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@thaluuu: The best day of my life. The day I met Kibummie💕

I was starving so I decided to get food first. Then my sister sent me a message asking me for a blackhead mask remover cus I told her I was in Koreatown.

When I finished my food I was looking through the makeup stores inside Koreatown Gallery, later I decided that first I should go to Daiso Japan and then more makeup stores. So I saw Republic Nature store I was about to go in, but in my mind was “Go first to Daiso” so I skipped and went straight to Daiso, I got a boba when I was on my way. I got some stuff in Daiso and then I saw The Face Shop store. I got inside and I asked for the mask, the lady told me that is sold out so I thought about coming back to Republic Nature and check if they have the mask. So guys when I was about to open the door I saw Kibummieㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I never expected to see him there. I was in shock…ㅜㅜㅜㅜ But I encouraged myself and talked to him. I said sorry first cus I didn’t want to bother him. Then guys WE STARTED THIS LIL CHIT-CHAT. I told him I traveled to Dallas and he was like WOW. But when I mentioned him I am from Peru and that I traveled from Peru he was like OH YOU CAME FROM THAT FAR TOO SEE US? and I told him that I’ve been a fan of SHINee for almost 9 years and he looked so proudly at me. He was so happy guys. I told Kibummie that I will travel in a future to Korea to support him and the boys in general. I asked him “Can I give you a hug” in the beginning and he said yes SO I HUGGED HIM AND WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO LEAVE HE GAVE ME ANOTHER HUG. Guys trust me when I am so nervous I talk too fast and I say many things ahhaha so now I don’t remember many of them hahahaha but I really wanted to share my story.

And yes!! I asked for a pic but he couldn'tㅜㅜㅜ so I didn’t insist. I know how SM works. Instead, I asked for his autograph and he was like OH YESSS. And I was so fucking nervous!! I got papers in Daiso and I couldn’t open the bag so I was like CAN U OPEN IT BECAUSE I SHAKING BECAUSE OF YOU and he was likeㅋㅋㅋ so he helped me. And GUESS WHAT I COULDN’T FIND A PEN so I was about to give up but I found it!! #SHINee #샤이니


Jamie looked around, thin-lipped, at the men surrounding him. Six clansmen, all in tearing high spirits at the prospect of the oath-taking and brimming over with a fierce MacKenzie pride. The spirits had plainly been assisted by an ample intake from the tub of ale I had seen in the yard. Jamie’s eye lighted on me, his expression still grim. This was my doing, his face seemed to say. 

He could, of course, announce that he did not mean to swear his oath to Colum, and head back to his warm bed in the stables. If he wanted a serious beating or his throat cut, that is. He raised an eyebrow at me, shrugged, and submitted with a fair show of grace to Willie, who rushed up with a pile of snowy linen in his arms and a hairbrush in one hand. The pile was topped by a flat blue bonnet of velvet, adorned with a metal badge that held a sprig of holly. I picked up the bonnet to examine it, as Jamie fought his way into the clean shirt and brushed his hair with suppressed savagery. 

The badge was round and the engraving surprisingly fine. It showed five volcanos in the center, spouting most realistic flames. And on the border was a motto, Luceo non Uro.

I shine, not burn,” I translated aloud. 

“Aye, lassie; the MacKenzie motto,” said Willie, nodding approvingly at me. He snatched the bonnet from my hands and pushed it into Jamie’s, before dashing off in search of further clothing. 

“Er … I’m sorry,” I said in a low voice, taking advantage of Willie’s absence to move closer. “I didn’t mean—”

Jamie, who had been viewing the badge on the bonnet with disfavor, glanced down at me, and the grim line of his mouth relaxed.

“Ah, dinna worrit yourself on my account, Sassenach. It would ha’ come to it sooner or later.” He twisted the badge loose from the bonnet and smiled sourly at it, weighing it speculatively in his hand.

“D’ye ken my own motto, lass?” he asked. “My clan’s, I mean?” 

No,” I answered, startled. “What is it?”

He flipped the badge once in the air, caught it, and dropped it neatly into his sporran. He looked rather bleakly toward the open archway, where the MacKenzie clansmen were massing in untidy lines. 

Je suis prest,” he replied, in surprisingly good French. He glanced back, to see Rupert and another large MacKenzie I didn’t know, faces flushed with high spirits and spirits of another kind, advancing with solid purpose. Rupert held a huge length of MacKenzie tartan cloth.

Without preliminaries, the other man reached for the buckle of Jamie’s kilt. 

“Best leave, Sassenach,” Jamie advised briefly. “It’s no place for women.” 

“So I see,” I responded dryly, and was rewarded with a wry smile as his hips were swathed in the new kilt, and the old one yanked deftly away beneath it, modesty preserved. Rupert and friend took him firmly by the arms and hustled him toward the archway. 

I turned without delay and made my way back toward the stair to the minstrels’ gallery, carefully avoiding the eye of any clansman I passed. Once around the corner, I paused, shrinking back against the wall to avoid notice. I waited for a moment, until the corridor was temporarily deserted, then nipped inside the gallery door and pulled it quickly to behind me, before anyone else could come around the corner and see where I had gone. The stairs were dimly lit by the glow from above, and I had no trouble keeping my footing on the worn flags. I climbed toward the noise and light, thinking of that last brief exchange. 

“Je suis prest.” I am ready. I hoped he was.

1.04 The Gathering

Sweeter than cherry.

Pairing: Negan x Reader.

Warnings: Smutty smut, (NSFW).

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

You went to scavenging with some Saviors and Negan. Old stores inside a big gallery, was like a shopping, but smaller. You went checking places to try find something interesting. You find a old hairdresser store. “That was probably ones of the fancy one” You thought.

“I’m going inside” You said to the saviors and to Negan.

“Be careful doll! Don’t loose your brain for a fucker because you want some hair spray.” Negan say with his grin face.

You hit the front three times and wait a time to see if had any walker. After 2 minutes it came 3 walkers, 2 walkers whose seems being woman before, they still have some things in their hair. You quickly manage to kill three of them. You enter the place checking to make sure. You look outside and see Negan smashing a walker with Lucille. And the other men around getting whatever they want, and breaking the rest in middle time. You roll your eyes seeing them being so childish.

You look some creams, hair dryers, some cute hair accessories. “Probably to use on marriages and other nice rich partiers.” You get in the back and see some nice hair brushes, products for make hydration and other things you can use. You shoving it on your backpack and keep looking forward. You get in a session of wigs. Have some that you think totally ridiculous, but you found one, a black chanel cut wig. You take off the pack of others and start imaging you using it for “funny business” with Negan later. You bite your lip thinking about the scenario of you using it with some music playing softly while making a lap dance. Goosebumps on your skin just about the thought of Negan grinding under you.

“Doll, we better going. Is gonna get dark soon.” Negan say outside the store.

“I’m going.” You put it inside the backpack.

“You okay? You look a little flushed.” Negan say looking inside trying to understand what happened.

“Yes, I am. Let’s go back to the Sanctuary?!” You say walking on his front swaying your hips. You can feel a gaze and when you look behind you can see he smiling. “That fucking smile.”

After getting back in Sanctuary you went to a shower, you washed your hair and put some new product on it. You shave your whole body and put some lotion for make it smoother than already is.

You get outside your bathroom and get into your closet for put your most sexy lingerie. You have a few ones since Negan give you everyone he think is gonna look good on you. You choose the red ones for make some contrast in your skin and the wig color. You put it, put the wig, a silk robe, some mascara and a red lipstick and stay getting ready to go see Negan. You look yourself in the mirror and as Negan could say ‘Hot diggity dog’.

He knocks in your door. “Doll, are you there?”. You close your robe and answer him. “Hm.. Yea.. yeah. Go to your room, I will go there asap with a surprise.” You see his shadow under the door and he lean back and then he left.

You go to his room and knock softly on his door. He open it, he mouth flash open when he saw you. “Fuck” was all he managed to say loving the beautiful heavenly vision of you.

“Can I come in? Or you want me stay here for everyone see me?” You speak with a smirk. You can see his Adam’s apple moving. He open the door widely for you get in.

“Hot damn it Y/N. We already had done all sexy things but you still making me surprises like that. Is like I made you by myself.’’

You pass through him to go to a vinyl player he have in his bedroom. You search a disc that you think it would be sexy to making him almost cry of arousal. You pass through some when you finally see one that would totally do the job. Warrant, one of your favorites bands, even being younger than Negan and you don’t exactly lived when those bands start making success; But you always love them, way better than those pop songs or those raps ones talking about “getting high and fuck a few bictches”.

You put the vinyl and Cherry Pie start play and you turn around to Negan who was still in the same spot shocked with his whiskey in his hands. You walk through him with the song playing.

She’s my cherry pie
Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise
Tastes so good makes a grown man cry
Sweet cherry pie

“A real fucking sweet surprise” Negan said while you take the whiskey off his hands and start guiding him into the massive bed and putting him sitting on it.

Swingin’ on the front porch
Swingin’ on the lawn’
Swingin’ where we want
Cause there ain’t nobody home

You start moving down in your knees looking into his eyes and going up. He start caressing your hip outside the robe, you get his hands and put it away. You get in your feet and start dancing putting your hands on the robe and start playing with it to tease him even more.

She wanted me to feed her,
So I mixed up the batter
And she licked the beater

You turn around and start putting it away moving your hips always knowing it drive Negan crazy. You put the left part of the robe off your shoulder looking at Negan giving a wink. You did it on the right one and take it all down letting he have a great view of your ass with the sexy red thin panties.

Looks so good
Bring a tear to your eye
Sweet cherry pie

Negan get up, hold your hip tightly and push your body on him. You swing your hips and then you start grind where his fresh erection start to grow.

I scream you scream
We all scream for her
Don’t even try ‘cause
You can’t ignore her

Negan slid his hands up on your neck and grip it and start licking/biting your shoulder together with hot breaths. You start getting wetter with him doing that, but you can’t lose that one. You fastly turn around and make him sit in the end of the bed again. You sit on his laps and his eyes widening open looking at your red lace bra that is made only with lace and a cherry figure on the nipples part and his eyes go darker with desire. You slid your hand up his chest getting on his chin make him look at your face, you smirk and start slowly kissing his cheek, his nose and his bottom lip; And when he try to kiss you, you pulled away. “Na ah ah, not yet honey.” You grind on his hips and start kissing his neck.

Swingin’ on the floor
Swingin’ so hard
We forgot to lock the door
In walks her daddy
Standin’ six foot four
He said you ain’t gonna swing
With my daughter no more

You slid your hands under his shirt and gently pulled his chest hair making him moan, you get up and look into his eyes and start taking his shirt off. You pushed him down and start kissing his chest looking up on him. You sit into his lap with him still laid and you get his big hands with those fingers that he know so well how to use. You put them on your ribs and slowly drag them up to your clothed breasts his fingers start moving making your nipples needy for attention. You grind harder with him doing it, your eyes get back into his again and you slowly bring his hands to your face, kissing his hands slowly and then you put his thumb around your lips kising it soft with your eye closed and start sucking his right thumb slowly while open your eyes to look down to him, you take his thumb out of your mouth and kiss it again. Then you take his index finger and move it on your lips knowing that your plump rose lips is a weak spot for Negan.

Bring a tear to your eye
Sweet cherry pie
Sweet cherry pie

When the song finish you let his hands fell to your thighs, you get your index finger up and move it on a “come here” gest making him sit down again. You two finally start kissing and you can tell how much desperate Negan already is for you.

After a feel seconds, after getting lost in each other mouth you realized ‘Uncle Tom Cabin’ was playing.

Say it take you down to hell
Over in the bushes
And off to the right

Negan moved you so now he is on the top, he start kissing your collarbone and desperately go to your breasts taking the bra off and attacking your left breast with his mouth and your right one with his huge hand. You moan and start squeezing his bare back. You start trying take his pants off, Negan realised and get out of your breats and start taking his belt off of him. He take off his pants and now the Sactuary King is only in black boxer, that are so tight because of the erection.

You get up and start taking off of him and let it free.

You start moving your hand up and down on his length while looking at him over your lashes, he’s desperate. You love see Negan like that, you having control of him. The man who is the cause of so many nightmares wrapped around your finger. Suddenly he bring you up and start kissing you hugely biting your lips and tongue in the process.

“You think you can drive me crazy like that and keep teasing and teasing? No Doll, I will fuck the shit out of you.” He says letting his hands slides into your left ass cheek gripping hard making you purr in his face.

“Do it Sir.” And then Negan push you into the mattress putting his hands up and down your sides. He start kissing up where your pantie start. And start taking it off. When he see you all shaved just for him he groan like a wild animal. You were always hygienic but today with all the wig thing and the vanilla-strawberry lotion on your whole body making you smooth as a feather. Despertated the animal on him. He waste no time and attack your pussy licking it and you moan with the sudden action. He start biting your thighs and moving three of his long fingers up and down on your pussy lips that are glistening, making all your juices go to his fingers, you was expecting him enter his fingers on you, but instantly he bring it to his lips and sucked moaning. “Girl I could ate you forever..” he did the action again collecting more of your juices, your eyes close trying to feel all you can of the pleasure. He stop and brought his fingers glistening with your wetness he mix it with his pre-cum around “..but not today.” And then he slid his breath-taking cock inside you making you scream and bucking your hips. Negan get down and start kissing your breasts widely making you grab his hair and start pulling it making him moan and turning you on even more.

More deeper the trust go more moaning messes you two become. Negan brought his right hand up to your neck. “All fucking mine babygirl. All mine.” Negan saying devilishly biting your cheek and moving faster.

“Yours baby, I’m all yours. Only yours Negannn” You moan while scratching his back.

The fire start on your belly and start going straight to your core. Negan felt it because he moan harder.

“Damn, you’re so tight Doll. Fuckkk.” He start going slower but you desperately start moving your hips upwards to met his own.

“I’m gonna cumm.” You say practically out of breath and moaning desperately.

“Cum all over my cock babygirl. Let me see how you like my huge cock inside that pussy.” He say in your ear with a hot breath and biting your earlobe. And with that you get over the edge. And then Negan did too. He fall above you and move slowly out of you.

He laid on his back and you two trying catch your breath. “Fuck, .. That one was … Fuck.” Was all Negan had to say.

“So, you liked the surprise?” You ask biting you lower lip.

“I fucking love it doll, Damn seeing you in that way made me hard as a fucking truck.” You get in your stomach to look at him, making your ass perfectly viewable to him.

Then he get your wig and took off and start playing with your real hair.

“But honestly, I love to pull that one when we fuck.” He say making his sexy grin. You kiss him and then you two realised the disc was still playing but now in the last song of the album, it was ‘Sure Feels Good to Me’.

You bring out the beast in me
It might be dirty and it might be bad
but it sure feels good
sure feels good to me
Yeah, sure feels good to me

And when the silence came, Negan give you a deep kiss; Then kiss your nose and your forehead as a love sign. ‘’Goodnight Doll. I fucking love you.” He say kissing your head.

“I love you too Negan! So much.” You say and lay your head on his chest hearing his heartbeat’s.

 And then you two fall asleep.


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Drabble Raffle: C+07 - “With you, my life is art”

01 Year Anniversary + Birthday Celebration | Masterpost

C → Choi Seunghyun - T.O.P (BIGBANG) + 07 → “I’m not getting in there, no sir, no way.”

Originally posted by fuckyeahh-2ne1

Tags: fluff / reader’s pov (gender neutral) x idol /
Featuring: Choi Seunghyun - T.O.P (BIGBANG) 
Writer: CL
Word count: 715 words
Comments: Requested by @naanaa92 and dedicated for my hardcore TOP stans @chanyeolspout and @sindrafalcone

ATTENTION, PLEASE READ: This is a fictional story. Any similarities to real people are unintentional. The author does not authorize the reproduction, reposting, editing or any alteration of this material, fully or partially. The GIF is not mine, credit above.

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Little Moreton Hall The Long Gallery
Here is a photograph taken from the long hall inside Little Moreton Hall. Located in Congleton, Cheshire, England, UK.

Little Moreton Hall The Long Gallery, Congleton, Cheshire, England, UK.

At the beginning of the performance Joseph Beuys locked the gallery doors from the inside, leaving the gallery-goers outside. They could observe the scene within only through the windows. With his head entirely coated in honey and gold leaf, he began to explain pictures to a dead hare. Whispering to the dead animal on his arm in an apparent dialog, he processed through the exhibit from artwork to artwork. Occasionally he would stop and return to the center of the gallery, where he stepped over a dead fir tree that lay on the floor. After three hours the public was let into the room. Beuys sat upon a stool in the entrance area with the hare on his arm and his back to the onlookers.

Prompt #174

“Anonymous said: Old nuclear power plant ( its an art gallery now, but feel free to leave that out)” 

The walls were stripped of graffiti before anyone even understood what was happening. The group of adolescents that spent the summer evenings hiding beneath the power plants, smoking something that left them with a brain cell deficiency, were now behind bars and the gates at the entrance were being torn down rapidly. No one knew what was happening, until a lady in white stood before the crowd at the annual summer gala. Art had been illegal for years , no one was to so much as doodle anymore, that was a thing people did in the dark ages. It was said to have caused diseases and disorders, therefore being banned after the last war. That’s why, when the lady in white announce she’d be opening an art gallery inside the Nuclear Power Plants off of Route 17, the gala turned into something close to the repeat of WWIII.

// Well of course I was going to leave in that it is now an art gallery, that’s an amazing idea! As my favourite idea- I set it in the future… xox//

Step Through the Looking Glass

Enter a world of imagination and vision inspired by Disney films, characters, icons and—of course—the mouse who started it all. View interpretive works in a range of media by more than 25 artists and peruse unexpected finds in home décor and lifestyle merchandise, all rooted in Disney’s time-honored heritage of storytelling through art.

Take Home Something Truly Unique
Inside the gallery, discover original art collections, commissioned pieces, limited-edition artwork and art-inspired novelty items to augment your Disney collection, including:

  • Custom Vinylmation figures
  • Limited-edition giclées
  • Deluxe prints
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Many more one-of-a-kind treasures are waiting for you to make them your own!