Seek Growth

Seek Growth

We take growth quite seriously around here, but even we sometimes overlook its importance.

Because it’s not easy to talk about growth without sounding like an eye-roll-inducing motivational poster. Along with other terms like “success” and “inspiration,” growth has become one of those words. Words that once held incredible clout but have become lost in the fog of overuse and misconception. Words that, today, feel as bland as the waiting room decor that often surrounds them. 

Fortunately, while the word “growth” may have lost some of its power, the experience of growth has not. 

Which is exactly why we decided to create a film about it. 

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Real artists ship

In early 1983, Apple had committed to shipping the very first Mac that coming fall. It didn’t ship then. Actually, the project became months overdue as the software team worked through Christmas break. By the first week of 1984 the team was working around the clock. No sleep. Soon, the new deadline was less than a week away and it had became clear to the engineers that there were still too many bugs for the Mac to ship.

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Jane Cigars

redpepper is the home to marketers, advertisers, brand strategist, designers, photographers, web designers and an array of other skill sets. We love building brands, so when the partners shared their crazy idea about how they wanted to create their own cigar brand we were overtaken with excitement. We decided to call the cigar brand Jane. I’m sure the story of Jane goes something like this… The partner’s are sitting around smoking a stogie while enjoying a sip of Gentlemen Jack and one blissfully says, “In a perfect world I would have an endless supply of the world’s finest cigars.” Boom. The idea was born. 

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redpepper in 6 words or less

How can I uniquely describe redpepper to a prospect in 6 words? This has always been a challenge. So I started typing…

Creative Problem Solving For Emerging Brands

We know what works. Mostly.

Know what works and what doesn’t.

Business results in new marketing world.

Deep thinkers for deep problems.

Moving brands into marketing 3.0.

We merge brands with consumers.

Hire us, we get it. @redpepper.

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Why March 16th is going to be huge

There’s a day between the Ides of March and St. Patrick’s Day, an unassuming little box on the calendar that usually gets short shrift in terms of attention.

 As lifelong fans of the underdog, we pinpointed that day (March 16th), gave it its own holiday name (DragonMaid Day), and have now focused an enormous amount of energy to making it a day we’ll never forget. 

Here’s the plan: we’ve divided the whole company into six special task forces, each commissioned to gain major headway on a heretofore secret project by DragonMaid Day. 

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To (Storytelling) Mecca and Back

One fall weekend every year, thousands of silver-haired couples descend on the oldest town in the state of Tennessee, crowd into five enormous circus tents, and listen to hour after hour of nothing but stories.

Of course, the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough isn’t exclusive to the older crowd, but that’s definitely the demographic that embraces it most. As a 23-year-old writer, I was ecstatic to be in attendance with them this year, partly owing to the fact that hardly anyone my age gives a damn about it. But to ten thousand people, this is the biggest thing to give a damn about each year. It’s their Bonnaroo.

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Traversing New Territory

I was recently asked to Art Direct a video project for one of our clients. I have formal training as a designer (aka creative problem solver) in print, package, and information graphics; but this was new territory. Feeding off of the adrenaline that came from the opportunity to grow, I happily accepted the challenge, unofficial title of Creative Problem Solver empowering me.

When you have no idea where to start, the most natural starting place is with the things you know. I knew that this ten minute video had to clearly communicate a lot of information. I knew that lots of information is best cataloged with information graphics. So the idea of a colorful, kinetic infographic clearly made sense to me, in a creative problem solving kind of way.

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Working for the Work

Last week, I attended a seminar where Jeff Graham of Crispin Porter & Bogusky shared his thoughts on what makes successful account people. According to Graham, the driving question for account service should be: “What can I do, to make the work better?” As a department and individuals, we should be product/project focused, with our energy funneled towards making a particular project the best it can be.

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How to create words that work

Name one outdoor board you passed on your commute this morning.

Tricky, isn’t it?

The average American is bombarded with so many messages a day* that most people tune them out without even realizing it. But, then, if you’re taking the time to read these words, you probably already know that. 

So, how can you make sure your words hit home? 

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Halloween Packaging

I love packaging… to the point where sometimes I buy products I don’t really need because I love the package so much.

When we (redpepper) recently got a chance to design some Halloween packaging for Kirkland’s Home store I was excited to be a part of the team working on new designs (excited might be an understatement… I was over the moon). You can read more about my love for packaging at  Judge a Book by it’s Cover.

Of course, when working on packaging designs there is a lengthy lag time til you actually see the finished packaging in the store. So, my designs were done months and months ago but I finally saw the finished products a  week ago when I visited a local Kirkland’s. I was happy to see my Halloween boxes and tags up front and center. Of course, I purchased a couple items myself but I also stuck around to watch a couple of customers interact with the products and make their own purchases too.

Are you our next intern?


As a redpepper intern, you’ll contribute firsthand to something we hold as the highest importance – our culture. We are addicted to learning, collaborating and being actively creative on a daily basis. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the ad world, build relationships in the industry, get a taste of a truly collaborative work environment, and probably even pick up a new skill set or two.

Of course, your days here will largely be what you make of them. You can be part of changing this place if you want, but that comes through initiative, courage, and some elbow grease. And you’ll have a mentor whose brain you can pick along the way, as long as you’re ready to return the favor. 

You might be thinking, how much can really happen in a three-month, 20 hour a week (minimum) internship? Well, that’s exactly our question to you.

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There's a new Like in town

We’re proud to see Ryan has a new article on All Facebook. He writes about the new freedom developers have to customize Facebook’s Like button so they can create buttons that actually make sense to click in context – because who really wants to Like an article about a disaster? Wouldn’t you rather just Read it? And wouldn’t it be nice to express the difference in likes between products you Own and ones you Want? 

Knowing Ryan, he’ll be making buttons that say Whoa and Busted until we physically detain him.

Check out the article here:

How to play the ad game

You’ve probably never heard of the Universal Law of Awesomeness, but it goes something like this:  If you want to be awesome at something, there are only two steps you must take.

1.  Learn all the rules.
2.  Play the game better than anyone else.

If your game is advertising, you might be tempted to argue that there aren’t rules to it anymore. Or at least that the good players break those rules all the time.

It’s a seductive argument, and it’s dead wrong. 

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Step away from the Bulldozer.

Turn off the engine and step away from the bulldozer. Don’t tear down your brick-and-mortar location just yet…

It’s been obvious for a while now that the boundaries between the offline and online worlds are extremely blurred. Perhaps the easiest way to feel the online world interwoven with the offline one is to take a glance at today’s retail landscape. It’s nearly impossible to find a real world store that does not incorporate online.

The internet, the newest of media, has successfully redefined every medium.

Yet with all of the spending power that the internet holds, today there remains an even stronger reason to keep physical store locations.

Stay with me.

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Everyone is Uniquely Creative - Paper Cut Poster

Recently, our company did some remodeling and we decided to decorate with posters of our Core Values. Our 5 core values are… 1. We believe everyone is uniquely creative. 2. We love what we do or we won’t do it at all. 3. We actively promote personal growth. 4.We provide creativity with provable benefits. 5. If we aren’t changing we’re dying.

There were five designers that wanted to design a poster. We (the designers) get excited when we hear the words “creative freedom”. To be fair we drew numbers to randomly choose the core value we would work on. I got “We believe everyone is uniquely creative" which is one of my favorites so I was ready to create something cool.

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