your muse.

By Royal Decree
by @captainrogerss
On-going series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Betrothed to a man that does not like you in the least, you grit your teeth and take on the duties expected of you as a princess. (Royal AU; Prince!Bucky Barnes).

by @buchonians
Series; Sebastian Stan x OC

Sebastian is named King of Romania after his father passes away.  As custom, he is to take a bride.  Nothing goes the way it should in the event leading up to their wedding.

by @buchonians
On-going series; sequel to Kingdom

Now married, the King and Queen of Romania are on the warpath. Trying track down the culprits behind the kidnapping of Kyra’s family, the attempts on their lives, and the murders of several royals at their wedding.

Fast Lane
by @buchonians
On-going series; Dayton White x OC

There’s a new hot shot racer on the scene that is the biggest rival of fellow racer, Dayton White.  The racing world is clueless about his illness that renders him unable to race the biggest race of his career, so he enlists the help of his equally talented twin sister and convinces her to take his place.

One Last Mission
by @supersoldierfreak
On-going series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

You’re a ‘retired’ Level 12 SHIELD agent who has been laying low ever since the Project Insight disaster. Now, a couple years later Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton show up at your doorstep asking a favour; they need your help on one last mission. You agree to help them out on the condition that they left you alone afterwards. It was fine until it all fell apart…

Memories and Music
by @bitsandbobsandstuff
Oneshot; Bucky Barnes x Reader

You follow the sound of beautiful music, and when you find Bucky Barnes in front of the piano, you wonder if your heart might break just a little.

No Pressure
by @soitmightgetweird
Oneshot; Steve Rogers x Reader

You just needed someone to act as a barrier between you and an unwanted encounter with an ex.

Lesson Learned
by @justsomebucky
Oneshot; Bucky Barnes x Reader 

AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are best friends. Will a figure from the past ruin everything, or will they see what’s right in front of them?

My Neighbor’s A Jerk
by @jurassicbarnes
On-going series; Bucky Barnes x Reader

Modern-Day (AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your neighbor, called hate. And since your first meet you both commence that feeling with a burning passion. You don’t know the reason behind his hate and you know for damn sure that he will never tell you. But what happens on the first day of your job, when you find out that you even work together? Maybe you will learn to co-operate?

anonymous asked:

what causes the chocobros to be petty?

This request gave me a little bit of a laugh… I filled them all nearly on-impact but Gladio took me a couple of days to think of…

For Noctis, literally just mess with his sleep schedule one too many times. The boy loves his sleep. I feel like Noct would be the definition of, “I ain’t got no sleep ‘cause ‘a y’all, y’all not gon get to sleep ‘cause of me!” whenever he’s petty. 

For Prompto, repeatedly use all of the hot water during the rare times they actually get to stay at a hotel. If it happens once or twice he’ll let it slide because hey, these things happen… but repeatedly, when you know he’s gotta take care of his hair? (He hates washing his hair with cold water.) It’s on.

For Gladio, spoil a book for him. He normally reads historical books, but in the rare times that he finds himself with a fictional book, if someone spoils it for him he’ll be rather upset about it. Finally, he found some fiction that seemed interesting, and someone just had to ruin the ending…

For Ignis, drink the last can of Ebony. Whether accidental or intentional, whoever drank the last can will have to keep an eye out for the comeback… even though they’ll never see it coming. 


Hey Arch, I’ve been following your blog throughout my undergraduate degree in Env. Design and it’s been a great resource! I really appreciate what you do for the community and the people asking you questions. I was wondering if you might have insight about projects that could help inform my current studio project. I decided to propose a version of the Center for Truth and Reconciliation at the UofM.

It’s a mix of Museum/Research/Archives/Classrooms/Great Hall/Gathering space. Would you happen to know of any  precedent that might help inform my form, circulation, etc? Have a good weekend! Cheers A

Storage Rooms Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

Most major museums have a combination of most of these uses. The most obvious ones in my opinion would be the :

  • Smithsonian Institution (all the images in the post)
  • MET,
  • Tate (check out the recently completed extension by Herzog & de Meuron)
  • Louvre (check out the Louvre Lens by SANAA)

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@digdipper09 I saw your Tony as a villain comment and raise you Tony as an accidental-clueless-unknowing villain. Not quite what I expected when I started but *shrug*

The Villainous Career of Tony Stark–A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events

A different take on the Tony as the Villains’ Favourite™ concept. Where the consequences of hate and gossip are unpredictable, and nothing ever goes the way you intend it to… Also this is mostly crack. I tried treating it seriously, but not sure I succeeded.

Warning: Contains small amounts of various superhero hate, because villains and terrible people. In this chapter mainly Tony and Bruce.

A rumour doesn’t have to be true. It has to be shared.

There is this kid, barely old enough to drink, yet already well on his way to become a super villain. It’s name–though of no importance–is Ian, and he knows two things, and two things only: 1) Being able to corrode even the thickest of stones with just your spit is unnatural and despicable. 2) Tony Stark is the most revolting, hypocritical, pathetic waste of space there is.

Both lessons the kid learned early on, like many other things, from his parents. A spiteful, bitter pair too occupied spewing poisonous words into every direction to find something worth loving in their lives.

And so it is perhaps inevitable that this kid, Ian, eventually finds his way into the New Yorker underground, where, thanks to his ability, he quickly finds a sponsor. An older, more experienced villain willing to show the kid the ropes and keep him out of trouble with the big leagues until he might be able to handle it.

They talk about super heroes eventually because of course they do. Know your enemy and all. And it’s then, when the mentor goes over Iron Man’s known abilities, that the kid frowns in confusion.

“But Iron Man isn’t a villain?” he says like it’s obvious, a truth that has been drilled into his mind for so long that questioning it is unthinkable–after all, following Iron Man’s path is a large part of the reason why Ian is here in the first place, trying to become a super villain.

The mentor meanwhile is struck dumb by this, this utterly ridiculous statement. He doesn’t even know where to begin refuting this claim, everyone knows Iron Man is a hero, where did this kid even come from?

But when he tries to explain as much to the kid, Ian proves himself surprisingly stubborn for the first time. It’s all “He went out of the arms’ business” “Yes, because he didn’t want to share them anymore, he kept them to himself” and “He saved the world” “Yeah, to save himself”, until eventually, the poor, exhausted mentor has to admit defeat. There is no convincing this kid that Tony Stark isn’t a villain, even though he’s obviously a hero.

…isn’t he?

There’s this lower-class villain mentor who’s a little thrown-off by his protégés insistence that Tony Stark is a villain. He knows it couldn’t be true of course, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to convince the kid of that–and that, that bothers him.

He seeks counsel with a higher-up villain the next day, a man feared enough to have earned his own villain name. Dagger he is called and rumour has it he has even once encountered an Avenger himself.

Dagger has nothing but scoffs and scorn for the mentor, served with a bunch of sharp barbs about how the drinks must’ve softened up his brain. But Dagger holds no love for Iron Man, who at one point blasted him into a wall before he could so much as raise his daggers, and so the answer a curious minion overhears is a snappish “sure is enough of a selfish bastard to fit the bill”.

There’s this man well into his fifties, who’s been working behind the bar of the Gustav’s all his life. He’s used to the odd people slipping through the door way too late, used to barely hidden weapons, used to shady deals and not asking questions.

He’s less used to a bunch of very shady men gathering together in one corner, arguing, louder and louder, drawing more and more attention. Over Tony Stark of all things.

But he’s kept his head down all his life and he continues to do so. Until the men demand a refill and one of them demands to know whether it’s true, whether Tony Stark really is a villain. And this man, who’s rarely ever been asked for his own thoughts, bares his teeth as he thinks of Stark, of the man who has been born with everything he could have ever wanted, and so he rants about arrogance and entitlement and how Stark has done more damage to this world than that damn Loki ever did.

And the men listen silently, occasionally nodding in solemn agreement, and the next round the bartender gives out for free.

There is Carter Whistney who hasn’t been high up in HYDRA’s hierarchy. Which might just be the only reason he is still alive and free. But ever since HYDRA’s fall–or setback, depending on whom you ask–he has begun to make a name for himself. And whilst not as high up in the underworld as, say, Loki, he is doing well indeed.

As such, when the first rumours of Tony Stark being secretly a villain reach his ears, he could afford to spend ten minutes laughing about how gullible his minions really are.

Then. Then he takes the situation for what it really is. A chance to besmirch the name of Tony fucking Stark, an irritating nuisance in every honest villain’s butt.

And so he turns back to his terrified underlings with a wide, crazed smile on his lips and uttered a single confirmation.

There is Brock Rumlow tilting his head to the side in consideration. For the past three weeks or so, the underworld has been abuzz with rumours about the one and only Tony Stark, a name that never fails to draw attention from every side of the legal line.

It’s not the first time that uninformed morons and FOX reporters insist on the inherent evil-ness of the guy, but those rumours usually dissipate within days. This time it seems like every minion in New York has been won over at the same time.

It could be a coincidence, mere happenstance, but Brock Rumlow doesn’t believe in coincidences. And since this time the theory clearly isn’t gonna disappear on its own, perhaps it’s time to–reconsider.

After all… There has been the Incident.

(Nobody talks about the Incident.)

With a sign Rumlow pulls out his newest burner phone. It’s time to let the others, who are less likely to pay attention to their underlings’ worries know of this new development. Whether it’s true or not, rumours as persistent as this one will have uncomfortable consequences sooner rather than later.

They need to deal with this as quickly as possible.

The Council of All That Is Evil And All That Spreads Evil is in full session. Which is to say, all its twenty four, highly esteemed members are shouting and flinging insults at each other, as is usual at this stage in the informed decision making process.

“This is preposterous!” one of the more conservative members interrupts. “Why do we even waste our time with this pointless discussion? Iron Man is a hero, there’s no questioning that!”

“Then where was he during Project Insight?” another one throws in heatedly. “Why wasn’t he defending his precious civilians from all those armed helicarriers? Helicarriers that he built by the way.”

“Hulk wasn’t there either and I don’t see you trying to turn him into a villain!” the first one shoots back.

“Psh,” a third member scoffs. “Hulk runs all the time.”

“And someone explain to me how a man who routinely hacked SHIELD and other secret government data banks, could not know about HYDRA’s continued survival!” the second one continuous with new fervour. “Explain how a man with the most developed computing skills didn’t know his own business partner made deals with terrorists.”

“He almost got killed by said terrorists,” the first one scorns.

“Oh, like you’ve never gotten rid off your partner because he knew too much,” the second snarks right back.

“I can’t believe we’re even considering this.” A fourth villain buries his face in his hands.

“You have to admit though, there’s a lot of holes in these stories,” his seat neighbour comments. “I mean, do you really think SHIELD could just sneak a spy in right under Stark’s nose and he’d suspect nothing?”

“Order! Order!” the Council’s president bellows. “I do not believe that we will resolve this issue today. Therefore I ask that you keep your eyes and ears open, and gather as much information as possible for the meeting in two weeks, where we’ll discuss this again. Meeting adjourned!”

Technically there are 2-3 more parts planned. Two more from various villains’ perspectives and then one from Tony’s point of view. But this was getting ridiculously long as it is and also I’m increasingly less sure if it’s a good read? Damn you, insecurity. Let me know what you think?

Btw the alternate title for this was The Only Acceptable Consequence Of Tony-Hate, just because.

You know, a lot of people demonize Fury for dragging Steve back into a fight so soon after he came out of the ice and for not telling Steve everything immediately in Cap 2.

But really, I think Nick was doing the best he could to help someone who is really bad at being helped. I mean, fighting aliens probably wasn’t the *best* thing for Steve’s mental health, but joining a team and feeling useful was a damn sight better than staring at pictures of his dead friends.

And it’s not like Nick would have been unfamiliar with people who couldn’t seem to let go of the fight. So he brought Steve into SHIELD and let him do his thing so that he hopefully wouldn’t completely self-destruct. And Nick clearly knew him well enough to know how Steve would react if he were aware of Nick’s suspicions. Steve would have been like a bull in china shop trying to figure out what was going on with Project Insight and it probably would have gotten his ass killed.

I don’t know. There’s probably things Nick could have done that would have been better for Steve as an individual, but he was doing the best he could to preserve ALL the people and things he cared about. And I think that included Steve; or at the very least, there’s no indication that he *didn’t* care about Steve.

Anyway, I think Nick and Steve understand each other and respect each other and there should be more of that in fandom. Nick deserves better.

Project Paperclip

I have watched Winter Soldier three times this week, and I was watching this scene when the idea of this fic occured to me. Of course, maybe the idea behind it is wrong. It is based on my own theory.

If you have any feedback, please let me know! I hope you enjoy!




You pulled up to Steve’s old military camp in silence. Nat was baffled, you knew, by the possibility that such an advanced program, which had bested even her, had originated from such an unlikely place. Steve was wading through his memories of the camp, of a time before Captain America. A time when life was simple.

You were worried. There had to be a reason you were led here, and it couldn’t be good. You were overcome by this feeling that as bad as things were now, they were going to get much worse. You stayed silent, choosing not to worry the others more than necessary, and followed closely behind Steve, hand hovering above your gun, anxiously waiting for someone to jump out at you.

Nat wandered for a bit, searching out any signals that would assist in finding the source of the data that had nearly cost Fury his life. She called out that there was absolutely nothing. No heat signatures, no waves. She began to theorise about what could have happened. You didn’t understand much of what she said.

But Steve seemed to have noticed something, and strode towards a cold, angular, concrete building.

“Steve?” You asked, still following behind him.

“Army regulations forbid storing ammunition within five hundred yards from the barracks,” Steve began. “This building is in the wrong place.” With absolutely no effort, he used the rim of his shield to smash the padlock off of the door, and the three of you ventured inside.

Your mouth dropped open. There was a SHIELD insignia upon the wall, and office furniture, long forgotten, littered the dusty room.

“This is SHIELD,” Nat uttered.

“Maybe where it started,” Steve replied.

Entering a smaller room to the side, your eyes were drawn to three photographs that hung in broken frames on the wall. Howard, Peggy and Colonel Phillips smiled down at you.

“There’s Stark’s father,” Nat pointed out.

“Howard,” you elaborated with a fond smile.

“Who’s the girl?” Nat asked. Your eyes moved from Peggy’s beautiful face to Steve. His jaw clenched slightly, and instead of replying, he turned to investigate the room.

“Agent Peggy Carter,” you said gently. Nat nodded her understanding, but before she could say anything else, you heard Steve’s voice.

“If you’re already working in a secret office…” he said, pushing aside a heavy looking bookshelf, “why do you need to hide the elevator?”

The two of you walked to where Steve was standing and studied the elevator. The doors were quite old, and there was a keypad next to them. Nat pulled her device out of her pocket again, and held it up the keypad. It determined the passcode, and she pressed the numbers in sequence. The doors slid open. You glanced nervously at Steve, took a deep breath, and stepped into the elevator. It didn’t lurch, or give any indication of collapsing, so you relaxed, and the others got on with you. There was only one button. You pressed it.

When the doors opened again, you were staring into a dark space. It was cold, and seemed to be quite large. Stepping out of the elevator, the lights turned on. There must have been some sort of movement sensor.

At the opposite end of the room sat several large computer monitors, and behind that, an endless sea of databanks. You looked to Natasha, and saw her shaking her head.

“This can’t be the data-point, this technology is ancient…” she confirmed your thoughts, but as she moved closer, she noticed a USB port. Even you could tell how out of place it seemed. She placed the USB into the port, and then there was a cacophany of whirring, as the databanks began to roll, and the old computer flashed to life.

The words Initiate System? blinked on the screen. You and Steve were both well and truly out of your depth, so you deferred to Nat. This was one of her specialties after all.

“Y-E-S, spells yes,” Nat smiled as she typed. You could tell despite everything, she was genuinely enjoying having a puzzle to solve. Her level of intelligence was unrivaled by most. “Shall we play a game?” Nat laughed as she waited for the computer to process her input. “It’s from a movie that…”

“Yeah, we saw it,” Steve remarked dryly.

Before that conversation could progress any further, a familiar voice rang out, reverberating around the cavernous room. You recognised it immediately. It was just one of the voices that haunted you in your nightmares.

Rogers, Steven. Born, 1918. Barnes, (Y/N). Formerly (Y/L/N), (Y/N). Born, 1918. Married, 1939. Romanoff, Natalia Alianovna. Born, 1984.

“It’s some kind of a recording,” Nat breathed, impressed by the technology, as a small camera focused on each of you, one at a time.

I am not a recording, Fräulein. I may not be the man I was when the Captain took me prisoner in 1945, but I am. The screen flashed an image, and your fear was confirmed. You were being addressed by Dr. Arnim Zola. The man who stole your husband from you. Your fists balled at your sides.

“Do you know this thing?” Nat asked, looking between the two of you. This time it was your turn to offer no answer, as you continued to stare at the face on the screen, now not a photograph but a digital face. The camera seemed to pause on you and observe you longer than the others. You hated that you couldn’t feel him. He was there, but he was just a machine. He had no emotions.

“Arnim Zola was a German scientist who worked for the Red Skull. He’s been dead for years,” Steve explained for Nat’s sake. He was confused, but you barely noticed.

First correction, I am Swiss. Second, look around you. I have never been more alive. In 1972 I received a terminal diagnosis. Science could not save my body, my mind, however, that was worth saving on two hundred thousand feet of data banks. You are standing in my brain.

“How did you get here?” Steve asked angrily.


You began to feel sick.

“It was Operation Paperclip after World War II,” Nat elaborated. “SHIELD recruited German scientists with strategic values.”


Zola continued. They thought I could help their cause. I also helped my own.

The camera observed as you swayed, light headed.

“HYDRA died with the Red Skull,” Steve spoke with conviction.

Cut off one head, two more shall take its place.

“Prove it.”

Accessing archive.

A flurry of images appeared on the screen. Zola told his story. But you couldn’t concentrate. It felt like you were underwater. Everything was fuzzy, voices were far away, and you couldn’t breathe.

Zola was the only member of Hydra that had been captured by the American military that didn’t immediately pop a cyanide capsule. He had entered custody without a fuss, and from what you had been told, he was mostly cooperative.

The intel about him being on the train had been so easy for you to procure. The train route so readily available. Steve had told you that there were Hydra agents on board that attacked Bucky and himself, but less than he thought there would have been.

Zola wanted to get captured. He wanted to be taken into custody, and prove his worth. He wanted SHIELD to need him. To rely on him. A parasite from within could do much more damage than someone on the outside ever could. He made sure Hydra would survive, undetectable until it was too late.

Bucky had died. He died trying to protect America. The world. He died. For this?

He died.

Once the purification process is complete, HYDRA’s new world order will arise. We won, Captain, Barnes. Your deaths amount to the same as your lives; a zero sum.

You walked up to the monitor that was displaying Zola’s face, and before anyone could reach out to stop you, you punched it with all your might. You showed no indication that your bleeding knuckles caused you any pain.

“(Y/N),” Steve said softly, walking up behind you.

As I was saying… Zola interrupted, face popping up on one of the smaller screens. What’s on this drive? Project Insight requires insight. So I wrote an algorithm.

“What kind of algorithm? What does it do?” Nat asked, watching Steve pull you away from the monitor gingerly. She was enjoying the puzzle a lot less now.

The answer to your question is fascinating. Unfortunately, you shall be too dead to hear it.

The doors that you had entered the room from, the only doors that you were aware of, began to close. Steve turned from you, and threw his shield at them in order to avoid being trapped, but it was too late.

“Steve, we’ve got a bogey. ETA 30 seconds,” Nat said with carefully constructed calm.

“Who sent it?” Steve asked.


Admit it, it’s better this way. We’re all three of us…out of time.

Steve looked around desperately, and found a grate in the floor. He let go of your hand, and pried the cover off. Nat jumped in. You were torn between finding protection and just accepting what was coming, when Steve pulled you in with him, covering the three of you with his shield.

There was a loud explosion, and the building began to collapse. You were buffeted by concrete and debri, and the resulting fire made it difficult to breath. In order to protect you and Nat, Steve was slightly exposed. You hoped desperately that his Super Soldier Serum would help him. You closed your eyes.

When you next opened them, you were in a car. You were dazed, but you knew that it wasn’t the one that you had driven to New Jersey in. Something was wrapped around your hand tightly, and your ribs ached. Your ears were ringing, but soon you were able to make out two voices. Steve and Nat. They were alive.

“We should go to Stark. He’s closer,” Steve argued.

“We can’t Steve, you know that,” Nat countered. “They’ll expect that. Hell, they might’ve already visited him looking for us. I don’t know if we have anywhere we can go!”

“Sam Wilson…” you piped up. Your throat was dry and sore. Smoke inhalation.

“(Y/N), thank God,” Steve sighed in relief. You felt him calm ever so slightly in knowing that you were awake. You felt the same from Nat.

“Sam Wilson?” She asked.

“We were talking to him a while ago, when you picked us up for the Lumerian Star mission,” you continued, sitting up and clicking your seat belt on. You winced when the belt brushed across your ribs.

“How will we find him?” Nat pondered.

“The old fashioned way,” Steve replied.

A long drive, and a flick through the Washington phone book later, you found him. Steve parked the car a block away, so it wouldn’t cause any problems, and you all walked, injured and exhausted, the rest of the way.

Just as you had hoped, he had taken you into his home without hesitation. “Not everyone,” he had said when Nat told him everyone you knew was trying to kill you.

Nat showered first, while you waited with Steve.

“(Y/N),” he hesitantly began. “What happened back there?”

You thought for a moment, before deciding against telling him about your realisation.

“I didn’t like what he was saying,” you lied. It would be better if he didn’t know. He already had too much to carry on his shoulders. He didn’t need to know.

“Are you sure that’s it? You don’t normally react that way… unless something really upsets you.”

“I’m sorry I lost control…”

“Don’t apologise. I was about two seconds away from doing the same. But brash reactions are not something you’re generally known for… you hurt your hand.”

“It’s fine Steve. I’ll clean it thoroughly in the shower, and bandage it afterwards. It’ll be fine.”

Nat walked back into the room from the bathroom, and sat on the bed next to you, drying her hair.

“You go (Y/N). I’ll go after you,” Steve offered.

“Are you sure?”

He nodded, and you accepted his offer gratefully. You needed to be alone for a little while, to process everything that you had learned that day.

You cried in the shower. When you got out, you dried off, and wrapped your hand. The gash on your ribs would need attention too, but it was too difficult for you to manage alone.

You forced yourself to focus on something, anything, else. Luckily the awkward energy that you had felt surrounding Steve and Nat would provide a nice distraction for you. You had to force yourself to be OK, for Steve.

You took a deep breath, braced yourself, and rejoined Steve and Nat. Steve went to take his shower, and Nat went to find a drink in Sam’s kitchen. Alone again, you concentrated on Steve. And waited for him to come back into the room.


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never-ending list of AUs→Sam as Captain America/Riley as the Winter Soldier

In 2014, Sam recognized Riley as the Winter Soldier, and attempted to break through his conditioning and rescue him from Hydra’s clutches. Though Captain Wilson, Lt. Colonel Rhodes, and Det. Misty Knight were able to take down Project Insight, Riley disappeared in its aftermath.

ivy-raven  asked:

So, a prompt! First, do you write for IronPanther and StarkQuill pairings? If yes, I might be back with more prompts for them, but I'd really like Stuckony where HYDRA sent the WS to kill Tony before launching Project Insight, so he can't somehow stop it at the last minute, as heroes are wont to do. He's sent UC in SI, because that's the only way to get close, but Tony, exhausted, trips and twists his ankle in front of him and dozens of witnesses, so he can't kill him yet. (1/2)

He’s forced to pick him up and take him to the med bay, being the security guard and visualy strongest. But he’s desperatly touch starved, and really like touching/carrying Tony, and he smelled so good and was really nice to him, so he decides Tony must absolutely never die and tells him everything, declaring himself his new bodyguard. Steve/Tony is established, and both are aware of Bucky’s feelings for Tony (before and after regaining memories) so they invite him into their relationship. 2/3

And Bucky is super confused, like, punk, we’re already in a relationship?? Keep up? And picks Tony up and takes his two fellas on a date! - ok, that was super long and detailed, sorry about that! I can just imagine it and it’s so cute! You don’t have to include all the elements, I realize it’s a lot, I just really need touch-starved Bucky imprining on Tony and the ‘we’re already dating, punk’ scene! Thanks so much! (3/3)

Haha, this is adorable! How sweet. :) I do not write StarkQuill. In fact I’ve never even seen Guardians of the Galaxy! I should get on that, haha. I can write IronPanther though. I hope this lives up to your expectations! Keep an eye out for under the cut!

This work can also be found on my Ao3 here.

The Asset had barely even touched his gun when the Mark tripped and went down in a flail of limbs and loose papers. He had to fight a sigh. Some might think the clumsy marks would be easier to kill, because it could be made to look like an accident, but actually it was much harder—they were more likely to accidentally dodge attempts on their lives.

The Mark sat up, looking shocked. “Ow.”

“Sir?” one of the secretaries called, standing from her desk. “Mr. Stark, are you okay?”

“I think so?” The Mark pressed his palms to his eyes, letting out a sigh that betrayed deep exhaustion. “Yeah.” He took her hands when she offered them to him and pulled himself up, letting out a little noise of pain as he finally stood. “Ow!”

The secretary began patting him down, concerned. “What? What’s wrong?”

The Mark batted her hands away. “I’m fine, Ms. Carmichael. Just a twisted ankle.”

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MCU CANONSSECTION: Why Steve is the Shield he wields

(Canonssection is where I take canon, open it, tear it into pieces, see all the gears and fine tuning then try to put some part together as to explain a part of the overall narrative great picture and why that part in particular is not only necessary and revealing but relevant)

During TFA, Steve, after having been given the command of a small task force, is taken apart by Howard Stark in order for him to choose a weapon with which to conduct his mission. On the table lots of experimental arm but the one that caught Steve’s eye is a shield. Not any shield either but a vibranium one, which absorb all force exerted upon it and nullify it and is as such a literal unmovable object.

This choice is interesting because this is not what one would think of at first when talking about weapon. Indeed a shield is primarily a defensive object and while Steve mastered the art of throwing it at improbable trajectories and make it magically come back, it doesn’t change the fact that it is still a clumsy weapon at best and bullets would be more efficient.  

This choice is usually analyzed as the pinnacle of Steve’s character and I do agree with this conclusion but not for the reasons most would think of. This shield is always used to reflect Steve’s primary instinct to protect and never instigate, he will defend those that need it when needed. In my opinion only the “when needed” portion of this is relevant when discussing Steve’s (in the MCU at least) personality.
In truth, this shield is the ultimate proof that once set in a way Steve is rigid and unyielding, he will go at something with bull-headed doggedness but on the flip side of this if he is unsure of what course of action to take Steve won’t move of his own volition and instead wait for external circumstances to make the choice for him.

Indeed, Steve Rogers is first introduced to us as someone that has one idea and won’t budge from it, he want to enlist and fight on the frontlines. Nevermind all the refusal he got nor his own physical limitations nothing, not even his best friend will make back off from his goal.
He gets his chance and the super soldier serum but that’s where things go sideways. He is the only trace left of Erskine’s formula and the only guy in his corner is dead so he can’t go and fight in the war anymore. Faced with the prospect of spending the rest of his days as a lab rat he tries to find another solution and someone gives him one: being a propaganda tool. He accepts.

Even as he seems not to like this that much (at least by the time he gets to the frontlines) he follows without complaints because now that he is a soldier he doesn’t know what to do next and takes the first option he is provided with.

Then comes the decisive moment of Bucky’s capture that once again spurrs him into action by giving him a purpose AND a personal motivation to achieve his goal. He goes into enemy territory gun blazing without a plan out of sheer stubbornness to refuse to believe Bucky’s dead until every stone stands unturned. The mission is a surprising success and he gets a team and missions as a reward. Once again with his personal motivation gone of the equation he is content to just follow orders and take part of the war effort his way. Then Bucky dies before his eyes and once again Steve resolves to personally destroy the Red Skull and Hydra and nothing will deter him from that.

That’s why even after having won the battle and proceeding to sink the war plane into the ice he refuses to consider any option that could save his life (such as jumping a hundred mile above the sea, which he WOULD survive) because he needs to be sure without any shred of doubt that his mission has been carried to completion, even if it costs him his life.  

Thus the origin story of Steve Rogers proved to us how zero to 100 he is as a person like his shield when used unstoppable but the rest of the time purely reactive. The next movies he appears in only underlines this concept.

Indeed in the Avengers he is first seen as someone who’s lost all purpose in life and is content with living in the limbo in between the life he used to have and the time he woke up to. When Fury comes to recruit him even if he is bone-tired and weary he takes little convincing to join up as he is once agin given a purpose and this is better than brooding over all that he has lost. During the whole first half of the movie he is a model soldier following orders and respecting Fury’s authority.

He only takes initiative after Tony’s needling, allowing him to find the phase two weapons. When the Helicarrier is under attack he follows Tony’s lead and orders through everything and post himself as a guard. Once again Tony is the one that unfold Loki’s plan and moves ahead leaving Steve to go and fetch Widow and Hawkeye. Once they arrive and are all assembled for the first time Steve doesn’t take the initiative, at that point he knows Tony’s was right about Fury, about Banner coming and about Loki’s plan. Only at Tony’s prompting (“Call it, Cap) does he take the lead and starts giving out orders.  

Once his leadership is established we find back the Captain, the one giving orders, stubbornly fighting to the bitter end and making the hard choices (closing the portal on Tony).

The Winter Soldier also shows this pattern of Steve’s behavior. Once again at the beginning he works for SHIELD because this is the easy thing to do and not because of any personal desire to be there. He dodges all personal inquiries of Sam revealing that he is content to just go working and then come back home chilling alone and refuse all attempts Natasha makes to try and make him socialize more.

His mission is botched because of Fury and he confronts him on that and then on the Project Insight which he finds morally wrong. But he doesn’t go further than words and never really consider leaving SHIELD as is revealed during his talk with Peggy. He thinks the Project is wrong, doesn’t especially like working for SHIELD and doesn’t trust Fury, yet he refuses to take action since he doesn’t know what to do next (“I just want to do what’s right, I guess I’m not sure what that is anymore”).

Fury is the one that puts him on the path to resist SHIELD when he comes over after being attacked. And once again even as he doesn’t trust him, Steve follows since he doesn’t know what to do. Then the revelation: it was Hydra all along and while it destroys Natasha to learn this it brings Steve peace as he finally is given a clear enemy and goal with a bonus personal stakes that are only upped when the Bucky revelation comes.

That’s how we have the Steve that confronts Fury once again but this time doesn’t take no for an answer and impose his course of action, the one that rejects all attempts made by his allies to consider the possibility of having to neutralize Bucky and the one’s that refuses to fight once the Insight’s threat is over because he’s sure he can reach Bucky.

TL;DR: Steve’s a reactive person at his core and is content to be coasting through life without any real initiative most of the time. Then when something makes his way into his head he becomes an unmovable force that will power through everything or die trying and is focused on how to achieve his goal and not what comes after. 
In both modes Steve never worries about “after” and straight up refuses to consider it, he is the living embodiment of “crossing that bridge when it comes to it”. For him the future is at the bottom of his priority list. Like his shield always finds his way back to his hand, Steve’s always reverts to a reactive mindset when a goal his achieved.

  • That’s why he is so angry at Tony for Ultron because it crosses his inner psyche deeply, this is more him lashing out because he is profoundly unsettled than because of any true conviction on his part about lying. For Steve putting the future before anything is endangering the present and he refuses to take any decision that could results in unwanted consequences if he has not the insurance of an instant reward.
  • That’s why he dresses down Tony for Ultron but brushes off Lagos, as Lagos was an overall success despite the losses of life while Ultron was a failure with nothing to show for it except from Vision which seems like a meagre consolation for the destruction caused.
  • That’s why he refuses to consider any collateral damages as a fault of his own that can be corrected because if he stops for one second to consider the potential repercussion of his actions he’ll be unable to move or take a decision in battle again (“if you start running you’ll never stop”, rings any bell?).
  • That’s why he rejects the Sokovia Accords because they are not to his satisfaction, not caring about Natasha and Tony’s POV that we should take this deal instead of risking being given a harsher hand. For him if the Sokovia Accords failed then it was a victory and if something else is done he’ll fight it as well, he prefers to risk a more bitter loss to secure a victory instead of taking a mild loss without any reward.
  • That’s why the only moment he considered signing the Accords were when he was given a concrete instant bonus for it, ie. pardon for him, Sam and Bucky and care given to Bucky.