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“You wanted to see me bleed. I let you hit me. You wanted me to fuck you. I fucked you. You wanted to be marked by me. Well…”

Tear You Apart by @riddlelvr


“12. I have a vague impression that the transcenders are less “happy” than the healthy ones. They can be more ecstatic, more rapturous, and experience greater heights of “happiness” (a too weak word) than the happy and healthy ones. But I sometimes get the impression that they are as prone and maybe more prone to a kind of cosmic sadness or B-sadness over the stupidity of people, their self-defeat, their blindness, their cruelty to each other, their shortsightedness… Perhaps this is a price these people have to pay for their direct seeing of the beauty of the world, of the saintly possibilities in human nature, of the non-necessity of so much of human evil, of the seemingly obvious necessities for a good world…. Any transcender could sit down and in five minutes write a recipe for peace, brotherhood, and happiness, a recipe absolutely within the bounds of practicality, absolutely attainable. And yet he sees all this not being done… No wonder he is sad or angry or impatient at the same time that he is also “optimistic” in the long run.”
(Abraham Maslow: Theory Z, 1969)

Carpe Diem, Chapter 1

December 18, 1991

Smoke rose from the wreckage, a burning fiery sea that turned everything it touched into ashes. A single scream rose from it, wailing in pain as it’s last breaths were wrought from the body trapped in the carnage.

Five were supposed to perish that faithful night. Due to a change in fate, only one did.

July 14, 1992

Maria Stark

“Tony, Greg, Arno! You boys better be ready to leave right now or there will be trouble…” Maria Stark crossed her arms, shaking her head at the antics of her sons. The three boisterous Omegas came thundering down the stairs, grinning at their mother as they pressed a kiss to her cheek and grabbed their suit jackets from Jarvis.

The Beta sighed, resting her hand against her forehead as she slowly turned to face her boys. Don’t get her wrong, she loved them all very dearly and would never harm a single hair upon their heads. But sometimes… sometimes the three of them really got on her nerves. A soft smile worked its way onto her lips as she looked upon her boys and nodded in approval.

Anthony, who looked so much like Howard he could’ve been his twin. Her oldest Omega son had dark, short hair that  waved just slightly as it reached the tips of his ears. Dark, doe brown eyes that were always filled with a sense of inquiry and intelligence as well as curiosity. And he had a clean shaven look about him. But above all, her oldest was incredibly sweet and kind. A little anxious even and prone to doubting himself, but he always did the right thing in the end.

Gregory was the oddball out of the three of them, with short, blond hair that was cut neatly to avoid it from falling into his dark brown eyes. There was a slight stubble to his chin, as if he hadn’t shaved in a few days and a small mustache was growing out. Out of all of her children Greg had inherited most of her looks, but his personality mostly portrayed Howard, but without the feeling of grandeur or superiority that her late husband was prone to have.

And then there was Arno, her sweet little angel. With dark, short spiked hair and eyes as blue as the sky. He was a handsome little Omega to behold. A teenager still but like his brothers before him already so accomplished. Arno was the little artist of their family with a great love for photography. He was taller than Tony but shorter than Greg.

All three of them were wearing identical black suits for their cousin’s wedding, Tony was sporting a red tie, Greg a green tie and Arno was wearing a blue tie to complement his eyes. All in all, they looked stunning and the Beta most approved of their fashion choices.

Her heels clicked against the marble floor as she made her way over, her dark blue evening dress reached just past her knees and swayed around her just slightly as she walked. She stopped in front of her boys, allowing Jarvis to put her jacket on her shoulders before nodding politely at their faithful butler. “Thank you, Edwin.”

“It’s my pleasure, Mrs. Stark. Is there anything else I can do for you?” Edwin took a step back, taking a moment to smile at Tony as the Omega started tapping his foot against the floor.

“No that will be all. I expect we will be back late tonight, so feel free to use the kitchen to prepare a meal for you and Anna. You don’t have to wait up for us, take an evening off, spend some time together.” Maria smiled at her old friend, briefly touching his cheek affectionately before turning to her boys.

“Gentlemen, I believe Happy is waiting for us. Best not to keep him, or the bridal party waiting. Your aunt Peggy and your cousin Sharon are counting on us to arrive on time.”

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Jamilton Soulmate AU

AN: So I saw this post about your enemy’s name on one wrist and your soulmate’s on the other so I wanted to make it a thing? I have no idea and I’m writing this at 1:10 in the morning so bear with me. Also it’s going to be about Alex because I relate to him more and can write about him? Enjoy!

Word Count: 882 (its short but hey its cool)

Pairings: Jamilton, Lams (past/referenced)

Warnings: Slight Angst 

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preetkiran1016  asked:

Hello hello! I am here with an ask about modern fashion for law, ace, sabo, and chopper! If you don't mind!

Hey! I really loved the modern AU you did with what the op characters would wear. I was wondering if you could do the same for ASL, Usopp, Hancock, and Robin?

Not at all lovelies! :D And thank you!


  • Oh mighty lord, you know Law could be stylish, he does have great taste
  • The potential is there, but he just still so often sticks with dark hoodies, dammit
  • Hasn’t changed his haircut for the past six years
  • Sometimes tho he really manages to to look fashionable as heck
  • Wears dark shoes and form-fitting pants and looks fantastic in them
  • He’s one of the dudes who wear multiple rings on his fingers
  • When he actually looks pretty decent with tight pants, dark boots, and a shirt with deep clevage that shows off both his muscles and his tattoes he finds a way to ruin everything with a stupid animal print cap


  • Ace kinda has a sporty/lumberjack style
  • His fave color is orange and his fave colors to wear are orange, black and red
  • He kinda likes vests for colder weather
  • He would walk around naked if he could tho, that’s how comfortable clothing is important to him
  • Likes hoodies and sleevles shirts a lot too
  • Would probably have an tattoo that would cover his entire shoulder + upper arm
  • Wears a lot of bracelets
  • Over the years his good friend Izo gave him a bit of an insight in fashion so Ace can pull off to look proper for parties and festivities


  • Has much more taste than his brothers, he didn’t intend to but he grew up with rich ass parents after all
  • He has a preppy/casual style
  • He really only wears dark, plain colors, all just different shades of blue, black, white and grey
  • Likes chelsea/oxfort boots
  • Would wear more colorful comfortable hoodies and shirts at home tho
  • Has a smaller tattoo that covers a bit of his upper arm
  • He’s one of the few men in the world, who can look sexy wearing a turtleneck sweater


  • Do you know these russian Shapka hats, lumberjacks wear during winter?
  • He’s a fan of them
  • The keyword is really ‘lumberjack’, much more than Ace
  • A lot checkered shirts in dark warm colors (pink and red most often)
  • And boots, in all shades of brown
  • Chopper loves winter and doesn’t dress overly appropiate for the summer
  • “It’s so hot in here.”
  • “Well then why don’t you take off the fucking fur hat, Chopper
  • Guess who the second person here is


  • Luffy wants it sporty, boyish, comfortable and comedic
  • He wears every color of the rainbow except maybe pink
  • 50% of his clothing is red
  • Of course he still proudly wears the strawhat, but mostly during summer
  • That said in contrast to Chopper, Luffy is a summer guy and doesn’t dress that appropiately for winter
  • But hey he manages to wear his beloved Sandals while it’s snowing without getting cold so let him be
  • His shirts he wears mostly have funny lines on them or he wears movie themed shirts and hoodies
  • He loves sneakers and converse a lot too


  • pretty stylish
  • not afraid to wear plain grey or dark green skirts
  • He has the best bohemian style you could come across
  • loose pirate esque shirts with deep clevage and such
  • wears sunglasses a lot
  • I’m pretty sure Usopp has dreads 
  • Wears a lot of rings and necklaces and bracelets, but not bling more earthy stuff and things he made himself
  • Also has a bunch of fandom shirts, like Marvel, Starwars, DC and such
  • Wears all kinds of shoes he’s always dressed appropiately, but his fave shoes are sporty sneakers and boots


  • stylish as fuck
  • this lady wears a lot of sunglasses, for one, she looks hella awesome and two she doesn’t always want to be recognized by her fans in public
  • formfitting short dresses that show off her glorious legs are totally her thing
  • Really loves leather jackets
  • fave colors to wear are dark pink, red, dark blue and dark green, she looks awesome in every color tho
  • Wears high heels and dark long boots most of the time
  • Hancock is chinese, so I bet during movie premiers she would wear chinese themed dresses in the most ravishing colors
  • Huge fan of heavy earings


  • kinda all over the place, Robin does not have the best taste
  • She likes to wear dark colors the most for sure
  • Wears plain heels and boots often, she doesn’t like flat shoes too much
  • Robin loves a nice leather jacket but at the same time she loves to wear very long flowerprint skirts, so like I said Robin is not that fashionable
  • wears glasses, A because she has long-sighted vision and B because she looks fab with glasses
  • Robin is Indian so she totally wears a beautiful purple Sari with a Bindi during parties 
  • Tries a different hairstyle every month probably

Dapper and Fashion Insight 101

Birchbox’s “How To: Take Your Own Measurements for a Suit" 

anonymous asked:

pick one person you'd like to have with you for each occasion: a fight, relationship talk, shopping, a party, a funeral.

“I would have Sirius with me in a fight. Of course, he wouldn’t be helping me - I would be helping him, but I think we’d make a good team either way. Hestia… Our relationship talks never worked out well in the past, obviously, but I think I would go to her for relationship advice, if we were closer. Unfortunately, she knows me pretty well. I usually shop by myself because other people slow me down, but if I had to take someone I would choose Rodolphus Lestrange. It seems like we could exchange some fashion insights. It’s not question that I would take Alecto to a party. I couldn’t think of anyone better. For the funeral… Maybe Edgar? He makes bad things better.”

@dogstarsirivs, @hcstia-joncs, @lestrangexrod, @alectocxarrow, @buriedunderbones


Today Ayesha Curry made a comment on Twitter saying the fashion industry was making clothes revealing and how her preference was to remain modest and only share her body with her husband. Which I agree with completely, considering she is a married woman and mother of two daughters and I understand her image and the example she is trying to set for them which comes naturally.

After being attacked by those calling themselves “feminists” on Twitter it hit me that it’s a bunch of bullshit. These women claiming their feminism from behind a screen and not owning up to it in real life. They’re so focused on sexually liberating women that they forget the real meaning behind it. Sexual liberation is but a fraction of the whole entire movement that is feminism.

These Twitter feminists are so stuck on the fact that Amber Rose wore slurs to an award show that they forget feminism is ALL women of ALL backgrounds and social classes united. Uplifting one another to break barriers, to coincide in an equal society. No one seems to remember what they’re fighting for anymore.

I just believe that we have two totally different types of women from different backgrounds and beliefs being compared to each other and that alone turns women against each other thus tearing down the real meaning of feminism. If they were real feminists they would’ve accepted HER right to choose how SHE wanted to dress and sexualize HER body.

(Shits crazy.)

Industry Insight - Why Am I Not Surprised?

Kate Moss turned 40 last week and the fashion world paused to celebrate the incredible body of work that she has created thus far, and wished her many years of continuing success. However, she wasn’t the only model in the family to garner international attention. Her 16-year-old half-sister Charlotte “Lottie” Moss recently signed to Storm Management in London—the same agency that represents Kate—and, in an industry where blood is definitely thicker than water, nepotism has given this aspiring model the career boost she so desperately needs. Or not.

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