What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Céline mini luggage tote.

MILK: money, I.D., lipstick keys. Every girl has essentials she keeps close daily, whether tucked in a clutch or deep inside a work tote. From tech-savvy gadgets to beauty essentials or accessories, the combinations are endless.

We’re happy to introduce a new series, ‘What’s in Her Bag’ that we hope you’ll enjoy. Every Wednesday, we’ll be posting a snapshot featuring a look inside the essentials that fashion tech-savvy girls carry with them everywhere. Send us your essentials and photos for a feature! x

I know this isn’t specifically ladylike or lacks manners, but hoodies actually make for amazing snack holders after working for hours on end for your shift and having to cram in information for your next exam.” Hyemi was pretty sure this was two hours of sleep speaking as she grabbed yet another chip from the bag inside her hoodie she was now wearing backwards. “Want one?”

Lingerie Modeling -- F2F Hudmotta

[After having lunch with Jo-Jo, Sugar went straight to Finn’s office. She was excited about modeling the lingerie for him and she simply couldn’t wait until tonight. She waited for his secretary to let her in and then walked inside with her shopping bags and a huge smile.] Hi, baby. Are you busy? I want to show you something and I can’t wait until later tonight.

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: CHANEL 2.55, a fashion obsession.

iPhone, sunnies, lipstick, i.d. and of course.. beauty essentials and accessories. Today’s fashion tech girl feature comes via Yara, who recently found herself in a “Chanel Situation” while in Paris (it happens).

Not only do we love her bag essentials and charming fashion diary, the story she tells of how she worked hard to save up for her first Chanel is priceless. This chick’s definitely got style. Read her bag story here

The sun was starting to really bother her now, for the past hour or so it was bearable, not really hitting her directly on her face unlike now. Luckily for her it had to be the last few minutes before practice was over or so she thought at least. As usual, Emma was waiting by the bleachers for her friend. The grass beneath her was starting to get annoying too, actually everything was annoying her now. From the loud senior boys throwing a ball between them to the judging looks from a couple of cheerleaders that didn’t know what subtle meant. This wasn’t her scene at all, but that was something she had to put up with if she wanted to spend some more time with one of her favorite people in the world.

She shoved her book back inside her old bag as she figured it wouldn’t be long now for it to be over with. Despite almost everything bothering her, it’d be a lie to say she didn’t enjoy watching the girls practice nothing more but for her own benefit. The tight fabric most of them wore was enough for her imagination to go wild, sometimes she’d be lucky enough and they’d wear their outfits that barely covered them up while doing all those back flips and stuff that she would never be able to do. It was nothing but moral, and if she were a boy she’d probably be banned from the place for being too obvious about it. Emma would get lost in her thoughts, sometimes they involved her own friend but that was a complete different subject. Which speaking of she was totally looking over her now, the brunette eagerly waved at her, maybe way too eager but it totally took her by surprise. She was quick to give her the look now that she was paying attention, the look that said “hurry up and let’s go”.

Yesterday at work some random lady yelled at me while I was ringing her items through, saying I was accusing her of stealing tomatoes (which I wasn’t). I got really flustered and finished up quickly and she left, while I stood there, red in the face and suddenly feeling a lump in my throat. At that moment all I wanted to do was hide. So, thank you so much to the lady next in line who, when I turned to her, looked after the tomato lady and gave me a “well she was a quite a piece of work” look and a smile and said “I’ve got something to show you” and proceeded to show me the inside of her shopping bag which said KEEP SMILING, and was just generally extra pleasant and patient while I was helping her. Thank you.

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Summer Essentials

Nothing goes together better than a Chanel bag and beauty essentials. From a solid pair of sunnies to sunscreen, mascara, or perfume and blotting papers, some things you just toss in your bag and go when it’s super hot out.

VOGUE Australia’s Style Editor RC is the lucky gal whose contents we’ll dive into today. She says having her essential products close by keeps her, “feeling and looking as best I can. M.A.C blotting papers are a beauty must-have for fresh skin, Visine Revive to keep me looking awake when really I’m sleep deprived.”

*FashionTech Note: iPhone selfie cam can also be used as mirror on the go*

Summer is the perfect time to figure out what beauty essentials work best to keep you feeling and looking fresh from head to toe. Who doesn’t love a fashion girl who looks like she never breaks a sweat? 

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          On her way to surprise her friend, Hyejeong sneakily hides a box of chicken inside her duffle bag, as if she was headed to practice. She waves off at the passerby staff, hoping she wouldn’t look noticeable. Once outside the her recording studio, she casually whispers against the door. ❝Junheeeee—pssst.❞

Reunited at last! I ordered these two a while ago, but when they got shipped the Post Office damaged my package and only Furiosa bunny made the whole trip. (I got a ripped envelope with her inside a plastic bag with a “sorry for the inconvenience” note printed on it >:{ ) buneesi was kind enough to make a replacement Max bunny, who arrived safely in today’s mail.

The Stitchy Button bunnies really are super lovely. I love them.

Katia Costa remembers when she was just a college student at NYU who struggled to get through classes because of the constant hazard spent during the late hours of the night of aggravation toward her father.Rather than spending her college years with a blast attending parties and creating fond memories, she was stepping over the boundaries by getting into serious trouble with her brother in order to capture the attention of her father in Mexico. Her ultimate mission: Go back to Mexico. Though, when she was a college student, she was the same female who thrived for coffee every morning before classes. It got her through some hangovers and boring lectures. Because of crazy hangovers, there were days she forgot to take money with her inside her bag, meaning countless days passed with her having to endure hours without caffeine. She did not want another to repeat her nightmare. And paying for one cup of coffee was not going to drop her into bankruptcy.

“It was no problem.” A small smile tugged the corner of her lips as she stepped aside allowing others to get their orders in.

She observed the redhead for a second telling herself that she appeared familiar. That was when she recalled the younger female in the diner of The Kings Head. If she was guiding to the right train of thoughts, she was a waitress. At least she did not pay coffee for a Montgomery. She would not know how to cover up that encounter.

“You work at The Kings Head, right? I have been there a few times, and I think I recall you from there.” 

Grateful, Addie took her coffee and stepped to the side with the woman to get out of the way of other customers. She noticed she was observing her subtly, as if sizing her up or trying to figure out where she knew her from, so Addie allowed her face to go expressionless, bordering on guarded. She had no idea who the woman actually was in terms of position in the Castle family, and though they were on the same side mob family-wise, she still thought it best not to get on the woman’s on personal radar.

But when the woman asked about her job at The Kings Head, she realised that she already was. That’s the price of existing, she thought, dryly amused.

Yeah, I do.” She replied, a small smile on her face. She could feel the urge to ramble coming on, a habit born of her extroverted and bubbly nature, but she held back. She was doing that a lot these days. This god damn dealing job really had turned her paranoid. “I’m a waitress.”

She didn’t add that she also lived in the apartment above there with the pub’s owner, Tara, who was like a mother to her, for that would be asking for trouble. “I’ve seen you around before too, but not at The Kings Head. Too many people pass through there for me to remember a face of someone who’s not a regular.”

She hesitated, unsure whether she wanted to broach the subject, but decided she really didn’t have anything to lose knowing who she was speaking to.

“I think it was at Cyprus. I spend a bit of time there, dancing and stuff.”

Dancing and drug dealing, she thought, uncharacteristically bitter. She’d have to get comfortable with her job one day, but that certainly wasn’t going to be today. The moment she was okay with it, she feared she’d have turned into someone she didn’t want to be.

Green & Fish at a Café - JunJun and Fisheye

After stuffing the small blue bag inside her backpack, JunJun headed to the cafe Fisheye said he was at. JunJun decided to walk, since it wasn’t really far away and she still hadn’t put any gas. in her bike.

Her cheeks were red when she arrived, but thankfully Fish was sitting inside where the AC was on. JunJun spotted her old friend and hugged him from behind, probably surprising him, and as she did she yelled ‘‘SUSHI!’‘, making the people around them turn around and give her a weird look. JunJun ignored them and sat in front of Fisheye and smiled.

‘‘ Hi, sushi!! You smell good, not fishy at all… is that a new perfume?’‘ She asked as she looked around searching for a waiter so she could ask for some water.

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Emerging from Department Store’s staff room, Ariana rolled her neck, pulled  the disposable gloves off her hands and tucked them neatly into a plastic bag inside her purse. With a contented sigh, she looked around and scooped up the clutch of shopping bags sitting by the doorway.

“Now,” she hummed, “About that store cre– re.. Red, oh, hi, Red, dear!”

Ariana nearly jumped at the sight of the champ-turned-Executive, who was staring at her from near the entrance. She unconsciously and unbelievably obviously tried to hide the store bags behind her person, all while attempting to look casual.

“Did you just get here- I mean, are you shopping, or…?”

Exactly how long had he been standing there??

I can’t stop laughing me and a friend are both school paramedics and last friday we had 3 “emergencies” (I guess that’s what it’s called in English) and before our last lesson I bet we would have another emergency. If she’d win, I had to make her lunch (I did that before and she loved it). If I’d win, she had to give me polish sweets (she’s Polish). Guess what. We had another “emergency” and the patient needed a fucking PATCH. She was so angered. That look on her face was hilarious.

Now I have a bag of polish sweets :3

What’s In Her Bag Wednesdays: Editing Down to the Essentials.

Yes, it seems like we’re Chanel obsessed, but who isn’t? The quilted leather classic just seems like the perfect fashion staple. Stuff your piggy bank and save up as long as you need, this bag is worth it. It goes with everything, lasts forever and can fit as many essentials you need. 

VOGUE Australia’s Beauty Director is fashion-forward and tech savvy, and a beauty expert- the perfect choice for this week’s feature. You can’t go wrong with Chanel blush and Tom Ford lipstick. We like Cantelo’s style, as she takes “the essentials like my iPhone which I use to record all my interviews, take photos, write notes and keep a calendar." She edits the contents of her bag down, to keep things simple and organized. 

Getting lost in your bag digging for things can be so annoying. Why not add a little balance to what can be a busy, sometimes chaotic life? Edit things down to the essentials. The best idea for any girl.


It’s been a few weeks since she was last home, though to Tamara, the weeks have flown by. College is hardly boring, and she’s been going from one thing to another, work and assignments and new friends. The front door to her family home swing open, Tamara dropping her bag inside the door, glancing around. “Hello?” She calls, wondering where everyone is.