I enjoy KH with all my heart (HAH) but there are some things that annoyed me to hell and back on my first (and next) playthroughs:
  • the shark in Atlantica
  • the Iron imprisoner 
  • getting lost in Monstro’s stomachs
  • walking in on Sephiroth in KH1 like the piece of shit I am
  • the Phantom (fuck you forever and ever)
  • BUT FIRST YOU GOTTA GIVE THE PRINCESS BACK HER - blah, blah, blah, you know the rest
  • that one card in re:CoM that made the entire room pitch black
  • that stupid fire-spitting fat heartless nightmare
  • on that note, if I see Agrabah one more time I swear to fuck
  • getting my ass handed in DDD on critical
  • also that Frankenstein-Pete? WHAT
  • Captain Dark at Command Board
  • the car heartless (this guy deserves a fuck you from me and everyone else tbh)
  • falling down Oogie Boogie´s stupid mansion
  • trying to locate all treasure chest in DDD without a guide (seriously I just gave up at some point)
  • Vanitas Lingering Spirit literally killed me inside
  • the new ape heartless in 1.5 you can’t fucking dodge its attacks
  • defeat all enemies in 1 turn
  • no AP left
  • Monstro swallowing you even though you need to be somewhere fucking else but his stupid stomachs
  • the Peter Pan command board 
  • TORNADOS (as if a graveyard wasn’t bad enough already)

so yeah how about that huh

Let it Burn (Male Fire!Elsa AU)
  • Let it Burn (Male Fire!Elsa AU)
  • Renoku
  • Melted

Disclaimer: I don’t own the karaoke track!
Inspired by: this, this, and this

Ugh, I’m sorry for my voice… Also for the bad quality; I recorded it directly to my computer, and I don’t know how to work recording software.  And also for the fact that because I’m a dude, it probably sounds weird…

But anyways, I wrote some lyrics for the Fire!Elsa AU!  My headcanon is that Elsa’s a lot more scared of her powers, to where she doesn’t feel trapped by them, but that she’s too weak and afraid to use them.  (Not to mention that she burned Anna’s head as a child…)


The flame burns bright on the mountain tonight
And the sparks fly in between
A kingdom of desolation
And it looks like I’m the queen
The ashes dying like this burning rage inside
The loss of love, the loss of life

Don’t let it hurt, don’t make them cry
Control yourself or else the flames will die
Extinguish all your faults in turn
When will you learn?

Let it burn, let it burn
There’s no longer anyone to hurt
Let it burn, let it burn
The old life that I spurned
I don’t need, what I’ve thrown away
Let the fire rage on
The flames never scarred me anyway

It’s funny how some courage
Makes everything seem gray
In the glow of my own power
I can bring in a new day

It’s time to see what I can make
The future’s trembling in my wake
No one can stop the coming dawn
I’m strong

Let it burn, let it burn
My flames will scorch the sky
Let it burn, let it burn
These flames will never die
I will stand, and I won’t run away!
Let the storm rage on…

My power quakes the earth
And bursts forth from the ground
My heart is burning
As the fire roars its cracking sound
And as the smoke clears I can see my path is set
I will win my own world now; go on and place your bets!

Let it burn! Let it burn.
I will call out the phoenix song
Let it burn, let it burn!
That Frozen girl is gone!
In the light, a new life awaits!
Let the fire rage on
The flames never scarred me anyway.


I have always
been able to get along
with people that
others can’t.
The outcasts,
the freaks,
the losers,
the assholes.

I have always been
able to see what
ordinary people don’t.
Who they really are.
Everybody is a good person.
Some just have a hard
time expressing it.

I fall in love with
those who are different.
And I love them for
the rest of my life.

Maybe it’s because
I have always been
the weird one.

So I know what it
looks like inside
the soul of a person
that nobody understands.

Paige Nicole


42 Days of the Mountain Goats: Day 22: The Mess Inside

The Paper Towns movie comes out in 20 days. In the book, the Mountain Goats are Q’s favorite band. Completely by coincidence, the Mountain Goats are also my favorite band. So I thought I’d share a John Darnielle/Mountain Goats song I love every day from now until July 24th to celebrate the movie and the band.

Today we have ‘The Mess Inside.’ Second to last song from All Hail West Texas, I swear, but boy do I share tMG’s fascination with the American idea of the geographical cure.

Money line: “Tried to fight the creeping sense of dread with temporal things. Most of the time I guess I felt alright.”


The Ghost Inside

The Amity Affliction

Brand New

Thy Art Is Murder



Sworn In


State Champs




Stray From The Path

Real Friends

Being As An Ocean

La Dispute









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some good louis things to think about when sad

  • the way large jumpers fall down his shoulder (and the sleeves down his wrists)
  • the fact that if he was your friend he’d 100% fight anyone who was mean to you
  • getting fast food while wearing no shoes
  • that old interview where he was really cute and flirty and said “i love grease”
  • “it said not to dial nine, so i dialed nine”
  • comfy clothes?? all the time?? louis is cozy chic and it makes me feel warm inside
  • the man goes to award shows in band t-shirts.. i love him so much
  • his soft voice when he talks to fans and calls them “love”
  • you know that video clip of someone complimenting his voice saying he makes 1d sound so special and he gets the loveliest smile and says “thanks”
  • i forgot what this post was about but anyway i love louis!!! so muc.h..

Part II of my silk dyeing and painting process… click below to read my explanation~ (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

For this project, I went for free-style silk painting. There’s another method where you use a resist called gutta to draw your design lines in. After the resist dries, you can then fill the space inside the lines, (Much like a colouring book, just on silk~) and the dye will not bleed outside them. I will demonstrate this very soon, as there is one more piece for my Terra costume that requires this!

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I don’t feel a thing ‘cause I’m so dead inside

the black // asking alexandria

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Power of the Sun: Elusive Solar Neutrinos Detected, a Cosmic First

Tiny particles forged in the heart of the sun have been detected for the first time, offering scientists a glimpse into the nuclear fusion core of our closest star.

The subatomic particles, called neutrinos, are hallmarks of the dominant fusion process insidethe sun. Created in the first step of a reaction sequence responsible for the majority of the sun’s fusion, the particles have long eluded detection. Now, an international collaboration of more than 100 scientists working with the Borexino detector in Italy has made the first measurements of these elusive particles.

The new findings “allow us to look at the majority of the fusion reactions in the sun’s core in real time, as they happen, minus an eight-minute delay for travel to Earth,” Andrea Pocar, of the University of Massachusetts and part of the Borexino team, told by email.  "The measurement allows us to strongly confirm the model of the sun, and to take a ‘neutrino photograph’.“

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ISFJ Relationships

Relationships are the central focus of the ISFJ. Nothing is more important than making the people around them feel loved, safe and secure. They will put those they love ahead of themselves more often than not in order to avoid any conflict.

Keeping Feelings Inside

The ISFJ is not open with their feelings, often hiding them and expecting others to be able to ‘guess’ what is going on with them. When this doesn’t happen the ISFJ can feel very fragile and sensitive and will worry that they are unappreciated and unloved. The ISFJ is emotionally needy and can also be very clingy.

Devoted, At Times Overprotective

The ISFJ puts in a lot of effort into their relationships and commitments, and takes them very seriously. The amount of effort they put in makes them want to make sure that they will be around for a lifetime. They are dependable, reliable, and generous with their emotions as well as their belongings. Due to this nature, they can also be prone to excessive ‘mothering’ and overprotective behaviour, and sometimes go through periods of feeling as though they are being taken for granted.

well, here’s my stim toy collection!

  • one of the colored tubes (boinks) is melted shut at both ends, with a marble inside
  • the rocks are representations of my lovely smooth rock collection which is too big to be shown here, whoops
  • the square thing is mushy styrofoam beads that stick together
  • the phone case has infinite bubble wrap on the back!
  • yeah, that’s a pot holder, but it suctions to your hands sooooooo nicely
  • the silver sproingy flower thing is the COOLEST and there’s no way i can do it justice in that pic
  • three textures of tangles! silicone coated with nubblies, fuzzy-flocked and smooth metallic!
  • the weird balloon is a stress ball, filled with confectionary sugar
  • the sand in the tupperware is MAGIC and never dries out ugh sit’s so good
  • i count my uke as a stim toy, cuz i use it as such sometimes
  • the blue thing over on the left is an ankle weight, and i’ll wear them when i just need extra pressure
  • i couldn’t find my chewy pirate ship :(
  • my weighted blanket was Too Big to include

some of these came from @stimtastic, some are homemade, some are just…amassed after years of sensory-seeking

(i’m sure i’m missing something…….)

colored girls won't be televised

Oh! see my women
smuggled as contraband
bagged blackmailed marrow
canned by the whipping hand
nautch girls hurled into obelisks
persona non grata; colonial harrow
in strata of risk - we be occupation
my gender is what - de trop donation?
                                           hell no!
the ration of melanin manhandled
in the cussed corridors of salvation
who you calling third world now?
since 5 i have been learning how
to lighten the sahara in my skin
the aubade of a pariah dyed
darker than the ante of mortal sin
latenight blondes tell me to whiten
the quirks between my thighs
to tighten the screws loose inside
the torque tinting these risqué eyes
she is taught a thresh, a thaw
to persuade a lesser sun
to un- & float by the bench mark
of these fox sharks ripping
the suede of a body
coronated in a bathtub’s blood arc
i am the same as she, her, the other
somali and sweet sixteen
clit sewn with catgut clean
mincemeat by the midriff
a whiff of scooped out sex,
specs on stiff sutured by cannabis
hex - oh you calling out my girls
i see -
i show you who we be
i be her - that one in the corner
i be the hijabi, tongue sharper
than wasabi, i be roller-skating
through the furlongs of your
parisian slang, the turntable
twang of privilege you are
debating, sly-hating, i be her
monsieur, the one who slid past
palms clutching the lolita in tehran,
i be 100% nabakov 100% koran
femen it’s my turn to take the chador
to your empty roar; keep them breasts
covered; my amens are reserved for
my spice racks, i keep the veil, the vile
interrupt me again and my hustle
will fall its tomahawk on your muscle
my girls be down like that
they be black, beige and brown like that
or sienna, sepia, flintlock buzzing
a countdown like that
i am tired of your “oh you are so exotic”
even your compliment is jabbed despotic
now i guess i am a bitch, a rabid rip
in the stitch, refugee - terrorist
you’d want me wrung by the wrist
you deign me primal, & you priest?
haul in your cavalry of exorcists
i am Isis, my motley always consists
of hell cats, harlots, slaves & knaves
my girls be chola, la diosa,
Tlazolteotl deep rooted, ill-bred
my girls be matangi
- diablo dulled by menstrual red
my girls be ummah 
- woven of the same golden thread
we be arsenal, armor, armies widespread
my girls come sweet-scented, accented
like henna on an eclipsed night
who i be? i be para romani bohemia
the tribal rifle shot for anesthesia
your revolution is a savy sleight,
call us animal, livestock, uncivilised?
you want me photo-shopped, sterilized
my girl’s got fangs for days
nights dug deeper than dog bites
don’t need you, your holy spiel
i get it on with freedom mine
your white-washed ways are
the fifth wheel
this flesh as power, as prayer
as light as earth as air
i take myself as i am
the darkness that chisels
the Universe
leaves it rare

Scherezade Siobhan©

note : this was important to me as a woman of colour.

Power of the Sun: Elusive Solar Neutrinos Detected, a Cosmic First

Tiny particles forged in the heart of the sun have been detected for the first time, offering scientists a glimpse into the nuclear fusion core of our closest star.

The subatomic particles, called neutrinos, are hallmarks of the dominant fusion process insidethe sun. Created in the first step of a reaction sequence responsible for the majority of the sun’s fusion, the particles have long eluded detection. Now, an international collaboration of more than 100 scientists working with the Borexino detector in Italy has made the first measurements of these elusive particles.

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Warped Tour Announces More Bands

Warped Tour announced 13 more bands to add to this summer lineup. New additions include:

  • Four Year Strong
  • Bayside
  • Finch (6/13-7/6)
  • Ghost Town (6/13-7/8,7/12,13)
  • Cursed Sails (6/13 - 6/29)
  • Crizzly
  • Antiserum
  • K. Flay
  • Marmozets (7/4-8/3)
  • Shot In The Dark (6/20)
  • Naked Walrus (6/20-6/26) 
  • Unlocking The Truth (7/11-7/15)

To see a full list of bands, click Read More.

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Once upon a time, there was
a monster living at the gates
of a village.
It was a very scary and
a very bad monster.
It would catch people and
crunch them up with its big teeth.

The villagers were afraid of the
monster, and no one would dare
approach the gates.
Everyone was stuck inside
the village.

When the king heard about this,
he summoned his knights.
The knights eagerly rode out
to defeat the monster.

“Ha! Take that!”
Their swords slashed and their
spears flashed, but the monster
wouldn’t die.
The monster tossed the knights
into his mouth one by one,
horses and all.

What was the king to do?
He fretted and fussed and paced the
floor, but could think of no solution.

Soon after, the village priestess came
to the castle. She was a very kind
and good person. The king asked
her to defeat the monster guarding
the gates.

The priestess accepted the king’s
request and went to the village gates.
But when she saw the monster, she
tried to convince it with words
instead of killing it.

“Shut up, you! I’m going to eat
you up!”
The monster didn’t listen to
a word the priestess said.

But she kept trying to convince
the monster to give up.
“It’s wrong to eat people,
you know.”

The monster grew very angry at
this and attacked her, killing her
with a single mighty blow.

The king and his people shed tears
at the death of the kind priestess.
God took pity upon them and,
granting their wishes, healed the

The priestess opened her eyes just
as she had done every morning of
her life. She went once more to the
monster’s lair.

“Fool! You wish to die again?”
“No… this time it’s your turn.”
The priestess had come to defeat
the monster once and for all.

As the priestess was very very
kind, she felt sad about this task.
But it had to be done.

“Swords and spears won’t work.
Arrows and bullets will just bounce
off. You can’t kill me,”
the monster laughed.
But the priestess used neither
sword nor spear. She chanted
but a single spell.

Do you know what happened then?
The monster let out a huge cry
and then died and vanished!

Thus the villagers were able to use
their gates once more. Everyone
lavished their gratitude upon the
priestess, and they all lived
happily ever after…

text: Hiroyuki Owaku


1. Ev3nmorn – Sea Fever

2. Ev3nmorn - Surf Solar

3. Ev3nmorn - Aramoch

foto by arrv

Pictured on II Arkan THE PRIESTESS, from the deck Labyrinth Tarot, whose author is Luis Royo Spanish artist. This deck he created in four years. He carefully worked through it, delving into the symbolism and carefully studying the history of the Tarot.

glitching by arrv

I feel the absence deep inside
the marrow of my bones,
and I know how lost I am,
damp with clichés.
I can’t produce any sound
to articulate the poetry
    trapped behind my mind,
    locked up in my soul,
    chained to my heart–
I’ll never fully
understand my own
essence. Love is
a foreign concept
and here I fallen,
bruised and confused.
I need myself
more than I need
anyone else, and
that thought alone
holds my fear.