the possible final battle of GTL’s Simon Snow series?

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“You could be great, Simon,” the Humdrum says, voice smooth as honey. Like a siren’s song, Simon thinks dazedly.

“You know it, Simon,” the Humdrum whispers. “All the power in the world. You could have everything at the slightest flick of your fingertips. You would never have to want for anything again.”

He shakes his head, once, twice, thrice, like there’s water in his ears and he’s trying to get rid of it. The Humdrum’s face is outlined in the dim light, the shadows of the leaves overhead cutting across his face like sharp, dark blades, swaying back and forth, almost hypnotic.

The Humdrum’s voice is everywhere, ringing in his ears, echoing in his brain. Simon’s hand shakes, and then he feels it - tendrils of magic snaking their way around him, slipping into his mind, trying to scramble everything he’s ever believed.

It hurts, he registers dimly, and the Humdrum smiles a lovely, brilliant smile. “Doesn’t it?”

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Talking About “Male Bodies” and “Female Bodies” Is Inaccurate and Dangerous

In November 2015, voters in Houston repealed that city’s human rights ordinance, known as HERO, after a relentless campaign by opponents claimed that the law would permit “men in women’s bathrooms.” The ordinance protected 15 classes of people— including transgender people— from discrimination when accessing public accommodations like hospitals, movie theatres, restaurants, and restrooms. Supporters of HERO ran a campaign that failed to effectively stand up for and defend transgender people and did not take on the insidious myth that protecting transgender individuals from discrimination opens the door to “men in women’s bathrooms.” As advocates for the transgender community, we failed in Houston.

We could have explained that protecting transgender people from discrimination does not increase public safety risks. We should have explained that when a transgender woman uses a women’s restroom there are still zero men — biological or otherwise — in that restroom. This is straightforward:  Transgender women are women; transgender men are men.

We failed to do any of that.


anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry about your awful roommates. :( is that why you left New York?

oh lord, I didn’t think I’d even posted about this recently? but in a complicated way: uhhhh, maybe; I left New York because I’d originally been offered a place to stay while I found work and someplace of my own, and that place was unceremoniously taken back after several months of – well, it was bad. it was really bad. and because of extenuating circumstances I couldn’t talk about it (still… can’t really, because I’m not a gossip source and I’m still a little terrified of a) being seen as vindictive b) being judged immediately Wrong and Bad and Of Course You Deserved To Be Treated That Way Because You Are Not Good And We Liked You Less Anyway c) somehow inviting worse onto myself when I’ve spent the last three years trying to stomp this into the ground) and that made it worse and more insidious. and I found somewhere else to say for a little while but that was only postponing the inevitable, so after I lost my third job in eight months right as my temporary and very kind emergency roommate’s lease ran out I took a train back to Lexington with the emergency one-way ticket my parents had saved because it was really all I could do at that point. I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have friends who helped me along the way, and several strangers, especially the catatonic day after I got fired again and I just wanted to lay down and never wake up. 

anyway it’s been three years, nearly – my coming-to-New-York day was three years ago on Thursday and I keep seeing E 7th Street and Tompkins Square Park superimposed over everything around me – and I have a house and a partner and a dog and a job in a city I don’t mind and love parts of (and I’ve slept in a BED for MORE THAN A YEAR SOLID), and I should be able to write again, and talk about media that I love (or don’t, or both) without being terrified of being shouted down for having silly Objectively Wrong tastes and bad rhetoric and I should be unselfconscious and I shouldn’t think of myself as fundamentally something that should be scribbled violently out and is sinfully persisting in being alive and visible anyway and I should be able to try to make friends instead of withholding my company from people because they’re nice and interesting and don’t deserve having to know me and I should be able to write and I… can’t yet, and I hate that they still have that power. I can’t really kill the werewolf that bit me about this, can I? 

it’s not that this Haunts Me like a Dark Secret, my antihero romantic lead origin story or whatever, it’s just sort of perpetually making the metaphorical drinking water not quite safe and reemerges in uncomfortable ways when I think things are going well. 

man, I was not going to write all this, and now I feel really weird about it, because like – I’m not crying about it! it’s been ROUGHLY TWO AND A HALF YEARS since I sobbed on a train for two hours and started a very different life! I don’t like giving the impression that I’m fragile and wounded – or, you know, that They Won and They Got Me and They Get To Shape Me And Crush Me Down To Size Forever. but it’s there. all the time. when I’m not looking. and I’ve never figured out how to exorcise it, just sort of sit on it and try to do things again without looking at it, not because of having got through it. I don’t know. it’s weird. it’s still weird. 

This deserves an essay and I don’t have the right words or personal experience to do that but goddam Amadiro’s bigotry is so infuriatingly real. He’s not that aggressive ‘ugh, Earthpeople’ kind of bigot most of the Spacers are, but that just makes him so much worse, so much more insidious. Even when he’s saying he’s totally not prejudiced (it’s just public opinion, and he can’t do anything about that, you understand – not that he would if he could) it’s in the most patronizing way. It’s so clear that he doesn’t view Elijah as anywhere near an equal and is just humoring him. (Look at the poor deluded little Earthman, it thinks it’s people, isn’t that adorable.)


VISIT BADLANDS as STRANGER THINGS: Featuring Halsey as Seventeen, a teenager with psychokinetic abilities and limited vocabulary.

On November 6, 1983 in the small town of Badlands, USA, 17-year-old Will Byers vanishes mysteriously. The very next day, a psychokinetic girl knowing Will’s whereabouts is found by his best friends, Mike, Dustin and Luke. As they uncover the truth, a sinister government agency tries to cover it up, while a more insidious force lurks just below the surface.

But Wenders, while so very influenced by American movies and pop culture, is not American and thus not constrained by this unspoken, insidious mandate to preserve the notion of children as idealized by adults. His freedom of imagination and thought to create Alice, and the room he granted his actors, Rottländer and Rüdiger Vogler, resulted in one of the screen’s most multifaceted child characters, and one of the most empowered female characters in cinema to this day.

Alice in the Cities: A Girl’s Story

The Catch-22 of Jew-hatred

Perhaps the most insidious thing about antisemitism in particular is that, due to its unique scapegoating nature, where a tiny, historically oppressed minority group is regarded as being an all-powerful secret cabal responsible for all the world’s evils, is that any actions we Jews take to hold our abusers accountable for their bigotry is then immediately viewed as a “confirmation” of the very racism being leveled against us.

Joy Karega spent a year at Oberlin spewing violent antisemitic conspiracy theories, and now that she’s finally been placed on leave after months of Jewish people begging and pleading for her to be held accountable, she’s essentially holding up her punishment for being an unrelenting bigot as proof that the Jews are the money-hungry, power-driven, evil incarnate illuminati group she’s always said we’ve been.

Either we suffer silently while antisemites slander our names and incite violence against us, or we “prove” them right in calling for them to be held accountable for their hatred. The game is rigged so that antisemitism always, always wins.

there are 13-year-old girls whose selfies are being flagged as nsfw. we can’t look at our politics without being exposed to endless porn. it’s unsafe for children to look up their own history. there are so many le$bians who are victims of sexual abuse, le$bians who are sex repulsed, and again: there are children in our community as well. we are people. we aren’t a porn category. im so heartbroken that i just sat in the breakroom at work today and just cried. i bawled my eyes out for half an hour. ive been told that im a disgusting pervert my whole life for being a le$bian, and now that idea is reinforced in the one place im free to embrace and express myself. this is foul and insidious, and @staff needs to get their shit together.