Solar Eclipse Safety

Shockingly, I haven’t seen one post about this yet. But the solar eclipse is happening right away and I want this solidly spoken:

Do Not Look At The Sun.

The light from the sun is HIGHLY concentrated and you can and will go BLIND if you look at it. From what I have heard, the ONLY way to look at the sun during the eclipse is through #14 or higher welding glasses or specially designed eclipse glasses.

  • Do Not Try To Make Your Own Lenses That Are Not The Proper Welding Transparency or Specially Designed For Viewing The Eclipse

The eclipse can and will ruin your camera lenses as well unless you have a special solar lense in use.

  • Do Not Try To View The Eclipse Through Your Camera Lense, It Will Still Harm Your Eyes

Please do not stare at the sun or even glance up at the eclipse. Don’t be afraid, but please be aware.

Bring Your Animals Inside

The eclipse could harm them as well, although chances are slim they will even notice. If you are able, keep them inside and away from the windows.

Be Safe!


doctor who meme  one of ten episodes

( 2.01 ) new earth —  “It’s a new subspecies, Cassandra; a brand new form of life! New humans — look at ‘em, look! Grown by cats, kept in the dark, fed by tubes, but completely, completely alive! You can’t deny them, ‘cause you helped create them! The human race just keeps on going, keeps on changing. Life without! Ha!”

Don’t Freak IV

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Steve Harrington x Reader


Requests are OPEN

I guess I lost it before I even had it,” That was the last thing Steve said when they got to his car.  It echoed in Y/N’s head the whole trip home. Then she got to thinking what life with Steve could’ve been like. All the things she did with Jonathan, she imagined doing with Steve, then she imagined more intimate moments like stolen kisses, affectionate hugs and cuddling. She shook her head and turned the volume up to the radio, hoping whatever was playing would drown out the less than sane thoughts going through her head.

After my picture fades and darkness has turned to gray
Watching through windows you’re wondering if I’m okay
Secrets stolen from deep inside
The drum beats out of time

If you’re lost you can look and you will find me
Time after-

Y/N’s hand slammed on the radio, silencing Cyndi Lauper, then covered her mouth as a sob escaped. Every emotion she felt with Steve in the car finally made its way out. She took deep breaths to try and calm herself, but it just seemed to make things worse.

Y/N parked her car next to her mother’s in the driveway and sat. She turned the key to shut the ignition off, then rested her forehead against the wheel and cried.

She didn’t know what time it was by the time she gathered herself up and trudged into the house. All of the lights were off and the house was silent. Y/N kicked her shoes off on the side mat and hung up her keys.

Y/N walked as quietly as she could down the hall to her room and silently shut the door. She flipped the light switch on and looked at the alarm clock on her nightstand. It was after midnight.

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what your fav act 2 song says about you

Welcome to Falsettoland – you just really want to punch nancy reagan in the face

The Year of the Child – your favorite line in the whole musical is “look, look, look, look, look, it’s a lesbian from next door!”

Miracle of Judaism – you are secretly a 12 year old boy on the inside

The Baseball Game – you live for marvin trying to flirt with whizzer

A Day in Falsettoland – you are in awe at the groundbreaking way finn draws parallels between all the romances in the show

Everyone Hates His Parents – you either had a bad relationship with your parents of just really love mendel 

What More Can I Say? – you truly believe marvin and whizzer invented true love

Something Bad Is Happening – you call dr. charlotte your wife

Holding to the Ground –  you definitely support trina and love her character development

Days Like This – you love the tight knit family antics and probably want your own found family

Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah – you actually trust mendel’s advice (which you shouldn’t)

Unlikely Lovers – you’re literally gay

Another Miracle of Judaism – jason is your child and you would die for him

You Gotta Die Sometime –  you just really want andrew to win that damn tony part 2

Jason’s Bar Mitzvah – you cried when mendel said “son of whizzer, son of mendel, and godchild to the lesbians from next door”

What Would I Do? – you just love crying I guess

WWE Masterlist Post!

Here they are, in stunning technicolor! I do my best to keep my tags organized and any triggers labeled. If you think I missed anything though, please let me know so I can fix it. Enjoy!

Random Fandom Masterlist

(10/31/17: Happy Halloween everyone! I put up a short drabble for The Undertaker, as well as Reigning Champions Part Five alllll the way down in The Shield section!)

(11/13/17: Pack feels abound in For The Pack Part Three, and a little drabble for Bo as well!)

(11/20/17: The over-the-top joins the Ambreigns in Overtrope!)

~Ambreigns-MoxLea-RoMox (Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns-Jon Moxley/Leakee, etc,.):

Affection (Dean Ambrose [Jon Moxley] x Roman Reigns, brief Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Best I Have (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [Kayfabe Divergent!AU] Rated M for smut

Chance (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for language and feels

Defense (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [Roommate!AU] Rated M for smut

ESC Part Two (feral!Jon Moxley x feral!Roman Reigns) [Feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Help Part One and Help Part Two (Jon Moxley x Blessed!Leakee) Rated M for smut

Overtrope (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [Police!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Peace Of Mind/Day Old Hate (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns, implied Roman Reigns x Dean Ambrose x Seth Rollins) Rated M for language and feels

Reasons (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Stitches (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) Rated M for smut

Swap (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [Soulmate!AU] Rated M for smut

Thirty-Five (Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns) [High School!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Baron Corbin:

As Usual (Baron Corbin x unnamed OFC) [Office!AU] Rated M for smut

Day Off (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

ESC Part One (feral!Baron Corbin x female reader) [Feral!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Quiet Prologue, Quiet Part One, Quiet Part Two, Quiet Part Three and Quiet Part Four (werewolf!Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

Us (Baron Corbin x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Coreigns (Baron Corbin/Roman Reigns):

Despite It All Part One and Despite It All Part Two (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

The Empire (Baron Corbin x Roman Reigns) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

For The Pack Part One, For The Pack Part Two and For The Pack Part Three (alpha!Baron Corbin x alpha!Roman Reigns x omega!female reader) [A/B/O] [College!AU] Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Bo Dallas:

Always (DaddyDom!Bo Dallas x littlegirl!OFC) [AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Business (Alpha!Bo Dallas x Omega!unnamed OFC) [A/B/O] [Biker!AU] Rated M for smut

Cold (Bo Dallas) Drabble. Rated G

Nobody Important Part One and Nobody Important Part Two (Bo Dallas x female reader) Rated M for smut and feels

Touch (professor!Bo Dallas x female reader) [College!AU] Rated M for smut and feels

~Chris Jericho:

Only One (Chris Jericho x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Colin Cassady/Big Cass:

Satisfaction (Colin Cassady x female reader) Rated M for smut

~Dean Ambrose/Jon Moxley:

Broke (Jon Moxley x female reader) Rated M for smut

Different (werewolf!Dean Ambrose x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Green (Dean Ambrose x female reader) [Roommate!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Intense (Dean Ambrose x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

Kitten Part One, Kitten Part Two, Kitten Part Three, Kitten Part Four, Kitten Part Five, Kitten Part Six, Kitten Part Seven, Kitten Part Eight, Kitten Part Nine, Kitten Part Ten and Epilogue (Jon Moxley x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut and feels, trigger warnings listed inside various parts

~Irwin R. Schyster (I.R.S.):

Deadline (Irwin R. Schyster x unnamed OFC) [AU] Rated M for smut

~Jeff Hardy:

Downright Neighborly Part One and Downright Neighborly Part Two (Jeff Hardy x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside part two

~Kevin Nash/Diesel:

It’s Going To Take A Lot and Epilogue (Diesel [Kevin Nash] x named OFC) [Trucker!AU] Rated M for smut

~Nia Jax:

Character (Nia Jax x gender neutral reader) Rated M for smut

~Roman Reigns/Leakee:

Careful (Roman Reigns x female reader) [Roommate!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Finally (Roman Reigns) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Need Part One, Need Part Two and Need Part Three (werewolf!Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Nerves (Roman Reigns x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

New Year Part One and New Year Part Two (Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for smut

Restless (Roman Reigns x named OFC) [Police!AU] [Ghost!AU] Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

The Lost One (Leakee) Rated E for everyone, trigger warnings listed inside

~Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose (not Ambreigns):

Reigning Champions Part One, Reigning Champions Part Two, Reigning Champions Part Three and Reigning Champions Part Four (Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns x female reader) Rated M for threesome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Seth Rollins:

Finally Part Two (Seth Rollins) Drabble. Rated V for violence

Lost (Seth Rollins x female reader) Rated M for smut

Never Lonely (Seth Rollins x unnamed OFC) Rated M for smut

~Sheambrose (Dean Ambrose/Sheamus):

The Saloon ([Dean Ambrose x Sheamus] x female reader) [Suplex City!AU] Rated M for threesome smut

~The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins):

Bookish ([Dean Ambrose x Roman Reigns x Seth Rollins] x female reader) [Bodyguard!AU] Rated M for foursome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

Reigning Champions Part Five (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins x female reader) Rated M for foursome smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan, Luke Harper):

Lamb Part One and Lamb Part Two (Bray Wyatt, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper x female reader) Rated M for smut, trigger warnings listed inside

~The Undertaker:

The End (The Undertaker) Drabble. Rated G for the feels

~Xavier Woods:

Gauntlet (Xavier Woods x female reader) Rated M for smut


my heart & my judgement.

oh, we’re in love, aren’t we?

a messy, sappy, (mostly) fun mix for the sharpshooters’ engagement marriage and the start of a beautiful life together.


art credit: @suites [x]


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Voltron Predictions & Questions

Predictions/Things I want to see

  • Lotor interacting with the paladins in season 5. Especially Keith and/or Lance 
    •  He’ll either gain their trust then turn against them or perform a Prince Zuko and help our heroes defeat his father
  • I believe the Project Kuron/ Shiro Clone Theory is true 
  • Lotor was probably born when Haggar was Honerva meaning he may be 10,000+ years old. This would imply that Allura and Lotor were growing up during the same time period. Did they not know each other back then? Because if they did, shouldn’t Allura have mentioned that? Their fathers were good friends and team mates so…hmm

  • Backstory about how/why Lotor was exiled
  • Development for Lance and Hunk please
  • I’d like to see the team’s reactions to Keith’s attempt to sacrifice himself.
  • Lance stories/flashbacks of his life on Earth
  • Shiro talking to Lance about the latter’s sexuality.
  • More Klance development. Planetonic or Romantic. idc. I love them together no matter what.
  • Matt interacting with Allura more (it’s cute and hilarious)
  • flashback about Allura’s childhood
  • Endgame romantic interest for Lance
  • Something big might happen in episodes 52-58. See this post
  • More bi Lance hints
  • Note to self: look out for rainbows. There was this post about how a rainbow appears during some episodes where we get Klance moments. I can’t find it but here’s a gist:

S1 E6- Taking Flight

and we get this scene

S3 E2- Red Paladin

  • Shiro backstory about how he got his robot arm and white hair
  • I bet we’ll eventually get some flashbacks about Shiro and Keith in the Garrison, pre-Kerberos. Then we’ll get a scene where they do their signature hug for the first time.
  • An episode where they go swimming.
    • I just want to see if Allura and Coran have other Altean body markings. Plus the swimming concept seems super fun.


  • Lance, Hunk, and Keith’s last names?
  • Keith’s human heritage? I like the idea of him being Korean or another Asian race
  • What is Shiro’s bayard weapon?
  • How did Keith get kicked out of the Garrison?
  • Does Shiro have a family back on earth?
  • Where is Samuel Holt??
  • How did Matt escape the Galra and join the rebels?
  • How did Shiro end up on that alien ship in S1 E1? Perhaps this was when he escaped the Galra?
  • Did the other OG paladins settle down and have families before they died? Are their descendants alive? Have we met some?

these are just some at the top of my head. to be continued!

jedi fundraising post the clone wars, because they need some extra credits to fix this Mess:

the bake sale

  • The clones’ cake pops taste the best. The (very much alive) younglings helped them and accidentally ate half of what they made, so now the whole event has a bunch of hyper force-sensitive toddlers running around
  • Luminara’s cookies have a Worrying amount of sugar. It’s how she Copes
  • Obi Wan’s cupcakes are certified biohazards and cannot be sold legally, but they sell out within an hour on coruscant’s black market
  • Thirty seven buyers are Very Disappointed when they find out that the listing for A Chance To Get A Taste of General Kenobi’s Baked Goods is a lot more literal than anticipated.
  • Eight fights break out over whether ‘cupcakes’ means his pecs or his butt. Anakin is responsible for instigating all of them.
  • Plo Koon’s shady brownies are Huge Hits. a fourth of his sales come from fellow jedi masters.  

the calendar

  • Obi Wan and Anakin are on the front cover, training. Because this is a Respectable Fundraising Calendar That Follows The Rules Of Fundraising Calendars, Obi Wan and Anakin are missing robes and most of their clothes. They have their lightsabers out and are back-to-back, obi doing the Soresu Fingers™ and anakin Smouldering Intensely directly at the camera
  • Originally, Obi was on the front cover. shirtless in just his leggings, meditating, after a series of Strenuous Forms that left him Glistening With Sweat. But people kept swooning before they even got to the second picture, so they moved this one inside
  • The jedi calendar almost became an obi wan calendar, but Obi “accidentally” deleted half his pictures out of embarrassment
  • There’s one of Obi in The Red Mandalorian Armor™, because the props guy had some lying around and got Ideas. This picture accidentally ends up becoming a recruitment poster for Mandalore. Numbers go up Significantly
  • Kit Fisto’s got the underwater shoot covered
  • Anakin’s solo is him piloting a jedi starfighter. He is not wearing everything someone piloting a jedi starfighter should be wearing. But his Smile and Curls and Boob Muscles are out in Full Force, so even Obi doesn’t say anything
  • yoda offers to join and they tell him he can be on the space version of feb 29. it’s a leap year

the speeder wash

  • They have to take their robes off for this one, too. it’s kit fisto’s fave fundraiser, he’s In His Element and ecsTATIC the entire day
  • Anakin too is ecstatic, bc he’s around speeders!! All day!! He keeps taking people’s fancy speeders for a ‘test run’ after he’s done washing them. Anakin rakes in the Most in tips
  • Quinlan Vos poses on every single speeder he touches. It’s the most extra but also a Lot. The jedi are his family, and if he can help his family by spreading himself improperly on the hood of a luxury speeder while cameras flash wildly, then vos is damn well going to do it. No, Master Windu, I will not sit properly, and NO, Obi Wan, I will not stop ripping off my clothes in slow motion
  • At least one v tipsy customer def comes up to obi wan like ‘i have a speeder you can help me clean’ and shows him a Hastily Applied and Questionably Located speeder tattoo
  • (it’s a lot more than one customer.)
Monsta X As Your Boyfriend - I.M
  • When he confesses, he’ll try his best to sound confident
    • Sweaty palms
    • And armpits
    • Trying to read you– whether or not you’re disgusted or actually interested in him
  • When you say yes, he won’t believe it
    • A wave of relief didn’t just wash over him, it also pushed him down to the ground of happiness
  • Not too much skinship
    • Cheek kisses
    • Short, little hugs
    • And teasing your height would be included
  • He will never take you for granted
    • Even when it seems he’s being cocky or when he’s joking around
  • Gifts ranging from 50 cent capsule machines to handmade gifts that you’ll use every day
    • He wouldn’t realize that you keep them all which he feels special, grateful, and warm inside
  • The best listener you could ask for
    • And the best at surprise hugs
  • At first, he would be shy and always asking if you’re okay
    • But then, he would laugh if you fell down or accidentally burped at the quietest places
  • Quite observant of your feelings
    • Doesn’t want to push it, but he really does care about how you feel because if you’re unhappy, so is he
    • Even if you don’t like people being concerned for you
  • Makes you feel guilty when he takes responsibility for taking care of things
    • It’s just because he’s an independent person and often thinks he can take care of it himself
    • Puts you first
  • He wants his significant other to not always do the work and let them be treated like royalty every once and a while
  • A lot, and I mean a lot, of creative and hilarious jokes
  • Great at planning out trips for the both of you
  • A reliable, responsible, disciplined, and perfect boyfriend you believe you don’t deserve
  • Willing to sit down and do nothing on a summer night
    • Hammock cuddles
  • In the end, he wants to make you feel special and loved in every way
    • If he could, he would yell it out to the world
    • A kiss on a forehead for a good night

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anonymous asked:

If you haven't written about it before, a poetry prompt of stigmata? (If you have I'd love to be pointed in that direction, I love stigmata poetry and your poetry so, ideal combo)

you lead the riots with your hands.
under your touch the trouts peel
back their own skins, discard
their scales & bones, dance

themselves into loaves of wheat.
for you. i witness the miracle & ache
to become larger than myself.

standing on your blistered feet
to preach, sunlight dyeing your skin
amber & mythic, you say, love

came first. it lives here inside
the wounded flesh. & a river slowly
exhumes itself. & i wake.

held up to your ribs i must look small
as a sparrow drowning in the sea.
stars spill from you where blood

should. ghosts build cities of weep-
ing in your chest & you carry them all.

to walk in your shadow’s borders.
to whisper your shackle-melting songs.

to march until empires cinder & the pain
of you subsides. anything, anything.

your palms glow rose-
gold in the dark & oh how i press
my lips to them–

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could you do an scenario where the rfa+saeran+v invite mc to a picnic? What things would they eat and where? :) Thank you~

This is such a cute idea! But we got so hungry while thinking of these…hehe. Hope you like these~


  • He had a show one Saturday morning
  • It’s a play in the park
  • He knows you’ve had a busy few weeks, so he invites you out to see him and to lunch with im afterwards
  • You weren’t expecting the picnic he planned
  • He laid out a blanket in front of the stage and had a basket ready
  • There were goldfish shaped buns, and since he can’t cook, he just made some triangle sandwiches, and of course some beer
  • For entertainment, he asked some of his coworkers to chip in
  • So there was live music, a few poetry recitals, and sometimes the backdrop changed
  • All in all, it was really sweet and romantic


  • He planned for you two to go on a hike together on a trail nearby
  • He had packed a basket for a picnic
  • But he wouldn’t tell you what food was inside
  • The hike itself was…well, he had forgotten how out of shape he was
  • He needed a few moments to breathe when you got to the top
  • Finally, he unloaded the basket of everything he cooked
  • Each piece of food had a memory associated with your relationship
  • There was heart and star shaped sandwiches, chocolate milk, omurice, and other cute snacks
  • You guys spend a lot of the time just talking and enjoying the view
  • Near the end, he brings out his polaroid camera and snaps a bunch of pictures for his photo album
  • The hike back was tiring, but nothing could wipe the smile off of your faces


  • You both finally had a weekend free in a very long time
  • When Jaehee heard the weather was nice, she asked if you would accompany her for a picnic in the park nearby
  • She tells you to meet her there
  • When you do, she set up the whole thing in a nice secluded area with picnic tables and a bench
  • She had table cloths, plates, and cutlery already set out for you
  • She had just finished barbecuing some meat she marinaded herself
  • She had brought a tiny coffee maker so you two could enjoy fresh iced tea and iced coffee
  • For dessert, she made cookies ahead of time which were decorated with a bunch of your favorite things
  • To end off the day, you dragged her to the playground nearby
  • You just talked while on the swings for the next few hours


  • He invited you over for lunch one weekend, but he didn’t tell you what he had planned
  • One of the security guards led you to the garden and gave you a note from him
  • The note held an invitation for a picnic for two…you just had to find him in his garden
  • It was a sweet gesture, but you kept getting lost
  • He came and found you in the end
  • In the centre, near a beautiful fountain, he had a blanket set up on the ground
  • Inside the basket was sandwiches and side dishes he had made himself, since he wanted it to be special
  • You were so touched at how thoughtful he was
  • The crusts were neatly removed, and the sandwiches were cut in perfect squares
  • When he casually announces it only took him two hours, you were about to melt
  • You were resting your head on his lap and nodded off
  • He tried to take some pictures, but they all came out blurry
  • You made up for it and took some photos of you both that came out nice and clear
  • It was one of the most peaceful days you had


  • He had this weekend planned ahead of time
  • He had already made you save the date and had already planned a picnic at night under the stars
  • But it just happened to pour down rain that day
  • He didn’t want to cancel, so he tells you to come over anyway
  • When you get there, his entire living room is transformed
  • He put some lights and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and dimmed the lights
  • He set up a blanket in the middle along with a few pillows in case the floor was hard
  • He was so busy setting up the living room that he didn’t really cook, so he ordered out burgers for you two
  • But, he did make sure there was lots of snacks (HBC) and drinks (Dr. Pepper)
  • You guys spend the rest of the evening just talking or finding the constellations he hid in the lights
  • You didn’t know you both pulled an all nighter until your usual morning alarm went off


  • He noticed how stressed you’d been lately
  • And also how you’ve been wanting a home cooked meal since you were too busy to cook
  • So he wants to plan a nice lunch for you
  • He invites you over to his house one weekend and takes you into the backyard
  • He has a pot of spaghetti and meatballs laid out on the picnic tables
  • “Aww! Saeran, you made the meatballs into heart shapes!”
  • “Yeah…uh…that was definitely, totally on purpose.”
  • He also got all your favorite cookies
  • You suggest putting ice cream in the middle of them to make ice cream sandwiches
  • He looks at you with such love in his eyes
  • At the end, neither one of you want to leave so you go inside and spend the rest of the night watching movies together


  • You usually meet up on the weekends
  • So it was no surprise when he invited you to his place for lunch
  • You weren’t expecting the blanket on the ground with a basket on his patio
  • He decorated the small area by hanging pictures of you two around
  • He places a flower crown on your head, which makes you a little confused, but you go with it
  • He’s seen the edits
  • He pulls out a small bowl of prepared pasta salad
  • He also made some chicken parm sandwiches with fancy bread
  • For dessert, he even baked pie with a design on the crust
  • When it’s all done, you take a long walk around the lake nearby
  • As gentlemanly as ever, he takes you home and  kisses you at the door

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Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Three

I don’t think you had ever had a better time in your entire life. The concert was in full swing and you were currently on Wyatt’s back belting out the lyrics to Immortals. Jaeden, Jack and Finn were all screaming the words too. You couldn’t see Wyatt’s face but you presumed he was singing. Despite the fact that one of the greatest bands ever was playing right in front of your eyes you couldn’t help but think about how brilliant of an idea this was. Not only did you get to see Fall Out Boy, you were currently sitting on Wyatt Oleff’s back.

As the next song began to play, Finn took his phone out and snapped a picture of you and Wyatt living it up. Not that either of you noticed it. You were too caught up.

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great
He tastes like you, only sweeter
One night, yeah, and one more time
(One night, one more time)
Thanks for the memories, thanks for the memories
(For the memories, for the memories
See, he tastes like you, only sweeter

Yes, Wyatt, you thought, Thanks for the memories.
You were currently FREAKING out. After the show was over the band got word that you guys were in the audience and sent someone to invite you backstage. They didn’t know you as you didn’t act but they knew the boys and that was good enough for you. 

A guy from security led you down twisting corridors, up staircases, and finally to the door which said Fall Out Boy. You stifled a squeal as he knocked and opened the door. 

“Come in!” A very familiar voice shouted from the inside

The door opened. Jaeden went in first, then Finn, then Jack, then you and then Wyatt. Standing in front of you was Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz, Andy Hurley and Joe Trohman. 

You greeted the band and had lots of photos taken. The guys didn’t mind that you were there of course. Agents had arrived with cameras and were taking pictures for social media, the latest Rocksound magazine, etcetera. It must have gotten around that you guys were going to be there. Probably thanks to Twitter.

“It’s really nice to meet you guys,” Patrick said, “I love Stranger Things, and IT. Scared the hell out of Pete though.”
Everyone laughed
“We’re big fans,” Finn replied, “Especially Y/N here. If it wasn’t for her we wouldn’t be standing here.”
“Well, thanks, Y/N. It’s really good to meet you.”
“Trust me the pleasure is all mine. I’ve been a fan for as long as I can remember.”
“Favourite album?” Andy asked
“Folie a deux all the way.”
“No way!” Pete said, shocked, “Everyone usually picks Save Rock and Roll or American Beauty/American Psycho. ”
“No, I prefer the older stuff. But I’m loving your new sound. Champion is genius and The Last of The Real Ones? Now that is what you call a good bop.” Sorry I had to put this :)

The whole of the band smiled and launched into the story of how the songs came to be.

When you woke up the very first thing you did was check social media. Your follower count had quite literally gone up by thousands since last night. Wyatt took pictures of you hugging each of the band members, and every time you saw them your heart skipped a beat. There were pictures of you and the others on Fall Out Boy’s Instagram account which you never imagined would happen in your dizziest daydreams.

You scrolled through the pictures and videos on your camera roll and found loads that the boys had taken before the concert. They must have taken your phone when you went to the bathroom. Trying to stifle your laughter you uploaded a couple to your Instagram and tagged the boys. 

“You up already, Y/N?” Wyatt had just sat up and was looking at you with a huge smile on his face
“Yeah. I honestly can’t stop thinking about last night.”
“Shall we go downstairs and talk? That way we won’t wake the others and we can have coffee.”
“Good idea Noodles.”
“For fuck’s sake, you too?”
“Come on. I need coffee.” You both laughed as you put on jumpers. You were about to put yours on but you saw Wyatt’s Canada hoodie on the floor and put it on as he was leaving his room. Little did you know this would cause Wyatt to become a stuttering mess.

You finished up in the bathroom and ran downstairs to the kitchen. Wyatt was pouring the freshly made coffee. The house smelled wonderful. He looked up at you and immediately turned red.

“I-is that my s-sweater?”
“Uhm,” You looked down at your fluffy Christmas socks, “It looked better than mine and…I’ll take it off if you like I mean-”
“No, Y/N it’s fine. It looked better on you anyway. Now, come and drink this coffee before it gets cold.
So that’s just what you did.
Jaden, Finn and Jack were currently peeking from behind a wall. Y/N was drinking coffee and sitting on the kitchen counter with Wyatt in front of her saying something about a new movie.

“They are so into each other!” Jaeden whisper-shouted, “Look at the two of them being all gooey. It makes me sick.”
“Yeah well he may be a brother to me but if he hurts her I’ll fucking end him.” Finn didn’t take his eyes off of Wyatt and Y/N the whole time
“And if I walk in on the two of them getting it on.” Jack made a motion that I won’t repeat, “Then I will throw up all over them while they’re fu-”
“Alright, Jack?!” Jaeden hissed while Finn just gave him a disgusted look, “I think we get the idea. Also, I think Y/N is wearing Wyatt’s  sweater.”
“What the fuck?” Finn said, “So are they official or not? What is this?”
“How about we ask them.”

Jack strolled out into the kitchen like the Queen of England. 

“What are you two bitches gossiping about,” He said with a smirk, “The location for your late night randevu? Let us know where you decide because I’d rather not walk into the bathroom at three in the morning and find you two fucking in the bathtub. I’d go blind.”
“SERIOUSLY?!” You and Wyatt both shouted at the same time
“So,” Jaeden cleared his throat and tried to hide his smile, “How long have you two been up?”
“About half an hour,” You said, “We were wondering if you guys wanted to go out for breakfast?”
“Sure,” Finn said, “Where to?”
“I don’t know,” You said, “You guys decide. I’m going to get ready.”

You were currently sat across Wyatt enjoying your caramel waffle and sipping your hazelnut coffee. Finn noticed how much of it you were drinking.

“Y/N, if you drink one more cup of coffee you’re going to be bouncing off the walls. As your best friend, it’s my duty to cut you off. So,” Finn took your coffee away and poured you a glass of fresh orange juice, “I’m cutting you off.”
“Seriously Finn?” You whined, “We didn’t get back to the house until two this morning!”
“I seem to recall,” Jaeden said, “Waking up to find you and Wyatt talking at three in the morning a few nights ago. And you didn’t drink a hundred cups of coffee then. Correct me if I’m wrong but you were grinning the whole day.”
“Oh go fuck yourself Jaeden,” Wyatt said, “You sound just like Jack.”
“Calm down and eat your waffle,” Finn said with an eye roll, “We’ve got somewhere to be at 11.”
“Where?” Jack asked
“There’s someone Y/N needs to meet. So finish up. We have half an hour.”
You had no idea what he was talking about. But you sure as hell were intrigued.

Part Four coming soon!

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amusement park date with minghao

↠ Asked: ❝Could you do a bullet scenario for an amusement park date with Minghao? Thank you for all of your hard work!❞ 

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  • you guys wanted to go in summer 
  • because everyone went in summer and it was such a good time 
  • but he brought up the point that it’s hot as heck and waiting in lines meant waiting in the sun aka sunburn and
  • it wouldn’t be as fun
  • so now it’s fall!!
  • he made sure to give u one of his jackets in addition to the hoodie and jacket you were already wearing to be sure you weren’t too cold
  • even though he was wearing only 1 jacket hm
  • u guys wanted to wait for a warmer fall day but for the next while it wouldn’t be above 15 degrees so u went anyway
  • you felt like a marshmallow wearing 3 jackets but it’s okay
  • at the amusement park
  • hoo boy
  • first off he drove you two there
  • can u just imagine minghao driving for a minute
  • wow
  • okay anyway
  • luckily the lineup for tickets wasn’t too long and you guys got in quickly
  • first thing you both do is go on the smaller roller coaster
  • the smallest one there is that you’re allowed on aka not the one meant for the little kids
  • even though he asked
  • there was a part in the one you both went on where it kinda whipped you and your head like flew to the side 
  • and when you got off u were like oh ouchie and rubbing your neck because it still hurt!!
  • can u see where this is going i think you can
  • he pulls you to the side away from where people walk and he’s like :o
  • what happened?? are you okay?? why are u rubbing your neck?? are u cold do u need me to find a scarf for you??
  • but you’re like omg how does your neck not hurt
  • he’s basically just 
  • ???????????
  • he must have not felt that whip which is weird but u don’t question it
  • you say there was a part on the ride that hurt your neck
  • and now his hand is on you like 
  • where your shoulder meets your neck
  • and he’s gently rubbing it for you
  • “y/n you should have just told me before
  • “should we go find first aid and get a bandage”
  • “minghao i ain’t gonna wear a bandage on my neck for this-”
  • and guess what cuts you off
  • mhm
  • his lips on your neck
  • you guys are in public so it’s sweet and short
  • not like how it is when u guys are alone that’s for another scenario but
  • it’s just a soft little kiss and he pulls back
  • and it surprised you so you’re all blushing
  • and you’re just like “all better!!!!!!” and smiling
  • he smiles too at how cute you are 
  • getting all flustered
  • but
  • now he’s scared to go on another ride because you might get hurt again
  • if you nearly strain your neck from a tiny roller coaster how are u expected to go on a big one?? so much higher and what if u actually like fall out
  • he isn’t gonna risk anything
  • so you guys go to the games
  • and of course he’s the one that believes he needs to win you a huge stuffed animal like so big it’s hard to carry and how are u gonna fit it in the car??
  • but he tries so hard to win you one omg
  • i mean
  • the ring toss?? he basically is leaning over the counter you have to stand behind then basically is sitting right on it and almost falls over it because he wants to get the rings on those bottle tops for sure
  • but nope that doesn’t end up working out
  • there’s a game where you need to throw basketballs into moving hoops 
  • and they just randomly move and it’s kinda unpredictable
  • he thinks it got broken because he starts the game and the first 3 basketballs he gets in the hoop and it doesn’t move??
  • but you gotta get 4 in so now he was like huh easy peasy imma win you that big stuffed monkey
  • and then of course on his fourth shot the hoop moves and the ball bounces off the backboard and totally misses the hoop n just falls to the floor
  • “WHAT THE HE- IT- IT-” 
  • “minghao don’t yell please just calm down you still have one more shot”
  • he wants to like sprint away because he got so frustrated all of a sudden?? he got so confident and he just wants to win you the monkey :(
  • “i just need a minute”
  • he actually goes to stand off on the side and he rubs his temples and closes his eyes to calm down
  • this other couple starts to play the game too at their own hoop
  • and you watch for a minute because theirs is moving constantly
  • you look over at minghao who is still like AAAAAAAAA inside
  • the staff member at that game is like “is he coming back or are u gonna finish it”
  • you’re like hm might as well
  • you get it in
  • yOU GET IT in
  • and you hold back a squeal because like did u suddenly become a physics master that can see the future because that hoop was jerking around all wild and you just got it in without trying?? 
  • you win the big monkey who you already named beanz because banana was too common of a monkey thing
  • it’s red and has yellow overalls with bananas embroidered on them
  • you go over to minghao and he’s facing away but u lift up the hand of beanz and just put it on his shoulder
  • and he jumps and turns around and sees you smiling holding the monkey
  • you just say “turns out you only needed three shots in to get it~”
  • even though it was 4
  • but that made him smile sO BIG
  • and he jumped in happiness this time!! you joined him!!
  • you two were jumping around with a big stuffed monkey just feeling so smiley
  • and he got all cocky again
  • “now that i have won you the monkey, you owe me a little something"
  • and he points to his lips and bends a bit to be closer
  • cheesy
  • you kiss him but only for a second
  • then he grabs hold of you and keeps you there longer to kiss you longer and omg
  • after he pulls away he’s the one blushing now
  • he takes beanz from you and carries it with one arm somehow so he can hold your hand with his other hand
  • and he takes you to a restaurant in the amusement park
  • it’s just a casual place of course
  • you two sit in a booth as you eat and beanz is beside you 
  • minghao pretends to feed him
  • you eat the fry minghao held out instead
  • the rest of the day you actually go on some of the big rides!! 
  • and sweet minghao always makes sure you’re feeling okay and buys you a snack when you get hungry because eating too much isn’t good when u gonna go on rides!!
  • and when your feet are hurting and you’re tired from the amusement park it’s time to go home
  • beanz sits in the backseat of the car and you and minghao are in the front
  • he holds your hand still
  • all the way home
  • as you sing along to anything that comes on the radio
  • just a fun day with a wonderful boy
Oncologist! Jihoon

Originally posted by lobeu-my-carrots

  • Is amazing at his job
  • He’s known as a hard ass to work with but everyone looks up to him
  • Is an amazing surgeon
  • All the interns had a love hate relationship with them
  • He was super strict but was considered on of the top oncologists in the country so it was an honour to work with him
  • If they ever brought up or made fun of his height he would make their rotation with him a living hell
  • He knew he was short, he didn’t need reminding. But if you really wanna make fun of the guy who is one the best oncologists in Korea maybe even the world you kinda deserve it
  • Workaholic to the max
  • It was once rumored that he sold his apartment and just lived in the on-call room
  • Seriously, it’s live he never left though

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maybe-kayan  asked:

Hi, I just really need to talk about modern AU great Comet hcs Please love me

an unprompted ask?? for me??? this is the content I signed up for

so yeah i’m just gonna make a big ass list of headcanons lemme know what you think,,, i love modern au so much so this is also a long post beware!!!

these are random as hell but are heavy on the Andrierre, which is good and bad because I love this ship but also I haven’t read War and Peace so some of the Andrey headcanons might be dead wrong

and of course feel free to correct and/or add on to this list! I’d love to hear what you guys have to say about this and I’m always up for talking about Great Comet

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reasons why dylan strome is me:

  • ugly in a very subtle way
  • dead inside
  • the most defining part of my personality is that i meme from time to time
  • all my friends are more successful than me
  • doesn’t sleep
  • is a hoe on snapchat