Japanese wooden box Edo period 18-19c (Dealer: hotoke antiques) – Well-fumigated wood box with lid with simply abstract carving grips, used calligraphed surfaces for its inside view. Slightly architectural distortion as another highlight as well. approx. W 47 x 31cm (18.50 x 12.20in), H 13cm (5.11in)


#tatami #inspiration #calligraphy #wood #box #antique #japan #wabi #mingei #abstract #hotoke

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I wanna write a book about Tumblr witches. Like, legitimate commentary on real life witches - in this online universe of course - but there’s so much here that the outside world is missing in its fancy books. We need a raw information that actually might get people to think outside the box of “true” witchcraft. Maybe it’s just a passing thought - but like the inside view of real, practicing witches and not just one person’s idealism. Idk.