Annie Pearlman - Inside the Groove

Dem Passwords is pleased to present “Inside the Groove” by Annie Pearlman. This is Pearlman’s first solo showing of artworks on the West Coast.

Annie Pearlman creates paintings, drawings, music and video with a unifying funky vibe en route to a special zone - a zone where “weird mistakes can happen.” Like the art commune in rural Vermont she grew up on, the spaces depicted in her paintings are modestly controlled environments filled with the anticipation of potential discovery, always on the edge of a new idea or understanding. Her bowing walls and curling hills deliver you to these spots with a POV style expressed in wacky lines and childish asymmetry. Her skylines themselves allude to the excitement she felt approaching the city as a child on car trips with her folks. Every window represented a possibility in the same way a discovery could emerge from the sculpture barn or printing studio at any moment back on the commune.

Pearlman’s paintings, music and video capture that possibility of excitement from a seemingly ordered zone but really it’s the guffaw she cherishes - it’s the spontaneous outburst of dance she’s after. Romance too. And her works deliver that punch with an exaggerated beauty that bleeds from her canvases and paper into her video and songwriting. Her paintings merge with her digitally rendered video landscapes, serving to unite her figures and the viewer on the dance floor in search of an “intense freedom” and sporting a flared hem.

Annie Pearlman lives and works in New York and has shown at galleries including Tomato House and Malraux’s Place.

March 9th - April 11th, 2013


Inside The Groove

Video and music by Annie Pearlman

Produced for Dem Passwords show Inside The Groove, 2013