What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Céline mini luggage tote.

MILK: money, I.D., lipstick keys. Every girl has essentials she keeps close daily, whether tucked in a clutch or deep inside a work tote. From tech-savvy gadgets to beauty essentials or accessories, the combinations are endless.

We’re happy to introduce a new series, ‘What’s in Her Bag’ that we hope you’ll enjoy. Every Wednesday, we’ll be posting a snapshot featuring a look inside the essentials that fashion tech-savvy girls carry with them everywhere. Send us your essentials and photos for a feature! x

Sound of Silence - Chapter 17

Sound of Silence

They Call Me the Cavalry (BadassNinja)

Chapter 17

Summary: The sound of footsteps makes her pause as she listens for further movement. The noise seems to stop in front of her door and her fingers wrap tightly around the handle of the glock inside her bag as she watches the door at full attention.

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Chapter 17

It feels like she is constantly looking over her shoulder as she makes her way into the shabby little apartment. Running her fingers through her hair she checks outside the windows before drawing the curtains closed tightly. Hurrying about the room she packs up what little belongings she has managed to acquire into a backpack. The sound of footsteps makes her pause as she listens for further movement. The noise seems to stop in front of her door and her fingers wrap tightly around the handle of the glock inside her bag as she watches the door at full attention. The sound of a slight fizzing and then a spark has her aiming at the entrance as the door opens slowly. Her hands almost drop the gun as her brown eyes meet blue, the face of that blue eyed man now before her in the flesh. They stare at one another, neither quite daring enough to make a movement. Her gun is still trained on him and he stands with his hands held up to show he means her no ill will.

“May?” He says softly, questioningly with almost pleading eyes.

A frown creases her brow as he says that word. Something flashes through her mind, a memory too fleeting for her to catch a hold of.

“Who are you?” She demands lowly tightening her grip on the gun. “Why are you here?”

He swallows slowly as he thinks carefully over what he says next.

“My name is Phil Coulson. I knew you, before they took over your mind.”

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aquatrey  asked:

Inventory Check

Send ‘Inventory Check’ to see an item in my muse’s inventory

Inside her bag was a diary with a red cover with the word “diary” imprinted in small, gold, cursive styled letters on the front cover. It wasn’t a harmful item or anything. However, the book did contain some things Misaki couldn’t say out loud. Including a page where she wrote “Maxie + Misaki forever” with a heart drawn around their names.

So one of my favorite things I ever recieved growing up was a talking pikachu doll. I was probably in 6th grade at the time. Well, I lived with my great grandma before my dad got remarried, but I still did a lot of stuff with her and she and my grandma and aunts took me up to Salinas, California for a family reunion and we’d be gone for about two weeks so I packed some books and my pikachu and some other small toys.

Well flash foward to a few days later, my bag is in the trunk of my great grandma’s car and she goes out to get something. A few moments later she rushes in with my pack and is like “THERE IS SOMETHING BAD IN HERE?” I was 11 so I was like “what, grammy no.” But she insisted saying that she heard what sounded like a small voice cursing at her from inside my bag. So I dig through it before finding pikachu. Apparently it got jostled and had gotten squeezed enough to go “Pikachu! Pikachu!” like it would but grammy heard a child’s voice saying “Fuck you! Fuck you!” My family can’t think about pokemon with out thinking about the time my bag was possessed by pikachu.

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: CHANEL 2.55, a fashion obsession.

iPhone, sunnies, lipstick, i.d. and of course.. beauty essentials and accessories. Today’s fashion tech girl feature comes via Yara, who recently found herself in a “Chanel Situation” while in Paris (it happens).

Not only do we love her bag essentials and charming fashion diary, the story she tells of how she worked hard to save up for her first Chanel is priceless. This chick’s definitely got style. Read her bag story here

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Summer Essentials

Nothing goes together better than a Chanel bag and beauty essentials. From a solid pair of sunnies to sunscreen, mascara, or perfume and blotting papers, some things you just toss in your bag and go when it’s super hot out.

VOGUE Australia’s Style Editor RC is the lucky gal whose contents we’ll dive into today. She says having her essential products close by keeps her, “feeling and looking as best I can. M.A.C blotting papers are a beauty must-have for fresh skin, Visine Revive to keep me looking awake when really I’m sleep deprived.”

*FashionTech Note: iPhone selfie cam can also be used as mirror on the go*

Summer is the perfect time to figure out what beauty essentials work best to keep you feeling and looking fresh from head to toe. Who doesn’t love a fashion girl who looks like she never breaks a sweat? 

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Editing Down to the Essentials.

Yes, it seems like we’re Chanel obsessed, but who isn’t? The quilted leather classic just seems like the perfect fashion staple. Stuff your piggy bank and save up as long as you need, this bag is worth it. It goes with everything, lasts forever and can fit as many essentials you need. 

VOGUE Australia’s Beauty Director is fashion-forward and tech savvy, and a beauty expert- the perfect choice for this week’s feature. You can’t go wrong with Chanel blush and Tom Ford lipstick. We like Cantelo’s style, as she takes “the essentials like my iPhone which I use to record all my interviews, take photos, write notes and keep a calendar." She edits the contents of her bag down, to keep things simple and organized. 

Getting lost in your bag digging for things can be so annoying. Why not add a little balance to what can be a busy, sometimes chaotic life? Edit things down to the essentials. The best idea for any girl.