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You love horror games and movies

You don’t get scared easily, but you love being scared while watching them

You enjoy horror stories not because they’re just labeled as products as being “scary” or gory. But because you enjoy the stories and deeper meanings they portray and the characters

You find a sense of peace and acceptance in the story’s universe and enjoy the atmosphere and music

Because I do. I love horror stories you can get caught up into and relate to its plot. Because it’s welcoming

In collaboration with Allure, today we’re launching the first episode of our new video series that dispels some of our culture’s most insidious beauty myths that keep us from feeling at peace within our skin and distract us from embracing our true selves. The first myth that we’re confronting is that of women and their body hair. We are honored to share with you the journeys of @artwerk6666, @ayqakhan, and @monicagh_, as they defy the cultural norms that a woman is only beautiful if she has soft porcelain baby skin. Each one of these three bad ass women have battled external pressure to rid themselves of their body hair and are now setting themselves free, tuning into their own internal voice to determine how the hair on their body should be. No woman should feel shame for something so natural as growing body hair– not by corporations, boys, friends, family members, or society by large. What a woman wants to do with her body is her choice and her choice alone. And these three are in their power, rocking the beauty of liberation 🗽 Watch the video here: 👊

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artemis-crimson  asked:

"another fight"? with rodimus and somebody?

Rodimus limped into his quarters, sighing with relief as he shut swiped the door shut. Keeping the lights off, he slumped against the frame and dragged a hand down his face.

Why was this so slagging difficult? Optimus had made it seem so effortless, even in the middle of the war, and Prowl…

Rodimus scowled at the thought of the Praxian. Prowl’s insidious whispers had prompted this whole messy farce of a quest, and Rodimus had been fool enough to play into the tacticians scheming hands. 

Optics flickering with exhaustion, Rodimus lurched upright to stumble towards his charging station. By the time he noticed the figure lounging in his chair, the mech had straightened and pinged the lights to 60%.

Blinded, Rodimus bit back a curse as he tripped over his stabilizers, landing in an awkward heap at the foot of the berth.

“W-what the slag do you think you’re doing in here?” He demanded, not even bothering to stand back up. It wasn’t the first time he’d been caught flat-footed by this intruder.

“You’ve been in another fight.” Not a question. No trace of doubt, nowhere to hide behind a facade of the cheery, hotheaded captain. Nowhere to run, to hide from the scrutiny of those piercing blue optics. 

Didn’t mean he wouldn’t try. He was Hot Rod, after all. No. Rodimus, now. Hot Rod had been the rash youngling on Cybertron who couldn’t outrun his mouth. Rodimus was the hot-headed captain of the Lost Light who still couldn’t outrun the plans of his superiors. 

Run, Roddy, run. They’ll always catch you. You can’t ever escape.

The sound of metal creaking snapped Rodimus’s attention back to the situation at hand.

“Rodimus.” The flat, empty word seemed to echo in the chamber. No empathy, no pity, but none of the disappointment or mockery most mechs would lace in with the harmonics of his name.

“Nah, Swerve bet I couldn’t walk across the top of the Lost Light on my hands in the middle of a warp.” He shrugged, a grin that stretched to thin across his faceplates started to waver in the look Perceptor leveled at him. “I couldn’t let that stand, so I took him up on-”

“Rodimus. Enough.”

Two simple words, enough to catch the lie in his throat and choke him with it. His vets huffed, thin streams of over heated coolant expelling curling up with a hiss.

“…yeah.. Yeah, another fight. I-I just, I thought maybe I could-” He muttered. “Thought I could handle it. Heh, guess it’s my week to get my aft handed to me.” Rodimus ran a hand over his face, words trailing off. It sounded weak, even to him.

“You’re going to need to go to medical. You should have them check you over already.” His voice was calm, but Rodimus still flinched. He hated being reminded of that. Reminded that he needed to take care of himself, when he should have been left to burn with everyone else, left on the field, shouldn’t have been brought back again and again-

The hand on his arm startled Rodimus, breaking him out of the cycle, and Rodimus free hand snapped out in a wild flail that went nowhere close to his face.

“Easy, Rodimus, you’re safe here. You’re safe.” Soothing words to calm his spark, dug into his mind and pulled him back out.

Rodimus latched onto the warm, living metal of the body next to him, pressing his face against the shoulder there and gasped in ventilations, fans circulating the still air and trying to cool his over heated core.

“I can’t, Percy, I can’t, no, it’s too much, it’s-”

“Rodimus. Listen to me. You are safe. Feel my arms around you, feel our sparks pulsing. You are safe. I’m here. No one can hurt you while I am with you, and I am not going anywhere. You are safe.”

The first wrenching sob surprised Rodimus, but Perceptor simply slid down to floor, adjusting his hold on the younger mech to wrap him in his arms without shoving Rodimus’s face into Perceptor’s scope.

They stayed that way for a long time, slipping past where the pain from battle settled into a deep seated ache, to the cramping of cuddling on floors seized up joints and leached away warmth.

Utterly drained, Rodimus was nearly asleep when Perceptor moved, pressing a gentle hand over his crest, thumb swiping over his cheek in a rare gesture of affection.

The scientist slash sniper studied him for a moment before scooping him into his arms. Rodimus murmured something about not being a sparkling, but nuzzled into Perceptors neck with a happy sigh. 

Percepter’s lips twitched up into a small smile as he kneeled on Rodimus’s berth, the red and gold mech’s arm tightened around his waist.

“Stay?” The plaintive whisper was barely loud enough to register, and Perceptor paused, unsure if he’d heard correctly.

“What?” He breathed, hardly any louder.

“Please.. stay with me? Just.. just recharge. Need.. to not.. be alone, tonight..”

Perceptor stilled, one hand holding his captains helm to his chest, running probabilities on what would happen in the morning. Rodimus nudged his nose against the glass chest piece and sighed, dropping his hand away from where it had been curled around the small of Perceptor’s waist.

“Sorry.. shouldn’t’ve asked.. ‘s fine. You can go.” He turned away, crawling towards the headboard where the recharging cables were tucked away. Rodimus’s EM field was tucked close to his armor, but Perceptor had felt that hope wither and be replaced with the resignation and disappointment when he hadn’t answered.


Rodimus twitched, turning back to stare at him, armor clamped tight and optics filled with uncertainty.


“I will.. I will stay the night. You need the comfort, and I am not adverse to your companionship. I will stay, and go in the morning shift.”

Rodimus’ face perked with a smile, a real one that crinkled the edges of his optics and scrunched his nose.

“Thanks, Percy.”


Well would’ya lookit that
The New McCarthyism

Everyone from Donald Trump to the Sanders supporters is now a KGB puppet…

Originally posted by kropotkindersurprise

In the past few days, a number of Democrats have revived a long-dormant practice: accusing those to their left of being Kremlin operatives, and discrediting their political opponents with allegations of grand KGB conspiracies. As questions are raised over whether the Russian government hacked the Democratic National Committee’s email servers, certain political elites have used the opportunity to revive an eerily familiar political tactic, one with its roots in the 1950s.

Let’s begin with the facts. Just before the beginning of the Democratic National Convention, a batch of internal DNC emails was released. These mostly showed a party leadership beset by amusing, Veep-like disarray and squabbling. But they also revealed the lengths to which party officials went to butter up donors and the insidious nature of the party’s relationship with the national news media. Most controversially, they revealed that ostensibly-neutral Democratic political officials had in fact been supporting Hillary Clinton during the party primary, and had even sleazily discussed how to use Bernie Sanders’ lack of religion against him.

Those revelations caused the resignation of party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz. But all of the substantive questions over the emails’ contents have now been overshadowed in the press by a different question: who leaked the emails to begin with?

The suspect list was quickly reduced to one: the Russian government. The evidence for that was murky to begin with but has grown more solid over time. (“Anything’s possible” replied Barack Obama, when asked about possible Russian involvement.) Harvard law professor and cybersecurity expert Jack Goldsmith has cautioned that“there is no public evidence whatsoever tying Russia to the hack,” and that “attribution for cyberoperations of this sort is very tricky and tends to take some time.”

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The Conjuring 2 - one of the most effective studio horror movies in recent memory - will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 13. You can own it early via Digital HD on August 30.

From director James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious), the sequel stars Vera Farmiga, Patrick Wilson, Frances O’Connor, Madison Wolfe, Simon McBurney, Franka Potente, Lauren Esposito, Patrick McAuley, and Benjamin Haigh.

The special features can be found below.

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anonymous asked:

You twisted my words. I didn't say a Reylo cannot be a Finn fan too but that Finn fans are anti-Reylo and anti-Kylo, all of them. There's special brand of intolerance among SW fans whose primary favorite is Finn. They don't want to acknowledge that Rey is the main heroine but insist that Finn must be her equal or that he's more important than she, that Rey should pick him cause he deserves it (as if she's a trophy). They absolutely hate Kylo and Reylo. They tweet insults to Rian, Pablo, etc.

No. I said your words had a very insidious subtext, which they absolutely did.

And you contradict yourself - if all Finn fans are anti-Reylo (your words), how can I be both a Reylo and a Finn fan? You are the one touting divisions and petty hatred over characters and pairings here, which makes you every bit as inflammatory as the Finn fans who seethe with hatred over Reylo (some Finn fans do hate Reylo, of course, but it’s absolutely not true that all of them do).

You are seeing the bad behaviour of a small group of vocal people (who happen to like Finn and perceive Reylo/Kylo as a threat to him) and making a huge generalisation. And I’m not interested in generalisations, which are perhaps the greatest enemy to understanding and dialogue you could hope to find.

Nel volto, sguardo fisso nel vuoto, un mare di insidie e me le faccio a nuoto, mi svuoto l'identità, al rogo l'umanità, una voce in testa mi dice fai alla svelta ! Non importa giusto o sbagliato, importa che ho vissuto ciò che ho imparato

You can in fact, be nonbinary and be a terf. You can be a trans man and be a terf. Hell, even some trans women are terfy, though generally we call trans people who are shitty to other trans people ‘truscum.’ Saying “no terfs allowed” on your blog, does not in fact make you not a terf. And on that note, terf is not a slur or a gotcha!–it’s a term for a very dangerous ideology that literally has a body count, and it’s incredibly insidious. Our society is so cissexist that every single person on this earth is transphobic. The difference is what you do to try and unlearn and actively fight that transphobia.

anonymous asked:

We are only 50 years out of the era of segregation, which means some of our peers (as I am on 28) were/are still being taught and raised in that mindset. So my follow-up would be, where do you think the conversation needs to begin? How does a group of an already prejudice people (gays) fix or mend this idiosyncrasy?

I don’t think most white gay men understand how their attitudes and ideas contribute to the greater problem of systemic racism as it applies to dating and sexuality or care to learn where it has roots. I think white gay men have to own the fact that racism is more complicated than conscious hatred. Like I said before, racism is insidious. It’s not necessarily just using slurs and consciously hating a group of people, and the only way they’ll truly be able to own their contribution to that problem is by putting their egos aside and learning how to clear old thoughts and behaviors.

I’ll also say that as white gay men are at the top of the totem pole in gay communities, a lot of them are threatened by the idea of putting their egos aside because they very well know it will dismantle the ideology that gives them the power they depend on for a false sense of self-worth. So when that becomes dismantled, they actually have to find their worth through going inward and most people can’t handle that.

So again, a collective shift in consciousness to dismantle the ego is the only way.

Top 10 Best Creepypastas

10. I Think Mario is Fucking My Wife - A terrifying creepypasta told in blog format that recounts the tale of a man who believes that Mario is somehow entering our world through an unmarked cartridge that he found at a garage sale. I won’t give too many spoilers because this story’s twist is absolutely bonkers, but you won’t believe what Mario is doing with this guy’s wife. It’s a truly chilling tale that will leave you wondering if it’s all real.

9. Just Like Bart - The lesser known sequel to Dead Bart finds our protagonist in a bizarre situation. Namely, every character he makes in every video game comes out looking just like Bart… perhaps that mysterious video he watched was more insidious than he once imagined. This twisted tale follows his descent into madness. It’s raw, visceral, and maybe even a little thought provoking.

8. Spacey.exe - Imagine this, you’re browsing the net just like you would any other night, when you come across a mysterious link. The link leads to a download of an oddly named program, Spacey.exe. Usually, you wouldn’t download such an odd program from such an odd link, but you’re feeling adventurous. You download the program, boot it up, and his face overtakes your screen. It won’t go away. You have to reformat your entire computer, but still his face comes back. It follows you no matter where you go. He won’t let you rest. Your soul belongs to him now. God would have mercy… but you slowly come to realize that he is god.

7. You’re Not Scared, but Are You - Are you spooked yet? Nothing particularly scary is happening, but what if it was? Nah, everything is normal, but what if it wasn’t? No seriously, you’re not scared, but what if you were? Those are all questions raised by the horrifyingly cerebral pasta in which nothing happens, but then the author ponders, “What if something happens?” Of course, nothing happens over the course of this story’s 140 word arc, but it leaves you wondering, what if a monster popped out or something. That would be spooky, wouldn’t it?

6. Tree Bark Man - Old Native American legends tell of a man who was like no other man. He lived deep in the forest and he was made entirely out of tree bark. No one talked to this man because he was just really unpleasant to talk to, and then he died. That is, he was dead until he came back, more annoying than ever. Tree Bark Man is less of a creepypasta and more of a campfire story, but don’t let that keep you from reading this chilling piece of possible fiction. It’ll dig straight into your soul and make you shudder at the thought of ever meeting the eponymous Tree Bark Man.

5. This Awful Story is Fucking Stupid and Poorly Written, but Everyone Likes It Anyway For Some Reason? - This piece of shit fails on every level at being a good story, but for some reason we’re just spooked by it. We can’t name a single thing good about it, however. Seriously, the imagery is cartoonish, it’s rife with spelling and grammatical errors, the story itself is incoherent and laughable at best, the villain has a nonsensical catchphrase that he says constantly. Like, it’s just the worst story ever, but ask anyone about this piece of garbage and they’ll tell you that it terrified them. That’s worth something, I guess.

4. Croatian Hunger Experiment - After reading this eldritch clinical document, you’ll be left shaken for days. It describes in excruciating detail what happens when a group of Croatian scientists submit prisoners to a disturbing and unethical experimental. Namely, what happens when humans don’t eat for long periods of time? Do they just die, or maybe they turn into super powered mutant cannibals and kill everyone involved in the experiment including themselves. I won’t tell. You’ll just have to read it for yourself.

3. The Wikipedia Page For Terrorism - Sometimes the scariest creepypastas aren’t the ones with the most twisted monsters. Sometimes the scariest creepypastas are the ones that are real. It’s true, terrorism happens everyday and there’s no way you can stop it. I could be a terrorist (NOTE: I am NOT a terrorist. Please do not put me on any lists or report me to any authorities. Thank you), your best friend could be a terrorist, and even you could be a terrorist, reader. You won’t be able to keep yourself from shuddering as you read this in-depth article on everything about terrorism. You might think you’ll be able to keep yourself from getting caught in a terrorist’s trap after reading all of that information on terrorists, but there’s no getting away from the terrorist standing behind you right now!

2. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein - Did you know that creepypastas are actually kind of old? That’s right, people have been telling creepypasta stories for a very long time, and this one is possibly the oldest creepypastas. Frankenstein is a tale that dates back to at least 1998. It’s a twisted story about a mad scientist and his zombie son, and their egregiously drawn out argument. Seriously, this creepypasta is too long to read. I certainly didn’t read it. Nobody has time for all of that, but this old piece of shit deserves a place on this list anyway.

1. Life - This one isn’t a creepypasta, but something we all go through everyday. Is life not the scariest thing yet? Why are we alive? Who even made us? What happens after there’s no more life? Do you want the answers to those questions? Well, too bad! There is no answer. So, I posit this. The guy who made life is a really scary man. He’s like the devil but worse, and when you die he’ll be coming to get you! Oh, you’re in for a bad treat. “But, that can’t be true,” you say. Well, too bad buddy, you can’t disprove it. The scary man got me, and now he’ll get you too. There is no heaven. There is no hell. There is only the scary man, and he’s really super angry. You can run as fast as you can, but one day he’ll catch up to you and go BOO!

I spent a whole day watching this incredible 8 episode mini-series on Netflix. This series had me screaming at the second episode and crying in the third. It was like eating Eggo waffles & chocolate pudding for the first time, I couldn’t stop and I wanted more. It was like watching The Poltergeist, The Goonies, Super 8, ET, and Insidious ALL AT ONCE! Don’t even get me started on the soundtrack! If your craving a good old 80′s style hella brill show take a red, because this one is worth the 8 hours!

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2 :

a little diagram i’m using to explain that

  • i am not cis
  • i am not het
  • i am not ace/aro
  • stop assuming i’m any of those just because i defend cishet aces/aros
  • what i am includes but is not limited to: queer, pan(romantic & sexual), enby, mogai, mga
  • but most importantly, i am not calling you queer if you don’t want to be queer (because then you fall somewhere in Ac;  in other words, not anywhere within the purple oval in this 5 circle venn diagram i stole from wikipedia for the oh-so-insidious purpose of forcing a slur on people showing that queer doesn’t mean what you think it means!
    • queer = purple oval
    • LGBT = somewhere else in the yellow, not represented in here because this diagram represents my identity and i am not your versions of L, G, B, or T
  • this also conveniently shows that those on the ace/aro spectrum can be queer without “invading” the Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Most Oppressed Cool Kid Ex-TERFs Club because guess what!!! y’all are somewhere else in the yellow, far, far away from the queer oval because we don’t want your exclusionary tactics here either
  • queer community = purple oval and nothing else
  • LGBT =/= entire yellow area of non-cisheteronormativity
  • fuck off and stop ignoring the history of “queer”