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It is almost here.

– Stranger Things, Chapter One: The Vanishing of Will Byers


Tales of Orchestra Cafe [February 19, 2017]

Visited the cafe at Akiba yesterday! It’s mostly a simple, yet thoughtful setup inside, with images of various TOB and TOZ scenes posted around the venue. There was also a display of the new Velvet scale figure, as well as the special seat bonuses given out during last year’s orchestra event. And as promised in the event page, the background music in the cafe are the orchestra tracks that were played last year.

I had the Eleanor Pengyon Tomato Stew (no pengyons were harmed in the making of this dish, only chicken), the Rokurou drink (sweet sake and grape syrup with a sliced orange), and the Normin crepe (had a pancake, matcha pudding, chocolate, and whipped cream in it). There were random placemat bonuses that came with each food purchase, and random coasters for the drinks. By chance, my friend ended up getting Sorey to match with the Mikleo that I got. :3

Pretty Boy [a Barry Allen AU] (Pt. 4)

Request: You should make the next chapter kinda angsty! Like the reader gets hit on by a guy and Barry sees from afar and he thinks that reader moved on from him because nobody could possibly like him. Barry then gets distant and more depressed than before.

a/n: this hurt my heart

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 ||

It’s tearing Barry apart inside; the image of you getting hit on by that jock. He saw the scene play out in front of his eyes as he stood in the doorway. Teardrops pricked inside him; he ran outside, suddenly feeling 100% more unstable than usual. His vision blurred with each step he took, racing to his house.

That happened about four days ago. Barry stares at his naked torso in his full-length mirror through watery lenses. Ugly pink plush scars scatter from his jagged collar bone, disappearing into his smoke colored sweatpants. He stands sideways, peering backwards; his shoulder blades flex, shifting together slightly.

His eyes outline the patterns on his back, “I-I’m disg-usting” he huffs, sniffling. No wonder you wanted someone else; someone better. Water leaks from his eyes at the sight of himself; his hands shake as they trace his chest.

There’s a knock on his bedroom door, snapping him out of his thoughts. His legs wobble over to the exit, long fingers wrap around the handle, pulling on it gently. Through the crack, you peek at him and he staggers a breath past his lips. His palm rests flat on the door, trying to slam it closed, but stops when your foot appears. “Barry, let me in, please.”

“N-no!” he shouts, wincing at his stutter. “Y-you do-n’t w…want me! I-I s-saw you fl-fl-flirting! G-go a-away, I-I’m ug-ugly!” he blubbers, trying not to break out in sobs. At least not right now; not with you here.

You stop pushing, furrowing your eyebrows. “Barr, what the hell are you talking about?! Of course I want you!” you frown, “Please, just let me in.” you pull your blue hat over your ears, fixing your hair in the process.

“Y-you’re go-nna be gr-gr-grossed o-out.”

Leaning against the door, your breath fans against the door, “I won’t be. I promise.” you whisper, hoping he will open up to you. After a few seconds, his hand falls, walking away. Taking that as an okay, you slip in the room, enveloped by darkness. “Geez, did the lights go dead?” you joke, searching for the lightswitch.

“D-don’t!” he shouts, cringing at the brightness. Your eyes widen, hand still on top of the switch. Barry can feel your gaze on his scars; tears welling in the corners of his mossy green orbs. “I-I kn-knew you wo…would. I-it’s okay. Y-you were p…probably go-nna l…leave an-anyway… I-I’m gr-oss.” he whimpers, turning away. He can’t look at you; he can’t.

Slowly, you walk closer to him; gaze raking over his exposed torso. With care, your fingertips graze the blotchy skin, sending shivers down his spine. “You’re pretty in my eyes.” you say sincerely, peering up at his tearstained red cheeks. “And I’m never leaving; I told that guy I was seeing someone… Barry, be my boyfriend. Please.” you whisper, tracing his scars with your index finger.

He inhales a deep breath, droplets still sprouting from him. “O-okay.” he nods.

Here it is ladies and gents!! AHH IT LOOKS GREAT… pixartprinting was FANTASTIC the whole way through!

A couple images inside printed a little pixelated…but that’s probably my fault…. I hope it still looks good to you all!

These are going to take a good while to ship, please be patient with me! And thank you for all your encouragement so far!