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So I’m kinda in my bag bc I wanna ask the girl I’ve liked for four years to prom but she said no when I asked her out freshman year so like she’s gonna say no again and I don’t wanna make things awkward again so could you bring me out of my bag by giving some nice fluffy reddie prom head canons? If not that’s fine!

never make suppositions too fast my friend! the fact she said no when you were in freshman year doesn’t mean she’ll say no today! you won’t know if you don’t try, love 

here are some headcanons just for you! (since I dont have prom where im from, i only know it from movies edrftgyhu)

Richie is the one who asked Eddie to go to prom with him. At first he was really anxious about it. Like. He couldn’t sleep for the entire week, wondering how Eddie would react… But when he did asked him to go with him, he acted like it was something super natural, being all theatral and dramatic to calm down his nerves (which worked, Eddie couldn’t even tell Richie was nervous like Hell)
When Eddie said yes, Richie stood up (yea, the boy proposed on his knees with one of his horrible english accent) and just said “nice” but was All Screaming and Swearing on the inside

At the prom night, Richie came to Eddie’s house to pick him up, trying to act casual (he bought him roses and did his hair… beautiful boy) and when he saw Eddie he just?? couldn’t speak like?? look at this angel. this angel is going to Prom. With him. And he loves him. But he could never tell him…

During the evening, they met with the other Losers and spent most of the time altogether, dancing like idiots in the middle of the room and having such a great time. But when the slow song came, Richie started to panick, looking at Eddie who seemed as flustered as him. So he took all his courage…and asked him to dance with him. Not using a weird voice. Not with a dramatic pose. Just a single question, holding out his out to him. And Eddie accepted the offer, feeling like his heart could go out from his throat any single time

At the end of the night, when Richie walked Eddie back home, Eddie shyly decided to took his hand when they were walking in the night, without speaking. And before they separate their ways in front of Eddie’s house, Richie Finally decided to give Eddie a shy kiss on the lips and holy shit. It was the most delicate and beautiful kiss they could ever dream to share…

Guzma Therapy Finale Session

The confused grunts began to whisper to one another. Guzma had called them all together twenty minutes ago, he was now sitting on his throne staring at them. The boss took swigs of his flask in between grumbling, he tried to start speaking before stopping to have a smoke. He looked like a complete mess. Plumeria was sitting off to the side staring at the floor. She was sure she knew what this was about.

Finally, Guz stood up, cleared his throat a few times and began.

“The way I am is not exactly who I could be
But who I would be was stomped by the opponent I thought I never could beat”

He looked around nervously at the grunts.

“I threaten you guys all the time with some ass beatings but I’m past beatings because i know how it was like when my ass was receiving.
What I mean to say, and why I called you here today, I need to put my fear away so help me wipe this tear away.”

He smiled slightly. This was an emotional moment but he felt proud of himself for thinking up that last line on the spot. He then crouched and continued.

“I know you think reckless, what I want to get off my chest is, I have a huge problem and need y’all to help me best this.
Except this, and some enemy on my checklist. If it was a fucking person I wouldn’t talk, I’d wreck it.

But this is a game of the mind, this shame of mine, hunting my from past and kickin my ass from time to time.
So with this pain of mine I thought I wouldn’t explain the crime that made me who I am, inches from the danger line.

If you knew what I had to say you would say this way is crap, and I’m okay with that, how I deal away with shit is to spit my feelings in freestyle rap.

Let’s get it over with…

So half of you already know. My dad hit me.
And you know I never spoke about. I kept it with me
But now the shit is bottled up inside, I feel sickly

So I figured I’d get at this bitch before it gets me

I don’t know what I did that first set ‘em off, I let him off the hook cause I figured I was better off,

accepting the punishment for not trying harder, it went farther and eventually it was life that I’m a part of

He always had a temper, never tried to hone it

And that’s affecting me so I’m trying to own it


He paused. Despite the intensity of emotion he was more upset that he had missed his next rhyme. He took a deep breath and a long drag from his cigarette.

“When something went wrong he’d talk like it was all about me

Whatever I’d say he’d doubt and again he’d beat the shit out me.

He made me doubt me.

He’d make me feel bare inside

Ya boi seems tough but back then I was terrified

There was nowhere to hide

At home I felt dead inside

At school I felt free yet the future kept me petrified.

One time when I was told to clean the bathroom, he walked away

Said that he’d be back soon

I met him in the back room, I was done I thought he’d enjoy it

When he saw a spot I missed he bashed my head through the fucking toilet

Once when I was ten or so, he grabbed by my little throat

Held me up to his level, I was scared my pants were soaked

He looked at me with those crazy eyes I grew to abhore

Then he slammed me down and my head broke through floor

I remember a time when I was lying on the ground

With my hands and feet up, he just kept being me down

I tried to block my face but my attempts were useless

He kept me outta school a week to hide the bruises

I could tell stories like these ones all day

But I’d rather skip ahead to the point where i wasn’t afraid

I grabbed his favorite nine iron, the one he likes to use on me

Then when into his room to show him true brutality

It was the fucking moment I waited for, I was hyped the day before

I had planned to do this LIKE WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU TAKE ME FOR





I took care of him, that pain will never come again

But now I look in the mirror and realize I’m becoming him…”

Guzma had put everything into that. He fell to his knees and stared down at the floor, watching teardrops form below him. The grunts were silent, having no idea how to take all of this. Until one spoke up, “but … that’s bullshit! You’re nothing like that!”

Then another. “Bro he was hitting a little kid, you wouldn’t do that!”

“My mom was like ya dad and that’s why I’m here, I feel safe here!”

One by one the grunts chimed in; a few said they were abused as well. A few said they wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for the boss. Emotions flooded the room as people reassured Guzma and shared their past experiences; what they did to escape and the times that they couldn’t. Sadness turned to happiness as drinks were poured and light hearted stories were shared. There was a brief awkwardness when the boss showed them the bent golf club he had kept, but this too turned to laughter when one of the grunts shouted, “here’s a joke! Guzma walks into a club….”

The rest of the night went on like this and slowly ended up with the grunts and the boss all sleeping around the throne. Guzma had fallen asleep on Plumeria’s lap. She was stroking his hair looking down at his awkward half open mouth. She frowned, picturing this goof as a small child, ragdolled by life. She leaned down slowly towards his ear and whispered, “It’s ok… You’re safe now. You’re not there anymore..” A tear fell down her cheek, landing onto his.


Two grunts found themselves trekking through the woods far behind skull mansion. They stayed low and made their way out into a clearing.

“We shouldn’t be doin’ this!”

“We has to. It’s not right. He shouldn’t be goin’ to that doctor; they’re messin’ up his head!”

“But he’s been feelin’ better and shit. This is good for him!”

“Yeah but it ain’t natural!”

They kept walking until they came across a small shack. Slowly the two of them crept up to the window and peeked in. Inside sat a grunt in the corner and two chairs. Guzma was sitting on one of them and an Alakazam was sitting on the other.

“Sheesh how much of this homework shit do I gotta do doc? Do you write this shit to torture people?” the boss said to the Pokemon.

The spoon in the alakazams hand bent slightly.

“FINE but when is it done. I mean i’m glad I started going to therapy but i don’t wanna turn into no wuss.”

The small grunt shot a glance at the two outside, causing them to duck under the window.

“See, there like brain controlling him or some shit,” one whispered.

“But he’s happy now. Maybe he wanted this…”

(thanks for all who read this it was fun as hell to put together. thanks again to @supersquiddle for putting it together! at best this whole thing has been a fun way for me to talk about shit ive been dealing with and use real examples in order to, hidden blatently behind the guisse of fan-fiction. fun shit.)

I am back with more osomatsu-san headcanons

  • Osomatsu does absolutely nothing with his hair aside from the occasional trim when he’s feeling up to it
  • Karamatsu does his hair in a way that makes it look like it’s a neat but maintained bedhead and uses hair wax to style it up
  • Chroromatsu’s bangs are always immaculately straight and he cuts it himself
  • Ichimatsu just doesn’t give a damn about his hair
  • Jyshimatsu gets his hair cut by Choromatsu and it starts out as immaculately straight bangs as well but as days pass it gets messier and messier but Choromatsu does his best to neat it out for him from time to time
  • Todomatsu’s hair is the fluffiest and he’s got this k-pop sort of hair style going on and he uses hair mousse to style it
  • Osomatsu’s got asthma, don’t make him run please
  • Karamatsu’s the most flexible matsu
  • Choromatsu looks like the kind of guy you can beat up but if you piss him off he’s got one hell of a punch
  • Ichimatsu gets a lot of surgical masks from his brothers, and more often than not they’re cat themed which he secretly appreciates a lot
  • Jyushimatsu is the most physically affectionate out of all of them
  • Todomatsu does not like big dogs
  • If they went to a horror house its Osomatsu and Jyushimatsu who aren’t scared at all, Karamatsu and Ichimatsu are scared but manage to get out of the horror house with most of their dignity, but it’s Choromatsu and Todomatsu who are nervous before they even go inside
  • At an amusement park, Karamastu and Jyushimatsu like wild roller coasters, Osomatsu and Ichimatsu like the bumper cars, Choromatsu and Todomatsu like the giant ferris wheel

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Write what the RFA members do when MC asks them to go camping! If they like/dislike it, what they do etc. (This is not Kir btw)

I’ve never been camping so this was interesting to write. (thanks not Kir)



  • “Camping?”
  • her eyes light up when you bring it up
  • she’s excited because she’s never been camping but
  • dear god
  • mom mode activated
  • “MC, did you pack the bug spray? It’s ok, I brought extra.”
  • she insists that Zen tag along to protect you from wild animals
  • all three of you sleep in the tent together way to cockblock, Zen
  • she ends up hating it (’cause wow there are so many bugs) but toughs it out for you
  • you wake her up in the middle of the night
  • “What is it, MC?”
  • “Jaehee, come out here!”
  • you both crawled out of the tent without waking Zen
  • “Aren’t the stars beautiful out here?”
  • “…Yes”
  • but all she could look at was your awe-struck face
  • God I love this woman’


  • Insists that camping is a commoners pastime
  • Until you show him pictures of luxury RV campers
  • “I suppose it can’t be that bad.”
  • you think it’ll be a normal camping trip
  • until you go outside to put camping gear in the car and see a huge, shiny RV parked out front
  • “Well?”
  • this glorified mini van has a flat screen TV and wifi
  • Elizabeth is already inside
  • at night the two of you sit at the dining table and have a proper dinner
  • “Jumin, this isn’t exactly roughing it in the wilderness…”
  • “And risk staining your skin with bug bites? I don’t think so.”
  • “Besides, what were luxury campers made for if not for camping?
  • he enjoys it even though you did no actual camping


  • he replaced everything in your backpack with shaving cream as a prank
  • but he forgot one thing
  • literally everything important was in MCs backpack
  • so when you get there, you open your backpack, and he CRACKS UP
  • “Saeyoung, what did you do with everything I packed?”
  • “I left it at home?”
  • Saeyoung our sleeping bags were in there.
  • “Saeyoung what DID you bring??”
  • “.”
  • “Honey Butter chips and Dr Pepper.”
  • the bus wasn’t due to arrive until morning
  • he tries building a hut out of leaves and fails
  • but he does manage to start a fire
  • you decide to eat through all of the chips and lay the empty bags on the grass as makeshift sleeping bags
  • it was a long night


  • listen
  • this former boyscout bABY
  • his eyes LIGHT UP when you mention camping
  • he then excitedly talks about all the things he’d do back in his boyscout days
  • “I know how to tie a bunch of knots too, which is pretty helpful when setting up a tent and-”
  • wow you love this bean
  • you go without flashlights because he’s that confident in his skills
  • he teaches you how to build a fire and hugs you in celebration when you finally make an ember catch fire
  • you guys share a sleeping bag and wake up sweaty and sticky and gross but it seemed romantic at the time
  • and he caresses your hair while holding you until you fall asleep curled up against him


  • “…Are you sure?”
  • the thought of one night without the modern amenities of a hot shower and a morning without his flat iron was enough to make him cringe
  • but you were so excited he couldn’t say no
  • avoiding his fans was difficult as usual but you made it without being followed
  • he sprays bug spray on you once you get there mom style
  • you both struggle setting up the tent but it gets done
  • you opt for a small lantern in your closed tent instead of building a fire
  • the tent stayed closed the rest of the night for good reason
  • Zen tried to not rush packing up the next morning
  • but oh my god his hair and his FACE and he needed his mirrors
  • you can tell he didn’t like it but you make sure to thank him for trying it out for your sake
  • he cooks you dinner when you come home and you swear he almost cried tears of joy as he tasted the hot meal

dysfunctional, but we’ll go a long way

jikook, platonic!taekook, pg13 // angst, fluff, idol!jimin au (more fluff than anything tbh)

a/n: this is another long overdue songfic based off fireproof cause an anon out there requested for it ; u ; I’m not really sure how to feel about this because it came out waaaay different from what I was expecting so pls tell me your thoughts/give me some feedback!!! ah yes also thank you to @kookiekeys and @heungtxn-sonyeondxn for getting me through this (whether you know it or not) <33

((this is super extra but i’m trying to keep this blog updated so if y’all want a three sentence fic, send me a pairing & an au and I’ll try to write it asap ;-)))

promise—that you’ll remember me.

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