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Back to School Essentials

I’m now back to school after our semestral break. Someone asked me to do a stationery/school haul so I’m gonna share to you some of the things I bought and the things that I already have which I’m still going to use.

Where I buy my stationeries?

I usually buy them at Muji, National Bookstore, SM Department Store, and online shops.


Left: I got it from Art Box in Glorietta 4. They cost Php 50 each notebook.

Top Right: Got this notebooks from Muji. They cost Php 350 for a set of 5 notebooks.

Bottom Right: I bought this notebook from Typo in Greenbelt. It has 3 dividers inside. This was on sale for only Php 160. 


I’m currently using the Starbucks x Moleskine planner (the one on the right). I won the plain Black Moleskine Notebook from Starbucks during their Christmas Launch. 

Pens and Highlighters

Of course, I can’t live without these!

Top Left: Muji 0.38 Gel Ink Pens for Php 65 each.

Top Right: Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. My mom bought this in the US.

Bottom Left: Muji Highlighters for Php 65 each.

Bottom Right: Zebra Mildliners. This one’s old. Some are out of ink. I bought this from Dolces Online on Facebook/Instagram around Php 350 - Php 400.

Index Cards

This is another must have for me since sometimes I use index cards in studying. This is a plain one so I can freely design or write on them. I got this from National Book Store for Php 17.50 each.

Sticky Notes and Page Flags

Sticky Notes are so important to me since I don’t want to write on my books, and instead, I use them when I want to insert some details. I also use them in my planner. I’m not sure how much these are since my mom bought them for me.

The page flags are also important to me because I label my books by chapter or article so I can just immediately go to that page without taking so much time looking for it. One pack costs Php 244.

Other Essentials

I always bring with me some scotch tape and washi tape. I use the magic tape since they do not tear the paper when I use it on them, unlike a regular tape. I also need some glue since we have to attach a photo on our index card. I also need a correction tape since I’m not great with spelling and always misspell words. 

So these are my basic essentials for school. Shoutout to @akilahpina for requesting this!


Malachite Magnificence

This fabulous, large box made of Malachite Crystal is a divine work of art.

A recent addition to the showroom collection, it takes one’s breath away. 

“Malachite offers protection from negative energies and encourages positive vibration. It instills confidence and encourages the ability to take action to create and manifest one’s desires and dreams. It restores strength and vitality after illness.”

What would you keep inside? Email for more details and price requests.

From the vault: Rayearth Edition - Entry # 1

Welcome to the first entry of this time machine in which I will talk about old merchandise of Rayearth, back in the time in which this series was published inside Nakayoshi Magazine.

However, for this first entry I’ll go back even further, at the time that the first chapter of this series wasn’t published yet. So, let’s go back to the year of 1993 in which internet wasn’t the big monster of massive communication that is today…

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An Open Letter to the Woman at Walmart

Story by kittythewildcat

Open Letter to the Woman at Walmart:

I saw you when I walked in. It looked like you had been there awhile. My cart was empty save for the soda I threw in as I walked by the sale right inside the door. You already had your cart half full of food.

And a crying baby.

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- my mug– wasn’t feeling the face this am. Very quiet this morning. It was nice.

- with the rain I’ve found little piles of these all over my yard. I know when we were little we said that they were ant houses. Don’t know if that was true or not. There were a few ants scurrying around– so maybe.

- I love the rain. But I hate mosquitoes. It’s one thing to bite me outside. But to follow me inside 😡

- many sales are happening at the mall this week. Which means my daughter wants to go. I’m working on the want to take her.

I success to change language of paypal system in English a moment ago.


And I explain how buy my fans book in more detail.

If you has saw these payapl button on my sale post, you need to add “shipping fee” and “books fee” into your shopping cart.

(If you used tumblr app, you couldn’t saw PayPal button.)

After you finish payment, I will receive a list like as.

Books will start to ship on the begin of October by surface airlifted from Taiwan.

Thanks everyone! 

I hated every minute of my first job out of college.

I secured a job as a pharmaceutical rep and was urged by friends to take it. After all, it was a difficult job to get as a 22-yr-old and, if I liked it, I would allegedly have a dream sales career. Company car. Flexible schedule. Wine and dine doctors. Play golf. Go on vacations.

I was miserable from day one. I knew it was wrong for me. But I couldn’t quit, so I willed myself to moderate success.

Finally, three years later, I had the courage to leave. Five minutes after I turned in my company car I felt a rush of happiness. Still, I had no idea what to do for a living. If I hated one of the most sought after sales jobs in America, how could I ever find something better?

I was lucky to find inside sales, a perfect fit for my personality. I’ve never looked back and I have thoroughly loved every day since. It has opened countless doors to a successful career.

For those of you struggling in bad career fits, you’re not alone. Many of us have experienced the same thing. Don’t give up hope. Set a plan to exit, respectfully and honorably, and start the search for a better fit. It is never too late to do so.

An incredible career awaits you. Go find it. We’re all pulling for you.

—  some awesome words I saw on linkedin this morning
An Open Letter to the Woman at Walmart.

I saw you when I walked in. It looked like you had been there awhile. My cart was empty save for the soda I threw in as I walked by the sale right inside the door. You already had your cart half full of food.

And a crying baby.

And another child, dragging his feet as he prepared to throw a tantrum.
Your son, I assume he is about 4? I saw your frustration mounting with his behavior.

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‘I have lived long enough to thank God that all of my prayers have not been answered.’
I found these tucked between the pages of phone books and Bibles,
Beneath hospital pillows, the bottoms of whiskey bottles, inside of garage sale baby shoes, and all of the places that we seem to feel closest to you.
Just a few suggestions:
Could I maybe lose like twenty pounds or so?
Invent a popsicle that licks you back.
Could you turn my tits into a sports page? Then maybe my husband will finally look at me again.
I know that she lives in your neighborhood, so next time you see her, could you tell mom to call me?
See? Just some things to make it easier on everyone because we need more proof that you exist than burning trees. Anyone can start fires, it’s putting them out that’s the problem. But you’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?
Please make Kanye West stop doing dumb shit.
A sky that’s always turned to the sunset channel!
Babies that shake parents back!
Could you make this wheelchair feel like my father’s shoulders?
Invent a makeup that prevents the bruises, instead of just covering them up.
You got donuts, and you got your fuckin’ donut holes, well how about just giving me the whole goddamn donut at the same time!?
Please let grandma die already; she misses grandpa so much, and I’m so tired of hearing about it.
You see, it’s not that we need to be selfish; it’s just that we are. It’s been a long time since that last miracle, and your boy? He doesn’t count. We just took advantage of him, I mean imagine if you’d sent us a daughter.
Invent a wedding ring that he can’t take off.
Give me back my brother’s last thought; that one belongs to me.
Tangle my hair one last time before the chemo takes it away.
Please let it be negative. Please let it be negative. Please let it be negative.
Please let the Red Sox win; he always uses the belt when they lose.
What do you do with all of your fan-mail? Do you actually read it, or do you just use the paper to clean more of the corpses from between your teeth?
Hail Mary’s that solves problems as well as bullets do.
Never let me grow up to be as fat and ugly as my mother is right now.
Just for once, could I wake up to the sound of church bells outside of my window instead of gun shots?
Please let her be too drunk to remember my face in the morning.
If we were created in your image, then how can you stand the sight of yourself? How many mirrors have you broken while we fire our guns into the sky, mistaking demands for prayers, not expecting you to shoot us back? Please, shoot. Us. Back.
Don’t let my daughter’s new boyfriend be black.
You can understand English, why the fuck can’t they?
Couldn’t you make my son a retard instead of a queer?
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
Fuck you!
Because I have called and ye have refused. I have stretched out my hands, and yet no man regarded it, so I too laugh at your calamity. I will mock you when your fear cometh. When your desolation cometh as a destruction, and your destruction cometh as a whirlwind, and they shall call up me, but I will not answer. They shall call upon me, but I will not answer. I will not answer. I will not answer.
Are you listening?
Can you hear me?
—  Ken Arkind, God Box
MC Wears Sexy Clothes


You stare at the clothes spread out on the bed. A black crop top and red skirt. All for the purpose of surprising Ren, you were going to dress ‘sexily’. Taking a deep breath, you grab the two pieces of fabric and head for the bathroom.
      'This feels…different’ You think as your hand tugged at the skirt. It seemed much shorter than when it was on the bed. The top was sleeveless with straps that wrapped around your shoulders. Your hair was in a low side ponytail. Now all that was left to do was make dinner and wait for Ren to get home.
      You hummed as you finished making the gratin. Then the familiar sound of the front door reached your ears. He let you know he was home and you responded with a simple, “Welcome back”. “Tonight’s dinner is gratin” You said as your favorite blond passed by the kitchen. He glanced at you before saying, “Ok”. The sound of footsteps abruptly stopped after he had looked away from you. Ren slowly walked into the kitchen, eyes a bit wide. “What are you wearing?” He asked. You smile, “It was a bit warm today, so I changed into something cooler. Do you like it?” You spun around to give him a complete view of your outfit choice. Ren was used to you dressing more modestly, so this was beyond shocking for him. His eyes trailed down to your bare stomach then your legs. “It’s revealing” He stated with his expressionless face. Your hopes began to drop as he seemed to not really care. But you knew your husband all too well and took precautions for something like this. “I don’t think it’s so bad. Crop tops are actually quite popular right now” You said, walking over to a high cabinet. After attempting to reach the plates, and failing due to your height, you turned back to the blond. “Can you help me?” You asked. Ren’s poker face twitched as his cheeks flushed. He came over and stood behind you, reaching up to grab two white plates. Upon receiving them, you thanked him and walked over to the steaming gratin. You were aware of the eyes boring into your back. Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around your waist and you were pulled back against a chest. “You shouldn’t dress like that and expect me to behave myself” He whispers in your ear. A shiver of excitement raced down your spine. You gasped as you felt Ren drop kisses along your neck.


Clad in a hot pink corset top and denim shorts, you sat on the couch waiting for Yuta. The top had short sleeves that rested on the edge of your shoulders, ready to fall off at any moment. Upon hearing the door open, you jumped up and ran to the curly-haired man. “Welcome back Yuta” You said. As soon as Yuta laid eyes on you, his cheeks turned red. “Thanks…w-what are you wearing?” He stumbled. “I had it lying around and thought I’d try it out” You reached your arms out to him. “Want your welcome home hug?” You offered. “Sure” He replied and hugged you. You felt his warm hands on your back, which was partially covered by the strings that kept the blouse together. “Are you going to stay in that all day?” He asked with his face still flushed all the way to his ears. You tilted your head and looked up at him. “Do you want me to?” You batted your eyelashes a few times. Yuta stared at you for a moment before speaking, “That’s it” He said and grabbed the sides of your face. He slammed his lips on yours. It wasn’t long before you felt his hand tug on the strings of your top, loosening it.


'Saeki’s going to flip over this’ You thought as you slipped on your black stilettos. As for your body, you were dressed in a red dress. It was a sleeveless number and a bit tight around your thighs. Black fishnet stockings were on your long legs. You had heard Saeki fantasize over red lipstick before, so you wore some tonight. You felt very out of place in this, but it was for your husband, so….
      “Honey!!” Saeki cried as he saw you on the bed, laying there texting on your phone. “Oh hi Saeki” You greeted, giving him a smile before looking back down at the screen. A smirk rose on his face as he walked over to your side of the bed. He leaned down and placed his hands on the bed for support. “You look very sexy” He says. “Thanks” You say, not looking up. It was taking a lot to keep from blushing. Saeki took the phone out of your hands and set it on the table. “Saeki, what are you-” You were interrupted by him crashing his lips onto yours. When he pulled away, you breathe in a gulp of air since he didn’t give you a warning. “I can’t resist you when you dress like that” He whispered before beginning to brush the sleeve of your dress off your shoulder.


Just a tiny bit more revealing than you were used to, you wore a black lace beach cover-up that did little to cover up the black bralette and underwear you were wearing underneath. Okay, a lot more revealing than you’re used to. You were out shopping and decided to look at some cute clothes you saw on display in a shop. While inside, a sales attendant came up and offered to sell you the underwear. You thought Yamato might like it and bought it. Then you noticed the cover-up and the idea of surprising Yamato like this came to mind. Now here you are. Your husband is in for a shock when he gets home.
      “I’m home Pouty” He said as he walked in the door. “Welcome home” You were in the bathroom, so you called out to him. After tying the cover-up, you checked yourself in the mirror and walked out. Yamato was taking off his shoes. “Did you have a good day?” You ask. “It was oka….” He trailed off after noticing your outfit. You simply smiled. “You…” He murmured, looking you up and down. “What is it?” You tilted your head. Yamato’s expression turned serious as he grabbed your hand, pulling you along. “Bedroom. Now.” He said. Once you both were inside, he picked you up and tossed you onto the bed, immediately climbing on top of you and kissing your neck.


You texted Takao to tell him that you were busy cooking so you were leaving the door unlocked for him to just walk in. After being told that you should be careful about leaving doors unlocked, you changed the subject and told what was for dinner. The real reason you wanted him to walk right in was because you were wearing a 'special’ outfit for him. Rather than him seeing it at the door, you had a plan to really surprise him.
      “It’s me!” Takao called from the front door. “I’m in the kitchen” You called back. Time to execute your plan. You leaned down to reach inside the fridge. “I can’t wait to eat” You heard his voice. “Me too” You replied, standing up straight, revealing your dress to him. It was a strapless, red, floor-length gown. It had a high slit coming up the middle. The slit was a bit wide, barely hiding your panties. Takao’s eyes turned into saucers as you moved out from behind the counter, allowing him full view. “I decided to dress up a little. I’ve never worn this dress before and I thought why not?” You said, placing your hands on your hips. Truth be told, you had never worn the dress before because you just got it, waiting for the day when you summoned the courage to do this. Takao gulped, still staring, although his face had gone red now. “Are you going to stay in that?” He asks nervously, rubbing the back of his neck. You approached him. “You don’t like it?” You asked, pouting. “No, I-I like it…” He answered. “Good! Feel this material. It’s so silky” You told him, lifting a part of the dress’s skirt up for him to feel. You purposefully grabbed an upper part of the skirt, revealing more of your thighs. Takao reached out and felt the material, then quickly retracted his hand. “Um, look down” He said, refusing to make eye contact. You do as he says and notice that your black panties are showing. “Oh yeah. But you’ve seen my underwear before. It should be no big deal for you” You said, walking over to the couch. You sit and cross your legs. In seconds, Takao is leaning in front of you, lips on yours. He pushes you so that you’re laying on the couch. You two completely forget about dinner.

I hope you liked it! Sorry Ren’s is so long. He’s my fav guy so writing him comes naturally to me. Feel free to request headcanons! I’ve also played 10 Days With My Devil, so if you want to request something with those guys, I can do that.


This unit was ONLY available for sale inside prisons.  It has a clear shell to prevent them from hiding forbidden objects inside. It features an AM / FM Stereo Radio Tuner and a fully functioning cassette player. It also has the Sony AVLS circuitry and Local / DX Function. This unit still has the last inmates prison number inscribed on the cover which can be seen in the last photo.  Other then that it is fully intact and in PERFECT WORKING CONDITION!!! Perfect For Any Serious Collector!!